Scary Growls

Posted on December 23, 2010

The following story happened a few months ago to me and some friends… we are still scared and don’t know what is was! Some think it’s a werewolf…

We were visiting my one friend Sarah, just having fun, laughing and talking… the usual. Was getting late, Nicole decided to go home, we walked her out as usual. Sarah and I were still joking, when all of a sudden we heard something in the field in front of their home. We looked and saw a large black shadow sitting a few feet away and it was looking straight at us. It got up and we just ran into the house, locking everything and sitting in the dark…listening! The thing was twice our size and bulky. We were so scared… Nothing happened until my boyfriend came to pick me up, as we were driving away, I looked over to the field and heard the most evilest growl ever… no dog can make a sound like that. Never heard a thing like that before. My boyfriend just said it’s a dog (he doesn’t believe in supper natural stuff). Best way to describe it is it’s like when you take food away from a dog times a 10000.

We later discussed it and most believed it to be a werewolf. We looked at the field a couple of times after that, but didn’t see anything for a few weeks…

One night a few friends were over at my place, we were just watching DVD’s. We were laughing at something funny, when we heard that growl again. All of the friends heard it as all went quiet. It sounded like it was on the at the door, my one friend went out and saw nothing. We didn’t sleep that night and no one wanted to leave. We heard something jump on the roof early morning hours, we looked out the windows, but didn’t see anything.

Only had one more experience, it was about 3 am and I was outside with my dog. She didn’t want to do her business, just wanted to run inside, she looked scared, didn’t think much off it at the time. Just as I was about to go inside, there was this growl again… it felt like it was going to attack me. as I turned around I jumped against the fence, bracing myself for impact, but nothing happened. I was so scared and still am. Haven’t seen or heard anything for a few months and hope it stays that way!

My brother and his friend also had an experience while doing some off road biking late at night. They stopped to drink some water and stuff, he said all went quiet, no animals made a sound. Then they heard the growl too. They saw the thing a few yards away, standing on two legs and it was really big, twice their size in height and it was muscular. They got on their bikes and never looked back.

Have anyone else had these experiences and I would like to hear what do you think this could be?

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51 Responses to “Scary Growls”
  1. Bella says:

    hmm that does sound like a werewolf. when your outside during the day listen for voices that remend you of that growl.

    • Apostleled says:

      It must be a really loud growl to hear it in a moving car across a field and it must be really big if you heard it jump on the roof It must be a werewolf.

      • Charmaine says:

        Yes the growls is very hard…sounds like it’s surrounding you at times! By the size of the thing we saw, it must be heavy!

    • Charmaine says:

      No Bella, never hear anything like that growl at day time. We also still think this is a werewolf

  2. Anonymous says:

    if you dont mined what state did this happen in. I have friend who was hunting in SC wearing camo & face mask & spray so you dont smell. she heard something big growl & than walk up behind her. she could hear it smelling her & then it walked away when she turned around it was gone. she said she has never been that scared in her life

    • Charmaine says:

      Wow, that’s scary…it found he even with all the face masks and spray! I do understand how she feels, it freaking me out! I live in South Africa and this is were it happened

  3. sharayah says:

    i my self don’t believe in werewolf. but i do believe there are demon& ghost.this thing you saw sounds evil maybe it’s the feld were it comes from is a gateway?? is it the same feld that is next to your house and your friends house? and is that the same place your brother was at if so stay the hell away from it. well this thing dose sometimes come out of the feld but it looks like it’s always coming from there. im sorry you are seeing this thing may God be with you. i know this is hard to do but try not to let this thing scare you,it may need fear to get stronger.try prayer turn to got for help. i too hope you never see it again.oh did yoy ever do anything you should have not done around there??

    • Charmaine says:

      Thank you for your reply! No the fields are not the same once, it all happened in different places. And no we didn’t do anything we shouldn’t have done at all. You are right, this thing is evil and it scares us to this day! Haven’t seen or heard it again! Hope it stays that way

  4. trolldoll says:

    i don’t believe in werewolves or vampires. this is a mystery.

