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She is Possessed

Posted on July 28, 2009

This is a story of my mother in law. When My mother in law was a teenager her and her sisters used to play with the Ouija board. They played it so much that they had to get rid of it. Things started to happen.

Well years afterward the entities still follow her till this day. Her sister got killed by her husband, he ran over her and she died after a few hours, she was all banged up. A couple of years ago when she died my mother in-law started to hear voices in her head, and this one time I lived at this apartment complex and she lived on the other side of the apartments. Well anyway it started as a good and until my sister in-law had came over. She was telling me that her mom was sick and if I could go over there and check up on her.

I went over there and right when I opened the door I felt this strange feeling, like something was not right. I went over to her, she was sitting on the couch with her head back and her complexion looked grey and her skin was cold and clammy. Well I went over to her and asked her if she was ok, ( she is a diabetic) she picked her head up and looked straight up at me and she just smiled. My blood rushed. I called my other two sister in-laws that were there already. So now there are four of us there with her. They were all teenagers except the one who went to come and get me. Anyway I called out to my sister in-law that was the oldest and I asked her what happened and if she had checked her blood sugar. She told me that it was on the normal level.

We were all talking to her and asking her if she wanted to go to the emergency room, and she (mother in-law) started to laugh, and this laugh was so creepy, it still makes my skin crawl. At the same time it was like she had like a multiple personality coming through, she would say “watch out you are going to fall through that hole” and we were like “what hole?” She said “look! The hole is getting bigger”, and then she would begin to laugh again, and she would say “leave me alone please. Quit talking to me.” Not us though. The laugh would come and go.

I had gotten very uncomfortable and I asked her if she wanted to go to her dads that way he could pray for her. Well the expression on her face was freaking weird, she freaked me out , and I told my sister in-laws I was leaving and I was going to call her dad to come and pray for her. Well I left and I asked my sister in-laws if they wanted to come with me. I wasn’t going to stick around. My sister in-laws were crying and asked me to stay there with them and I told them Ok let me go and check on my kids and I will come back.

I went to my apartment and my kids were still taking a nap. Three minutes after I had gotten there, my sister in law ( the youngest) went back over there and this time she was really freaked out and she was crying and she said “Come quickly. Mom is really sick now.” So there I go again and right when I got at the door, I could feel the evil presence. Very uneasy. As I stood there at the door I looked straight at her and she was still laughing harder and there was an echo as she laughed. My sister in-law ( the oldest) was sitting right next to her and my mother in-law hit her right in the back and was giggling, and my sister in law started crying, and pleaded for me not to leave, and I was so scared.

I was standing at the door and My mother in law looked at me and my sister in law (the youngest) and her tongue came out long and black and she was sticking it out fast like the was the girl on that movie (the exorcist) man that scared the crap out of me, and I told them that’s it I’m gone. Come with me or stay. After I left that thing told my sister in law that it knew if it did that, that I would leave.

I called my husband and I told him to come home and that his mom was sick and to get his father too. Well they did. After they got there, this thing had left so I think and they put her in the car and took her to her dads. This was a 20 minute drive. The whole time as they were on the road she was telling my husband that she would see this man on the edge of the road and he would be pointing at her and laughing. Well when we all got there to her fathers house, we all went inside and her father being a priest asked all the young people to go outside and stay there and He needed all the older people inside to help him hold her down. My sister in laws took all the kids outside. My mother in law was put on a recliner and all of her brothers were there, her mother and her husband and her two sons. Once her dad came up to her and started praying for her, she began to laugh. The complexion got grey and she was laughing so hard. It was scary. Right when her dad got close to her, she kicked him right in the stomach. All of her brothers and her husband went over to her and she just threw them off of her with this force, that there is no way on earth that a normal person could have. I went outside I could not see this stuff happen.

Well 15 minutes later I could hear them take her to the room and lay her down on the bed and everybody was holding her down and started praying and from outside I could hear this voice come out of her and laugh and sounds of creepiness. I told my husband I wanted to leave and so he said for me to go ahead and go. I left and I don’t know what happened after that and I never asked.

Ten years later now My mother in-law is still getting these episodes and here recently she called my husband and told him that for the past two weeks that every night around 10 pm, right when she is going to bed, that she hears her sister come in her room, (the one that got killed by her husband). She said that her sister comes in the room, and stands at the door ways and tells her “Look what he did to me.” She said she looked up at her and she is all bloody and that her eye is missing, her hair is full of blood and her face is all scratched up, broken fingers, and everything. She said that her sister stands right over her and talks to her from 10 pm until 3 am and she keeps talking to her and telling her how her life now is better now and that is she comes with her that her life will be too. My mother in law tells her to leave her alone and for her to go and rest and to leave and that she continues. This has been happening to her for awhile, and she doesn’t know what to do.

I know that this thing has been with her since she was a teenager, she has other things happen to her, but that is for another time. If anyone can tell me what we can do to help her, please comment below. And I ask for you people to pray for her. and thanks.

