Paralysis Experiences – Demons, Devils And Truths

Posted on September 22, 2008

Paralysis Experiences – Demons, Devils And Truths

About a couple of months ago, I started experiencing the weirdest things. The first time I started experiencing these paranormal things was one night I had gone to sleep talking on the phone with my boyfriend, It was a normal night just like any other but I had the craziest nightmare. (My boyfriend was still on the line talking to me unaware that I had dozed off on him).

I dreamt that I was as I had fallen asleep, on my bed. In my dream everything looked exactly the same as though I was simply awake and looking around my bed room. But as I lay in bed I could hear a strange noise, like a motor. I lay calm and figured the noise was a tractor since my house is right next to these vineyards. Becoming impossible to ignore the motor noise became louder and louder, suddenly so loud I could feel the vibration of the sound all around me. The sound was coming from the board of my bed and when I opened my eyes and looked up to the roof I saw a large tractor on the top of the head board atop of my bed. The tractor had large round blades on the front and they span so fast that it seemed as a sphere was heading my way. At the sight of that I freaked out!

I tried to rush off of my bed and out of my room to safety but for some reason I couldn’t move… at all. I wanted to get up. I wanted to scream for help but not even the simplest sound could come out! I had no idea what was happening, just so sure that I was going to get molded to death by the spinning blades of the tractor. (Being so terrified of what was happening to me I didn’t notice that it was completely impossible for a tractor to just come in my room and has spinning blades right above my head, especially because I live in a two story house and my bedroom was upstairs).

I could hear my boyfriend talking to me on the phone line and I tried so hard to let him know I was in danger. Suddenly I awoke to my senses, I snapped out of this nightmare, and everything was normal again, the tractor was completely gone, the loud noise, gone. I gasped for air interrupting my boyfriend and told him I had to go and hung up the phone. I got up to my feet and ran to my mom’s room to let her know what had just happened.

Another time had happened the same way, I fell asleep one night and woke up to the sense that someone was standing next to my bed. As I opened my eyes I saw, what I consider, Satan. A man looking creature stood only two feet away from me. He was tall and ugly, hairy and had animal like features with horns to top it off. I was so afraid of him that I couldn’t move, even if I wanted to, I was in complete shock. He then started to laugh aloud at me, that’s when, again I was paralyzed, my body would not move. It was as though I was awake mentally but not physically. I wanted to cry of fright.

At that time he started talking to me but I honestly do not remember what he was saying. He pointed to the foot of my bed where my attention was caught by myself. I lay there in my bed, in the dark with the devil standing next to me, and me unable to move my body, just my eyes, staring at me at the foot of my bed. I was naked and with my boyfriend. We were engaging in sexual activity. I was so grossed out at the fact that I was watching myself and my boyfriend have sex, especially since it was my body that had been used and since I was only 15 and a virgin. I felt a heavy guilt built up inside me, as though all my pride, reason, and value had just washed out of me. I wanted to stop myself from acting like that with him. Out of air, I woke up again and everything was gone back to normal. I hesitated to stand up and run to my mother again because the sight was too terrifying. I lay there until morning.

The next week the same again, I fell asleep but this time watching TV. I had set it on sleep for 15 minutes, meaning my TV would turn off automatically within 15 minutes. I woke up once when I didn’t hear the TV anymore then went to sleep, I woke up again when I heard it turn back on. As soon as I tried to move but failed, I realized what was about to happen. On the TV screen there was a man talking to me almost directly as though he were in the same room as me. I can’t recall exactly what he said but it insisted on me to keep watching and not looking away. I just remember a lady walking her baby in a stroller on my TV screen and a man approaching to harm her. I came back and the TV was off. I moved around and laid in bad until I helplessly fell asleep.

This paralysis had been occurring more and more often. Even for the lightest sleep. I remember once coming home from school and taking a nap on my bed for about an hour or so. I was so tired that I crashed out fast. I just remember hearing voices whispering at a distance, but being so tired, I didn’t hesitate to open my eyes at all assuming it was someone in the house talking outside my door. The voices multiplied and sounded closer and louder. I kept thinking maybe we have visitors and they were just being loud. The voices became so irritatingly loud that I soon thought they were walking around my room but I couldn’t care less who it was just as long as I got some rest. The next thing I knew I could hear the voices right next to my ear and they were no longer whispering but talking fairly loud. It irritated me so bad that I opened my eyes to completely nothing and no one, but sweet silence. I knew exactly what had happened and couldn’t continue my nap any longer.

