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Physical Changes and Incredible Feats of Power

Posted on December 2, 2009

After a long and thorough read (About demons on this blog), I wish to share with you a piece of my story and a partial view. Note however I myself am seeking a guide who may help further my knowledge on this subject, but that’s for another time.

My childhood was filled with abuse, be it my own parents or the numerous foster parents I moved through. This was the base which fueled my rage, my family itself was filled with religious fanatics and spiritualistic beliefs. It contained an average of 30 deaths or more per year as well, mainly those whom I believe delved to deep into matters which where beyond their control and or knowledge to deal with.

Now you must understand I was a still born baby, who to this day should not have the breath of life. My mother refuses to believe it was the man I call my father who aided in conceiving me, and after more near death experiences and suicide attempts have come to believe it will take nothing short of decapitation to finally kill me.

The entity aspect of this life, contains shadow people. Beginning with a tall skeletal being in a top hat sort of attire, his presence brought on horrible fear. Another being had a pure light like body but no true depth in its features and held back that particular shadow person. Then there are the legion, think of yourself surrounded by shadows of people being able to hear all their individual voices without mercy as they stand and watch you as a crowed. There is the watcher his presence can be felt and you may catch a glimpse of his being but never for long.

On to poltergeist like activity. Imagine yourself alone in a house an unfamiliar room in a familiar house. Its 1 am and your wide a wake yet attempting to force yourself asleep. You begin to hear your name being called softly from the other side of your bedroom door. You ignore it, it becomes angry furiously calling your name now. The door begins shaking violently and You black out after being paralyzed in fear.

You wake the next morning your door is wide open nail marks embedded in the door, your bed sheets are scattered about the room your dresser is in pieces on the floor and your closet is ripped open No ones home still.

Halloween night you decide to confront the beings in your home with a Ouija board (I strongly recommend you never play with one) you sit down at a table with two friends with a jack o lantern for added effect. The spirit responds, becomes angry, your friend lets go and the house goes dark. The jack o lantern begins to rot in seconds before you, the sound of metal scraping metal heard through the house. Your friends freak and ditch you in a dash for your room locking it behind them while your nearly paralyzed on the spot. Finally attempting to save your skin and regroup with them you dash for the room only to be confronted by a human like figure walking on all fours with its front facing the roof yet its demonic looking heads eyes meet with yours. Just when you think your breathing your last breath you make a desperate attempt to beat down the door and turn the hall light on as it jumps at you. The light comes on and your friends drag you into the room by your collar, the last thing you hear that night is the smashing sound of something large hitting your door before dispersing.

Returning to the physical changes, My eyes become emerald green as clear as gems with a serpent like slant in the center. Yes I have picture proof but I’m sure this post itself is going to be flamed enough I don’t need to upload a picture only to be told its photoshoped or I’m wearing contacts.

I can call on incredible feats of power, I can strike fear into otherwise vicious animals with one glance. Or growl My teeth have naturally formed into canines. (I feel these descriptions fall on deaf or arrogant eyes)

I know people are going to say I have seen too many movies or I should see a therapist, I assure you since childhood I have seen my share. I have been declared a mentally stable and healthy person.

I stress that these things may have nothing to do with a religious stand point, or a mental one for that fact. It very well could be evolution, extrasensory, awareness to things either forgotten or unknown. Or what ever other possibility that floats in the vastness of the universe.

Just know that your not alone in your experiences, and what ever happens it helps to not give in to your fear, anger or other negative emotions as all these things seem to feed from them. Though you can ignore that these things are there or as anything you bottle away for to long its bound to explode out of your control.

Seek a close friend with a good ear, document your experiences, and don’t let it hamper good life experience.

I apologize for this horribly long post, and thank you for letting me share. I hope you can take away from this something positive, good luck your friend Whisper.

Sent in by “Whisper”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Physical Changes and Incredible Feats of Power”
  1. blondie says:

    im not being death or arrogant, im actually quite open minded-but when you say ‘your eyes become emerald green’ do you mean that they are not like that all the time?-have other people witnessed them change? what was their reaction?
    Im having a little trouble understanding how your already formed teeth have ‘changed’ shape?- or are you saying they grew through in the shape of canines?

    im not trying to sound rude but im finding your story alittle far fetched- maybe you could clarify .

    • Caretaker says:

      I have known several people whose eyes changed colors. Usually it is people with greenish colored eyes that may look brown or gray at one time and very green another. I dont know if it is related to mood or what but I have known of people whose eyes were like that. As for the cat eye like slit, I have never seen that.

  2. Lyra says:

    Goodness, that must have been a truly terrifying ordeal; you are very lucky to have people to talk to about it.
    Have you tried banashing the daemons?

    Good Luck, and Bless’d Be


  3. blondie says:

    oh yeah, the cat like slit -humans can have it, its rare but if a human has it they are born with it.Its caused by under development of the eye in the womb, theres a name for that but i cant remember it.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    very interesting and very scary!! i hope for your well being and safety. you sound like a very intelligent person whisper. and i believe you will win over these hostile happenings!!

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Whisper, i think you are very courages for coming here and telling your story. If we believe you or not, is not the point. Im sure many dont believe some of my posts, but, i know what is true… i thought it was an amazing story!!! Growing up my eyes where always dark brown, now as i get older they are turning more hazel , my dads eyes did the same thing. My mom has one blue eye and one green eye, they are very beautiful… i think anything is possible… Take good care of yourself. I hope you post more stories, would love to hear them…….. ktm

  6. Zaman says:

    Is ur power including body strength?
    My power is a increased body strength, but somehow i can talk to snake now.
    When i met snake i could told the snake to go away. Every snake species.
    I met snake all the time cause i live near jungle

  7. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have always been an open minded person, but am working on being more open minded.. I trully think that anything is possible…Miracles happen every day!!!

