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Strange Things That Have Happened in My House

Posted on April 12, 2010

Ok well a few strange stuff has happened in my life and I would like to show you it and ask you what you thing it might be. I am not lying about any of this I swear.

1. One time when I was about 6 or 8 I went downstairs to get a drink after being woke up at about 3 am and as I walked downstairs I heard a deep voice call my name but I had one of those moments where nothing at all scares you or stops you so I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and as I walked in all the pipes creaked as I walked through the kitchen.

2. Right last year I was woken up at about 2 am and I had a huge really loud ringing in my ears as if someone has been screaming in my ears for an hour it was enough to make you cringe. It lasted for about five minutes and as soon as it ended I fell right back to sleep.

3. Again last year I woke up at about 2 – 3 am again for no apparent reason and saw a girl in a black dress with black hair and makeup look at me smile and disappear hmm weird.

4. Again last year I was falling asleep in bed with the window open. I reckon I was half asleep and then a black brutal looking dog with red eyes jumped through the window jump on me and tried to bite my neck. I fought back but when it got to my neck it disappeared and I shuddered but I was looking at the exact same place with creases on the bed covers.

5. Last one guys, after having experiences in my room I decided to sound record all of last night and I woke up at 5 am listened to it from then at 1 hour through there was a tapping sound kinda like a helicopter affect and my breathing got really heavy. That lasted till 3 hours through where I calmed down but at 5 hours through it happened again but there were two breathing noises, one was mine and the other sounded quite inhuman and deep and the helicopter tap affect came back. This went away 30 minutes later and nothing happened till the recording ended (8 hours through).

Okay so guys can any of you please explain what could of happened? Thanks.

Sent in by Shane, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “Strange Things That Have Happened in My House”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    sounds residule. if the same sounds happen almost every night. have you tried evp? ask questions. simple ones like are you male or female. did you live here, etc. let us know what comes up! thanks, i like to hear about ongoing haunts.

  2. anna says:

    thanks for the story and the scary part was the dog that would of scared the crap out of me.i agree with trolldoll too.let us know what happened after you do what she said.

    • Shane sinclair says:

      Welcome and sorry guys i havnt done a EVP yet havnt had time iv had to practice guitar excersise (want to be in good shape when im older) and iv had to study for SATS exams

  3. Cara says:

    GET RID OF IT NOW! That is a repetitive demonic haunting and it may consume you if you do not cleanse yourr home. That dog is known as the demon wolf. It may not resemble a wolf that much but it is a demon that takes its form.

    • Shane sinclair says:

      Could do..reckon i should but i have lived with it since i was 1 (13 now and 14 this year) but what about the girl that smiled at me?

  4. Lilly says:

    Well, sounds like you have another ghost. So figure out if it is evil or good, do evp and videotape then see if you hear anything. Good luck!

  5. Abhiram says:

    I think it is your imagination first you ask other family member about their any paranormal experience but divert your mind from these things and pay attention to your studies also dont read any paranormal literature which i think you are reading

  6. Shane sinclair says:

    well i thought that to mate but i forgot to include some other stuff which i thought could of been accidental or imaginative well 1.my sister says she see’s stuff moving slightly in her room and she hears whispers *shes 21* 2.i woke up at about 4am and the front door was open nothing was took in the house and none of us sleep walk and i wouldnt think of a ghost or demon who would leave the front door open so i assumed our lock was a bit fualty and 3. i came downstairs one night forgot the time but it was early in the morning i looked in the mirror in the living room “we have a huge mirror above the fireplace” anyways i looked in it becuase i had a cut on my cheek and i saw a white dot move across the corner of my eye but yeah i do think most of it are imaginative but i always look into stuff first incase they’re not and your right i do read paranormal literature somtimes not all the time though.

    • Shane sinclair says:

      This is a reply to abhiram’s post my computer just messed up when i tried to reply to him.

  7. Britt says:

    Well, that dog part was freaky and I wouldn’t have the guts. I would move out. But if ur gonna continue living where your living I’d try a Ouija Board with friends and see what happens. Make sure to put up crosses and pics of Jesus. And wear a cross so YOU’LL BE SAFE! Wish u the best of luck and hope you have time to reply!

    • Shane sinclair says:

      hmm my friend theres a problem in that 1.i wouldnt dare to use a ouija board and 2.you might find this wierd but im not religous i dont bileave in any god but i reckon there can be somthing or someone else living with us which could even be realy close to the explanation of a spirit/poltergiest/demon.

  8. Blood Boy says:

    do you know if the house has a history my old house was right next to a grave yard and every day i see a strange kid he has 3 bullet holes in his head, he is only there for about ten seconds.

    • Shane sinclair says:

      The only thing i know about the history of my house was that it was built around in WW2 times il try look more into it mate.

  9. Blood Boy says:

    my father told me that we have allways lived with the ghost kid and that he even saved me on my 5 birth day, my dad said that i got hit by a car when i was on my bike and he ran out and held me dead in his hands, but i healed and he saw the ghost smile and he looked at me and i just got up and my dad was in shock for at least 4 days, i don’t remember it at all but i know it was true because he still has the bike and it is wrecked with old blood stains on it

    • AnNa says:

      wow thats wicked.i got hit by a car too when i was i think 7 and nothin happened to me like what happened to you about ghosts but my dad was mad at me.ya mad not like he cared.at least im alive.thats all it matters.and for you im glad your ok.have you seen anything since?

  10. Blood Boy says:

    only when i should get hurt like when i was in a fight at school, i got hit so many times in the head and i just stood there, i felt no pain at all and when i hit him i knocked him out and everyone was just looking at me and i saw the ghost

    • AnNa says:

      oh my.thats wow.when i was in high school this guy punch another guy with one puch.and the princepal thought he had something wich he didnt thats how hard he hit him.have you seen ghosts alot?i would like to hear more.

  11. Anonymous says:

    yes i see ghosts all the time some follow people and watch over them and others just feed off their feelings, i blacked out one time i woke up on my floor then i had a vision/dream i saw a monster/demon what ever it was it scared me

  12. Ella says:

    those stories are well creepy!!! :-o

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