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Sleep Paralysis and Bad Dreams

Posted on September 27, 2009

I’ve been doing some research on sleep paralysis, but haven’t really found anyway to get rid of it. For about four years its been happening to me, once or twice a month.

The first time it happened I was 14, my mother said it was a bad dream but it wasn’t. I was sleeping and my alarm clock went off and it was so strange I could not move and I started to panic, I tried to open my eyes but they wouldn’t although I could move my eyeballs. I tried to yell but nothing was happening and when I tried to move my body I just couldn’t. In my mind I was screaming and trying to get my body to respond. It seemed to last forever but later on I realized it only lasted for a few minuets. Suddenly I felt as if a ton of pressure was moved from my body and I jerked up and got out of my bed as fast as I could.

Sometimes while laying in bed at night I get really paranoid, and start to panic. My mind plays tricks on me, like I will see the door knob in my room turning if I look at it. Or I will feel someone close to my face when I shut my eyes in the dark. I cant walk through my house at night without feeling like someone is behind me, so I panic and run to where I can get to some light or an object to protect myself with. Like if it was a person I’m pretty sure I could hit them with something in my house and run away, but I’m pretty sure the unknown will catch me no matter what I do. I just feel like I’m not alone, when I am. I’m scared to sleep with my bedroom and closet doors open, because I’m scared I will imagine someone or something coming into my room. I always feel like something is with me, and its never a good feeling, so it has to be something bad or evil. I’m not a person that has seen ghosts or angels or demons.

The dreams I have don’t help either. Five out of seven nights a week I have nightmares, some creepy and some that scare me to the point where I wake up screaming. I often find myself waking up screaming, shaking, crying or out of breath. My dreams are so vivid, I remember every detail from them. They seem so real. I have had friends that spend the night and wake me up because they said I was jerking around and crying in my sleep.

Now back to sleep paralysis, it scares me. I don’t like not having control over my body. I’m scared that something bad is going to happen to me. I’ve talked to one person that has experienced this once, she said it was due to the stress from her divorce… but I’m 18 so I really don’t have anything major to be stressed about. Like everyone has their problems but I really don’t think that stress is it. But she is a nurse and said all I need to do is to clear my head. But how can I clear my head of being terrified at night or in the dark?

Sent in by Lydia, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis and Bad Dreams”
  1. judith says:

    i’ve had the same occur to me eversince i was 15. i’ve noticed that when that started i had this weird feeling as though i was being watched. sometimes, when i was alone in my room, I’ll feel someone touching my hair or the back of my neck so i’ll turn around only to see no one there. that scared me alot but i will always shrug it off. I also started waking up exactly at 3 in the morning without feeling sleepy and if i fell sleep afterwards i’ll wake up really sleepy as though i haven’t had any sleep for days. my sister had similar experiances at the same time but i didn’t know till she told me that one day she woke up to her legs being pulled she thought it was me pulling a prank on her until she looked around and realized she was alone. months later my parents divorced and sold the house, i decided to stay with my dad. at his new house there was a room at the basement ,bigger than the other rooms, and it was cold so i choose it as my room. at first nothing happened and by then i complety forgot about my experiance with sleep paralysis. then about two months later I woke to a satanic voice speaking to me, i couldn’t make out the words, and a terrible pressure in my chest which made breathing impossible minutes afterward the pressure faded and i was able to move but i was so scared that i din’t even dare to come out of my bed to turn on the lights. when morning came i ran out of my room and stayed at the living room for about 5 hours just sitting there thinking i just imagined the whole thing. since then i started sleeping with my room’s lights lightly dimmed for several weeks. one day i was reading revelations and accidently left it under my bed thats when i’ve noticed that i wasn’t waking up at 3 anymore or waking up to realize i could’nt move, i was happy still i found it odd. i looked endlessly but couldn’t find that book until i moved the furniture in my room around, because i wanted my room to look different, i noticed i left it there. eversice i’ve kept revelations under my bed i haven’t had sleep paralysis or a sensation of being watched anymore.(on the side note i have never drugged myself or drank any alcohol)

    probably keeping some sort a bible or so under your bed you’ll feel safer and more peaceful sleeping. personaly i think depression or stress aren’t a cause but only attributes to it by weakening our spiritual defences.

