Strange Happenings at Mississippi Job Corp

Posted on May 27, 2010

Hi. My name is Mashema Miller. I attend Job Corp. Center in Batesville, Mississippi. Our center got renamed to The Finch Henry Job Corp Center. I enrolled In July of 2009.

Ever since I’ve been there I have experienced some creepy things in my dorm room. Our center was supposed to be haunted. I didn’t believe it was, but let me tell you why I believe it now.

One night my friend and I was still up late. Everything was cut off in my room. We were talking. All of a sudden, the bathroom door starts opening and slamming shut. We kept hearing it. We didn’t know what it was. For two weeks straight it did it every night at around 2:30 am.

One particular night, I was still up, and the back door opened up by itself. There was no one on the hallway. I was so scared. I got chills up my back and my hairs stood upon my neck.

I have the last room down by the back door. Every now and then, I will hear a girl screaming. Before I moved to the last room, which is twelve, I moved in room eight. I was in the room by myself, and I heard somebody beating on the walls real hard. They kept doing it. I went next door to the other room. My friend was just going inside her room. I went back into my room. We have a big wide mirror in every room. I had the middle bed. It sounded like beatings on the wall again, only this time the wall was shaking the mirror. The mirror started rocking even more. So I got up, and that’s when the mirror fell on my bed quickly and hard.

One day I was coming out form the bathroom. My friends had their heads peeked out the doors talking. I went to the water fountain. All of a sudden, the bathroom door opened, and then closed by itself. My friend said she thinks we have a ghost.

One week ago, on a Wednesday, I was half asleep. The staff lady had just checked everybody rooms. One hour later, I woke up to hear the sound of the back door opening up again. When it opened, it opened slowly, and as it opened, there were high heels hitting the hallway, and then whatever it was went into the bathroom, and closed the bathroom door. I was so scared. My heart was beating really fast, and I got real nervous. I wanted to get up and see what it was, then again I didn’t. If you have more questions, please comment.

Sent in by Mashema Miller, Copyright 2010

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18 Responses to “Strange Happenings at Mississippi Job Corp”
  1. AnNa says:

    when i remember when my family went to mexico we would pasd through mississippi i loved it even more at night the mississsippi bridge.i dont know if you live close to it or not but thats what i remember of mississippi.i was little.anyways i was wondering do you still work there.have you gotten use to it or are you still should find out the back round on the place.thanks for the story.

  2. trolldoll says:

    can you give us some history on this building? there has to have been deaths there in the past. my guess is it is residule and they are doing the same things every night like they had in life. thanks for telling us of your experiences!!

  3. Rylee says:

    I want to know about the history of the site where this building was built.
    Sounds like someone was murdered here, she ran in through the back door and was murdered in the bathroom.
    As for the mirror, that’s just strange.

  4. Mashema Miller says:

    the staff here has told us 2 teenagers died here before. All the kids on campus tells everybody new who wants to know about all the dorms being haunted. I know for sure know that they are. thanks for rading my story. im going to look up the background on the building, and the dorms.

  5. President Lillian says:

    OKAY… Masheema is totally over doing it. She has never hard all those sounds neither did the mirror jump from the wall to her bed in the middle of the room. I to am a student there… The building she is referring to no one has died in it. We do have a building in which A young man had a seizure fall and hit his head and died, And there was a young lady that was hit by a train on the tracks out back because she was back there drinking. Now people have witnessed the spirit of the young man Dexter in the boys dorm late at night and on the weekends when most people are gone. They have also heard the young lady scream late at night but the ones who reported it was close by they tracks and not over 50 ft away like Masheema. So her story is so made up. I know this because I stayed at that particular Job Corps for TWO YEARS and THREE MONTHS…..SMH

    • Pat says:

      That was harsh… maybe you didn’t experienvce as much as the other person did….much as I do appreciate the true facts it was harsh to disspell the author the way you did! I lived in a haunted house in a big family and we all experienced DIFFERENT phenomina at different times….

      • President Lillian says:

        Trust me she didnt not experience these things she is only mocking the place and trying to be funny.

        • Caretaker says:

          Do you know her personally? What makes you so sure that you know her intentions that you say “trust me”? Sometimes when I tell about the things that happened to me (paranormal) I have people saying “oh you made that up” or “no way, you must have imagined it” Those people know nothing about me or what I experienced yet they judge me and call me a liar or someone who cant separate imagination from reality. So I am curious as to what makes you so sure that you can judge this person so confidently?

    • Amber says:

      How do you know if she experienced those things or not? Some people experience things and others don’t. My husdand and I live in the same house and I have experienced plenty of very frightening things and he has not experienced anything at all. Just because you lived in the same place does not mean that she is a liar.

  6. AnNa says:

    i wonder why someone would lie like that.see sometimes i dont believe but sometimes it sounds real and i guess we were fooled,if thats so.thanks for telling us the real virsion.

  7. charity says:

    i too was a student at the batesville job corps and i lived in room 8 and 12 i was there for 2years and i have never heard anything and i was a college student and mostly was in the dorm by myself maybe its just your imagination or someone is pranking you because they know you are scared……

  8. celeste says:

    i went to job corps here in ks i heard that the one in texas and the one in missisipi are haunted i remember seeing something on tv once about how a satanic girl and her boyfriend murdered one of there class mates at the jobcorps and to this day there is no religous freedom there it was quite unnerving hearing what they did and thats probably why its haunted ill pray that god watches over your life while your attending

  9. kevin says:

    I believe this story. I am a former student of job corps in crystal springs, ms. Me and a couple students had a scary experience and after it happened we never set foot in the building where it happened.

  10. kevin says:

    Also on another note my older brother used to attend that same job corps so I’m gonna ask him to see if he had any experiences.

  11. vzy4kat63 says:

    The job core I went to is in Grafton Massachusetts, and back then it used to be a fully functional mental facility, to this day it still has the hydro shock therapy tubs & the ashes from the deciesed patients.

    Many upon many deaths occured there, due to the patients being electructed during the shock therapy treatments and from other things.

    I myself have experienced a thing or two living there on campus. I was sitting in my room one night when none of my roomates were there & happen to look out the window when nobody was up by the dorms and seen a figure walking down the pathway in a johnny robe. The figure seemed obvlious to what was around it. I went to look away for a split second and look back and it was gone.

    Then one night while my roomates were all asleep, my closet door was open a bit & I was laying there and all of a sudden I heard this deep male sounding voice faint but I heard it. It sounded like chanting of some sort, then the next morning there were small footprints, child size that came from the bathroom and ended at the foot of my bed.. Creepy huh?

    The sink even came on by itself, and my friends were there to witness it too.

  12. AShley says:

    I now go to a job corps in mass. N I here things in tha hall way all tha time to day in tha bathroom me n my girls were in there talking about a nun who hunts our schoolbc she killed kids at our school in,a pool.but yea we was in there n all the tolets bubbled n flushed… N I was in advanced tranin n tha ac.turned on twice after shutin them off..idk our school has alot of suisides n was a mental insatute be4 tha gov took it over 4 tha air force

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