Written by Moya, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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71 Responses to “She is Possessed”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    oh i do feel for you, having to witness such evil! has her family had her anaylized by a professional yet. i do believe she was touch by something very evil. i am glad she has survived but she is still in so much danger. i’m sure when this started it was out of curiosity and innocence. just be patient with her and listen and tell a psychiatric doctor about her story and hopefully they can shed some light and help her, she is in the fight for her life but i have this feeling she is not about to give up as long as she has her family near her

  2. sami says:

    that is a really freaky story
    u’ll probably remember that 4ever…
    the wy u xplain it is soo scary

  3. ivy janella (philippines) says:

    hmm… pretty scary.. my mom said before that my aunt was possessed too… that the color of my aunt skin’s turned orange,sometimes blue.. and her head would slowly spin 360 degree.. i think that was scary.

  4. Renee says:

    You need a priest not her dad even though he is one get pairanormal investagatorts in there so you have proof of what is happening to her google it for your add dress i hope this helps so that the priest will give her an exersirsam sorry for the mess spelling

  5. JENNY says:

    poor woman, i feel for her.. i’m glad my problem(altho it never really reached demonic possessions) have stopped. altho i’m not sure if it’s for good. I’m not sure what to tell you to help your mother in law but i feel the need to let you know that you can beat this thing as many others have. try and seek professional help with this. contact some people from the church. oftentimes one session isn’t enough to make everything go away. and not just anyone can make it go away. someone holy will really help you out. and a special prayer can also be made for her.. here in our place,old latin prayers are believed to be very powerful although i have not one latin prayer to share..anyway if you obtain one, make sure you know what it means because some latin prayers are too powerful i’ve watched some people go mad after years of using..anyway, i hope you guys can find a way to protect your mother in law. she is in grave danger..and it seems, so are you..i know you are deeply disturbed by that incident.. you and your family really need counselling..GOD BLESS, keep following GOD no matter how many demons follow you, just look to HIM and not to them.

  6. Yoda says:

    I will pray for her and your family

  7. CMF says:

    Well, IF this is true, then you do need to contact a church pretty quick, it would also be good to video this thing as to have proof that it is going on.
    If this is true I’m really sorry, because that would suck badly.

  8. charlotte says:

    That was really scary, and I just pray that all is well but I also think that she should have a priest look at her not her dad unless he is a priest.

  9. Sai Chan says:

    I believe the existence of ghosts. But people always neglect the basic question of health and blame the ghost. Usually, a son or daughter is unwilling to accept the idea of his/her parent being crazy, fearing people thinking that they are the seeds from a mental family. This concept prolonged without appropriate treatment aggravates the situation. The whole family would be influenced and demonstrating all sorts of problem in the aftermath. The imbalance of the family and the house then attracts disasters, including ghosts.
    If it was my family member, the time she snapped, I would have called the ambulance to send her to hospital for a few days medication, to calm her down.
    The black tongue of your mother-in-law may just be an indication of weakness, or internal bleeding somewhere, may be ulcer in the stomache. Treat the health first. When our health is down, things of the past events that we thought could have been done better would creep into our mind, and begin to haunt us.
    Since you are just a distant family member, if compared, you can’t do much especially there is a priest involved claiming that she is possessed but contributing useless help!
    My advice is that help yourself. Steer your mind away from any that is out of your control. Besides, you still have your children to worry about.
    P.S. ,Diabetic often eats less, the vitamins and minerals deficiency may snap the mind.
    If it is the case of ghost, the ‘priest’ may have done a lot. Ghosts that he expelled, usually still linger around the place of exorcisem.

  10. Moya says:

    Update on the situation: I told you that my mother inlaw would see her dead sister in her room. Well just the other day. on friday.July 23,09, My motherinlaws father died. She has not seen her sister since. Do you guys think this is a coincidence?

  11. Moya says:

    Oh. and thanks guys on all the advise.

  12. annie says:

    Maybe your mother-in-law’s sister had a hard time with the way she died and why.maybe she wanted to wait for someone she was really close to,to pass away and join her so she wouldn’t be alone and could talk to someone and cross over.

  13. monii says:

    OMG, what a story. I feel bad for this woman, God Bless her and keep her safe from that horrible things. I’ll pray for your family for this nightmare to end.

  14. grace says:

    wow… that was so scary……i have seen the excecist and its so scary… i feel for you having to witness that

  15. Jamie says:

    This seems made up. I absolutely believe in demonic posession, but not in this case. A women who has been randomly getting posessed for her entire life? And no one has heard about it? Please. Not to mention the small fact that her father is not a priest. Priests take a vow of celibacy. Guess what? No sex, no babies.

  16. DarStarr says:

    I soo agree with Jamie! This seems a little to far-fetched. I also believe in demonic possession, but I think it’s very rare, and this has been going on since she was a teenager? You never said how old she is now, but, um…REALLY??? I believe she needs to seek some professional help. Many mental illnesses rear their ugly heads in the teen to early twenties.
    IF this is true, I wish you and your family all the luck in the world!

  17. Moya says:

    There is no point in lying. I witness this about 1998. she is at the age of 51 now. believe it or not. Me and my sister in laws were all there.

  18. CMF says:

    There has been a good point made though, how can her father be a priest?

  19. CMF says:

    Have you recorded these happenings?

