Seeing Demons in Everyday Life

Posted on March 1, 2010

In 2005 I was involved in a bad relationship with my youngest daughter’s father. Lorin was a hot tempered man. I was praying a lot and talking to god in my prayers. Several times I dreamed I was battling a demon in my dreams. Lorin started to abuse me and my children on occasion. In Lorin’s eyes sometimes I could see them change into a demonic eyes. Lorin’s eyes would get real squinty and look pure evil.

One day a trailer was being torn down. I drove up to the trailer to look for a door for my trailer. I saw an old woman dressed in black going through the trailer’s junk. The old woman told me her name it was Linda. I saw Linda on several occasions and she drove to my home one day to ask for a ride. I hesitated to respond to Linda’s request since I was pretty broke and Linda offered no gas money. But Lorin convinced me it was the Christian thing to do to offer Linda a ride for free. So I complied.

Me, Lorin, Linda and Christina got into my van. I drove all of through town. We ended up by Broadway, a seedy area where there are a lot of drug dealers and prostitution. We came up to a light at the intersection. A man stopped at the intersection, he had black hair and black eyes. The man looked up at me in the van and I could see that he was evil. I detected a demonic presence in this man. He had an evil look, his eyes turned brown into a black color. This man had a wicked grin. He looked right into my eyes and finally the light changed and I drove on to drive Linda all over town.

Finally toward dusk I drove all of us home. I dropped Linda off at her house. I drove Lorin home and Christina. I told Lorin and Auti to watch Christina. I had to go to the pharmacy. I drove to the Kmart Pharmacy across town. I went into the store and dropped off Christina’s prescription at the pharmacy. All the sudden I saw this middle aged man watching me at the store. This man had brown eyes with black hair. This man had tattoos all over his arms. I thought he was attractive. He stood for a moment smiling at me.

When the prescription was filled I paid the cashier. I turned to look again at the middle aged man waiting for his prescription he looked at me. At that moment his brown eyes turned to black. I, at that point detected the presence of extreme evil. I then noticed a tear drop tattoo by his eye. I turned and walked briskly out of the store. I saw the man one more time at the doctor’s clinic in town. I was very afraid of this man since I had seen his eyes turn from brown eyes to black. I always looked at him and walked quickly away.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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53 Responses to “Seeing Demons in Everyday Life”
  1. knowtomuch says:

    I have seen the black eyes before in more than one person. I have also seen red. When this has happened you can sence the evil all around you.. I have talked to others who have seen the same type of thing. That is very creepy that you have this same man a few times. You are doing the right thing to just walk away as quickly aas possible…

    • bee5678 says:

      I think that’s weird to . i once walked passed this man i looked at his browns eyes but they just turned black. Your story rocks

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    my child’s dad’s eyes did the same thing. unfortunately i can’t say for a fact that it was a demon. he was abusive and on drugs and alcohol. he was a mean sob but he definately believed in God.

  3. anna says:

    sorry to hear about what happened to you and your dad was like that years ago.he drank ALOT he hurt my mom too.but thats another story.what if he was a stocker being possessed.could that never know.have you seen him since.

  4. angelina says:

    that happens all the time with my eyes i hope im not possessed (no crap im not trying 2 b a snich)

  5. eileen says:

    My eyes change color too….not black though, my eye dr., said it’s due to the amount of adrenaline in my system at any given time….which makes sense.

    I just hope you have fed your will, and are choosing who you surround yourself with a little more wisely.

    My ex, was a psycho, I”ve said it before in other blogs, I am still unsure if he was a Multiple Personality, extreme Borderline, or posessed….because he would be kind, and flip on a dime into pure evil….

    • Lisa says:

      That sounds eeriely familiar!

    • Amy says:

      I was about to say that I have heard of eye color changing because of adrenaline. I see it alot. My husband is in law enforcement here in my town and when he gets mad and has to let people know HARSHLY what needs to be done, I have seen his eyes change from hazel to very dark.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ya everything is ok got rid of the ex. but my residential surrounding are still not too good. we just lock up everything at night. we try not to go out at night. I notice I can pick up on people who are pure evil or sinister now. They have an aura of evil.

