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Strange Things Following Me

Posted on December 15, 2010

I’m Sunny and I’m Wiccan. I’ve posted here before and mentioned in passing that I have had paranormal experiences.

This happened after we moved house. The house we live in now is really modern and its the last place you would ever expect anything to happen. Ever since we moved there everyone in our family can feel stuff following them and once my eight year old sister ended up lying on the kitchen floor downstairs at around three in the morning with no recollection of how she got there. the worst room in the house for this sort of thing is my mothers bedroom. Visitors, me Sneha (my sister) and even the landlord don’t like to stay in there on their own. Mums favorite mug (a gift from a friend) was once just left on the counter in the kitchen and when we came in it was broken and we were only in the living room so we should have heard it break. When I went out to get the dustpan from the balcony it was unbroken on the counter exactly as it had been and neither mum or Sneha knew what I was talking about when I said it was broken and then I gave up on it and we went to watch TV.

The most direct experience I had was when mum was having nightmares after being in her room and Sneha wanted to sleep there with all three of us. Both she and Mum had nightmares about faces laughing at them and hands reaching for them but I had a dreamless sleep. I nearly always have dreams but this didn’t cross my mind at the time. Since I was the only one who wasn’t that creeped out by the room I said I would sleep there and Mum wanted me to sleep in my room and she would sleep in sneha’s room but you can hear the neighbors from my room and I was tired enough to want to sleep there. I thought nothing would happen.

I woke up at around Three-ish and right in the left hand side corner of the bedroom was this tall spindly shadow man. I couldn’t think and my kitten Star who sleeps where I sleep was already up on the bed growling at the shadow. The shadow didn’t pay any attention to Star who was spitting fiercely at this stage. Then it walked towards me and jumped on my bed. It was so evil… just the evil I could sense emanating from that thing scared me. It jumped on top of me and I didn’t know what it would have done but then I got the feeling there were loads of cats in the room (I don’t know why) and they were all growling with Star at the shadow that was on me. Then for some inexplicable reason I became livid at this thing whatever it was that was tormenting our family and I don’t know why and it felt like I wasn’t in control of my body at the time but I bit hard into it’s shoulder. My teeth closed together like there wasn’t anything there but the growling stopped and I was sitting up and the shadow was holding it’s shoulder and instead of emanating evil It was emanating so much hate but then I looked it in the place where it’s eyes should be (it had no face) and again I felt like I wasn’t in control of my body and I started laughing but it sounded really high pitched, shrill and not like anything how I sound like when I laugh and then Star jumped off the bed away from me and huddled in a corner away from me and the shadow who was standing at the other end of the room still clutching its shoulder sort of shocked and then it dived out the window (even though the curtains were closed).

I ran to the window in control of my body again and there was no sign of it. I then ran to my room, lit a white candle and prayed to the Mother Goddess and performed a protection spell on the entire house. We haven’t had any really bad thing happening but sometimes Star wakes up in the middle of the night and purrs and starts playing as if with other kittens and then I feel inexplicably happy and mum and Sneha always say that they felt happy during the night as well but they couldn’t explain why.

Sent in by Sunny, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Strange Things Following Me”
  1. pete says:

    Hi Sunny, try some research on the area where your house is standing, maybe
    there was an old house there before your house was built, burial ground, you
    could have underground neighbors???, it could be worth spending some time
    checking it out. good luck.

  2. Sol says:

    Wow! I think the shadow person is trying to get something out of you. You mentioned that it lunged at you and then after you fought it off it got scared of you. Im not sure if the shadow person is trying to posses you, but you also mentioned that after it jumped away from you, you were still not in control of your body and that you laughed in a rather frightening way which doesnt sit in well with me. What puzzles me even more is that even your cat got scared of you. Pets will not just jump away from their owners out of fear without any good reason to do so. If it was afraid of the shadow person, it would have run off in the first place, but instead, it stood by your side trying to keep away what it thinks is a threat to you, and after the close encounter with the shadow person you said that it just curled up in a corner out of fear, it just doesnt make any sense… I think there is more than what meets the eye here. Being the only one that was dreamless while the people around you were having nightmares is pretty dubious. It could be that there was something within you that was far more terrifying than the shadow person that it had to react with it and attack only you (assuming that your mother and sister never had a similar experience of attack). Spirits are very territorial entities and they will not just let any other beings into what they already consider their territory that easily, especially if its another spirit. What I can draw out from your account is that there is more than one entity in your house one is the entity that is staying in your Moms room, next is the shadow person, another one is the invisible playmate of your cat and there is possibility of another entity, it sounds more like a double possession, or I could just be mistaken.

    I just hope that things are all right now and that something like that will not happen again. Just a word of advice, I still suggest you be careful, evil entities dont just go up and leave so easily unless you have far more overwhelming will power over it.