  20. Sai Chan says:

    guys, there is no need to be harsh on words to those sharing their experiences to us! I know that of some Christian churches of non-Roman Catholic in US and Canada, many priests are married with children. Since I am a non-believer of their religion, I can’t distinguish the various Christian origins; there are so many branches. But still I respect their free will of beliefs. And I know, that wars are often started in the name of religion.

  21. aiesha says:

    hi, i would like to give an opinion but it might offend you, so i hope it doesn’t, first of all half my family is Christian, half is Muslim, my mum is Christian and i greatly respect her, but im Muslim, so what im about to say is to really help you and just a suggestion. why don’t you play the Quran on loudly in Arabic , especially the athan and the spirit doesn’t mess around and goes straight away, i know you dont believe in it but give it a try, i guarantee you it works 100 percent

  22. DarStarr says:

    Moya, I truly didn’t want to offend you, it just seems that if this has been going on this long something should have been done by now. If your mother-in-law IS possessed, then please, by all means, GET HER HELP! Call someone for her. This is not a healthy way to live.
    I do wish you all the luck in the world and my prayers are with you. Stay strong, but please be pro-active and do anything to help.

  23. CuteSagittarius says:

    Woah, Aiesha, u toOk the words right out of my mouth! I’ve been wanting to suggest the same thing, but I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I would get! Way to go,girl! =)

    I agree with Aiesha! Try that,Moya!

  24. Moya says:

    Thanks for the advise I will try to get her some help. I think I think I made it sound like she lives like this every day but no . Once in a while she will have an episode. Right now she is doing fine. Her daughters and I have talked about it and we are on the process of doing so. Thanks guys for the prayers and for those who dont believe me oh well.

  25. BLanca says:

    wow, i sorry you went through it

  26. da best says:

    im so sorry God please help this family!

  27. Jamie says:

    Please don’t be offended, however, I really do believe something else is going on. From what I know about demonic posession (which, admittedly, is not that much), it’s doubtful that she would even still be alive. What with the toll it takes on the body, it’s hard to imagine a person being able to withstand repeated demonic posession for over 30 years. Additionally, Sai Chan, yes, there are other Christian churches where the leader may marry and have children, and are even encouraged to do so, however these men (and sometimes women) are called pastors, reverends, etc. The Catholic church is the branch that calls their leaders priests, and these men all take a vow of celibacy. I apologize if Moya meant a pastor and just mistyped, although then I would encourage her to talk to an actual Catholic priest. I have never heard of any other men of God dealing with demonic posession.

    • Robert says:

      Have you thought that perhaps he married BEFORE becoming a priest? Even then there are sections of the catholic church that do allow for a priest to marry.

  28. CMF says:

    No offense to anyone here, but its ironic that you need a catholic preist to get rid of a demon when the catholic church has commited some of the most heinous crimes against humanity in history. Again not a sweeping statement against catholics its just a historical fact.

  29. Jamie says:

    CMF: True story! That does seem realy strange doesn’t it? I wonder if it has something to do with the ritualism of Catholicism, in comparison to many modern religions.

  30. Robert says:

    I’m a firm believer in mundane solutions over supernatural on most of everything. But a lot of people here are calling B.S and have no idea what they are talking about.

    1) Yes you can be possessed for a lifetime and live a natural life. Why? Because whatever is possessing you doesn’t wish to make itself known, allowing you to live fine.

    2) Even with outbreaks you can still live a long time (a 24/7 outbreak greatly reduces your lifespan though). Reason this happens often (it torments the person & family longer).

    3) Just because the father is a priest doesn’t mean he was married prior to taking that role, or is a section of catholics that allow marriage (http://atheism.about.com/od/romancatholicism/a/celibacy_2.htm).

    4) You don’t need ANY one religion to rid yourself of anything. Faith is faith regardless of what you believe. If you’re strong in your faith then you can drive out any spirit. If you look at it, most catholic exorcisms take a long time to work (if they even work), because the priest(s) don’t have full faith in what they are doing. We all have been giving the tools and power to remove harmful spirits ourselves, we’re just too lazy to use them.

    Now to the OP (original poster), it’s great things have calmed down, but it could very well be the calm before the storm. So my suggestion is prepare everyone for a more severe outburst and soon. If it doesn’t happen great! But better prepared than not.

    Here are a few suggestions that I’ve used and had great success with.

    1) Have her daughters (oldest to youngest) bless her house with either holy water or sage (I perfer sage, smells good and non-religious in origin). Start from front door and make a circle. (have them imagine the smoke is creating a wall that surrounds the house).

    2) Have them bless the doors & windows (again sage or holy water their choice).

    3) Ring a brass (or any kind) bell in the same fashion. (vibrations mess with the spirits ability to manifest).

    4) Next bless themselves (same as step 1 & 2)

    5) Bless the mother – rinse her body with sea salt (not table or iodized) first then bless with holy water or sage smoke.

    6) Place objects of power (cross, star of david, pentagram….whatever they and mother feel holds positive power) over the front door. They can have a priest or whomever bless the object first if they wish.

