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Strange Things Happen

Posted on January 6, 2011

After I posted my Red Eyes story here, I’ve been experiencing an increased number of strange events, from simple whispering to being lifted off the ground 2 inches. At first I just felt an increased uneasiness, just figured it was my imagination and ignored it. The feeling got stronger, but still nothing happened. So when finally it subsided, I started hearing whispers, at home, but mostly at work.

Now I work in a pretty loud environment, wear earplugs for protection and through all that heard the whispers. When I was on the pressing-floor doing work or riding the elevator up, too faint to make out any words, but clearly a human voice, distinctly female, early teens. On rare occasion a male voice, slightly older. A day or two after I posted the story something really strange happened. I was operating a small machine, used to check samples when suddenly it felt like I got punched against my feet through the ground, 2 inches up in the air. It happened so fast, I remember thinking: What the hell was that?

Primary reaction was to check the machines, thinking one might’ve broken down, they’re pretty heavy and can make the whole factory shake, but they were all running smoothly. I looked at the ground and remembered thinking, it looked different from before. Shook it off as a freak occurrence and just went on working, nothing like that’s happened since.

Christmas day, after dinner, we’re sitting, watching a movie on TV, talking about some stuff, when suddenly my younger sister brings up the red eyes I saw as a child. No idea why she brought that up, but she mentioned that I told her that my parents locked me in my room, which my parents denied, said they didn’t even know where the keys were, but they knew very well, they kept them in a pencil box belonging to my mother in their room. They were lying, most likely because my brother’s boyfriend was there too.

No unexplained phenomenon since then, but I do seem to discharge a whole lot of static electricity lately, ranging from mild to very strong.

Sent in by Shady, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Strange Things Happen”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you are developing some kind of special ability, because I heard of this things happening.

  2. Carri says:

    i was staying at a haunted mobile home. then went to work. I work in a factory. There is a giant Elgin Clock in our break area. I talked to my friend kristia about the haunting. all of the sudden a clock crashed to the floor in front of us. I told my friend that the devil kept following my daughter around and she could see him at that moment had been when the clock crashed to the floor.

    Tthen another time I told my Catholic Carol about the devil haunting my 8 year old daughter. As soon as I finished my sentence my daughter who was across the street and playing with her friends came running to me holding her throat. she was foaming from her mouth. All of the sudden my daughter started to hold her throat and no sound came out of her mouth. But I knew she was choking on a piece of hard candy. 3 neighbor’s came out running from their homes to help me. but we could not get the hard candy out of her throat.

    I had to rush her to the hospital but the candy was stuck in her wind pipe. I had her sit in ER. she was choking. I started to pray. then all of the sudden the candy dissolved after 2 hours or praying and her choking. By the way we sat in the waiting room to get admitted to the hospital for over 1 hour. The Swedish American hospital in Rockford Illinois is terrible.
    my daughter by the way had been seeing red eyes also. I never doubted my child. I believe in the stuff.

    • Shady says:

      Whatever the red eyed being was that I saw, it has never tried to hurt me in any way, but I dont doubt there’s more than one out there. how’s your daughter these days, does she still see those red eyes?

  3. clea claire reyes says:

    hi im clea..u have been deadma…deadma means when you are all alone or many people u suddenly felt theres whispering in ur ears..beacause u r fast fainted..i also experience that too….

  4. sharayah says:

    shady i was not going to say nothing but i can help my self. how much help do you expect to get? you don’t believe in god and he is the only one that can truly help you and send you help. well good luck and even if you don’t believe in God im a hope he is with you anyways.

    • Shady says:

      You’re allowed to have your own opinion. If there is such a thing as a god, then he is neutral, most religious texts even support that he’s neither good nor evil, so praying is ultimately useless. What you get from praying is positive energy, in your case coming from your belief in God, but all of the energy comes within you, your soul. I believe in something, but not a supreme being that created everything, I believe in a force, there from the beginning, neither good nor evil, that with focus can be tapped into to empower you. You may find it funny, but I’ve never in life gotten seriously injured as a result of an accident and I’ve had my share of accidents. My beliefs may differ from yours, but they have yet to fail me.