    • anna says:

      how can you tell what are the signs.thanks for the story.

      • carri says:

        To Anna ,
        This is a response to your question about detecting evil in people. Some signs are as follows: Their eye color changing. usually dark brown, black or red. A sinister look in their eyes. These are the physical things I have seen. The things the person may do. like things that are not right. a cruel comments, verbal abuse. Now I want to tell you about the supernatural things that will occur. These signs may come to you especially if you are a Christian. But here are some things I have seen coming after I have encountered an evil person. A wolf jumped in front of my car after I dated an evil man. Several crows or ravens were flying around my house. A giant bird flew over my car. My entire car was dark with this huge bird flying over my car. I actually saw the devil standing near a drug dealer. Sometimes some people can see spiritual activity. I knew. If you are with someone who is evil you may have nightmares like battling the devil or some sinister dreams. Well the most common way to tell is by how that evil person behaves. But be on the look out for supernatural messages like I had. Like the wolf. the ravens and seeing things in the spirit world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My eyes go black whenever I’m angry. When I’m angry I can feel the temperature around me is getting hotter.

    • anna says:

      you know what thats what happens to me but I dont know about my eyes Ive never checked.thats weird.thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      well you are right. there’s no external evil possesing you. you create your own evil. being angry, violent, aggresive are natures of evil. and you cant make them responsible for the ill happenings with you.
      remember, if evil really possess someone, he can be cured by the name of God. but if the evil dwells in you, then you cant curse the force to leave its origin behind. to get rid of this force first believe in yourself, who are you, you are a human, then why act like a possessed. there’s no external force required for the mis-happenings. just be you dont try be someone else or try to adopt something weird. that would create a negative evil inside you.
      so just be you and believe in yourself. and ofcourse God is always by your side.

  8. FaerchFan says:

    Does Lorin have brown eyes? I do and when I get really upset my eyes go completely black.

  9. Thorn says:

    Most people’s eyes go black at one point or another. It’s just our pupils dilating. It does not mean we are possessed by demons.

    I do not mean to make your story out to be nothing, but it sounds to me like you being in an abusive relationship led you to be a little paranoid in those times. You were practically afraid and untrusting of everyone who looked at you the wrong way. Of course, I am only gathering this from what you have told me, so I have a limited view of these things. Otherwise, I am just an ignorant.

    I do hope your life has improved since these times, though.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Um, really? How did this chick DRIVE to your house for a ride? Makes no sense. If she drove to your house, she didn’t need a ride as she has a car. Give me a break. This makes zero sense. Don’t believe any of it

  11. Eyeball says:

    Was there a point to this story? It went nowhere. At least make up a good ending when you completely make up a story.

  12. knowtomuch says:

    The story made complete sense!!! Maybe you didnt read between the lines, as some of the details where left out, but thats ok, i understood it. I have also seen the black eyes in more than one person, to go along with the demonic grin on the face. This is different than the pupils getting larger. You also feel the presence of danger and fear.

    There are some that are more open to the paranormal world than others, and they can sense more. When a person is under a lot of stress, the paranormal world can be even more open to them.

    There are also stories that have no ending or have no closure!! Something to keep in mind.

    • bee5678 says:

      i think she/he left out some words too like creepy scared oh and that cant be the end

      please reply

  13. LoveforGod says:

    “she drove to my home one day to ask for a ride” oh come on…. seriously now…

    • Caretaker says:

      It is possible that �she drove to my home one day to ask for a ride� . Perhaps there was a reason why she couldnt drive whatever it was she drove in on a longer trip…. maybe she didnt have insurance…. I dont know…

      I myself drove to a friends house once to ask him for a ride to a nearby town (he was already going there so why waste gas?) all I am saying is that there are different possibilities that could explain that.

    • Carri says:

      Linda was an Old woman begging me to help her. we all lived in a mobile home park. She could not drive out of the park. Her old van would not make it. It was junked a few months later. She turned out to be evil also. I finally got out of that park and got rid of Lorin

  14. bee5678 says:

    that story is great and creepy but i love it!