    ** They (the daughters) need to have 100% faith and determination in all 6 steps for any of this to work completely. **

    Though I do hope none of that is necessary and your mother-in-law and the rest of your family can live the remainder of their lives in peace.

  31. CMF says:

    Jamie its the overwhelming hipocracy of it all that no being in the universe can stand there and take. You just have to be driven away.. lol

  32. trolldoll1681 says:

    i applaude robert for making sense of all this. we have all just been guessing and letting our imaginations get away from us! these steps sound very logical! i am a firm believer in altenate religions and wiccan or native american rituals do work. i’m very glad that this doesn’t happen often and whatever this thing is it doesn’t have ultimate power over the human will. there are alot of people who could benefit from these steps! i know because some of them were done to my house and it has been alot quieter around here and i didn’t use a board in the first place either thanks robert!

  33. Jamie says:

    Even the devil himself can’t stand it :)

  34. Ash says:

    i totaly agree wth aiesha……it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try…..it might help.

  35. ashton bone says:

    perform an exorcism
    that seems to me to be the only thing left to do
    find a priest that can read the language and knowws it well
    a demon is inside of her body and it wants to use her for some reason
    tell her not to fear evil for it feeds on fear
    and the ghost of her sister is most definitely the devil making her see her beloved one so that she will give up and want to be with her sister..do not give up hope on her and you yourself must not fear either for he can start to get to her through your fear..email me if you need anything

  36. brittany lott says:

    i really think that her sister isnt her sister and shes trying to make her kill herself to gain her soul if an unsaved person kills them self the devil can more easily get it i think these demons are tormenting her i really think you should get a catholic priest to bless her and her home at the same time try with all your power to contact paranormal state.com and submitt your story they have a very religous person on their team much like me named ryan if anyone can help you i know he can they have dealt with cases much like your own and really made a difference and you might be on tv and people will know your story so please try my advice and i will certainly pray for her i hope you read this if you do comment back so ill know remember go to paranormal state.com and tell your story

  37. CMF says:


    If vibrations mess with them then why not just use bass frequencies???
    You could take a sine wav and just manipulate it all day long with some decent speakers.
    Ahhh but if THAT worked then we wouldnt have had stuff going on in our studio…
    Dont think the bell thing makes a difference.

  38. Robert says:

    CMF – Using a bell isn’t going to make them leave it just makes things more difficult for them. But like many other tools just using 1 isn’t going to do any good.

    And to answer your question, yes using the right frequency with a stereo would be the same as the bell, but that would only affect the room it’s in. Do you really want to blast that noise in every room at the same time?? Or would using a simple bell be much much easier and practical?

  39. Robert says:

    brittany – Being unsaved or not according to Catholic doctrine and 99.99% of all other christian sects, committing suicide at any point in your life is a mortal sin and unforgivable in the eyes of god. So that in turn means no matter your status, you kill yourself then you’re off to hell.

    Secondly stating a catholic priest is needed is unfounded, why does everyone automatically assume catholics have some magical power to exorcise demons, when it’s fact when they attempt it, it’s never nearly as easy as those who recommend it say it is. Has it occurred to anyone that demons are not as afraid of jesus or his name as many think? Otherwise demonic possession would be fixed without problems (if that was true, why is this story here??).

    The fact is it isn’t the religion that works, it’s the persons faith & will that works. You could be a satanist and have as much faith in your belief as a hardcore catholic, and you’d have as much success in getting that entity out as that catholic would.

  40. Linda Abbott Parsons says:

    The name of the Son of God, puts a thousand demons to flight. Call on Him.
    Blessings for you and yours.
    Hugs Linda aka Saunter.

  41. Robert Pash says:

    Linda – Then why do not all exorcisms end quickly and successfully if his name is so powerful?? Ask any priest or religious person who’s done an exorcism and find out how long it took to get it out (if they even could). So it’s obvious that the name of Jesus holds very little power.

  42. Sai Chan says:

    Dear Linda and Robert,
    You are both intelligent and kind-hearted people. That I admire. You are both right. You are kind of healers, trying your part to help build a better world. I wish I could share a part here too. I have a story of 3000 words ‘to the Healers’ sent August 3rd, but still not published yet. May be the CareTaker thinks it may bring upheaval, or my
    story doesn’t fit the ‘Philadelphia Experience’ type, or my story is too long. And I have 2 more stories, each twice the size, about distinguishing the ghosts and self-performing various exorcisem respectively. And that all may meet your points of views. And to minimize the victims as being ghosts is my goal.
    Also that, almost all of us are possessed at times, so brief, that we don’t even notice of, into thinking or acting some foolish things, and that could be expelled in seconds too.
    I had no thought of sharing before, according as a conservative Chinese. But things changed in my life, so I think
    ‘what the hack’. May be I have the duty to tell the world of what I know.
    But if destiny comes to the point that I have to be silenced, I’ll also accept it.