    • MARY says:

      no worrie Shar God is with her , what people seem to forget is our Lord works so much harder on those who don’t see Him in their heart. I also agree she is becoming intune with gifts she has had since childhood but , has left because of parental interference. Find your Higher Power and ask for guidance ,light, and protection from anything that maybe evil , but at this point you need to talk to clergy , someone with a great amount of religious information and fill them in. Get information as much as you can and always fight the good fight.; BLESSINGS AND LIGHT TO YOU AND YOURS ! Greenmother Mary

  5. Shady says:

    I would like to ask your opinion on something else too, while I’m at it. Deja vu? Anyone ever experienced it? What are your thoughts on it? In my life, on more than one occasion I’ve experienced it. Weeks, sometimes even a month or two prior to the actual event, I’ll have a very vivid/ lifelike dream in which certain things happen, whether its about getting hurt, saying something stupid or just a conversation at the dinnertable. Those events at a later point actually happen and the second I realize i’ve seen this moment before, it feels like I’m stuck in my own body forced to act out exactly what happened the first time I saw it in my dream. The most recent experience was at Christmas, during a dinner. In early December I saw myself getting up from my seat, my brother-in-law and sister sitting to my right, and as I get up he mentions the drain blockage in his kitchen and discussing my father’s help with it. Because that dream was so lifelike I remembered it, so come Christmas at the dinner, that exact scenario plays out, the second I get up I remember that i’ve seen ti before, my brother-in-law says the exact same thing as he did in my dream, my sister acts the same and for a brief moment all I can do is be a slave to what I had already seen before and watch it act out. Your opinions are much appreciated!

  6. bre says:

    I have daja vu like 8 times a day! Its so annoying. I always have dreams about things and then they come tru. Like once, i had a dream that i was at the store and i was trying on a tshirt that had butterflies and dragonflies on it then as i was looking in the mirror, i struck a pose. Usually I forget my dreams…….until, i get daja vu. The next week i went to the store and tried on that exact shirt at the exact store, and as i was looking in the mirror i struck a pose. I then remembered my dream. Thats just one example out of about 600 this year!

  7. Carri says:

    I also get dreams of events or things before they happen, I dreamed of my father in law. John Taylor in a hospital room being operated on. I saw nurses and doctors working on him to save his life. next in the dream my father in law John was lying in a casket. I saw all the family at the funeral. this dream happened 1 year before John my father in law died. I told my husband about the dream. He did not believe me. my husband told me I was crazy and to not tell his father or step mother about the dream. 1 year later my father in law died of cancer. If I could of only told him or his wife. He might still be alive today. I feel guilty about not telling him. I also dreamed about my Aunt Linda funeral. I called her husband right after the dream. He did not take her to the hospital. He was cheating on my aunt. My aunt died 1 year later of a heart attack. If only I could have picked her up in Tennessee and saved her life. I live in Illinois. most people do not believe in this stuff. In the bible it tells that God reveals secrets to some people. I guess I am one of them and so are you. It is also called the gift of prophecy
    I also dream of the stock market how it plays out. sometimes lotto numbers. never have played. wish i could make some money predicting things. to bad you do not believe in God or Jesus. The devil may try to torment you.more as a non believer. Good luck to you. and putting on a cross will not hurt.

  8. red says:

    i had an exprience when i was 9, mi grandmother lost a son named darin in 1970, my mother named me darin, one night at our old farmhouse in grey county ontario, my mother sent me upstaris to fetch a lighter for her ciggerate, i walked up the stairs the hall light was on, my moms door was open a crack and her light was off. Right when i touched the doornob, a childs voice said ” Hi, my name is darin”. i ran downstairs told my mother and grandmother and to this day they say i was as white as white. im an only child. how do u explain that?

  9. Anonymous says:

    About last year i had a scary experience. Every day i used to feel like there was someone following me around where ever i go….even one night i had a feeling or a dream don’t know, someone or something pulled me down from my bed, kept a hand on my face or stopped my voice i have no idea…….it was strange ………..i felt like the thing wanted to tell me something……i tried to call out for my mom but was not able to as it was not allowing me……..i thought it was a dream and forgot it but same thing happened again…………..i told my parents they got scared and tld me to forget and even said there is someone followong me like he is protecting me all the time………..months past it never happened again…………..even when i ask my mum to tell me who was it, she never tells me or bring that topic…………………..from the day the things got over i always have this feeling inside me that always tells me if any bad or good thing is going to happen…………….if i think about it, it always brings the creep…………..i wish that never happens again to me nor anyone…..

    • Shady says:

      That sounds a lot like what I’ve experienced. I don’t believe it was trying to hurt me or even scare me, not intentionally anyway. My parents simply deny it ever happened, but I know they’re lying. In my family a few members have unusual “talents”, like my grandmother who can talk burns and blisters away, a cousin who was a lawyer suddenly decided to do reiki and there’s me who’s seen things, heard things and experienced things that shouldn’t be. I’m doing a little research on what exactly may be happening, but nothing really stands out.

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