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Why I Do Not Believe the Nephilim Were Real

I’m quite knowledgeable, on the subject of Nephilim. But, I have some strong personal reasons for not believing in them. I’ll elaborate, so you understand.

Okay, first of, I started to believe in fairies. But, it wasn’t like, “oh, fairies are cool, I’m going to believe in them.” I was actually studying languages, at the time, and discovered that that word was in many different languages. It was unlike bigfoot, or say the Loch Ness monster, in that way. And I remembered, hearing of “sightings”. Then of course came the books and movies about fairies. And I fell in love with the idea, from the stories.

Now… I don’t know why this happened. Anyways, I knew this one thing, that was said to make a wish come true. I was looking up at the sky, and all around… everything seemed magical to me at that age… So, I said this little poem, and made a wish to meet one. …

April 6th, 2011 by CareTaker