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My Best Friend is an Elemental

I have a best friend. She is an elemental, an entity born by nature. She can’t be seen by normal people, but some people with extra-sensitivity can feel her presence. She was born under the Full Moon, at Friday’s night on September.

She can alter her shape to be anything, from inanimate object to living things, almost all (but, usually she take the form of a woman, female human I mean…). But, she will takes form of an animal at Full moon, New moon, 1 day before them and at Half moon. Her true form… I don’t really know since she always changing her shape (and she said she has forgetting it, since she always “wear” another form”) Maybe it’s a white-blue Light Orb covered with soft-whitish mist. The mist is the part that she used to make her able to do shape shifting, because she can control it’s texture, colour, shape, anything so she can make that mist looks …

May 23rd, 2011 by CareTaker