  43. CMF says:

    Robert why would a bell be better when it cant be heard at all like a PA system could?
    In fact I submit that the bell would only effect that room where as a much louder system could effect much more?
    If one had the gear then why not sample a bell or similar item at that frequency or just use an eq to isolate that frequency then loop the sound at full vlume there by taking care of the whole house?
    Exactly what frequency IS it that ghosts dont like, or they find hard to manifest in?
    If you can tell me that then basically you could just play what ever you wanted during the day at what ever volume and make sure that you had that frequency boosted via an eq…

  44. Robert says:

    CMF – If I knew the exact frequency I’d be a millionaire as I could create a device to only play that frequency. As for why the bell is better isn’t because of quality or quantity but for the shear fact it’s easier to move around with you.

    Using a PA system would do the same job, but it comes down to do you want that type of noise blaring in every room at the same exact time? If you can stand it then by all means go for it. I personally find the noise annoying rather quickly and would find it difficult to do the remaining steps with that noise constantly being broadcast into every room.

    Plus you have to take into account that not every structure or home would have a PA system, and setting one up is impractical and time consuming. So that is also why a bell is used, another reason why is because prior to there ever being a stereo or PA system bells existed and were used, so it’s time tested whereas a stereo isn’t, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

    I don’t mean to sound as though I feel the bell is better quality or the only way to achieve the desired effect, I’m merely stating that it’s just easier to use and very practical.

  45. CMF says:

    I think you should find the frequency and sell a little thing that makes it..
    In fact they sell “Ghost in a Bottle” so you should just come up with something you plug in and swear it creates that frequency ! LOL

  46. angelina says:

    call a hindu saint and tell him to do hanuman pooja….or get a book of hanuman chalisa and tell her to read it every nite and as much as she can read it….and get hanuman statue to keep in her room.and she needs alot of patience and believe in god…may she make this evil gone forver…

  47. Cole says:

    Idk but all this ouija board stories I have read are creeping
    me out. I believe I hear and see spirits and I know they’re there. Just pray and pray that evil will stay away.

  48. Crystal says:

    Dear Moya,
    First of all, let me tell you that I am very much a christian and I have been fighting spiritual battles since I was a child and know what you are going through. My prayers are with you. I am going to give you some suggestions that will help you if you put them to use, but it has to be more than just physically… it has to be put to use with your heart, soul and faith in God. First of all, you do have power over demons as a child of God (assuming you are a christian)… when confronted with an evil spirit, I say “I rebuke and bind you in the name of Jesus Christ.. You have no right to come against me for I am a child of God who has already defeated you! Get behind me and leave this place.” But, I can’t just say it, I have to BELIEVE in faith that this will happen because I DO have the authority through Christ who strengthens me.
    Also, before you see your mother in law, pray a prayer of protection around you and your family. When you are at her home, walk around and pray over her home.. touch her windows, doors, furniture, etc and bless them.. simply praying “Father God, bless this place that nothing evil may be able to reside in this space in the name of Jesus.”
    Now, as far as your mother in law.. do you have the right to cast out this demon?? yes, you do. BUT, you have to have the faith in yourself as a christian and faith in God who is your strength that He will work through you. Also, your mother in law has to be WILLING to let this demon go.. and that is the big thing. If this demon has been with her this long, she may be so accustomed to it, that she may have trouble releasing it because she is used to it. She has to consciously WANT it gone, pray for herself, cast it out of herself along with you, have the faith that it will leave and believe in the POWER of the name of Jesus that the demon will have to flee from her. The bible speaks often of strengthening your spirit through fasting and prayer, which is something you could do together.. designate a day that you would spend together totally committed to fasting, praying, reading the Bible for guidance and preparing yourselves as spiritual warriors.

    Anyway, hope this helps.. didn’t mean to go on so long.. like I said, been down this road so many times. One last thing… you have NO reason to fear this thing for you have power or it, not the other way around.

    This thought might help.. when I am in a spiritual battle, I think of the spirit/demon as a naughty child that i am having to discipline..it might throw a fit, but you KNOW it has to obey you in the end… it helps to make it not seem so “ominous” and helps take the fear away. Plus, just trust in God.. He never leaves nor forsakes us and He isn’t going to start now.

    God Bless you,

  49. Sai Chan says:

    Crystal or crystal,
    I read 3 other comments of yours in this site, seems like your were warding off poor souls and yourself.
    I think you are a sensitive that can do help in this world. Even helping 3 souls are like doing 3 good deeds will make your life totally different. They may have messages be delivered through you, a sensitive, which others are not gifted to not even feel the cold. But you can transfer this frequency to the ones near you. That’s why you see and your friends see too.
    Sometimes a simple shout, the ghost will disappear, but they will keep coming later, till their unfinished business can settle their spirits and then go to the light. Most of them are just poor souls, please help them.
    I have some knowledge of this field. You are welcomed to ask me any time. I’m willing to walk with you spiritually to help build a smiling world.
    Even sometimes they pull your blankets, it’s just attention seeking. Don’t be alarmed. That doesn’t mean bad at all.
    If you really hate this kind of ‘abnormality’, there are people that can ‘close’ your eyes.
    But I think one gifted with this, that is the purpose one is meant to fulfill.

