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Shadow Creatures

Posted on October 10, 2008

A shadow creature like this is either a devil or a demon. In alot of exorcism cases (house ones, not possessed people) the demon will manifest itself in a black shadow or such because God doesnt let us see what they look like for our own protection. They are bound by nature just like us and even though you can somewhat see them and they can see you, they exist in a different plane or dimension, hell. They can manifest themselves into our plane but it taxes them, it is much easier for them to manifest in a mirror and in dreams for some reason.

Now getting to the solution:

This will be a fight, not just once but many, many, times. The longer the thing is there, the harder it will be to get out. You have to have lots of prayer and fasting which will make this thing go after you and other people living there but just like an animal backed into a corner it will attack. God will protect you. Bless your house by making the sign of the cross in all of the rooms.

Or you can do it the easy way by getting an exorcist in there. Unlike the movies exorcisms take more than a few times to work sometimes. Also this thing can also come back once its out but Ill come back to that.

Dos and Donts

There are certain places where these things hang out. The common ones are attics, cellars, a certain bedroom, staircases and hallways. Avoid those places as much as possible and try to bless them every week.

There will be one place where it will stay when it isnt somewhere else, could be anywhere in the house and maybe on the premises, like a shed. Stay away from there since that is where it will be the strongest. Dont challenge this thing at all, let your guardian angel and God do that for you since youll get your face bashed in every time. Trust me.

Dont communicate with it, because then it will be somewhat more aware of you in a sense. Dont stare it in the eyes, that’s one way to get it to keep its attention on you. Just say In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone Satan.
That’s a real quick prayer which works well against these things. If you happen to do something that would somewhat get its attention fixed on you, make the sign of the cross on your forehead all the time, when you wake up and sleep.

There are two reasons why its there, either it was there all of the time and you didnt know it or the second is that someone living there did something bad (Ouija board, witchcraft, satanic rituals) which drew it to the location its at now. Also a note would be that it could possibly be attached to an item you might have that would be in contact with a satanic ritual like the Ouija board. Throw it in the dump or a body of water with a weight attached after dousing the thing with holy water, but it doesnt sound like that would be the case from this account.

If this thing leaves and then someone does some sort of witchcraft in the place it might come back and with more of its friends. Dont let that happen.

One last note is that dont do anything related to the occult which makes it stronger. Of course that should be a given and by all means dont ignore the thing. Bless the place if you see something strange happen. This is a war and its either you or it.

This was sent in by Kurt, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com This story was originally postedas a commentto The Shadow In My House

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12 Responses to “Shadow Creatures”
  1. Nancy says:

    Do you think the white misty spirals are demons or Angels?
    My experience started after I brought a dream catcher back from Oregon
    My husband sees them after they manifest. They are usually women with long hair. One time there was a child.

    I removed the dream catcher from my bedroom, but they still came back.
    I thought maybe it wasn’t the dream catcher that brought them and maybe it was all the dust storms we had, plus a small toronado.
    Do you think that I should have a priest come to my house and have them removed?

    So far they haven’t harmed us or have commicated with us. Do you think we should just ignor them and maybe they will leave?

    I wish someone would give me some advice, because they were back again last night. I just covered my head, until they left.

  2. Kurt says:

    probably just ghosts I would say. Look up some prayers online and pray for whatever it is because it sounds like it needs prayers to help it move on. Sometimes God is merciful and people get to do their purgatory here on earth after they die and have to repeat a single action instead of getting tortured by devils.

    Either way, if it isn’t a spirit this thing will show its true colors, and then you know for sure to get a priest in there. If it is a spirit, an exorcism won’t so a thing to get rid of it since it is meant to rid the place of the damned.

  3. Liderien says:

    The Bible says to try the spirits. If it is a “ghost” as you say, then it would be not evil, so confronting it and asking it who the Lord is would be the determining factor in whether it is fact is a departed spirit. However, there is no support in the Bible what so ever that states that when a person dies, they go anywhere.
    More than likely it is a demon and therefore should be cast out

  4. Jonalyn says:

    hey that happened to me to u i mean my friend jazmine

  5. misty says:

    When I was a teenanger I had a boyfriend and he told me that he sent a shadow creature to watch over me and protect me I could see it in the corner of my room every now and then. he called it devil deshya. Is that a real demon name and if so where does it come from and what was it really doing there? my email account doesnt work at this time but if you can post what you think about this on this site I would really like that. thanks misty

  6. edd falco says:

    to misty,
    according to my culture and religion, there aren’t just demons in this world. There are other beings in their own realms and dimensions, living their own lives. and like human beings..some are good some evil and they too have their own religions.

    back to your situation, when you mentioned that your boyfriend sent a shadow creature to watch over you, this reminds me of a very common situation in my country. these beings i mentioned earlier may be captured by humans who have the knowledge to and the human becomes their master, possessing the power to command these beings as they please. but the masters have to live to by a very tight code. Im not an expert of these codes but i have a few friends who do and they can easily recognize these human masters. fyi, my religion forbids taking up these beings as ‘slaves’.

    so there, believe if you may. but have you considered the fact that he might just b lying and under that influence made you think you’re seeing something. that usually happens to me…haha i just laugh about it.