  5. bribri says:

    It could be a bear. Are you used to their noises?

    • Charmaine says:

      I live in South Africa and here we do not have any bears, don’t know what this thing is!

  6. Carri says:

    my dad heard something like that in Gordon Wisconsin. he saw some strange stuff also. I know now it was a demon. He said an large hairy creature chased him into his cabin. The creature lived in the woods. I know now it was a demon, that lives in the woods. that is what you are experiencing. the growling is a sign of demonic activity. the 3am is the time when demons come out. look it up on the internet. put on a cross. bless your house with holy water. when the growling starts pray out loud to jesus.

    • Charmaine says:

      Sound scary!Sounds like it could be the same thing we saw! Thank you for your reply and for the advice! Haven’t heard these noises again, let’s hope it says that way! :)

  7. aimz says:

    hi thanx for the story that must of been soooooo scary goin threw the same thing apart from i aint seen anything ive heard growling in my room at night if you look up on here a story called demon follower .scroll down and u’ll see the name mary she has been talking to me about my experience it could be some help to you…..
    i hope you never see of hear that thing again

    • Charmaine says:

      Thank you for the reply :) I will definitely read her story! That’s soooo scary, I know how you feel> really hope it goes away! What do you think it is? Does it only happen at night?

      • Charmaine says:

        Thank you aimz. I read the comments and it helped a lot! Thank you! :) Hope you are doing better and this thing goes away! Keep well

        • aimz says:

          yer mine only happens at night it scared me soooo much i told my mum and shes called a priest to come and bless the house ,i hope everything is ok for you and that thing dnt bother you anymore stay safe :)

  8. aimz says:

    im not sure what it is to be honest im just hoping that it is not a demon and that thing youve seen maybe its a demon just takin that form i dont know i just hope ur safe

    • Charmaine says:

      I’m also hoping it’s not a demon. It could be, you can sense and feel the evil. Like it wants to hurt you and scare you! Let’s hope this thing stays away from us! Thank you for your comment aimz :)

  9. aimz says:

    yer its a scary sound aint it and feeling…
    im just hopeing that wen the priest comes that it dont piss this demon/spirit off and send it on a mission to freak me out even more but ill have to just wait and see what happens… keep me posted on ur story

    • Charmaine says:

      Yes, this growl is really scary, it chills you to the bone and you can feel the evil… When is the priest coming? Hope it works and doesn’t piss it off. Please keep me posted. Did you have an experience again? Does it only happen at night? Every night? Is there patterns? Sorry about all the questions. I thought I heard it last night, but I’m not sure! Hope I imagined it. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your comment Aimz

      • aimz says:

        i heard a faint growl the other night but thankfully it dont happen every night but every time i go in my room i can feel eyes on me watching me from the corner of my room so i run and jump in my bed like a lil kid lol there aint a pattern at the moment , yer it only happens at night, the priest is comeing on tuesday so im hopeing thngs will get better , i will deff keep you posted take care and stay safe :)

        • Charmaine says:

          Thank you for keeping me posted on what’s happening. I have the same feeling of being watched, but doesn’t happen every night. do you hear the growling and scratching outside the house or inside? Did anyone els here this too? Hope the priest can help you, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Take care and stay safe :)

          • aimz says:

            the growling and scratching is only inside my house and only seems to be in my room and no 1 else has heard it but thankfully my mum believes me and dont think im going crazy … ive been tempted to sleep in the livingroom but then if this thing wants 2 scare me im sure it can make its way 2 the livingroom if it really wanted to……
            my mum put salt in the corners of my room maybe you shud try it and see if it helps cos if its a demon it mite help keep it away but if its a werewolf then i havent got a clue wot wud keep it away …….. has your brother seen it anymore?