  50. Crystal says:

    Sai Chan,

    Thank you for your message… yes, many people want to label me as a sensitive, but I actually have the “Gift of prophecy and the Gift of Discernment of Spirits”.. which means that God allows me to know things and that I know if a spirit is evil or not and the spirit that Moya is dealing with is a demon. There are many posts on this site about hauntings, spirits, etc.. but as you will notice, I only post to those that are battling an evil entitiy. They aren’t ghosts, they are there to cause trouble, possess and destroy their victims. I have dealt with ALL spirits since I was a young child, including demons. Because of my gifts I have been a target of evil spirits my whole life… about half the time they come in the form of “Shadow people” (where they look like dark shadows walking around). It is as if the veil of this world and the spirit gets lifted and I can see into their world. Ghosts may cause problems and be a real nuisance, but demons and evil spirits have their own agenda. Such as with Moya’s sister in law, she even got violent against her father when he was trying to pray for her. She also had extraordinarily human strength being able to throw men off of her while they were trying to hold her down – that is demon possession. BTW, I didn’t mention before, I have cast out demons myself and witnessed exorcisms by other people also… this was an exorcism.

    Now, as far as ghosts.. you are right, they are mainly in need of help in crossing over from their bondage here on earth. Some of them can be very mean because they DON’T want to leave here.. mainly because they are afraid. Some of them were cruel in life and remain to be be cruel in death. Some can’t accept that they are dead so they are confused about the fact that they need to go on, although they are also confused as to why many people can’t hear or see them. (Of course, they are often in a state of reliving their life when they were living and don’t even notice us all the time and are more confused when they do).

    Anyway, because of my gifts and being able to “know things”, I am quick to help people that are under attack by demonic forces, especially since demonic forces are there to destroy the person and to “feed” off of them. I don’t give the advice lightly, but when I give it I KNOW it is meant to be given.. it is what I am “called” to do in my life. I have fought these battles so many times that i couldn’t even guess at how many times since it is daily. I know it is strange to hear someone say that they fight demons and evil daily, but considering that I help people learn how to fight them and give God’s prophecies.. well, they will do anything to stop me. But, they hate me more since I do not fear them and I know how to make them leave. Their new fight is to attack people around me that I love.. so i have to stand in the “Gap” for them and make the spirits leave. It works, but it is a little harder because I am fighting indirectly rather than from where they attack me directly.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make this so long.. hope your eyes don’t hurt.. lol. There is one thing that i don’t think i answered for you and that is about ghosts and how I deal with them. When I encounter a ghosts I talk to them as if they were still alive and try to get them to cross over. Since my gift allows me to feel their feelings and know their feelings, I have knowledge of what I am dealing with. Sometimes they listen to me and sometimes they are too frustrated to listen to anyone. Which is sad.

    Anyway, thank you SO much for your concern, I greatly appreciate it! I hope I have explained my situation enough to put any worries or fear you have to rest and given anyone else reading this the opportunity to come to me if they need guidance in a situation. On that note, if anyone is having problems with a spirit and need help, you are welcome to post here and i will be very happy to help you. That is, after all, what God put me here for!

    God’s blessings to you all,

  51. Sai Chan says:

    Crystal, You are interesting.
    I hope my belief will not clash with what you believe, and I hope we can be friends.
    I am a non-follower of any religions. But I respect any of others.
    And I am a chinese, English is not my mother’s tongue.
    So I hope you will understand if some words I use that may offend you.
    I had experience with the favourite god of a particular nation.
    I was shown by his power for me not asking favours from him.
    And I witnessed the wish he fulfilled someone with US$2.5 millions in just over 1 year.
    And I witnessed he took all back from the receiver for forgetting the promise of setting up his statue.
    I don’t like gods that demand.
    And I witnessed the kill of this person when he was polishing an unloaded rifle.
    I don’t like gods that kill his followers.
    I treated this being as just a powerful but evil earthly ghost.
    But I will not condemn him publicly, considering the vast followers he has.

    I have a long essay that is best suited for you.
    ‘to the Healers’ but has been moderated by the CareTaker since Aug. 3rd.
    An upheaval piece. And I have a long long piece about distinguishing ghosts and various exorcisems.
    It would be fantastic if that can be reviewed by you.
    And I hope your belief of God will not clash with me. I’ll never have any desire to do anything like that.
    I’ll never wish your religion should be a bridge between us.
    I am just someone wishing good to any humans and evils.

    I am not gifted to see nor hear. I can just perceive with some feelings.
    And with some knowledge from the seeing people.
    My experiences were that the evil humans who earn money by using ghosts would run away from me or they got sick.

    And I really hope that I can be beside you to transform the evils to a state without hate.
    Or a back support to your health. I am excellent of that.

    There are some techniques you can utilize me. Or treat me as a servant to better your tasks.
    I just wish a better world!

  52. Sai Chan says:

    1..Wear some protection and so does to your family, against any evil adhesion.
    For your religion, I believe it’s something like a blessed cross.
    2..Never let any hate should get into you.
    Because hate is contagious.
    Hate can transform in a human being into sickness.

    Have a belief, to fume from you within, out showing your God’s force emitting
    through your centre of rib cage (at the spot of the bone just above the cavity that sores), and from your shoulders,
    and from your forehead (just above the centre between eyebrows),
    and from the top of your head.
    These are the places your light shine through your body, outwards, to warm, to melt anyone, anything around that negative.
    Never the thought of rage from these spots, to fight, to conquer, to kill.

