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Sleep Paralysis A Terrifying Experience

Posted on July 8, 2008

When we go to sleep at night, everyone is completely paralyzed to prevent us from sleep walking. Usually we are not aware of this. My mind often wakes up before my body has been released from sleep paralysis, and I have to lie there and wait for it go away. To make it worse, during this state, we see everything as it normally is, but there are hallucinations, or real things that enter our perception. Most often these are of a terrifying nature. If this can happen to me on a regular basis, this can happen to anybody.

This story is one of many experiences with Sleep Paralysis I have had:

I woke up as normal and decided to roll over onto my side, when suddenly I realized no matter how hard I struggled, I could not move. In fact the more I struggled, the worse it became. Lying there, everybody else completely oblivious to what was going on, unable to move a muscle, unable to make a sound. Breathing is very difficult, and it is near impossible to stay calm in this situation.

After a few seconds of struggling I come to notice that my arms are now stretched out in front of me, as many sleep walking artwork is depicted. I begin to panic at the lack of control, and wondering what is going to happen to me. From shoulder to wrist, my arms are completely stiff, and although I have full awareness of the situation, I can do nothing about it. To make things even worse I begin to hear a strange noise coming from outside my bedroom door. It is like raspy breathing, but it is trying to say something. The noise begins to get more and more intense, and I suddenly realize what the voice is trying to say: “HELP, SOMEONE! HELP!”

Stricken by panic and a terrible amount of fear, I begin to struggle even more to break free from this terrifying paralysis state. At this moment I recognize the voice, it is me. The voice sounds very distant, but it is clearly myself trying to scream for help. Though nobody comes to help me. All sorts of thoughts go through my mind at this, as I realize that if my mouth is not moving, how can I be screaming? It is almost as if we have two separate bodies.

At this point, just as I thought it could not get any worse, I feel a shadow pass at the foot of my bed, and get a great sense of dread, like something very dangerous is standing there watching me. I hear a quick barking noise and feel something of a great weight sitting on top of my stomach, and putting something over my head, like a pillow. I suddenly break free, and wake gasping for air, covered in sweat, and shaking with fear.

Science seems to know very little about this phenomenon, indeed about sleep in general, which leaves all the more room for being attacked in your sleep at night, without any physical help being available. Sleep paralysis is a very real and terrifying subject, and as I mentioned it can happen to anybody, anytime.

Have you ever had a dream where you can’t seem to run very fast, when trying to escape some enemy? Or when you are a child, trying to yell out to your parents, but unable to make a sound? If so you have experienced something quite similar.

This started happening to me after I read about Sleep Paralysis during some research I was doing on a very unique CD I am making. I believe that once you know about it, it’s more likely to happen to you. Let’s see if I’m right.

Written by Jeremy Garner, Copyright 2008.

Note from Jeremy: If you like this story and are interested in hearing more about this sort of thing, then please visit www.bebo.com/SpiritOfA6 and leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP. Sweet Dreams

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21 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis A Terrifying Experience”
  1. Jennifer says:

    I had a sleep paralysis experience the other day. There was a black gloved hand (nothing else to it) holding one arm to my chest. I couldn’t move the other arm either. As much as I tried I couldn’t move. I thought about calling out to my parents to help, but thought, no, they won’t help me. I could see my cats and everything in my room normally. I was about to give up, when I thought to call out to God to help me. The gloved hand instantly disappeared, and I was scared yet turned over and went back to sleep. I too, felt as if something evil was standing over my bed, but that was before I fell asleep that night.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Very interesting experience Jennifer, I know the exact thing you describe and have had very similar similar things happen to me.

    It is a very fearful situation, to be out of control, while things happen that call for you to react.

  3. tyffanie says:

    Thats very scary i am very closterfobic and i cant stand not to be able to move on my own i would def freak out.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for your comment Tyffanie, I must admit that even now after hundreds of these experiences, the claustrophobic aspect of this experience still really gets to me.

    The more it happens the more we get used to it and learn to do deal with it but what makes these experiences worse is that usually there is something happening at the time where you would usually have to react.

    Sometimes I have been lying on my right side, and paralyzed, and behind me I hear noises of what sounds like a huge party of drunk people getting very close to me, and you sense there is something harmful about them but can do nothing about it.

    We always seem to wake up before anything harmful really happens though.

  5. Rob says:

    I have had the same exact experience happen to me. But it only happen in this one apartment I lived in. I had an old gentlemen living in an apartment behind mine. One night I had woken paralyzed, but I could hear him having an asema attack, But I could do nothing about it. I was completly immobile. I couldn’t even move to wake my wife up to have her check on him or to get him help. I was so scared. I could feel myself crying with fear, because he is a really good friend and I could do nothing to help him. Even with this experience I fell back to sleep. BUT I woke up a half hour later able to move. I ran to his place still soaked with tears, to see him sitting at his table drinking coffe and watching the news. I told him what had happened. He said yes, he was having an attack but he found his inhaler and that he was okay now. But since I had moved out of that apartment, I have had no more experiences of sleep paralyses. I just thank God he was okay when I got to him.

  6. Jeremy says:

    That’s a very interesting story Rob, thanks a lot for sharing.

    It’s very intriguing how what you saw turned out to be true, and how you haven’t experienced it in your new house.

    A very mysterious experience

  7. Halloween Blood says:

    i wonder if that will happen to me….well we will find out no wont we=]

  8. Jeremy says:

    If you lie on your back in bed, and try to keep yourself awake every time you start drifting to sleep, eventually when tiredness takes over you can actually induce this to happen and many other things.