  7. Gust says:

    Okay, maybe I can get a helpful answer here about what it is I’m dealing with and what it wants. Ever since i was young I’ve been visited by these dark things. Some times they are content to watch, some times they want me to know they are there and once, one of them sought refuge in my bed with me. Sounds weird but I actually got a look at that thing, kinda like a gremlin but with more spiny protuberances jutting out of its back and eyes giving off a red smoke. About three years ago one of these shadow things appeared in my room, it slid on the walls up to my ceiling then peeked out from where it was and stared at me with bright blue eyes and I stared back, it must have took an interest in me because it slid back into the shadows and appeared at the foot of my bed and started to creep up my body towards me. I pushed it back through will power but then I hear this little voice say I shouldn’t let this thing in and for whatever reason i stop pushing and the shadow creature falls inside of me, I either start hallucinating at this point or have lost my mind because i see my aura burn very brightly in the most beautiful pink and violet I’ve ever seen. I briefly fall asleep to speak to the thing inside of me then wake up terrified and stay up until the sun rises. Several minor/major occurrences have happened since then but the ones that stick out are the visits from two of these dark things whispering to each other about me and in the daytime nonetheless. They realized that i was coming to and they… hum… or something and i start feeling very sleepy again, I fought the groginess for a few seconds but they won out and forced me back to sleep. And the latest one, a dark thing shows up last night and starts putting images in my head of me stabbing myself through the eye, or slashing my throat open and then it starts butchering my memories and presenting them to me like a scene from a homicide. Then it starts showing up in random places in my thoughts telling me that i can’t get rid of them and that they want the black thing I ate all those years ago. My interaction with these things is getting worse and i’m worried I’m starting to call stronger dark things to me.

  8. Des says:

    the demons are who are behind unexplained and paranormal phenomena.so,when you think about it,the unexplained is actually explainable.

  9. Shell says:

    I have a small shadow like animal following me. I live in a very old house with wooden floor bords. My cat usely follows me to bed but 3 weeks ago she had a litter of kittens and is in the pen with them. I was locking up once the kids were down and I could hear soft foot prints on the floor beside me at first I thought my cat had gotten out of her pen. no nothing was there. I got up in the night and the same thing happend I thought I was going mad. I felt some thing hevey on my right ankle and i kicked and I’ll be stuffed I saw it run under my bed. No one belives me. This has been going on for weeks since then my cat hardley comes near me she is out of her pen. This thing sleeps on my right leg and when I get in to my car I feal it climb up my leg on to my sholders. I cant get rid of it help what do I do. This thing is making me sick.

  10. Jonathan says:

    It amazes me how you speak with certainty. How do you know what these are and that hey come from “hell” and it is taxing on them? I think some point of reference would help. Second not everyone in the world is christian so beliefs like hell and jesus saves don’t belong to everyone. I enjoy sites like these because it helps us better understand what else is out there, but in truth we don’t know.

  11. Caretaker says:

    We just published a very thorough article about Shadow Creatures:


  12. Jimmy says:

    I was wondering, I have seen shadow creatures before but some where in my child hood. One stayed in my room for a while and it was pretty scary. I have felt things sit down beside me as well. And my Mum said that she felt one before that held her hand and it was cold and it said it had a tummy ache. One of them Ive encountered was felt familiar and I think it might have been my cousin. Whom Ive seen in dreams before. He was a Taoist. Of late i have felt the presence of others other then my cousin and the family at my mums house. One of them feels like a few decades old, like from the samurai time period . Which is funny in a way because I like to collect Asian antiques. I think it might be attached to my Japanese chest I have. But they seem harmless. Except the one evil feeling one that I sense every now and then can be months or years at a time. But I don’t know if its attached to me because I was little in Germany my brain sort of stop and restarted. So I didn’t know if a event like that can be the reason why the ghots and shadows seem to fallow me. I know there is another one from German from the 1930s or 1940s a lieutenant feeling one I think he might have had a connection to the hospital i was in when everything restarted for me sort of like a guardian angle I guess.

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