Six Demon Statues

Posted on May 9, 2008

My aunty had bought six of these statues that are suppose to resemble demons, and trust me they do. She put them each in different parts of the house and they looked really cool but they were still a bit scary.

I stayed there the night that she got them because my parents were out of town. It was pissing rain that night and the power went off and I was sleeping in a room where she put one of them. I don’t remember my dream but I woke up sweating in the morning and I noticed something; the statue wasn’t there.

I thought that my aunty had moved it so I got up to go and have breakfast. When I got to the kitchen my aunty asked me if I had moved the statues. I said, I thought you did since we were the only ones in the house. It really freaked me out.

We went looking for them and we found them in the closet. They were placed in a circle looking at each other. My aunty didn’t really think nothing of it because she thought it was just me playing a joke on her.

My parents came back in the afternoon so I went home and the next day my aunty came home complaining that there was something wrong with her house. She told me that the statues were found in the same spot in the morning again and that she woke up covered in sweat.

A week later my aunty still had them and it had stopped but she told me that she would always feel something with her in the house and she said it felt cold dark and evil. I told her that she should get rid of the statues and she agreed.

I went over to her house with her to get the statues and take them to the dump but when we got there we couldn’t find them anywhere. It was like they knew or something, so we just left them. I stayed at her house that night and I got the same feeling as my aunty did, it was really creepy.

In the morning we tried to find them again. We looked in the closet where they had been every other time she woke up and they were missing and there they were. We both stared at each other and got freaked out because we looked in the same closet the day before. We threw them away but my aunty said she still had the feeling of the dark presence in the house so she moved out and never came back. That house still gives me the creeps when ever we drive past it.

Sent in by “baby jade”, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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17 Responses to “Six Demon Statues”
  1. Amy says:

    Well it’s not that creepy but I suppose it would have to happen to me for me to be really scared. It is a bit off though that I mean statues are often heavy and they kept moving. Do you know why they always moved to the closet and nowhere else ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe because it one of the darkest place especially when it is closed. Also it maybe be a gateway leading somewhere

  2. Liam says:

    Everyone who knows me, knows I am not religious in the slightest, but I would suggest saying a few prayers (perhaps someone else could list a few verses or chapters to recite) and splashing holy water in a cross symbol (as though a basptism) in the closet where the statues appear.

    Demonology has always been a dangerous subject, especially to non-believers, and should be respected with the utmost care to preserve yourself and other people involved.

    • Batticia says:

      LIAM, since these demon status was in a circle facing each other, It sounds like they were making an pentagram. I KNOW PENTAGRAM ARE FIVE pointed star, But in this case ,it was six and six might means the devil number.

  3. Jas says:

    That’s weird but often when it comes to Demons like in old Egypt with “ka” and Ba” body and spirit, demons like to hang out with objects that look like them. I had a Demon that chilled in my closet so the fact you found them there is really no big surprise to me.

    • Batticia says:

      Ja, Do you think that the demon status was making a pentagram with six point angle. wiccan star has 5.

  4. Anne says:

    i think that the ghosts are moving them.
    so call GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tyler says:

    this is interesting… yes along with amy… is there perhaps something that drew them to the closet? maybe you need information on previous occupents and what they did…

  6. Kitsune says:

    Well I think ghosts and other spirits may be attracted to different objects by various reasons. I don’t think that your closet is the problem… you could try to find out more about the previous owner of the statues… maybe they were cursed or they or used to trap real demons… I’ll tell you more after I read a new demonology book that Ibought.

  7. harjeet says:

    i think that is so creepy well its not that much. But i am sure that there are ghost in this world. A lot of people think their are no ghost but their are!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tionna says:

    maybe the statues are trying to say what happened to the previous occupants like they commited suicide in that very closet or they hung ppl in it,or something like that

  9. Imara Rayvens says:

    It is possible that demons can controll objects made in “honour” of them or that resembles them. I have heard of a few situations like this. The only way to know for sure if it was indeed the statues, is to trace the maker. Though, most things are labeled “Made in Japan” or something along that line, lol.

    Demons are malevolent creatures and that could explain the ‘cold, dark evil’ you both felt. Have you tried searching the internet for related situations? Another possibility is that you may have prank playing entities around the house that decided to use those statues to give you a scare [especially because they resemble demons]. Or as mentioned already, an entity may want to make you aware of something that happened in that closet.

    A lot of houses that has a sad history of deaths, murders or suicides leave behind “evil-feeling” prescences. These prescences often remain with the house along with the deceased occupant(s). So, if there was indeed an entity wanting to draw your attention to the closet due to some tragic occurence, the “evil-feeling” prescence attached may have caused the feeling of the ‘cold, dark evil’ you mentioned you and your aunt experiencing. There may be a lot more explanations but these are what I am thinking of now.

  10. CM Misery says:

    wow sounds scary to me!
    I hope your aunt decides to perform some sort of exorcism or ritual to get rid of this demon because if its presence remains within the house then it will grow more dominant and your aunt will be placed in a dangerous situation that could affect her and everyone surrounding her.
    Take care and best of luck to you and your aunt!

  11. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well, i had serious DeJaVu when i got to the part that they were in a cirlce facing eachother. I had this dream about 2 years ago, and it had to do with 6 statuettes (Small Statue-Like figurines) They were Black, apparently made of eather coal, or Obsidian or Both, their Eyes were Jeweled, And when the statues were set in a Circle Facing eachothr just right, the eyes would gloows and shine, and it was some type of “Key” to something, like a Portal. It was a sign i know, but what was this dream trying to tell me? Where are these statues anyway? And what opens/is reveiled when their situated just right?
    Tell me, Did Your Demon Statues resemble Strange looking Dogs? Like Weird supernatural Doberman-Pinchers?

  12. AnNa says:

    why demon statues?i think it was crazy that she brought them in the house knowing something could of happened.i know she didnt know but there demon statues come glad nothing happened.does anyone live in there now?maybe she opened something when she brought them home.thanks for the story.

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