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She Hasn’t Returned

Posted on October 19, 2010

My name is Zander and I am 18 years of age and living in Australia. Growing up as a child, I had a very close tight bond with my Mother, until she passed away when I was 11. As I was growing up, my Mother frequently told me that even after she died, she would always be with me. Since she died, I’ve been left with letters and belongings and possessions of hers, but that’s it.

I’ve received no signs, signals, voices, anything. No sign that she is still with me, at all. As a result of that, it is extremely hard for me to let go.

What’s worse is that I am starting to forget things, starting to forget her face and her voice, which breaks my heart. All I want is to be able to receive some sort of sign from her, any ideas of what I can do?

I also have a brother died at Birth when I was 7. I’m devastated that I didn’t get to know my baby brother, I’d also love to get in touch with him.

Any ideas or suggestions you guys have would be much appreciated! Please help me!

Sent in by Zander, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “She Hasn’t Returned”
  1. Rosie says:

    It is hard to loose your loved one when you were very young, but let’s put it this way, your mom went to see the light that is where she longs. Normally a spirit doesn’t want to leave because he dies of accident, commiting suicide or sometimes died people think they have unfinished business on the earth, . You should be happy for your mom, at least you can tell she is in peace. As long as she is in your heart, that’s all matters. Not all the people see the ghosts of their loved ones. She may not want to see you because she doesn’t want to scare you, but I am sure she loves you forever and she is watching you from the other side.

  2. Anonymous says:

    do not try to use an ouija board, no matter how desperate. try to contact a priest or psychic, or try to start using some of the items your mom gave you in your daily life-her spirit may recognize this as a sign. finally, she may have crossed over to the other side. be happy for your mom, and don’t be selfish and try to drag her back with ouija boards or demons!

  3. ananimous says:

    remember she may have crossed to the other side, so don’t try to drag her back with ouija boards or the likes- you may end up with something much worse than your mom.

    • Pat says:

      VERY good advice… Zander I can relate- I miss my father very much but they are both where they are supposed to be now… just talk to them AS IF they can hear you… who knows? maybe they can…NO OUIJA board PLEASE……I hope this helps a little

  4. Christina says:

    Zander, maybe you are trying to hard to see and this desperate wanting may be preventing any contact. Your best bet is to be more at peace with yourself and try not to hold on too tightly. Her bond with you is eternal and it’s there, you just need to grasp the present more tightly and loosen the hold on this wish of seeing her, and the baby.

    Find comfort in your religion/spiritualism, whatever it is that you perceive as divine. I think once you come to some sort of calmness, things will fall into place.

    Take care and know it will get better.


  5. Dixie Cobb says:

    I know what your going through!I lost my mom a few years back . i remember feeling hopeless and depressed .Just remember your mom loves you .Let her rest let her go your only hurting you and her.you’ll join her in heaven soon when the time is right!

  6. Tinise says:


    I know that losing your mother has been hard on you. I don’t neccessarily agree with what a few of the others have said though. Yes she is most likely on the other side, but most spirits have the ability to come back and forth and some even can stay on the othere side and still contact you. As someone who is constantly contacted by spirits (both those that I do know and some that I don’t). I really want you to know that eventhough you may not believe she has contacted you, she has. Whenever you receive something that was once hers (letters, jewelry, anything), sometimes you’ll get a whiff of her scent, and sometimes she might even send something that you might miss as a sign like a butterfly or a certain flower or something, it’s her. Don’t give up and most certainly try not to be discouraged. She is there. Sometimes, you just have to look a little differently at things. I really hope this helps you.

  7. Kitty says:

    I agree with the comments above. Dont try using the ouija to communicate with her. It wont work because nothing good ever comes from it. If she crossed over you should be content. Know that your loved ones love you and always will.

  8. Zander says:

    Thankyou everyone so much for your comments :) It really means alot, and I am scared of Ouija boards anyway so I wont be trying that.

  9. FAB says:

    There is a ritual called “the dumb supper” look it up. It can help people find closure and get the chance for a last goodbye to a loved one. Just small and private, maybe with another close family member or friend of the family.

