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Scary Events in My Life

Posted on September 13, 2010

I have three different instances that have scared me but the last episodes by far have freaked me out the most. I will start with the first one, I was maybe 13 years old and I was home alone talking on the phone to a friend. The phone was on a jack right next to the entryway that leads from the living room to the dining room. I was sitting on the floor right next to the entryway talking when all of the sudden, one of my baby brother’s balls rolled past the entryway right next to me. My great grandmother lived next door so I hung up and ran to her house and wouldn’t go back until my dad got home.

The next episode was when I was 20 and I was going to my older brother Ryan’s house, he lived out in the country. Upon pulling into the driveway you can see the window that is in the garage and the garage leads to the basement and as I pulled up, I looked at that window and saw my brother (or what I thought was my brother) looking out the window. There were no cars in the driveway and I remember thinking that his wife must have taken the car somewhere because Ryan was here, he looked out the window. I went in the garage and he wasn’t in there, I went into the house and he was nowhere in there either. I went back into the garage to get to the basement because that is where the men typically hang out. At the bottom of the basement steps is a plastic tarp that hangs over the doorway to keep it a little more insulated, as I got to the bottom of the steps, the tarp blew up like it had been caught in a breeze and there was no wind at all. That freaked me out so I went outside to call my brother to see where the heck he had disappeared to, he informed me that he was gone and no one was home. Just recently I was telling my younger brother this story and he looked scared and said that he had a similar experience in the same window and he also thought that it was Ryan, he saw someone walk by the window while he was standing outside just to find out that Ryan was asleep.

The final episode was while in my last house, I never felt easy in that house to begin with. I was upstairs laying down in bed, my kids were downstairs with their dad, they would typically watch TV until they all fell asleep and I would get my whole bed to myself, which I normally loved, but not anymore. I had just laid down when I heard someone sigh very loudly by my ear. My first thought was that my daughter had snuck into bed with me until I heard her downstairs. The next evening we were sitting downstairs and my son was upstairs playing in the hallway by my room and he came running downstairs excited and asked me where we were going. I was confused and asked him what made him think we were going anywhere and he said that I had yelled up to him and told him to get ready so we could go. About 10 minutes later, my dog was standing outside my room looking into it and growling and barking at something. That night I still slept in the room and once again heard the loud sigh next to me ear, I tried to shrug it off and eventually fell asleep, in the middle of the night my husband turned the light on and that woke me up and he asked me what I said. I told him that I was asleep and he said that I called something down to him but he didn’t understand what I had said. Needless to say, the rest of the time that we lived there, I slept in the living room with the rest of them. We just moved from there about a month ago and a week after moving into the new place, we found out that our landlord used to live in this house and his son committed suicide right outside of our bedroom. I hope nothing freaky happens here.

Sent in by Amber, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “Scary Events in My Life”
  1. Accel Cardones says:

    I dont get whats so scary about the first episode (about the ball rolling by entryway) maybe something was left out f the story. Don’t balls normally roll? Like if they just fell off a bed or a table.

    The third episodes really spine-chilling.

    • Anonymous says:

      The ball episode was scary to me because I was young and I was home alone and I couldn’t figure out how it would have rolled by right there. I searched for some explination once my dad got home and I could bring myself to go back in the house. There was nothing for the ball to fall off of right there, there is nothing but floor around there and it rolled by me just about a foot from where I was sitting. Its creepy to be talking on the phone and all of the sudden see a ball roll past the doorway that you are sitting right by. I guess you had to be there lol. The third episode is the worst by far. My husband still doesn’t believe in anything paranormal even though he witnessed everything except for the loud sighing in my room. I guess once something happens to him personally, he just won’t believe.

  2. Jaybee says:

    We’ve always moved into brand new homes, partly for that reason – I don’t want any baggage coming with the house. Now, I know that doesn’t help if the spirits are connected to the land, but I figure at least one item (older home with history) is off the list.

    I’ve also found that if your intuition is telling you something, listen to it. If you feel uncomfortable, and it’s something you can’t see, listen to your gut feeling.

  3. trolldoll says:

    it certainly sounds like it was haunted. i suppose a suicide could cause more activity.

  4. AnNa bites back says:

    i agree with accel cardones about the first story.nothing scary.the scond one would be kind of weird knowing nobdy’s there.third would be kind of scary.thanks for the story.if there is anymore you want to tell us do tell.

  5. Tim says:

    I have heard of out of body experiences under controlled circumstances, but the apparition of your living brother seems to strectch that possibilty to include a “charged environment” for lack of better terms. You noticed him in the window when he was asleep, went to look for him in the basement, and the tarp flew in your face. Sounds like he was getting your attention. Your daughter heard you call for her to get ready to leave and you were oblivious to the event. I’m just spit balling here, but were you thinking at the time that maybe you needed to get somewhere and somehow you transmitted that message in spirit?

    I say these things because there are a few unexplained events that have occured that led my wife to believe that I was there, (OCD behaviour), when I was at work, or another part of the room.

  6. Suzi says:

    Yea hearing loud sighs creeps me out to especially since ne one was there.Love the story as well.

  7. big barney says:

    hopefully your new house isnt infested with crazed spirit loonz waiting to cause agony and destruction. especially if the son that killed himself was mentally unstable that could be a bad thing to have in your house……

  8. The Nate says:

    The first one was highly likely a cause of a breeze or falling off a table, not scary. But the second one was definetly a thinker and very scary!!!! And the third was probably the most scary, especially at the end wher you said you moved into a new house and the landlords son commited suicide right outside the bedroom hallway!!!! You always choose the bad houses huh, lol you shouldnt of bought the one you have now, you should of got a condo in vegas which would be cheap compared to house prices these days.

  9. B says:

    Iv red a lot of rubbish stories on this website, but this is one i actually believe. You havnt gone over the top on stuff & make it sound more like what actually happend, you’v just told the story exactually how it is. Good luck in your new home

  10. Amy007 says:

    Do you believe that these entities have been with you your whole life or that these are different ones? It could be someone that attached themselves to you as a child. Thanks for the story!

  11. Hyrdo says:

    I think you may want to research any place you move in to from now on.

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