  15. bee5678 says:

    hi im bee and i once saw a man with brown eyes but they turned black .creeeeeeeeeepy!

  16. bee5678 says:

    hey anna my dad hurt my mum to. well me my brother and my mum the man was horrible
    anna you are the coolest

    • AnNa says:

      thanks for that.that made me glad i can talk to someone about dad actually chocked my mom once and i cried alot.i dont show my emotions to my family. my parents never done that when we were little.i never say love you or anything like what did your dad do to you and your family?if you dont mind me asking?my dad stopped drinking for the longest time and started again but for some reason hes not as badas before.he plays with my son and everything.thanks for what you said.

  17. ryan says:

    so if your eyes change to black it means your evil, what do you think it means if your eyes change with your to you mood, i got into a fight and my eyes turned red and dark orange but when i am happy they change to a golden blue

  18. priss says:

    yeah you are right. there’s no external spirit involved in here. you create your own evil. being angry, violent, aggresive are natures of evil.
    so dont try to be someone else or try to adopt something weird that may bring out real negative evils from you.
    so just be you and believe in yourself and ofcourse God is always by your side.

  19. brittany lott says:

    yeah i have seen demons before my ex boyfriend was a demon i know for sure they are very intimidating but be strong and stay close to God!

  20. Carri says:

    to all Linda needed a ride her van was a wreck. she is old and on social security. she did not have any gas to drive across town and her van would not make it. Lorin has blue eyes and blond hair.

  21. shadow_girl says:

    You mentioned black eyes. One of our family gatherings during the summer, my mom has always had trouble swolling. On this bright sunshinning day I went inside & spoke to her she didn’t answer me which I thought was unsual. She had a stoke but she could still talk to you. She was setting there eating she always ate like a little bird for fear of getting choked. I ask her if she wanted to go outside where everyone was. She got up & we helped her to a table outside. My sister ask me if I got a strange feelin being around her. I got to watching her, her eyes were pure black & she ate as if she was starved. My moms eyes were hazel green. I no something possed her that day it wasn’t long after she had a major stroke that had put her in the hospitial. The day before she died I was standing beside her & the phone rang she didn’t respond. While talking to my husband I bout collasped I saw 7 women all dressed in black gathered around her, that next morn she was gone. It was strange cause thru my spirit I felt as I new them. Why I do not no.

    • trolldoll says:

      shadow girl, i think i know why you thought you knew these women. they were probably your ancestors. they were there to excourt your mom to the otherside. is it possible that she knew when she would go? the eyes turning a darker color isn’t always a demonic sign. it could have been a physical one since she had been in the hospital and in a very different enviorment. i’m sorry for your loss.

    • Carri says:

      sounds scary pray for your mother.

  22. shadow_girl says:

    Thank you, very possible that they are ancestors. The day my mom’s eyes turned totaly black we were having a cook out. And she ate like never before. She was always so scared she was going to get choked she would bearly pic at her food. Not long after that day when they had to rush her to the hospitial she responed only once & that was it. I never thought about it being a physical responce but that is very possible. It was totaly out of place for her.

  23. shadow_girl says:

    My mom died the next morning after I saw those people dressed in black standing around her. That was in 2007.

  24. Carri says:

    my stepfather died in 2001. I was close to him. I was working when he died. my little sister Gina found Richard dead up in his bedroom. It was Friday afternoon when she found him. He had died that morning. he was waiting for a trip to Chicago to have open heart surgery. He was scheduled to have surgery on Monday. But I when Gina walked up to his room the air conditioner was going. it was hot July day. She looked at her dad and then heard hundreds of whispering voices all around his body. she could not see anything. But Gina noticed the room temperature was like a meat locker. and the whispering voices freaked he out. she called the McHenry County Coroner and told Marerene Lanze of his death. She called me right after that and told me of how afraid she was to be in that house. I came over to the house. I noticed no one but my sister was there. the Coroner had taken my step dad’s body away. Gina was too afraid to go into my step fathers room to clean it. In the end we let the house go into foreclosure
    but I remember stepping into Richard’s room and it was cold. The bed he died in was still there the Coroner had taken his sheets and blankets. we never retrieved anything from the house we were simply too afraid. all of their belonging were thrown in the garbage. Gina said the house was too haunted. Richard my step dad always talked about aliens and OBE stuff. toward the end of his life he went to church. I wrote a story called whispering voices the day my stepfather Richard died.

