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Shadows Levitation and Other Paranormal Experiences

Posted on August 16, 2011

I have always been interested in the paranormal. I love scary books and scary movies. I have never seen a ghost but I have seen and experienced a few things in my 27 years.

My first experience I was 7 or 8. I lived in my old house from the time I was 2 to 11. Nothing bad ever happened there I loved living in that house. The upstairs was one hallway with the bathroom and 3 bedrooms off of it. There was a window at the end of the hall and when I looked out my bedroom door all I could see was hallway but I could see the streetlight and passing cars light up the hall. One night I was in bed and I cant remember if I woke up or was almost asleep but I looked into the hallway and there was a shadow of a person on the wall. Now the person was perfectly still and it didnt really look like a person at all it looked like an alien. It had a big head, little skinny body, long arms and quite short 3 or 4 feet. I froze and my eyes got big. I looked at it for maybe a minute and it did not move. I hid under the covers really fast and squeezed my eyes shut I was frozen in terror you couldnt pay me enough to run across the hall into my parents room. I eventually fell asleep. I remembered in the morning but told myself it was my imagination.

Another thing that happened was also in my room and I cant remember if it was before or after the shadow. I was in bed trying to sleep when I looked at the ceiling I saw a light moving around right above me. I thought one of my sisters were playing a trick on me and shining a flashlight to freak me out but they would have to have been lying in my bed as the light was right above me. It also didnt look like a flashlight light as the ball of light was the same brightness from the middle to the outer circle. It wasnt very big maybe the size of a fist? I looked at it for 20 or 30 seconds maybe and it just kind of danced around in the same general area almost playfully. I again went under the covers shut my eyes tight didnt move or breathe and eventually fell sleep. I kind of forgot about it but every time I remembered I told myself I was just a dumb kid and was probably just a dream but I know deep down that it wasnt.

I must have suppressed at least one of these two events (Im guessing Alien) as I didnt seem to make a connection until I grew up.

Nothing else strange happened in that house.

A few years later when I was 11 we moved to a different house. I didnt want to move as I loved my old house. The new house was pretty uneventful as well no bad feelings or anything like that. My sister and I had to share a room which sucked. I had the top bunk bed. I was probably 13 or 14 and I was sleeping. I was in the half asleep half awake point. I remember I felt really relaxed and felt really good. I opened my eyes a bit and looked forward and I thought it was strange how I could see the top of the tall cabinet that was in front of my bunk bed. What was really strange was that my nose was almost touching the ceiling. I thought to myself Hey Im levitating. The tips of my fingers and toes felt like they were buzzing and felt tingly it occurred to me that my fingers and toes were holding up my body but my feet would have to have been at a very unnatural angle to do that. For some reason I didnt feel that freaked out. It could have been because I thought I was dreaming but just like the other two experiences I knew I wasnt. I just closed my eyes and woke up later feeling normal. This was the only time it has happened.

A few years later (16) I was at my best friends house. I was at her place all the time over the years and nothing really weird happened there. Her room was in the basement. One day we were in her bed watching a movie or something (maybe we were napping?) and her door was open. There are windows outside her room and we saw a shadow of a tail. Not a big deal as she had a cat at the time (I think) and I immediately thought it was a cat but there was something odd about this tail. It curled, and uncurled, curled, and uncurled and kept doing this could have been a cat but kind of reminded me of a monkey. Something just wasnt right about it. We both saw it and we were both freaked out by it. I hid under the covers and she quickly got up and slammed her bedroom door. We never saw anything like that again.

I did live in a haunted house for 7 months in my early 20s but havent experienced anything there expect a loud bang on the living room window which I thought was a bird and could have been anything so Im not going to count that one. My mom also lived in an apartment that used to be an old hospital. I spent lots of nights there. It was creepy and it felt like I was being watched but I did not see anything strange there. So I guess I am not that sensitive to ghosts which makes it extra freaky when something strange does happen to me.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my brother in Alberta and was sleeping in the basement and woke up at 10 or so. I decided to call my boyfriend in Winnipeg to say good morning. We both have iPhones. I called his number and waited. I didnt hear ringing just silence. Then I heard the weirdest noise I have ever heard before. The first thing I thought was it sounded like water like a creek or a stream almost a bubbly noise. My boyfriends dad recently bought a boat so I figured they were on the new boat and he unknowingly answered my call. I didnt hear any talking so I continued to listen. It never changed and I was starting to get scared. It felt like I shouldnt be listening to it anymore. I quickly hung up the phone, waited 4 seconds or so and called him back. It rang and he answered. He said he heard his phone ring just now but when he answered he heard a strange noise. He interpreted it differently but I knew it was the same noise I had heard. He admitted he never heard anything like it and thought it was weird. It actually reminded me of the scene in the movie Signs when the baby monitor was picking up the weird noise. I fluffed it off as there could be a thousand explanations for it but it sticks with me so I want to share it.

Since there are lots of Ouija board stories I should point out I tried one with my friend when I was 9 or 10 but nothing happened. I also tried one when I was 12-13 (a homemade one using a binder) but nothing happened with that one either. I know now the danger of those things and will never ever go near one again but there doesnt seem to be a pattern. Maybe these experiences are related maybe they are not I dont think I will ever know the truth. If anyone has had similar experiences please share. My life is pretty unaffected by these events so I dont need help but any comments are most welcome. Thanks for reading.

Sent in by Savannah1983, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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One Response to “Shadows Levitation and Other Paranormal Experiences”
  1. akita says:

    Could have been related to the Ouija board. Sometimes, you won’t ever feel the occurrence on the day you play with one. They can always have a delay effect and come unexpected.

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