Possessed Rabbit

Posted on April 27, 2011

This is not exactly a �ghost� story, but more of a possession story that I wish to gain feedback on. I haven�t told very many people about this, and have just more recently become concerned about an item I have.

The item in question is a stuffed rabbit, that I call Jeffrey. Over the 9 years I have had him, I have gone through many traumatic things with him and have become very attached to him. I treat him like a son, and am very sensitive and protective over him. I even find myself talking for him, in a specific voice I use for him, and I am a college aged woman, but it feels almost uncontrollable.

When Jeffrey communicates to me, it doesn�t tell me bad things, or do any wrong actions, but will communicate his own separate thoughts or feelings about people or things. He talks to me as I am a motherly figure, and has a childlike opinion on many things. My female friends have slightly recognized his personality and feel attached to him, but not nearly as strong as I do. Jeffrey seems to adore all the woman that live with me, but will not communicate about any males or boyfriends I have had. Any males around, with the exception of one feel frightened and unresponsive towards the stuffed animal.

Me feeling him communicating or taking on his own personality and life happened shortly after I witnessed an exorcism at Summer Camp. I have always felt very comforted by the stuffed animal ever sense. At the end of that summer I moved across the country and lived with my aunt whose home is beyond a doubt paranormally active. The idea and the personality of Jeffery became fully shaped after living there for only 8 months.

Recently I have found myself wondering if Jeffery could be a possessed item, or I have read something like a protector or even an extension of myself? I am seeking any thoughts, experiences or theory�s on the life he has seemed to take on.

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9 Responses to “Possessed Rabbit”
  1. Rosie says:

    First of all, you didn’t give enough details about everything including how this stuffed animal communicate with you, it is hard for people to give you their opinions since we don’t know what is really going on.

  2. BekkieLassy says:

    I agree with Rosie.
    Is he only comunicating through your own thoughts and feelings or Does he move around and stuff. Does he actualy talk and have facial inpressions…………………..
    Or is it just a rabbit doll that do nothing and you just get random ideas and conversation in your head just eccepting that its the rabbit putting it all in your head. If thats the case I don’t think his possessed. I think then there is just a spirit around in you house\appartment making you think its the rabbit.

  3. Stephie says:

    Wow, this kind of sounds like The Robert Doll. Well in a way it does. Im not sure what to say bt if you have never heard of such things please look up The Robert Doll or Possesed Items, Dolls, Antiques and such. Good Luck and God Bless

  4. A J Ryder says:

    Catholic’s kneel before the Virgin Mary to ‘communicate’ with God. Anglican’s use a cross to focus when conversing or praising God. Other religions use objects as a way of focusing or training their thoughts too, when they need Divine inspiration or comfort.

    I see no difference in their actions, than you with your rabbit.

    In short, your rabbit is not possessed, it is merely an object to allow you to open up and connect with your God-sourse. A guardian angel, if you like.

    The reason Jeffrey’s communications became stronger after the Exorcism, is because exorcisms (when conducted successfully) change the energy in the place in which they were conducted. In short, a successful exorcism opens up a door to Heaven.

    You are perfectly safe.

  5. Sean says:

    One thing that you say is that you have gone through many traumatic things, and also:

    ” I even find myself talking for him, in a specific voice I use for him, and I am a college aged woman, but it feels almost uncontrollable.”

    I think that yes, this could be possessed, and if you are finding a lack of control over the connection of it with you, then it doesn’t really sound like a great thing. You want to be the one in control of your life, and what you are saying, not anything else.

    Also, you say that the males in your life seem “frightened” around it – that’s not a good sign either.

    I think it’s probably a good idea that you get counseling and support around the traumatic things that happened in your life — the rabbit may be possessed, but it also may be part of a coping strategy that you have — in either case, you want to learn to be fully in control and not sensitive and over-protective over a stuffed rabbit. It’s good to have comforting things in your life, but not in way that leaves you feeling less strong and independent.

  6. Suzi says:

    I have never heard anything like this before. Very strange.

  7. Ben Gessel says:

    Hmmm, I’m going to have to read this again before commenting. 1 sec.
    Okay, several things could in reality be going on, some of which are far more likely to be happening:

    1.) The personality you have given Jeffrey, your stuffed rabbit, is a way for you to deal with many things in your life that have been traumatic. In other words, Jeffrey is a product of your own mind, and this is a psychological matter. Even if you made up the personality of Jeffrey, out of necessity, don’t feel bad one bit. Sounds like under the circumstances, that was one of the few options you had to deal with what was happening at the time.

    2.) There is a kindly, sweet child (a boy?) in the spirit world that is communicating with you via your attention to Jeffrey, your stuffed rabbit. Remember, little children tend to like stuffed animals, so this is no stretch in my mind. Kids who have died and are spirits are just like kids in real life.

    3.) Demons are simply playing with your mind, and know of your situation. They would like for you to lose your grip of reality, and become schizophrenic or worse.

    4.) You have an overactive imagination and a sensitive, kindly personality (and are very fond of stuffed animals), nothing more. :)

    5.) A guardian angel and/or a child (via Jeffrey, your stuffed rabbit) is watching out for you and wants you to be happy/good, and when your attention is on Jeffrey, that guardian spirit can communicate better with you for some reason. It could be an unborn brother, future son, heavenly angel, who knows?

    6.) Your rabbit is possessed by an evil spirit. I highly doubt this is the case.

    7.) You are making this up, and having a grand old time reading all the feedback.

    Of all of these possibilities, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th seem the most likely. The 1st, 4th and 7th possibilities are definitely more likely. This stuffed bunny rabbit of yours doesn’t seem malicious or diabolical in the slightest (if it was supposedly possessed). You should be able to sense the difference between an evil and a good spirit-any rational person over the age of 9 or so should be able to. If you have further doubts or concerns, talk to someone who you trust 100% who you view as a spiritual mentor and is knowledgeable and wise in these matters-a minister, your parents, grandparents, a teacher, whomever that is to you. It wouldn’t hurt to see a psychologist as well. No offense. If you’re making this up, hope you get a few good laughs at my expense. Thanks… :D

  8. Ama Nazra says:

    Good answer, Ben.

    Love & Joy,

  9. Shady says:

    This really comes off as you superimposing your memories of someone from your childhood, possibly a good friend/family member that’s no longer in your life but you felt strongly about and trusted, onto a lifeless stuffed animal. Are you a particularly introverted person, who has trouble relaying feelings to others? If so that would really explain why you associate with it so much. You treat it as a younger sibling and “it” responds in kind and basically tells you what you wanna hear or at times are too afraid to admit to yourself. It would be best to recognize it for what it is and prevent it from leading to the development of a mental illness at a later point. The reason your female friends respond to it with attachement is because of how you relate to it, like I said you treat it like a younger sibling and your friends pick up on that emotional attachement to it.

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