    Not that you would really want to lol

  9. ned says:

    how do you do it?

  10. Jeremy says:


    It’s a matter of trying to keep yourself awake everytime you start drifting to sleep, and I don’t mean literally keeping your eyes open and so on, that would be dangerous and would take far too long.

    I mean as you close your eyes to go to sleep, lying on your back, when you start noticing dream images make sure you sort of wake yourself up a bit.

    This is just in the early stages to get used to this transition state of mind, but basically you want to stay conscious during the period in which your body shuts down if you would like to experience it.

    Some people have held their arm bent at the elbow out in front of them as they are going to sleep, so that as they fall asleep their arm drops and wakes them up. This is to get used to keeping your mind awake during this transition period.

    Eventually when you don’t have to use the arm anymore, after a bit of practice you can keep your mind awake, while your body shuts down.

    People generally wouldn’t want to experience sleep paralysis, but that is of course only the first stage, the next being to have a conscious out of body experience.

    Hope that helps

  11. Sharon Y. says:

    I’ve had this happen to me many times in my life. I never knew it had a name and an explanation!
    The most common I have is thinking someone is trying to break in to the house. I try to wake up, get up out of bed or scream…and nothing happens! It’s very terrifying!!!

  12. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Sharon, yes it can be a very terrifying feeling, because it always seems we really have to move for something urgent, when we find we can’t.

    It’s amazing how many people around the world seem to have had this experience.

  13. Ashley says:

    I go through sleep paralysis at least once a month,but I’m used to it now.I never actually had anything terrifying happen to me,only some hallucinations which I tend to always get of millions of spiders crawling all over my room and when I can finally move I stand up on my bed and there is no more spiders.I’ve come to like it though,because when it happens it lets me control my dreams,and I don’t know how I do it but now I can snap myself out of it and just go back to sleep.Its very odd.

  14. Jeremy says:

    I know what you are talking about Ashley, I can certainly relate to that.

    I think that all those that do experience sleep paralysis can take advantage of that state to come out of your body consciously and temporarily.

    Though the sleep paralysis itself is not something I can say I like lol.

  15. Sam says:

    I’ve regularly suffered from Sleep Paralysis for as long as I can remember. I too have learnt to overcome the fear that once haunted me during my episodes.

    Now since discovered how to induce Sleep Paralysis, and also how to use them as an effective gateway to lucid dreaming.

    There’s more information here if anyone is interested: SleepParalysisMastery.com

  16. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Sam,

    I also have discovered how to use Sleep Paralysis as an effective gateway to access other worlds.

    I had a look at the website, and I didn’t particularly like the way it was set out, it seemed very commercial etc, but I can’t really judge it having not purchased and read the material.

    It’s not something that really needs to be sold though, there are many free resources out there to help the seeker make that transition from Paralysis to the Astral world.

  17. JAKe memiduf says:

    im glad i aint the only one this happens to me every once an a while

  18. Jamie says:

    this kind of thing happens to me all the time.it’s been happening to me for atleast six to seven years. this feeling has followed me from one state to the other. and every year it gets worse. sometimes i wake up with scratches all over my body. their not deep just welts. when it happens i get different experiences. some are the same and happen more than once in one night. sometimes i get this presence that grabs me by the arms or legs and lifts me up. i don’t feel a hands or anything. it’s just this pressure or force that turns me over, or lifts me up. sometimes i see this horrible thing sitting on my chest and it gets so hard to breath. when i wake up it still feels like there’s something in the room with me. sometimes this thing attacks me when i’m fully awake and i just can’t move. can you help me?

  19. jessica says:

    im 14 years old and I haved experienced this. one morning i was trieing to wake up but i coldent. I could only move towads my little brother who is 3 years old. I found it weird that i could only move towads him. I felt like i was being choke next i started to panic. I was scared and I HOPE IT WONT HAPPEN AGEN

  20. amy says:

    I know that some one was wanting to know how they could expirence this. I only have ONE THING TO SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT DONT DONT DONT DO IT DONT TRY IT IT IS THE MOST SCARRY THING I HAVE EVER AND I MEAN EVER WENT THROUGH IN MY WHOLE LIFE.. It started out as a child. I would feel as if someone was holding me down on a road curve or somthing. But in the past 3years i have had more episodes. This month alone have been about 4. My husband gets freeked out when i can tell his everything that was going on in the room. This scared the life out of me. I have also found that the supine position or face upwards on back can be a point, stress, naps, energized dreams, and rapid eye movement are also factors. I am very intrested in finding out more about this. Their is a medication colizipam your doctors could give you to help with this.

  21. mitch says:

    do u guys hear the buzzing noise, i kinda enjoy the Sleep Paralysis it is an interesting experence,i have had these a lot when i was a child they were followed by nightmares but as i grew older i had forgotten it ever happend, but then i had a nother i was 14, i had a very vivid hallucinations of a man wearing a black cloak with a hood,i thought it was the grim reaper coming to take my soul then i heard a buzzing it got louder and louder till it hurt my ears then it stoped and i heard laughter, then suddleny i was alsleep,i was scared to sleep after that for like 2 weeks, then when i was 15 i had another one i was scared i cant remeber wat happened, i had like 4 that year, when i was 16 i was having one about every other week and no nightmares . but i wasnt scared then cus i was reading about OBE’s and astral projection. i havent had one in a while and i was wondering if there was a way to induce them, maybe smoking weed and going to sleep or taking some kind of sleeping pill, thank you for your time Jeremy and i hope this thread will be responded,

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