  3. martha says:

    I didn’t think spirits could feel the things we do to them, but you are saying you bit this dark shodow and it held its shoulder like it actually felt the bite?

    • Sol says:

      I have not yet seen any known acciounts of people inflicting physical harm to a spirit bare handed before. What I know is that there are certain Psychics that can cause discomfort or pain to a spirit to shoo evil spirits away, but they can only do that using chants, spells or other specialized tools for such purpose and these people posses spiritual powers which they acquired through years of experience and training. But inflicting harm without the use of any tools, prayer or let alone any known spiritual power, that is something else. All I know is that a good spirit will not manifest itself by laughing strangely while possessing a person. That part sort of worries me…
      I really think she should study the history of their house, its location and its surrounding,, for all I know, there could be an elemental spirit living there and those are of the nasty kind. If there is no known history about the site of the house or the house itself, her house could have been built over a piece of land where an elemental spirit is dwelling.

  4. Bella says:

    i think this spririt has something to do with you being a Wiccan. Your cat jumped away because at that point you were not yourself.

    • lunawatsername says:

      why would you believe that a negative spirit has anything to do with her being wiccan? it would seem to me that the cat jumping away from her after contact with the spirit (if it was a spirit) would be more likely a sort of possession than be connected to her religion. in fact, she said after she said a wiccan protection prayer to her wiccan goddess, everyone in her house felt more at ease, and the cat even found a playmate. so obviously it wasnt afraid of her anymore, if it was happily purring and playing next to her. im just wondering why you immediately call her religion into question, and if you would have done the same if same was a christian, or catholic, or Buddhist, etc. i dont mean to sound angry or confrontational at all, but i think maybe you are jumping to bias conclusions about a religion you dont know enough about. maybe look it up before you accuse her of bringing bad things on herself just because her beliefs might be different from yours, right? :)

      • Sol says:

        I agree that it’s not her being a Wiccan. What I think about her situation is that there is another spirit that is already possessing her without her even knowing it. I have seen many accounts of possessions similar to her story. I grew up in a country where many people still believe in spirits and there are a lot of reports of people being possessed unknowingly after they disturbed a dwelling of an elemental spirit. There are cases that the evil spirits just got fond of the person they possessed, and the weird thing is that the person being possessed rarely show signs of possession not until certain triggers would activate the possession. In her case, the trigger is the entity dwelling in her mothers room which I believe is the dark shadow figure. As Ive said, spirits are very territorial and I believe that the dark shadow sensed the lingering spirit around her that lead to the chain of events that happened.

        Im only worried that she might be trying to deal with spirits that she has very little knowledge about. From my experience, you cannot be sure if you are actually dealing with a good spirit or an evil one unless you have proven that they really are good. And some of the things that a good spirit never does are laugh in a creepy manner while possessing a person and they dont linger playing around with pets. Amateurs trying to drive away evil spirits by chanting prayers or doing rituals without proper training or deeper understanding of what they are doing could end up making things worse than they already are. Evil spirits are very mischievous beings, they may act all good and make it seem that things are alright. Id suggest that she consult a professional psychic to assess and see if things really are okay.

  5. dolly says:

    Why do spirits harm people. It makes no sense. But I wish peace to your family :)

  6. Carri says:

    you opened up a portal by practicing Wiccan. This man spirit is a demon. The growling is a also a demon. you are opening up portals to evil. I would stop you do not know what can happen to you and your family. I know stuff like that has happened to me. I opened up portals without knowing what I was doing. I was 9 years old. I used a oujii board, I was put in a foster home and my friend at the session was raped by some neighborhood boys. all these things happened a few weeks after messing with that board. my parents did a seance and opened up a portal to a residential haunting in 1984 when I was 19. In 2000 a woman who practiced Wiccan brought problems every time she came around to visit. Her name was Melody and practiced Wiccan. She suffered from severe ashma. He boyfriend was almost killed by a crazy man after she did a Wiccan spell. In 2001 I bought a haunted mobile home without knowing it. there I experience a demonic haunting. I also saw a portal to hell in the mobile home. I saw white hands trying to drag me to hell. I head the devil’s footsteps. I saw demon with black cloacks on. I saw demon girls flying around. I heard voices. I had problems with neighbors. the police and child protective services. I left the mobile home and have had no problems. so watch out. you do not know what you are bringing into your life.

    • Caretaker says:

      I do NOT believe one can open a portal by simply practicing Wicca.

      Wicca is NOT devil worshipping or Satanic at all – //www.trueghosttales.com/wicca.php

      • Andrea says:

        …is opening a portal even possible??? :o

        • Sol says:

          I never heard ordinary people accidentally opening a portal to the spirit realm, unless they have guide spirits that open the portal for them, or they are highly trained psychics. Ordinary people claiming to have seen an open portal is most like to have stumbled upon an open one, it’s not that they did it on their own.

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