  2. Lydia says:

    Well in my room i have rosary beads, one on my door knob, one on my closet door knob and one on my window. But i still dont feel safe. Last night i woke up around 4am and was trying to get back to sleep when i found myself thinking that i wasnt alone. I kept thinking a woman was in my room. I know it was in my head but i was scaring me so bad. Sometimes i panic so bad that black out. I dont know i feel like i may be attracting something. Like you, something is following me. It happens in my home, at friends house even at the college i go to.

  3. James says:

    I don’t recall exactly how old I was when I first had SP (maybe 10?). It’s interesting to hear others remark how it might coincide with bad dreams and possible entities. I experienced SP about 4 times over the course of time I grew up in my parents house (which I’m certain is – or was – haunted). I’ve also had it a few times as an adult.

    I always equated the experience with the bad dreams I have (always about being in a different house and cornered in a room by “some thing unseen”.)

    But to hear the suggestion that it’s somehow related to an actual manifestation is very alarming.

    It sounds like we’re talking about our sleeping body and subconscious somehow KNOWING that an entity is present. And, moreover, that knowledge affecting what we dream and how our bodies react upon suddenly awakening during the episode.

    If there were some way to know that a large percentage of people experiencing SP are somewhat “sensitive” and their experiences (bad dreams, the sense of something watching our paralyzed bodies) are similar… then it might help me better understand my own experiences in that house.

  4. Lydia says:

    So what did exactly did happen to you in that house?


  5. anthony says:


  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I know exactlywhat you mean, like il be in my room doing homework and then like all of a sudden i could just feel someone present in the room and it would just freak me out. I also experience the sleep paralysis and sometimes when i open my eyes i see things walking in my room, its really weird and creepy. And i am also 18 and i dont exactly have major stress either, so im guessing that couldnt be the reason

  7. Lydia says:

    Im starting to think there is no help for it


  8. Jenn says:

    I haven’t experienced any of the things you all have mentioned but I have experienced an attack from something spiritual and I start to feel fearful. Pray over your room and read aloud Psalms 91. Resist the devil and he will flee.

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    something to think about,, especially being in the teen years,, and also menapause years.. your hormones are changing…..this can have a huge effect, not only on your body, but your emotional wellbeing…..

    in my case,, i had many problems with spirits when i was a teen,,,,and as i got older,, my hormones got really nutty,,,,, again,, lots of problems with spirits…

    i dont want to say,, when your hormones are off that is can cause a portal…. and it is not all in your head… for sure…. its there!!!! in fact,, i am having a problem with them again,, well, its pretty usual for me…

    my advice is,,,, keep the faith,, whatever your faith is…. keep your power strong and you will be safe……thats the way i handle it….

    Thank you, my Higher Power, for your protection. Help me to always rely on you for my safety……. Amen

  10. 00994556793087 says:

    help me plz.
    that is a long time i should sleep 12 hours a day. and have bad dreams in my sleeps. such az devil-elf- and always they are behind of me, what should i do? any idia. who can help me?

    • Brad says:

      thats just a nightmare srry……
      in dreams ghost ,spirts,demon etc are always in front and in ur face!

  11. Brad says:

    this is a Common cause of possion! what u see is not there! not being able 2 move ur body is cause the spirt or demon is in control and hasnt noticed youve woke up! or it just does this 2 mess with and show who’s has the power! most likey a low lvl demon using u 4 entrainment!

  12. Lydia says:

    Well how do I rid myself of afformentioned demon? It’s been about a year or so since I posted this and it still occurs.

  13. kirby says:

    hi lydia, my boyfriend has been experiencing the exact same things he will wake up in a sweat with constant goose bumps not to mention the scream thats follows he is 29 and has been experiencing these events for about 3 years on and off, the first time it happened we were talking about paranormal stuff quite late at night whilst in my car i dropped him at home and went to my home ( as we wernt living together then) early the next morning i had 4 missed calls on my phone and contacted him straight away in panic, he explained that he had just jumped into bed and was laying on his side minutes later he felt something running up and down his bed directly behind him, he couldnt move, couldnt talk, ( basically totally paralyzed) when he gained movement he called his dog in and she came into his room and would not stop growling, after that experience many other simular events occured mainly him waking up screaming and sweating he can never rememeber what has happened the following day but will remember bits and pieces days after i do find this odd but would also like to know what the hell is going on as well if you have any more to share please let us know!! hope things get better for ya… Kirby

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