  25. shadow_girl says:

    Sorry for your loss. I also to this day can here whispering voices. & not just one but many. I don’t no why. At times I can here loud noises people hollowering, fire engines, police cars, talking, fighting ect…Thanks for sharing…

  26. Anonymous says:

    I can see demons in peoples eyes too.. It isn’t so much the color of the eye as it is the color of the shine in them. Everyones eyes have a shine to them and the eyes are the window to the soul. The shine in possessed peoples eyes has a dark origin but is still a shine. How evil is the darkness that can disguise itself as light! The shine will either be a dark evil shadow shine or a reddish orange sparkling shine. If there eyes are a whole lot darker than normal it means that the demon is in control over them at the time. This could be for a number of reasons.. I can recognize the demon of cocaine, alcohol and a few other drugs. I can see nothing from marijuana and that could be bc I smoke it myself. If you see total blackness in a persons eyes(not their pupils but the part with color) it means that they are possessed by a legion or multiple demons. We have power over the demons in the name of Jesus, but God will not work against any persons free will, so you must have the possessed persons permission to deal with it. Also, don’t do anything but walk away quickly or run if you don’t have a strong relationship with God!! Don’t even try to do anything by your own power or you’ll regret it. There are other spiritual laws that are truth. And one of them is that if you cast a demon out of a house or person, and they invite it back(which can happen numerous ways including drug relapse, any wouji board or any number of things) that demon has the authority to bring back with him 7 of his friends that are worse than he is. Be careful! And if you can see demons in peoples eyes, I suggest you train yourself in the bible and let God magnify your gift. It won’t be long before they know that you can see them and I wouldn’t advise going at this without God! Trust me!

  27. shadow_girl says:

    My husbands eyes have been turning pure black you canot see the whites of the eyes. He is very bitter & angry when this happens. There is a spirit of a demon that comes in before he dose something like a dopplerganger. But when he is fine & in good spirits his eyes are normal. I beleave this spirit posses him & it is aware that I no it is there. When u can look into someones eyes & see into there soul what dose that represent ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Eyes are the window to the soul. Everyone should be able to see some things. The more you try, the more you see. The demon is always in your husband hiding now.. When they turn black, the demon is in full control of him. You should stay away from addressing anything with him while his eyes are black.. Is he drinking or doing drugs when this happens or is there anything that you can think of that always happens on days when his eyes turn black? I want to help you with this but you have to give me some more information.. GOD is bigger and more powerful than you can imagine!!!! And the name of Jesus is far more powerful than we can imagine too.. But you must have belief in Him for it to matter at all. Jesus’s blood washes our sins away and makes us clean and flawless. I hope you give me more info soon.. I’ll check it frequently, but if you do not reply and this happens again with your husband, pray silently and keep your distance. It is not wise to fight every demon you see or I’d never stop lol. Seriously, I wish we could talk but we cannot exchange contact information on here.. Get a bible if you don’t have one and read it.. I’ll be looking for your reply

      • shadow_girl says:

        Yes he drinks but he is not an angry drunk. Most of this happens when he comes in from work. & if my step daughter, his daughter comes over it sets him off for some reason. But here lately while his eyes is pitch black he looks at me with shere hatered. & all I half to do is walk thru the door, I try to avoid him but sometimes its hard. I no he is really stressed out but I alwys thought it was his work that something didn’t go right. You are right I no God is watching over me. That is why I can withstand the things I do.