    While encountering danger, keep exhaling with your inside of your palms facing out, you will have the extreme power provided
    with the force of your God pushing away any negative forces.
    (1-1.5 cm away from the middle of the palm towards the thumb is the point connected to your heart.)
    (You may feel the pulsating too at this point)
    (during which, never inhale. Inhale will receive)

    Please, try once to see the effect.

  53. Crystal says:

    Dear Sai Chan,
    You are also interesting to me… you know alot and you have gifts, although I’m not sure you believe that. I DO know some things about you, but I cannot tell these things to you yet.. all in God’s timing, not mine.
    I would love to read your essay.
    BY the way, i do wear a cross at all times. WHen I pray, I pray with my palms out because it means total submission to Him. But, the other stuff.. not sure about it.. will have to pray about it. BUt, I do thank you for suggesting it and for caring enough to do that. Again, I WILL pray about it. One thing you will find about me, I do nothing without God’s leading.. He has never lead me wrong and never will.. it is only when I take it into my own hands that the trouble begins. In fact, I have prayed much about you, which is why I know things about you, things that you don’t even know yet. Curious? Don’t worry, it will be revealed when it is God’s will. I am just the messenger.
    You said in one of your previous posts that I could treat you as a servant to better my tasks.. no, I won’t do that. I don’t have servants, God does. But, I will treat you as my friend. I will help you, guide you, listen to you and work problems out with you, but I won’t treat you as a servant. :)

    I do have a few questions.. how old are you (because you seem to know alot about the spirit world)? where do you live (just curious on that one)? and are you on facebook? If you are on facebook, we could “talk ” more privately and i could read your essay. I looked up the name Sai Chan and there were 403.. lol… sooooo, before going through each one, thought I would find out if you were on there and which one you are.

    Look forward to talking more to you,

    God Bless!

    Your friend,

  54. Sai Chan says:

    I woke up this morning, feeling strange of my spirit being fresh.
    I had an idea that might be someone that I helped, in this site or another, giving me this feedback of good.
    After I saw your message, then I know it’s you.

    I had a not-good friend. He once consulted a kind of a fortune-teller who can ‘see’, and was told that he once was a higher being.
    I asked this friend what he really was. He said to me that I am just down low, and he was up high. I then replied, the fallen angel !? He just grinned without answering. I then asked of this woman-teller’s location. He said she was blind afterwards, may be the cause of revealing his truth. I asked him that he must have ghosts experiences. He then told me that once he rode at the back of his friend’s motorbike, his friend saw something from the rear view mirror, and investigated by looking back, trembling but then rev to the highest after. He started to look back and saw this long white dressed female ghost flying from behind. A week later his friend broke his leg. He himself of course, he said was immuned from any bad.
    He told me his story just out of my request. Because I knew something wrong with him with the bad things I encountered were always had him by my side, such as lift stucked, pole piercing through my car’s windshield, I stepped on feces even I walked
    very slow with extreme care.
    I believe that it wouldn’t have happened like this if he had been a friend truthfully to me.
    After a few years I avoided his contacting me, he gave me a phone call, telling me he was half paralysed from a freaked accident.
    I could only tell him to think positively. Though I know I could help him to recover by my knowledge, but I prefer not helping an untruthful soul.

    But if you help me and will get hurt. Please don’t. Although I can’t express the feel after learning of your kindness, I can only say if you do anything and get hurt by helping me, even your eyes sight lost, I will do my best to remedy.
    Your seeing eyes are more important than mine, I can give you my cornea. If they won’t take a living man’s eyes, I can even be a dead man. I mean what I meant.

    play_with_sai at hotmail.com

  55. Crystal says:

    Hey, Sai… I sent you an e-mail.. did you get it???

  56. Dondalaya says:

    I’m sorry that this has happened to your mother in law . I will pray for your mother in law and your family.

  57. dooze says:

    I think Crystal is 100% right. My family and I have been having some very serious paranormal experiences in the past 15 years, (however, not possession) since living in my current home. While I have not solved my situation, i have been given some useful advise over the years (similar to crystals advise, but on a lesser scale) which has been very helpful. I hope this helps you in some way. Firstly I honestly believe you and i am sorry that your mother in law and the rest of your family are going through such a horrible time. Secondly, I think you need to do some research into this situation as much as you can, remember knowledge is power. You need to document your mother in laws behavior. Its not a very nice thing to do but it will help you, if you decide you want to approach the catholic church (exorcism). This is a long and difficult path to go down, however, i believe its very important to do so. Exorcisms are not completed overnight, but rather take months to complete.

    anyways, while exorcisms are necessary, it is some thing you should not do your self. here are a few simple things you can do yourself that might help. as humans, I believe the physical, mental and spiritual are all connected. If one aspect is “sick” the rest is off balance in some way. If there is a demon possessing your mother in law, she will be very weak and in turn the longer the demon stays in her the stronger it gets. do not speak to the demon directly (as it gives it power) but connect with your mother in law. Eg. make sure her diet is good (strengthen her physical), make sure she is visited alot by loved ones, constantly taking to her (not the demon) and telling her positive affirmations, advice, love, words of wisdom, prayers. Anything that will strengthen her spirit.

