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Strange Things And Dreams

Posted on June 16, 2009

I never knew about this, until my auntie remembered it few years ago. She was narrating that, when I was a new born we were living in the province here in Philippines, it was noon time and my auntie was taking care of me. She was preparing to feed me so she went out of my room, which by the way was near to an old, school that has an old tree facing exactly my room. My auntie related that, after a few minutes when she came back, to nurse me she saw me on the bed with flowers that were showered around me as I was innocently lying, in my bed. She said it was no ordinary flowers, she related that they were some kind of wild flowers. They smelled so good, but even if the flowers smell good, fear crept inside of her, because she then realized that there was no way some one could showered them on my bed when it was middle of noon time and everyone was relaxing in the comfort of their homes. And to add my room back then was a close wall room in a corner of a bungalow, 4 bedroom house.

As I grew up and had a sister, some incidents that are not normal occurred. Like once with my sister, in one dark room in our house, she claimed she saw un ugly figure that she thought at first was our other auntie. I remember I was at her back when she entered the room. I saw a dark human that really looked like my auntie. When the person I saw turned its back then as my sister approached it, the thing turned around I saw very dark person, that was when I recall its eyes were nothing but pure white. Tthe next thing I know was my sister screaming at the top of her lungs crying, while running outside to the living room.

Then as I grow older other things became weirder and weirder. It was 2005 to be exact, my grandfather who was close to me, died with cancer. I became so sensitive about the things around me, that even at school a teacher of mine was complaining about my attitude academically, because I begin to hate going to school. One night, as I was full of emotions I begun to speak words that little did I know it became a curse towards my teacher. Some time that year, a niece of my alleged teacher died because of a car accident.

The next occurrence was 2008, a friend of mine who usually is bullying me at school died, due again to a car accident. After my friends funeral, every night I dreamed of that friend of mine, sometimes it was a sweet dream, but mostly it’s a bad dream. Some family members of my friend who also died in that accident, were all trying to kill me in my dreams. In short it became a nightmare, and every time I woke up when I looked at the clock the time would always be 2 am or 3 am, nightmares became nightly as soon as I fall asleep.

I then contacted our family pastor, he prayed over me wanting my friend to be at peace wherever he maybe. But after that prayer over weekend, nothing happened that very night after the pastor prayed over me, he appeared again in my dreams. But this time he was smiling giving me something like a letter. After that so many incidents happened then when I was thinking of him. One day I realized that when he was alive I said some bad words that again became a curse to him and his family. I never wanted him to die, so some time that day I closed my eyes and whispered to him that I’m sorry. Then I never dreamed of him again til one night an earthquake hit our town, that night everything was calm and quit. I fell asleep fast enough that I did not expect the next thing that would happen. My friend appeared again to me in my dreams. He was wearing all white, he looked handsome as usual when he was alive. He was smiling at me in my dreams but then I think he was trying to wake me up, there is this un usual electrical energy, so when I opened my eyes it was 3 am. I was upset again. I don’t like it when he appears in my dream so that night, I woke up catching my breath, then I blurted out in my mind ”oh come on please don’t appear in my dreams” then after few seconds, all of my things in my room, started to shake. Then I heard my dorm mate in another room was screaming. That day at school I realized that an intensity seven earthquake struck or town. ”I think that friend of mine” is still with me till today. He saves me from things, I don’t know if I got what they say a gift or I’m going crazy.

Sent in by “xxxholic”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhsotTales.com

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9 Responses to “Strange Things And Dreams”
  1. tambelina says:

    I dont believe in curses, it was probably just coinsidence. anyways great story though:)

  2. christa says:

    i dont know. there could have been a great possibility that it was really a ghost.. or it could have been your friend messin around with you. but im not sure about the dark man that you and your sister had seen. that may could have been a guardian angel or some sort. but very weird, but good story.

  3. lissa says:

    I don’t what to say, it could have been a coincidense but maby it wasn’t but either way you should not wish ill to others because that ill will come towards you.

  4. tambelina says:

    Very true!

  5. AShley, isabella And Madi says:

    WOW THAT’S PRETTY CREEPY that has happen to my best friends friend!!

    ? bella ^_^

  6. :D says:

    Wow..That’s amazing. I woud be scared half to death if that happened to me.

  7. AShley, isabella And Madi says:

    Yeah Same Here!!

    ^_^ bella

  8. Angel Z. says:

    wow interesting story, well the only thing I can tell you is that your lucky he is watching out for you and I have read that when many people have ghost encounters or any type super natural stuff it always happens at around 2:00 am or exactly at 3:00. This is because Three O’ clock
    is the time for the dead to rise or demons as well. I want to be a Ghost Hunter But I have A friend who is doing Investigations, and he also had many paranormal encounters,
    I experienced many encounters with a friend, if I only had the chance to tell you all of my encounters since I was born. You’ll be surprised, I am 15 years old now and I haven’t
    got any encounters this year so far.
    But nevertheless I am some how really brave in this type of situation, I tried talking with my
    Grandfather that I never met and it actually worked.
    I heard him saying in a quiet voice “I’m Here for you”
    when I’m depressed, I feel so happy around him when I feel him, When I feel I am been watched I just think it’s him, But I have no doubt It’s him protecting me
    And so those my mother, she says, she can feel him touching her hair like if he was consoling her like when she was 5 years old .
    But when I’m saying is that dont be afraid of your friend actually try communicating if you like, I only said 2 prayers and then say” I would like your presence with me”
    Trust me it isn’t something bad, unless is a bad presence.
    take care.
    Bye: Angel Z.

  9. Anonymous says:

    one time when i was a child i remember when i woke woke up i dont no what time it was…….. i saw man hovering above me…… he was all blue not white nor black but like a spirit all in blue i screamed and it all of a sudden vanished!!!! as i grew older living in the same house ,my bedroom was next to the kitchen and for 3weeks on the same night i heard noises in the kitchen like somethink or someone was running around…… i had a cat but it was never left in the kitchen and thats where the noises came from until it stopped….. but every so often ill have ghost appear in my dream that have just died…….. my uncle twice telling me how lonely he was….. ive even had celebrities in my dream short after theyve died and just random ghosts who i dont know of the person……. also at times when ive imagined things happen it actually happened whether its been years or months but i always seem to remember and the paranormal dreams and activities ive had

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