  10. trolldoll says:

    i too miss my dear momma badly. don’t fret. it may take awhile for her to give you a sign and i bet you that it will be in dreams.

  11. ghost in the machine says:

    I agree also with what everyone has said, it’s best that you do not try to make contact with her. She loved you. You shared a close bond and I asume she was a happy person. Most likely she has crossed over and that should make you happy. I do understand how it feels, I have lost important people in my life as well. And yes, even though we always remember them, the details do fade with time. That is normal and very human. The best, the very best I can say to you is, never stop loving her, but don’t let yourself get tied down with pain. love her but let her go and forgive yourself. Move forward and be happy, I’m sure she would want that for you.

  12. sean says:

    Hi Zander,

    I just want to say that I agree with the comments — spiritual things are most easily perceived through peace and lightness of heart. If dark and stormy clouds are in the sky, can you see the sun? It’s still there, but you only see it when there’s a peaceful clear sky to let the sun shine through.

    So what I would do is take some time to meditate and get peaceful and send her YOUR contact. The deeper you get in meditation (and the closer you get to the Divine, whatever you want to call it) the lighter and happier you will feel. Think of all the love that you have for your mom, and the gratitude that you feel for having such a wonderful loving mother, and send it to her — she will feel it, wherever she is.

    When the “communication line” is held in a relaxed way by you, then she can respond when you least expect it, but you have to be able to receive the small ways that she may show up — even just a thought of her might be brought up by the fact that she is near.

    The more you tune your heart to peace and joy, the more you will be able to hear her. It’s like having a loud radio — you won’t be able to hear anyone near you if the radio is loud. But if you tune it to a very quiet peaceful station, it is much easier to hear someone trying to talk to you. It’s the same with your thoughts — the more peaceful they are, the easier it is to perceive the contacts. But you have to work with your heart — when you have a peaceful heart, you will have peaceful thoughts.

    • Zander says:

      Hi Sean
      Thankyou very much for your comment, it brought a tear to my eye and thankyou for the wonderful advice.

  13. AnNa bites back says:

    please dont us the board and there are other ways to contact her.i hope soon or in the future you will get something from her knowing that shes with you.sorry about your brother.do you have to forget how your mom looks like do you have pictures or family members have pictures of her just ask if you can have one.ask them to tell you stories about her write them down and you’ll have them from there on and everytime your down you can read them or look at her.talk to her through the picture.thanks for the story.sorry again about your mom and brother.

  14. rebecca says:

    well i think you should look at old photos of your mother abd even though you cant hear, see, or anything she is still watching you from above and she is with your baby brother too

  15. Selene says:

    Best thing I can tell you is close your eyes, think of her and cry it out. until you had enough of thinking of her, you can open your eyes again. I had practice with my dead beloved grandmother. After a few months I finally got better with this and I always think of her but I hope the best for her.

  16. lunawatsername says:

    i know how you feel. i lost my mom about a year ago and i think just about the wworst thing that can happen to you when youve lost someone you love is to forget. its like little pieces of your heart go missing :(

  17. OReo Junkie says:

    Your mom will always be in your heart!! She may be gone……………but she will always be in your heart! Life goes on……………….she wouldn’t want you spending most of your time trying to communicate with her. She would want you to move on and you must also know that GOD LOVES YOU!

  18. april says:

    she will always watch in where is she

  19. jennyhaha says:

    i noe how chu feel i never got to meet my grandpa because he died when i was still in my moms stomache….but i would really like to get in touch with him.
    but DO NOT use an ouija board,,….those can make you end up with something unexpected…but just know that my grandpa and your mom are in peace now, just think of it as they are sleeping.that helps me alot.

  20. xannex says:

    bless you, you must miss her loads,
    your mum will always be by your side as will your baby brother,
    at night when your at peace she will lie with you and protect you thru the night, please remember it doesnt matter if you cant see your mum as she will always be with you and thru out your life she will sent you thins to let you no she is there even if you dont realise they are from her at the time one day you will think to youself and realise she never left you xx

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