  28. Manss says:

    It is not rudeness but your story hadn’t a specific and certain path you told of anywhere without any important theme. Paranormal subjects is right but your story ,except your bothering of Lorin hadn’t a sensitive matter.� I saw a tattoo man that smiled me �..then his brown eyes turned into black ?! �..brown eyes is attractive and beautiful ��black eyes is demonic and fearful ? may that tattoo man had used a black internal lens . it was important if his eyes color changed into red , at that moment that man became demonic and horribly but why black ? anyhow and respectfully your story seemed to be like an aircraft which his pilot is Jumped down

    Respectfully again

  29. Carri says:

    I also wanted to post that I work at the UAW. anyways my union Rep. Travis a black man got into a fight with my boss Jason. I really liked both of the men. Travis did have a hot head about him. Travis is about 6 feet 2 with dread locks. He is my friend actually. but Travis got real mad at Jason my boss. they were fighting over this other black employee named Larry. The man named Larry had a pqx which means he doesn’t have to work much on the assembly line. Larry is lazy and would have his cell phone and also would watch tv on his digital device on the assembly line instead of doing his job. So Jason took a camera and took a picture of Joe not working. Jason reported Joe to HR. That is why Travis was so mad. Because Jason reported Larry. So Travis punched Jason and pushed him while me and my coworkers were watching. But somehow Travis won. Travis finally later was not elected in office and Jason was fired. But anyways going back to the fight. Travis eyes are dark brown. I saw I swear his eyes turn pure red when he was screaming at Jason. Everyone on the assembly line saw his eyes turn to pure red. The brown in his eyes were red. He still had white in his eyes.

    • Manss says:

      thank you Carri that you said his eyes turned to red color , now I am sure he is demonic

      • Carri says:

        Travis seems nice. but he has a really hot temper. He was cheating on his girlfriend in St.;Louis while he was up here in Illinois. He also has 3 kids by her. But that was the first time I ever saw anyone’s eyes turn pure red. Some of the people at work said that is what happens to black people’s eyes when they get mad. I told them no. I have never seen a mad black person’s eye’s turn pure red with some white of the eye showing, but mostly red.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Shadow girl.. Alcohol is a spirit.. It’s even called that so that’s not hard to see.. The spirit doesnt take control at all until they drink enough to be drunk.. If you dont believe he has had enough to be drunk, then it must be something else.. One or two beers or mixed drinks is not enough to give the spirit control..You are right to stay away from him when his eyes turn black. Do all you can to stay away at those times. Most possessed people will not always be controlled by the demon.. It sounds like there are times when you know that your husband is himself(the man you love). Pray about it and ask God for the right time to say something.. He must be sober and in at least a decent mood.. Maybe he has done something in the past that still haunts him if it isn’t drugs or alcohol.. Pay attention and make sure he isn’t sniffling alot.. People can hide drugs from us, and it’s easy if we don’t know what to look for.. When he is sober and in a good mood you should explain to him what you have seen.. Hopefully he will take you seriously! If he doesn’t take you seriously and this continues, you need a man of God that walks in the spirit and has experience with this! If I could give you my info I would.. The man for this job would be in a non denominational church or even Pentecostal.. It won’t be hard to tell if they are right for this job.. If they are not strong enough in their walk with God, they will be scared. Don’t let a man with fear in him even try.. The right person will more than likely ask you questions so that they know what enemy they are facing.. Sometimes(not in your case I believe) it is better to leave it alone.. The right person might say that until you tell them that the whites of his eyes go black.. Then they will know something must be done.. Does he believe in God? Just curious.. I’m sure he will when this is over if he doesn’t already.. Keep feeding your spirit.. Workout your spirit like you would your body in a gym until this is over.. If he is delivered, it will not be pretty at first., demons fight back.. But please don’t let them know you see them, don’t stay around him when it happens.. Go anywhere! I cannot tell what kind of demon it is without seeing him or making a definite connection between what he does on the days it happens.. Talk to a pastor in a church that says they believe in all of the gifts of the spirit and baptism in the spirit.. He will either be able to handle it, or know someone who can. Please keep me updated!! I’ll be praying for you shadow girl.. God knows exactly who you are, I don’t need to ;)

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