    Dont be afraid of this thing, and try and take control of the situation as much as you and your family can. and that is a major factor, deal with it together as a family. While the demon abuses everyone via your mother, our mother is still very much alive and mentally there. Also burn sage to cleanse the house. This wont make the demon leave but it will, cleanse any negative energy which will weaken the demon.

    However, if you do to try these things, crystal is right, you do need to cleanse and protect your self first. I would see someone that deals with cleansing auras or studies raikie, and get them to protect you.

    hope that helps

  58. Dimitra Athena says:

    I hope your mother in law is okay, ipray she is not hurt.
    I am a muslim so, I really don’t know how to say it, but, I see demons too!
    I feel a big uneasyness, I feel that someone is trying to paralyze me!
    I hope your mother is okay, and so is the rest of your family, plus YOU!

  59. *spirit girl* says:

    Soooo, ya got a a bad case here dont worry my mom youse ta be diabedic R.I.P.Ime sure these experiences take a toll on her so dont remind her of this demonic crap.Try to purify your house trust me if the demon is outside it cant hide near her if theres no sin shadow to hide behind cuz her and hopedully your house will be too pure and holly to hide a demon in see. About you moms sis she could be the demon in her form tring to drag your mom down but it could also be her spirit trying to confort your mom with promises of a happyer life but thats up to you mom to decide. Dont,and i mean DONT comunicate with the demon the reson its there cuz he was desturbed in the first plase.
    Guess i should go ime feeling a realy scary chill
    tak car
    you mom t

  60. GraveSide says:

    This is for Crystal, If your still around? I have spent the last 15 minutes reading your posts and I am Very interested in speaking with you..

    As for your mother in law Moya, I truely wish you all the best & Good Luck!

  61. Crystal says:

    Hi, GraveSide… I am sorry that you wrote so long ago and I am just now getting to your post… I have trying to catch up on about a month’s worth of e-mail…lol. I would be happy to talk to you. Just post to me here and tell me what you would like to know. God bless you and keep you.

  62. Mandy says:


    I don’t know what it is about you but I feel very drawn to you. I understand that you are probably in very high demand right now, but if you could spare some time- I really would like to speak with you about life and things on that level. I normally don’t do things like this, but I feel almost, obligated to speak with you. We can converse on this page, although
    I’d greatly appreciate it.
    Much Love.
    Mandy. <3

  63. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    Okasy this thread has turned bizarre, people dying to give up corneas??

    *Grabs popcorn*

  64. Crystal says:

    I am SO sorry it took me so long to get back to you! With the holidays I have not been checking my e-mail like I should, so I deeply aplogize.

    Of course, I have time to talk to you! I am here anytime you want! :) If you want to talk in private, we will try to find a way rather than talking here in public, ok? If you feel drawn to me, then you have a need and God has a reason.

    I promise I will be watching my e-mail for your response.

    God Bless you,

  65. Mandy says:


    I’m so glad u responded back! I apologize as well, I haven’t been checking this site.

    Have a wonderful day!

  66. Mandy says:

    They obviously don’t post my entire message and I don’t know why.

    Note from Admin – Mandy your post was edited because you failed to follow the rules. And you just did the same thing again. Do not post your email address in your comment and do not ask others for their contact information. This is stated very clearly next to the comment box.

  67. Jennifer says:

    In response to Jaime’s comment about priests.

    I’m afraid your misinformed. Not all priests take the vow of celibacy. Those that do are usually part of some kind of order within the priesthood. There are Episcopalean priests that marry and have families…some forms of Catholicism also allow priests not part of a higher sect or order, to marry and have children.

  68. Anonymous says:

    my sister has been possesed by a man spirit/ghost for for many years. He has done many hurtful things to her such as vomiting, stomach pain, drinking a whole bottle of high degrees whisky without being drunk, smoking 3 cigarettes at a time and do not even want her to have a boyfriend. Yes, it sound dumb, crazy and any other name calling you can throw at her and me. We have tried many ways we know such as the blessing of a monk/priest of to get rid of him, I think we came close, but in the end we fail and he still there with her. As a younger brother living in Canada, I often come back to Vietnam to visit…face to face I always witness such possession. I have had many arguments with him of why he would posses and hurt my sister so much, but his answer is that he doesn’t care. I would swear at him and he would dare me to do anything to him. To be honest to every one is thaI t have never seen his spirt or his shadow but I did did did did talk to him. He is very stubborn and seem that not thing could get rid of him….I am very sad for my sister

    • anna says:

      thats sad.i wish i could help but i dont knoe what to say.sorry.i wish you and your sister the best.

  69. GirlRacer says:

    I believe this account to be true. And believe me, I’m a hard person to convince. I’ll reason and use logic. There just doesn’t seem to be any need for the poster to lie.

    Moya, stay true to your in-laws. With love and kindness you can all defeat this. Believe as a unit. Never let go of each other. You’re never alone.

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