    Zaman,, you are able to communicate with snakes???? I used to have a pet snake, ball python, we was huge!!! he loved wrapping himself around anyones neck and taking a nap, as it was warm…. he was about 6 feet long… we got him as a baby, and raised him… snakes like to cuddle, and stay warm…. thats why they have hot rocks in thier cages.. just in case anyone wanted to know!!!!

  8. Zaman says:

    Yes, but it’s like they are understand what i’m saying, but i can’t hear or understand them

  9. Hossam hamdy says:

    Very interesting information, I actually did not related before between the hot rocks & the warm emotion of snackes,you always amazing me KTM,How are you now? I would like to add here that, In Egypt there is a group of a very special people call ” Al Rifaiah” they can control any snake whatever it be,they can talk to them& the snakes understands & obeys them. I saw with my own eye ,someone of this group was brought by a farm`s owner to control & collect the snakes which attacked his animals & chickens, the man stood very quietly in the middle of the farm & mumbled with his strange language , suddenly we all saw many snakes creeping to him from different areas. he carried all of them & put in his sack verey quietly, while we were surprising, lastly we saw a huge snake about 3 m was creeping to him, we all ran away & he catched it in peace. While the snakes were coming to him , they seemed to be as a hypnotic & very calm.Actually you can meet Miracles in every where in this strange world. Thanks whisper for you story, it is very unusual one.

  10. Darren says:

    I have read many stories of demonic possession in which the victims engage in a backwards “spider walk” on all fours…..as depicted. in the unedited version of the film The Exorcist .

    Also still born babies have been reported to have instilled within their souls, a scourge, or curse of “life” amongst the dead. These descriptions only add a truer dimension imo. I would also bet that twins run in your family tree, as well as abortions, and disfigurement on your mothers side. Vampire-ism could have unusual significance.

    In early pagan times, the stillborn were often offered as a sacrifice. If they survived, they were often hidden, and stoned to death, or burned at the stake. I admire your courage, and hope you break the spell. Peace be upon your soul whisper.

  11. voodoochild says:

    It sounds like you are possessed, you really need to get help before it’s to late, if this story is true. I am not doubting you ,but contact a priest or a Demonologist to help you.

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Hossam,,, Not doing to well , thats why i am up so late, but will get through it… Yes, our snake was named (free) he loved to wrap around arms, when he was smaller, and the necks of friends as he got bigger, for the warmth,, he would stick his head out and look at the person and smell them with his tounge, as to say, hello, thank you for letting me sit here,,lol… and if a girl had long hair, he just loved that… we used to take him for rides in the car as someone held him,, and at that time,, i was a manager of a video store,, my daughter would help me in the store with (free) wrapped around her neck,,lol… the people just loved it, and some where afraid. but, my daughter would give them a lesson on how to handle snakes and raise them to be pets.. she was only 12 at the time..

  13. Max says:

    Wow! Almost the same things have been happening to me for 2 years or so. My cousin wants all of us to do a ouija board. No chance am i doing it now if that’s happened to you. Ha i say that but curiosity will get the better of me… I mean I’m sitting in my room now and shadows are moving around me. You learn to live with it though. I haven’t heard my name said for a while and it was only once. Two summers ago i was looking after my house while my family was on holiday i was about to close the front door to go out when i heard something. For some reason i went back into my hallway upon which i heard this whispering but loud and angry demonic voice say my name followed by words in a language i didn’t understand. I filled my trousers and legged it as fast as i could to meet my friends. I had to get one of them to stay the night. Nothing weird happened at all. But the shadows and things following me but nothing when i turn around is getting worse. What should i do? I mean obviously i should stay clear of a ouija board haha. Please respond someone i can’t sleep because demonic images fill my head if i try to. Please help. I’m 18 now and live in the U.K. thanks xo

  14. Sean says:


    Use logic to help yourself — if you are being tormented by scary evil things, then it means that God and good things exist too, and can easily save you.

    I have read many stories of people being scared by these things but the name of Jesus Christ always seems to have tremendous power to freak out the evil entities and make them go away.

    If you are being tormented by these things it means that your energy is ‘low’ enough that they have access to you — raise your energy by praying to God and Jesus for His light and protection, and claim your divine power in His name.

    Read the Bible, and the prayers in it, out loud and over and over and fill your mind with its messages of love, hope, and peace, and find very spiritual people to pray with you for the removal of these beings from your life and replace them instead with God’s love and goodness. Keep going to churches and asking around until you meet someone that you can easily feel their divinity and spiritual power, and ask them for help getting closer to God and getting rid of these beings that torment you.

    As real as these beings are that are scaring you, God, Jesus, and the angels are more real — don’t try to fight the darkness, just turn on the light and it will instantly be gone — fill your life with the light of love, hope, faith, and peace and there will be no more fear. Pray with others every day for 10-15-20 minutes at a time and you will feel a wonderful change come into your life.

    Write a new chapter in your life. Keep at it until you feel the real results and you will feel your heart and mind filled with divine love, peace, and joy.

    You might be going through a miserable dark, night with scary foggy things in it, but when the Sun appears the fog burns away and it’s a beautiful day filled with Joy. Turn toward the inner Sun of divine experience and watch the dark fog around you burned away with the sunshine of Divine love , peace, and joy — then you can help others to do the same.

    Darkness will only bother you as long as you don’t bother to turn on the light! But don’t try to do it alone – find others with real spiritual experience and knowledge and let them help you to pray deeply and find your own inner divine experience and let that radiate from the core of your being.

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