Psychic Abilities And Paranormal Dreams

Posted on April 5, 2011

Well, hello. Let me start by saying I realized I had psychic abilities when I was around 13, meaning I had dreams that predicted the near future (I wished it away as later on I saw murders being committed only to read about it a week or so later, and then they became demonic), clairaudience, empathy, and clairsentience. I knew when something was going to happen just before it did.

I somehow managed to ‘log on’ to other people’s brainwaves unexpectedly for a brief moment or something, and walk near people or places and immediately ‘know’ something is wrong as in paranormal activity and the occasional dream interpretation of a friend’s, which turns out to be true. Oh I guess you could say I am one weird girl! anyhow, let me tell you some of my stories.

I remember having a dream once, where my backyard got infested with a couple of zombies that emerged from our garden area and I was looking at them, confused, when one headed my way. I freaked and backed up against the wall and cornered myself. It was where two walls met at a 90 degree angle. Trying to protect my face, I gave it the cold shoulder, and it bit me on my back shoulder, near my neck. I think it hurt, though I can not remember for sure. The next morning, I went for a shower. And as I was standing there, I looked around back into the mirror and saw the bite mark right where Mr. Undead from the land of dreams bit me… I was a bit startled.

I also had a lot of ‘mini-hauntings’ where objects woud move or get thrown, voices talking, peripheral sightings, in-your-face sightings, doors getting shook violently when I am home alone, cold- and hotspots, running from unseen threats, mist creatures… Long list, I guess.

I also dreamt of my grandmother last year in July on an early Sunday morning. Now, let me say my grandparents live in Durban, our coastal area bordering with the Indian Ocean. I live about 600 km or so away from them. In my dream, I was in my class room at school, talking about heaven knows what, when suddenly it was as though the outside of the classroom became a beach… Durban beach. I was standing up, when suddenly my beloved grandma appeared in the doorway, hands behind her back, smiling happily and lovingly at me. She then said: “Thank you. Thank you and your parents for everything! I love you. Bye.” I was confused but happy.

Just then I woke up by the sound of our phone ringing. I stood up, but heard my dad was on his way already. I glanced at my watch and saw it was 4 am. I was walking sleepily to my bedroom door when I felt a change in the atmosphere, and it was then realized that my dad was unusually quiet for someone that just picked up the phone. I heard him then say ‘thank you’ and put the phone down. Something was amiss in his tone. He came down the hall, and seeing I was up, told me that my grandma had died a couple of minutes earlier. I then recalled the dream that instant, but told them that a few days later. That gave them some peace. Well, that’s all for now! will post some later.

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6 Responses to “Psychic Abilities And Paranormal Dreams”
  1. Wesley says:

    I have had the same kind of experiences. They are disturbing, I have had premonition dreams of my grandparents dying. I was jolted out of my sleep the day that Princess Diana died and turned on the tv to watch whole tragedy live. The face of Dylan Klebold appeared in my dream engulfed in flames the night prior to the Columbine killings. A couple of hours before the 9/11 bombings, I kept having a nightmare of being in a plane that was going to crash and knowing I was going to die. It jolted me out of my sleep and I was all shaky and every time I tried to go back to sleep, I had the same nightmare that would jolt me awake. It happened at least 5 times before I finally woke up for good and turned on the tv. Minutes later, my program was interrupted by the horror of watching the planes crash into the towers and not much being done about it. I must admit that it was one of the most surreal moments I have ever experienced in my life. To me, it was beyond comprehension and unnatural.

  2. Carri says:

    sorry to hear about your grandmother. yes you have psychic abilities. not too many people have it. you are one of the lucky ones.

  3. elana says:

    I have similiar psychic abilities! and I’m so sorry for your grandmother

  4. Jessica says:

    I am sorry for your loss. Though I do have a question . Frequently I have been having dreams of a child ghost (female) I never really thought much of it untill my recent dream. I had a dream that I was sitting in front of a tv when suddenly the news came on stating ” Los Angels missing child, dead body found near lake.” I then switched from I front of the t.v to a hospital room. Where the little girl was laying in a hospital bed. I was frightend, up untill she got up and walked with me then I felt secure. Her face was the same as the missing child on the news. I woke up with an urge to look for answers. I searched the web for a body found near a lake in Los Angeles but, nothing . I’m a bit confused with my dream of you could help me that would be amazing !

  5. carri says:

    To Jessica, possibly the dream is of things to come. maybe the child has not gone missing yet. sometimes when I dream of things to come it could be one year in advance.

  6. carri says:

    Yes I have precognition dreams like you. I noticed I had it as a child. I could concentrate on something right before I went to sleep then if something was gonna happen I would dream about the event before it happened. Another thing I did quiet by accident was telemetry. I would read a letter. for example my Great Aunt Slyvia was writing my mother letters. I picked up the letter and read some of them. One day in Early Spring my mother got a letter from Aunt Slyvia. I picked up the letter put it by the tv set which was in my mother’s bedroom. the letters lay there for about a week. then I picked it up and looked at the outside address. I did this before bedtime. I went to sleep that night and dreamed she died and saw her funereal. The next morning I told my mother of the dream she did not believe me. But recalling the dream. The first part of the dream Slyvia, came to me and told me Tell Hellen (who was my mother) that I died. She was floating around as a spirit in the dream. Then the dream flashed to her coffin and funeral. I woke told my mother and she called down south to her family. they confirmed the death. they just forgot to call my mother to tell her. But Slyvia came to my mother thru me from beyond the grave.


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