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Seeking Help with Bad Dreams

Posted on May 26, 2010

Okay, So for the last month I have been having really really bad dreams about demonic little girls.

The first dream was about a little girl in a blue dress that was standing on the side of the road and we drove past her and somehow she had taken a liking to my mom. (my mom has that sensitivity to the other side.) The dream was so vivid, I can remember everything. Even the fact that it was really cold outside, like winter. So anyway I remember that this little girl was trying to get into the car to come home with us and we didn’t want her too. My mom was telling her to cross over, and believe it or not she was climbing all over the car like a little spider even though the car was moving, trying to get into a window. every time she had almost got in, I threw her out and she appeared on the car. The dream was too much so I woke up.

The second one was last night. I dreamed that I was in a house I had never seen before, and there were little kids aged like three, and they were all praying calling up an evil little girl, and she appeared, maybe she was like five, and she had the blackest of black hair and the most evil eyes. She had a bow in her hair, a blue one, and an Alice in Wonderland type dress on (like blue with the little apron and baby doll shoes?)

Could anyone, expert or not tell me what is going one?

Sent in by W.S., Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Seeking Help with Bad Dreams”
  1. AnNa says:

    for me i just want to say its only a dream but maybe there more to your dreams then you think.im not really sure i’ve never a dreams like that.im sorry its not really giving you anything to go on.have you had stuff like that before in your dreams?thanks for the story.

    • W.S says:

      Hey Anna,

      i have suffered from paranormal nightmares most of my life. it hasnt been fun, trust me.
      and when its about small children, pure innocence, its even worse. I have been very bothered by this.

      • AnNa says:

        it would probably bother me too.sorry.have you been to a doctor or maybe one of those people that can put you to sleep and ask questions?what about hypnososis?maybe someone can find something out.who knows.thanks for commenting me back.

  2. trolldoll says:

    i would hate to dream about evil little kids. that goes against nature in the worst way!

  3. Dillon says:

    We should talk about this cuz i have been searching for something like this to. i have had 11 dreams about a little girl with a blue and white dress and a blue bow in her hair. she is haunted by demons and is seeking my help. i have made contact with her as well. She told me her name is melody and has told me much more

    • AnNa says:

      i would like to hear more.what happened?

    • W.S says:

      Hey there Dillon.

      it is so nice to know that someone else has had the same dreams as me. those dreams are so terrible. she has never spoken to me so if it is the same girl, its nice to her name. what else has she done/said? i havent had a dream ina while, but she has always been in my thoughts. what has her eyes looked like to you?

  4. Karma says:

    From what I remember about dreams like these there is a demon around having an influnce on your dreams. You want it to stop you got to get rid of the demon that’s not easy. How long have you been living where you are living? Also have you been around someone new recently a new friend? something of that nature?

    • W.S says:

      Hey there,

      i have been living in my parents house for five years, which is haunted and was harrasing me to the point where i moved out, the nightmares were dibilitating to the point of my developing insomnia, so i moved to the flat outside. where they calmed and i do still get them. it also started when i met my ex boyfreind, and i suspect he was dabbaling in things he didnt understand. it was at its worst then, its “peak” if you want to call it that, 11 months. As long as my relationship with him, but im with my new boyfreind now for 2 years and it has calmed down but not stopped. it happens every few weeks as opposed to previously being every single night and sometimes naps during the day. when im at my boyfreinds house, on weekends i dont get nightmares, also when my cat is with me in my flat. Only when im alone it happens.

  5. Erin says:

    The only advice I have to give is to start believing in the Gospel of God. These dreams may be caused by demons, not ghosts. Demons can take on many forms, including those of a person, and can deceive people into thinking that they are ghosts, when in truth, there’s no such thing as ghosts because people either go to heaven or hell when they die, there’s no in between. I’m sorry for saying this, but the Bible also warns against mediums or fortune tellers. The “unknown” or “paranormal” is an illusion created by Satan. The best thing you can do for yourself is to ask God to give you guidance and healing, to protect you from these nightmares, and to stop believing in ghosts or that’s there’s a paranormal world.

  6. W.S says:

    Hey there Erin, its nice to hear other peoples opinions, but i have a few questions. If you dont believe in the paranormal then how did you come across this site. And in what catagory would you put demons then if they are not paranormal? And how do you explain other peoples exexperiances then? The good ones?

  7. Nana says:

    I’m not sure if this is the sort of info you’re looking for, but I can see a few things that maybe symbolic.

    The first thing is that the girl was wearing blue. Blue traditionally symbolizes tranquility, eternity or calmness. The fact that in both times they appeared in blue may have been to try and either deceive you into thinking that they’re innocent or to take on a ‘mocking’ stance. After all, we find it harder to picture a child as being evil.

    The second thing is that your family was driving in a car. From the action in your dream, my guess is that the car may symbolize your life. The fact that the little girl was trying to enter the car suggests that she was trying to find a passage into your life. Take this as a warning and be wary of any passages that may allow her into your life. Also, you mentioned that your mom was sympathizing with the girl? This may be the passage into your life. Talk to your mom, and warn her not to do anything that allows the paranormal into her life.

    For the latest dream, the fact that you were unfamiliar with the house suggests that you are in an unfamiliar time of your life. Think, have you made any changes in your lifestyle recently? Or are you thinking about making changes? Another thing that this may symbolize is that they were trying to catch you in a place that you have no knowledge of – therefore meaning that you would be trapped.

    Finally, the fact that they were all children could either mean, as I said before, that they are simply trying to deceive you, or that it symbolizes your childhood and child-like features. They could be trying to appeal to your caring side, familiarize themselves to you, or possibly even be using this as a defense – as I said before, children are harder to picture as being pure evil.

    Take care, and remember that this is most likely a demon – a creature existing solely to cause pain and suffering. You can push it out of your life before it even finds its way into your life. Just stay strong both mentally and physically. Take good care of yourself, stay healthy, keep yourself in a positive frame of mind and you’ll be able to overcome this.

    The best of luck for the future. We’re all praying for you!

    • W.S says:

      thank you so much for the reply. you dont understand how much of what you said actually rang true to my life. i met a deacon a while back and they all prayed for me. and since then i actually have felt calmer and at peace. i havent had bad dreams since, my faith has grown one hundred fold. i totally believe in the word of God and Christ has saved me from those dreams. i wish more people would turn to him.

  8. Amber says:

    When I first moved into my house, I was having similar nightmares every single night. The two nights that scared me the most were horrible. The first one, the grim reaper came up to the window outside my house and pointed to me and my 5 year old son and the second one was there was a demon chasing me and it was going from person to person trying to get me and the last person it entered was my 2 year old daughter and she was trying to get me and I couldn’t fight her off because I didn’t want to hurt her. My neighbors got me into their church and we started praying every night and now I don’t have those dreams anymore. Maybe this will help you as well.

  9. Sdehoyos says:

    I found this site by google because I have been having a similiar dream for almost a year! Its bothering me because I cant figure it out. This little girl wont leave me alone shes real pale with long blonde hair and wearing a long peach colored dress with a white apron. Shes always reaching out to me and showing me things I dont want to see! Just wanted to say if u found an answer to your dream please share with me!!

  10. W.S says:

    Hey there. i just wanted to say that it seems this little girl likes her aprons. she is not fooling anybody.
    i came to the conclusion that these demons are using young children in innocent forms to insult and mock God, as young children under (i think seven, im not sure and it differs) are all his children are pure and innocent. the only way is to accept the Lord into your life and pray. i must say was ignorant and i delved into divination and it opened portals that i did not understand..but i apologised to the lord and he keeps me protected.

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