            • Charmaine says:

              I will try the salt, hope it works! If it’s s werewolf then I’m also not to sure what to do. Going to put salt in the room tonight! So glad your mom believes you and you are right if it wants to it will follow you into the living room. The scratches comes from outside my house and the growling too, it even jumps on the roof at times. As for my brother, him and his friend did see and hear this thing a couple of times again. Let me know what happens after the priest was there

              • aimz says:

                hey just a lil up-date umm the priest came and asked me about whats een going on and i told him and he said a prayer in my room and said a prayer fro me and my room seems abit more calmer but sayin that wen the priest was in my room i heard a breath in my ear and i thought that maybe the demon or wotever it is was there and was lettin me no its there and not 2 happy but so far so good so fingers crossed it aint pissed off … did the werewolf do anyfin the other time ur brother saw it??

                • Charmaine says:

                  Thank you for the update, glad it feels a bit better in there :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hope it stays away! Why didn’t you tell the pries about the breath in your ear? My brother was visiting his friend, they were alone at the time! They heard something jump on the roof and to the ground, they looked out of the window and saw the ‘thing’ standing at the wall in the shadows, but this time the eyes were a glowing yellowish colour. It growled and then jumped over the wall. They were so scared that they called me to pick them up. Keep well :)

                  • aimz says:

                    i honestly dont know why i didnt say anything i guess i didnt want to give the thing any satifaction that it was scareing me ,omg i wonder why it keeps going on the roof maybe to get ur attention least you have proof of it cos ur brother and his friend have seen it every1 can only go by my words lolsome of my mates think im going crazy lol

                    • Charmaine says:

                      I think it’s jumping on the roof just to scare us or maybe to let you know it’s there? I don’t know… At least I haven’t heard the growling again, maybe it’s gone? Hope so! Hehe well, I believe you. There is a lot of strange things out there! I tried the salt, hope it helps! Have you had anything happen again after the priest was there?

  10. lunawatsername says:

    yea i think it most likely was not a werewolf, because if most werewolf lore is to be believed, they generally only come out at night, and under a full moon. also they are suppose to be very aggressive, and while this one was obviously very threatening, it was not aggressive enough to outright attack you. werewolves are humans turned into beasts, and an aggressive beast would not have let you get away so easily, and if it was as big and muscular as you say, i have no doubt it would have caught you if it chose to. i think it was more likely a demon, maybe more than one though that seems less likely than just one that chose to attach itself to you. it doesn’t necessarily mean that you ave done something wrong, but it might have just chosen you because when it growled, you and your friends were obviously scared. demons feed off fear.

    • Charmaine says:

      Thank you for the reply lunawatsername. You made some good points, I do think it may be a demon, but also still can’t shake the feeling that it might be a werewolf. All of these things happened at night, but can’t remember if all of them where on full moon. Yes, we were all very scared, even to this day. Haven’t had any experiences again and hope it will stay that way :)

  11. Tonicha says:

    Wow! This must have been so feightening! It sounds like a toll demon of some sort.
    But let’s hope it stays away!:)

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for the reply! Yes, it was very frightening. it’s been a while now since these things happened and nothing happened again…. hope it’s gone :)

  12. jay says:

    hi i am jay i am 13 years old and i was declared as an indingo child meaning i have a paranormal ability… i live in the woods and i have heard scratching on the walls and i went to go look and saw just squirrels like usual but one day i went out and i heard a dog like bark so i looked at my neighbors house and the dog wasnt out the dog never even barks…. right now im over my cousins spending the night and i heard an animal on the roof it sounded like a large furry animal with large claws and it is not small it is BIG we are hearing deep loud growls and movement on the roof i recorded it on my cell phone but when i reviewed what i recorded i heard loud shuffeling and it is 3.00am we both get scared then i found this story and it brought my intrest……..

