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Poltergeist And The Evil Room

Posted on May 22, 2009

I had only heard about poltergeists a few times before, mostly in movies like ‘Beetlejuice’ and such but I had my first experience about a year ago.

I had moved up into my sister’s room when she had moved out. It was a large room and we had only lived in this house for about a year now. The owners that lived in the house before us had told us that it was used as a clinic/hospital. Which was easy to believe because we always found apothecary bottles, tubes, and such outside in the yard. My whole family believed in ghosts but I had never encountered so much until I moved into that room. I had finally arranged everything the way I wanted it. The attic of course was found in my room, and it had a tendency to open by itself. So I had put an 80 lbs dresser in front of the door that I could barely slide across the floor myself let alone pick it up.

Well one day my friend wanted me to go to her house for the weekend. So I packed up a few things and left with my mom. My step-dad was downstairs in the living room which is directly under my room. He had gotten home from work a few minutes after we had left. He thought that my mom was still at work and that I was upstairs sleeping as usual. He started to hear footsteps in the hallway towards my bedroom. Then my door push open and footsteps that sounded like they were going into my room. There were a few seconds of silence and then a huge thump. He called for me to be quiet but of course I didn’t answer because I wasn’t there.

When I had gotten home he gave me a weird look. I asked him what was wrong and he told me everything that had happened. I walked up into my room with him behind me because I didn’t want to go into my room if someone was in there. When I walked in I was in shock. My dresser that was already 80 lbs with an extra (about) 30 lbs on it from my stuff was knocked down. My things were strewn across my floor and the attic door was wide open against the wall. I cleaned everything up because it definitely wasn’t going to scare me off. But things started to get worse.

I started having pain in my dreams that felt completely real, which isn’t abnormal. But I started to wake up with cuts, bloody noses, and scratches on my arms. I would find blood on my walls and smeared on my windows. Not like in the movies where its drenched. They were just small spots, but blood is blood. I started to become depressed and cry a lot. I had feelings of wanting to hurt myself and other people. I began to have harmful images run through my head. I never wanted to leave the room or be outside. I hated everything in the world that I once loved and began to starve myself for no apparent reason. I knew that I needed to get out of the room.

I switched rooms with my mother and my step-dad who didn’t think the room was the reason for my problems. I had a tendency to sleep walk and move in my sleep which my mother thought I had hurt myself on accident while sleep walking. A few weeks passed with her being in that room when she finally began to become depressed. It was a slow start at first but she began to fall into a depression and she cried a lot. My step-dad felt weird vibes about being in the room alone and never wanted to go near the closet. He was unable to sleep and soon my mom found herself the same way. She’s trying to get out of the room at the moment but we don’t have any other room in the house. It’s come down to her staying downstairs and never going to her bedroom until she feels as though she’ll pass out.

To this day we still don’t know anything about what is going on with that room.

Written by Anonymous, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Poltergeist And The Evil Room”
  1. carmen says:

    Sounds Creepy!! You should try a house cleaning to see if that would help. Given that the home use to be a clinic/hospital, there are probaably spirits that have not moved on. In hospitals there are a combination of good and bad spirits. Do you know what the attic use to be? What kind of clinic/hospital was it? If depression is occuring in that room, it can be the energy of one of the spirits. Pray as much as possible. Good luck!!

  2. ghost says:

    I agree with carmen you should clean the house with holy water and maybe get your church or a church near u to cleanse it

  3. Mellisa says:

    i think there must be a spirit or an entity that give bad vibe & affects whoever stay in that room. I agree with carmen & ghost. Please be quick don’t leave it just like that & don’t let other people use that room until you clean it. You could ask a physic to know what’s going on in that room

  4. AJ says:

    It sounds more like the spirit needs to be rescued from “it’s” earthbound stronghold…..that’s very sad.
    It’s was allowed to come and as it pleased, with your sister- but, you isolated it. (more then likely, your sister would simply close the room door when ever it opened- but never blocked it shut.)
    It’s actions sound more like the spirit is not aware that it’s dead, and needs to be told that- it’s spirit has left it’s body, and that it needs to move on to a new realm of enlightenment, love, and understanding. I would try that first (while taking a lit, white candle in with you as you go into the room. Leave one candle lit in that room for at least 10 days. It should cross over (move into the light) on it’s own.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    oh buddy get it blessed or get out it does sound like a poltergeist

  6. tracy says:

    Sad. I agree also. Don’t let others use this room.
    Do some deep research on your house. Pray alot also. all of you!

  7. ShadowedJE says:

    I agree with the first 3 comments, but it is also important to not let the spirits drive you out of the house, make sure when you pray it is to god or jesus, not mary or anybody alse.

  8. Tori says:

    Well yesterday my parents spent all day moving out of the room. But my step-dad’s father wanted to move into it because of the ghost. He wants to communicate with it and figure out why it makes people so depressed. Me and him have both seen a girl in perfect view in that room but she had a very pleasent presents. We haven’t seen her around lately but she even told us that her name was Danielle. The preachers around us would never do anything like that though. They don’t believe that things of that nature ever happen. Thank you for your comments and I’d love to hear more.

  9. tyra says:

    it kinda sounds like a demon to me because of you getting beat up in your sleep and getting depressed.it also could be a tortured spirit too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    this sounds scary.I think you should move out.now im a afraid.the attic is in my room to!and now im afraid something is coming to haunt me!mostly because an old lady fell down the stairs in the attic and died.so yeah thanks for scarying me!

  11. rebecca h says:

    Look the house up in the past years in the library or online im sure there r some web sites where you can look it up. or move out but if i was you i would look who you are dealing with as it could follow you

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