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My Best Friend is an Elemental

Posted on May 23, 2011

I have a best friend. She is an elemental, an entity born by nature. She can’t be seen by normal people, but some people with extra-sensitivity can feel her presence. She was born under the Full Moon, at Friday’s night on September.

She can alter her shape to be anything, from inanimate object to living things, almost all (but, usually she take the form of a woman, female human I mean…). But, she will takes form of an animal at Full moon, New moon, 1 day before them and at Half moon. Her true form… I don’t really know since she always changing her shape (and she said she has forgetting it, since she always “wear” another form”) Maybe it’s a white-blue Light Orb covered with soft-whitish mist. The mist is the part that she used to make her able to do shape shifting, because she can control it’s texture, colour, shape, anything so she can make that mist looks and felt like the form she want.

At first, I teach her how to do healing (I am a prana healer). And now, she has become the better healer than me. However, for some reason, her healing is only effective for me… But her healing affects me not only by physically, but also mentally… She always can make me feel comfort, no matter how serious my illness is.

Anyway, I am glad to have her by my side. And I love her as my “family”. She is very kind to me. She always helping me, trying her best to support me whenever I am in a difficult situation. She and The Deity, only those 2 who I can rely on at that situation. Although no one in my family accepted our relationship, I don’t care. I will protect her and take a good care for her, like what she always did to me.

Oh yeah… Almost forgot, I named her “Kiseki Yamihana” (The Miracle of DarkFlower) since she is beautiful like a flower, born in the darkness (night) and she is like a miracle in my life. If it’s not because of her, maybe I will still live in the darkness. But now, I can live happily. I, who know only Hatred and Despair in the past, now have learned what is Happiness and Love. Thanks to her, I have a very better life now.

Sent in by Adhinferno, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “My Best Friend is an Elemental”
  1. Bry says:

    Thats a pretty interesting story. As far as I know, Elementals dont look as they appear to be, in the Irish folklore elementals are hideous looking creatures. They are often described as a mixture of animal parts and they give off a rather pungent smell. Most elemental entities I have happened to read about are malevolent and aggressive and they have been living on the land far longer. From your description, I think your friend belongs to the fairies category a South East Asian folklore describes such a creature, I think its called Diwata. The diwata are deities, or fairies known to live in forests, they are often referred to as guardians of the forest. Witness accounts describe them as tall and attractive looking and they are known to be friendly to people with good intentions, but they can be dangerous once you made them angry. They are also known to fall in love and marry humans, but reports of such union dont last very long. I also heard that is good luck to have such a friend.

  2. Mellisa says:

    Your story really made me happy. Are you a japanese? because kiseki yami hana is japanese language. It’s a really nice name ^^

  3. littlemiss says:

    elementals? Shape-shifting? More stuff I’m finding hard to digest. And nothing can be born or created from nothing… Sorry for being cynical but the whole thing about talking to god and elementals is just a bit too out of touch with reality in my opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you know about reality? How do you know what reality is? Pfft, please. When you say that you are basically meaning your perception of what reality is or what you think it is. But don’t use that as grounds to disbelief something…

  4. Big Barney says:

    this story must be true…..because my best friend is big foot…..lol

  5. Mahoney1993 says:

    I hope you realize that you do sound like you are on drugs, just saying.
    Anyways, I kinda had trouble understanding this. Who is “The Diety”? Only you can see/hear/talk with her? And she can only heal you? I’m sorry, but you realy do sound like you are making it up completly or you’re just mental.

  6. Bernie says:

    LOL with Big Barney and Mahoney1993.. Totally nuts!

  7. Adhinferno says:

    @Bry: Btw, I lives in South East Asian, Indonesia exactly. The creature you mention must be “Dewata”. Yes, that is a kind of Deity.
    “They are also known to fall in love and marry humans, but reports of such union dont last very long.” Haahhh…. I hope our my relation with Kiseki will last for eternity. Or at least, until death separate us. ^_^

    @Mahoney1993: Hey, I never use that kind of thing.
    “Deity” has the similar meaning with “God”. I use that word because I like it. And, the one who can talk with her is not only me. At least, 6 of my friends has encountered her and 5 of them can talk with her, just like me. My mother know about us too. She has a very sharp perception. However, I am glad she keep it secret from my father. Hehehehe~! Last time my father know that I am followed by spirits, he call exorcist to expel them…. I don’t want to lost her because of misunderstanding. ==’ She can heal another people too, of course, but her healing is most effective when used to me. Maybe because we have a strong bonds to each other.

    • Adhinferno says:

      @Mellisa: I am not a Japanese, I am a Balinese. But, I know Japanese Language, a bit. Maybe because I am a Japanese in my previous live, so I still have an attention to Japan. ^0^

  8. Mellisa says:

    Balinese?? :D So you can speak Indonesia?
    I’m also from Indonesia! XD is there Indonesian term for elemental? In Indonesia what is it called? By the way, since I’m very very curious about another thing. Is Elemental is the same with youkai?

    Sorry I quite know about Japanese entities, but don’t know that much about non-Japanese entities (well except fairies & elves) -_-’
    So far I only pay attention to Japanese folklore. It’s not that I’m an expert or know a lot, but I’m more familiar with Japan, but of course I know some of Indonesian entities. We have a quite a lot of various entities don’t we?

    • Adhinferno says:

      I think Indonesia term of “elemental” is “roh alam”, since elemental in our country is usually a spirit born by nature. Elementals are different from Y?kai.
      Y?kai (??) are a class of preternatural creatures, some of them, like Yuki-onna can be considered as an elemental. Some Y?kai possess part animal and part human features, like elemental, too. For example: Kappa. But, not all Y?kai comes from nature, for example: Bakezouri (straw sandals) and Karakasa (old umbrellas) that comes from unliving objects. That’s what make them different than Elementals.
      And, yes. We have so many variety of entities. I loves Indonesia! ^0^/”

      • Adhinferno says:

        Huh? = =? Some characters is not supported by this site….
        Y?kai= Youkai. (??) = The Kanji letter of “Youkai”. See this link if you want:

      • Mellisa says:

        Hahaha… I knew there’re various kind of youkai. they are born through various ways & some of them born from unliving objects. I just couldn’t imagine before that if it’s Indonesia or Japan where does an elemental term fit in. this is my first time knowing that there’s term such as elemental for spirits.
        Thanks for sharing the info. next time tell me more about youkai! ^^

        • Adhinferno says:

          If I have time, I will publish it in my blog: adhinferno.blogspot.com
          But, now I am quite busy~ Hehehehe~!

  9. Anna Barlowe says:

    This being sounds to me like a spirit guide or spirit companion, and there is nothing nuts about that, although each experience is different and may be difficult to describe to other people, especially if there is a language barrier.

    I have such a companion myself, who is apparently quite real, does things that are perfectly visible to absolutely anyone, so everyone who has seen him believes in him. Thus I cannot rule out the idea that other people have them too.

    It really is a life-changing and life-improving experience to connect with the guidance and love that your spirit guides offer through whatever means you can manage, and I highly recommend it.

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