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for the reply! glad I found someone that experienced the same thing! Where do live? If you don’t mind me asking? Did you ever see this creature? How often do you hear it? Is there any patterns to when this is happening? Only at night? The 3am thing is scary, that’s when most of this stuff happened to me! What do you think this is? Thanks for sharing your story! Keep well :)

  13. aimz says:

    i still hear the tapping but no growls thank god and i hope the salt is working ok :)

    • Charmaine says:

      Glad the growling stopped! Must have been a demon then! Hope the tapping goes away too! The salt is working…I think! Haven’t had any experiences in a while! Keep well and thanks for keeping in touch! :)

  14. Ronnie says:

    I am from the Pacific Northwest of WA state and have heard a similar growl. I experienced it with a friend, and it was quite terrifying. We did not see anything- but the sound was enough. I have just discovered this site tonight. Perhaps I will write about it soon. I have only met one other person who told me a similar story about hearing this unusualy strange and terrifying growl. She was convinced that it was bigfoot. To this day, it remains a mystery to me.

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for the reply! Hope to read your story soon… Can you describe this growl? Where did this happen? Inside or outside the house? At night? Sorry about all the questions! Just want to figure out what this ‘thing’ is. Don’t think it’s a bigfoot, but yes…it’s a mystery! Keep well. Hope you haven’t heard the growl again!

  15. jackie Robinson says:

    I live in Northern Ireland on a housing estate,& one night i was walking home from my friends house which is a short distance away , i had an awful feeling that something was watching me, but there is just a grassy area and quite open so nowhere for anyone or thing to hide. As i neared my house i heard a very deep growling noise it seemed to come from just behind me, there was nothing there, but it scared the life out of me.

    • Charmaine says:

      Thank you for sharing your story! What time was it? Glad nothing happened to you! Have you only heard that growl once? What did the growl sound like? Whatever this thing is, there must be quite a few… these growls have been heard around the world… I live in South Africa. What do you think it is?
      Keep well. :)

      • jackie Robinson says:

        Yea thank goodness, it happened about 12am summertime, so it was dusk here as it stays light longer. We get a lot of strange things occuring arount this hse, shadows, things being moved hidden, our 2 cats won’t go down stairs at night on there own. My son seen a strange mist just around our hse & our neightbours we are the only 2 hses on this spot. My boyfriend was walking to my hse on night from the shops , there are 3 Oak trees beside the pathway & when he got to between the second & third tree he seen a creature , it’s head was enormous with horible teeth, it was about half as tall as the trees & about 30ft long with huge shoulders it turned & snarled at him, he roared back at it. It then began to morph it’s face changing, then in one stride it vanished. When he got here he was in tears & this is a 40yr old man & believe me no softy.

        • Charmaine says:

          There seems to be something around and in your house. Does it scare you? Can’t you get the house cleansed? The creature sounds a lot like the thing my brother saw, I haven’t seen it up close and really don’t want to. Just glad nothing happened to him! Wonder what this thing is. I heard the growl and some scratching again last night just outside my window, but was to scared to look!

          • jackie Robinson says:

            Yea Charmaine we are thinking about getting the house cleansed as things have not been good for us for quite a while. Our health has not been good esp chest problems, also material things going wrong money exectra. Waking up with scratches & bruises, also as if something or someone has hit you. So think we will do it asap.

            • Charmaine says:

              That’s creepy, I’m glad you are getting the place cleansed! Try putting salt in the corners of your house (got that advice from Aimz- read above) Maybe it will help. Sounds like you have a demon(s) in your house. Get the place cleansed ASAP! Keep well :)

  16. Carri says:

    Jackie Robinson where do you live? Wisconsin has a lot of paranormal sightings like you saw. My dad saw something similar to what you have referenced to in Gordon Wisconsin.

    My dad claims he saw big foot. I think it was a demon. His grandfather saw something in the swamp. He tried to light the entire area on fire to burn the creature to death.

    read the story ” Astral Body Projection and communication with aliens“. also read
    A trip to my evil step grandmother Sally’s grave“.
    These stories show things like you have witnessed.

    • jackie Robinson says:

      No Carri we live in Craigavon Northern Ireland. There have always been strange things happening in Ireland as a whole over many centuries. Some of us are just more atuned than others & seem to be able to see & hear things other people can’t.

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