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Paranormal Experiences and Abnormal Sleep Problems

Posted on March 14, 2010

I have had many ‘abnormal’ sleep problems. I’ve slept walked and talked but by far the scariest thing that’s happened to me is my dreams and sleep paralysis. It’s a very odd story and forgive me if it’s a little disorganized.

My two best friends and myself started having very vivid and terrifying dreams a while back. And terrifying is NOT an exaggeration. We thought nothing of it until the same ‘person’ would appear in all of our dreams. I was the first one to have one of these dreams and I thought nothing of it until I was telling my friend about it and she said, “The person you described sounds like this guys in a dream I had.” So the dreams got even more terrifying and soon weird things started happening.

Well one day my friend, Jill (Not real name) calls me and she sounds really freaked out. I was immediately worried and asked why. She told me that she had been having another dream of the ‘person’ asking her about me, our other friend Jane (Not real name), and where we go to school, etc, then she woke up. When she awoke though the ‘person’ from all of our dreams was standing beside her bed and then disappeared quickly. She said it was like he was a mist or a light fog. I was very skeptical at first and said, “Are you positive you weren’t just dreaming?” She assured me she was wide awake but I was still kind of iffy.

Next was Jane. It was a few weeks after Jill’s experience and things had calmed down considerably. Jill and I were on the phone when Jane called up really frightened. She said that she had went to bed last night and had a dream. The ‘person’ had been asking her about Jill and me and about where we live and go to school and our schedules and such. She then said that she woke up and was standing in her living room. Now I was positive that they were playing a practical joke on me or something. I didn’t believe them.

And this is where my opinion changed. I had gone to sleep around 12:00 one night and done nothing out of the usual. I was having this dream.

Dream: I was on the phone with Jill sitting in the chair I have at the end of my bed. Then the power went out and I got off the phone and went to hide under the covers. I was under the covers and I heard two loud bangs. [End of dream]

I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 1:56 am. I shrugged the dream off and went back to bed. I had another dream but shorter.

Dream 2: It was like some weird continuation of the first dream It showed my room, the power still out, and the lump my body made under the covers. Then the outside window glass slammed open and made a banging noise. Then the second one shot up and made another loud bang. [End of dream]

I woke up a second time and looked at the clock (I was getting really cranky cause I kept waking up) and it was 2:11 am. So I grabbed the covers angrily and went back to sleep. This is where it gets scary.

Dream 3: It showed my room again. The window was completely open and I was still under the covers. Then a dark mist floated in through my window over my body to stop beside my bed. Then, it was like I was myself again and I was under the covers. I heard a voice asking me what school I go to and some other questions I can’t remember. I peeked out from under the covers and I saw the ‘person’ from our dreams. [End of dream]

I woke up wide eyed, sweating, and terrified. I honestly had thought my friends were just messing with me. I glanced at the clock and it was 3:00 am. I stayed awake for about 30 minutes before drifting back to sleep.

Dream 4: I was back completely under the covers,scared and crying. Then my hand slung out from under the covers almost robotically and someone held my hand very softly. I started to calm down and relax. [End of dream]

I woke up. I will NEVER forget what happened then. I was in my bed, under my covers, and my arm was hanging out from the covers on the side of my bed. I had woken up, unfortunately, with sleep paralysis and therefore couldn’t move. And in the time I couldn’t move (maybe five seconds) I felt something resting in my hands. Another hand, fingers and everything but I wasn’t scared. I soon regained mobility and sat up completely. My computer had gone off as well as my TV and my room was almost pitch black.

I know that this sounds bizarre and unbelievable but it is completely true, I swear to you. I have never had anything like this happen to me before and I have no clue what could have caused it. My friends and I have never played with a Ouija board or tried to summon something, or anything like that. I am a devout Christian and I have prayed to God to stop these things. Most everything remotely paranormal has stopped but the dreams still continue.

Sent in by Lautice Taylor, Copyright 2010

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13 Responses to “Paranormal Experiences and Abnormal Sleep Problems”
  1. Amber says:

    I sufer from sleep paralysis aswell

    but i have never had anything this odd happin to me well not like this anyway…

    i do fall asleep and wake up through the whole night..

    only thing that has worked for me to stop the bad dreams is blessed oil on my forehead

    i have looked up and have read many things on nightmare demons,being raped by demons and many other things

    at my old house i’d get this werid feeling in my head as i driffed off to sleep then i’d feel very werid as if in between 2 worlds best way to descride it… some times i’d feel rape
    other times i’d be attacked

    the 1st time was my blankets flying off me and floating around alot
    others i’d see a drawer with a bunch of knifes in it and hear scearming

    even got the where i’d start to drifft off and hear a growl
    or a scream
    or my grandmas voice when she wasn’t there

    all when half alseep never awake i have never had any encounters why fully awake
    i feel sorry for those who have tho poor ppl…

    i am 17 years old now living at my grandmas and i still have the odd dreams
    i was 14-16 why living at my other house

    • candy says:

      ive been having some problems sleeping at night.(of COURSE)anyways everytime i go downstairs to drink water whenever i feel thirsty i feel somebody watching me all the time. i start seeing shadows darker than the dark room, i cant sleep because i feel someone touching me. My sheets keep falling to the ground, and is abious somebody is pulling them cuz i always find them under the bed and i dont be doing that. I be freezing my ass off(which is not fun).so i keep feeling somebody touch me and i need HELP, whoever it is, is standing on top of me cuz i can feel them next to me.I saw someone go the stairs one night and my sister and brother where working and my mom never wakes up at night cuz she takes pills to sleep(like always).

      • shortdog29 says:

        i too have problems of the feeling of being watched espesiallywhen im alone and seeing dark figures while under sleep paralysis you are not alone in these problems

  2. Pam says:

    Thats sweet As you im a devoted christian.
    It was just comferting you.
    Nothing to be frightened about if you ask me.
    something like a guardian angel………just dnt provoke it….

  3. anna says:

    see the thing i dont know understand is that the guy kept on asking you and your friends what school you go to.i really dont know if i think it true.not in a mean way.if it is true im sorry you three have to go through that.sorry.thanks anyways for the story.

  4. Amber says:

    o.0 nothing i put was something comferting me…it was all stuff that scared me o.0 my grandma yelling at me scares me lol

  5. Fenwinkel says:

    This is weird. If the spirit can manifest itself in three different places, appearing to three different people, then why can’t it follow you to school, and therefore would not have to ask about where you go to school or what your schedules are? It evidently is not bound to any one location, or person for that matter. You didn’t mention the approximate age of the spirit. Was it close to your age? If so, it might just be curious to see how you live. If not, I haven’t a clue.

  6. Anonymous says:

    do you know about the evil ghost what would do to you

  7. courtney says:

    same has happened to me! its very scary….i hate sleep paralysis……..my house is overly haunted……we dont know how to get rid of them……i tired i took advice from a ghost tracker now the ghosts r mad and wont leave, they try hurting us…..the move items in our house………i cant sleep once so ever because of what happened to me….i had this weird dream and i woke up……couldnt move, my body was tingly, and i tried moving and i couldnt….a minute later i was able to move…..i opened my bedroom door and slept on my sisters side of the bed……we are scared because my sister has witnessed some creepy paranormal things happening……..

  8. Carlos says:

    Now thats a scary nightmare.That gave me the willies!

  9. Dylan says:

    Lautice, did you wake up at exactly 3:00am? If so, don’t forget that it was witching hour.

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