I began noticing that whenever I would fall asleep in any other room in the house, I could sleep in peace with no disturbance. I decided to move my mattress into my mom’s room and sleep in there until I felt safe in my room again. Days had passed with success but then one night, my paralysis returned. The mattress I laid out was just next to my mother’s bed on the floor and one night again I woke up to the sense that someone besides my mother was near me. I got that familiar sensation of having my body completely paralyzed and unmovable. I opened my eyes to find an extremely large and tall man guarding my door. The moon light night shone upon the man through a window in the room. It lit up his gear. He was fully armed with weapons holding a gun in his hand and a helmet on his head. I couldn’t tell what emotion was upon his face but knowing it was another hallucination, I stared at him to see what he would do until my body unfroze and he disappeared. I stood up and jumped in bed with my mom for the night.

I felt that my hallucinations were taking a toll in my life. These scary things happened almost every night for months. At school it was all I thought about, being a distraction from my studies and I thought I was being possessed by a demon. I looked for answers and thought back to a year before when I played with the Ouija board in my friend’s garage. That is a completely terrifying and different story but I believed that was the cause of what was happening to me.

My mother became frightened as well because daily I would wake her up with different stories or she could hear me moaning or screaming at night. She noticed that this was not just a nightmare. Since my mom is highly religious, she looked to God for a cure. Every night she prayed for me and attending church was no longer an option, as in my mother’s eyes, it was my salvation… The paralysis started to weaken and now I experienced short hallucinations like having gargoyles and demons stare at me from atop the ceiling. Being used to it I would wait for the paralysis to pass and wait to gain back my sleep. I stopped having those experiences for a while and moved back in my room and continued as though nothing had happened.

One day, I came back from school and was hanging out with my boyfriend watching TV at my house. I accidentally fell asleep while he was just watching TV. I once again had another paralysis. I dreamed I was a new student at a high school and it was lunch time. I had made friends fast and we were all hanging out when I asked where the bathroom was. My new friends had told me the bathroom was across the campus but that there was another bathroom around the corner but she didn’t recommend going in there. When I asked why she hesitated to tell me it was haunted. Since I didn’t believe things easy and I couldn’t hold it any longer I went ahead into the “haunted” restroom.

Walking in there was another girl drying her hands as if nothing was there though be cautious of so I assumed my new friends were just trying to scare me. The girl stared at me as I looked around the restroom and quickly walked out. Looking around the restroom was dark, old and big. The ceiling was high and the bathroom stalls looked as though it went on forever being so long down into the darkness. So many stalls but yet so empty. No one was in there but myself and the cold breeze. I walked down the hall of stalls looking for a clean toilet and suddenly there was a guy at one of the last stalls. He seemed attractive and he led me into one of the stalls with him. We shut the stall closed and started kissing. We where kissing for a while and I started undressing him but I then noticed that he lost his attention and was interested in something behind me. The stall had opened and he screamed throwing his clothes back on and rushed out of the restroom quick.

I looked around and could hardly see anything because the only light that lit up the room was the dull ray of light shining through the plastic roof way up high. There was no electricity that worked in there. I started toward the door when I tripped and fell to the floor. I hit my head on the floor making me a little dizzy and laying on my stomach but getting my sight back and focused I saw a little girl sitting on a toilet inside of the only stall open staring at me laying on the floor with a blank, unpleasant expression. She was pale white, with a black skirt and a black sweater with black shoes and braided hair. She looked like she attended the school wearing a uniform that looked similar to the schools.

I then tried to stand up but I could feel a heavy force push me down to the floor. It didn’t let me get up. I turned my head to the opposite side and I was staring directly at the tips of the little girl’s black shoes. She stood there staring at me not helping me up to my feet. I got scared wondering how she got from the toilet to the other side of me. With all my force, I crawled away trying to reach the door for help. I pulled myself up with a stall door and tried to run away. She appeared again in my way. With no exits and no place to hide, I then started climbing up the restroom wall. There were fire alarms on the wall leading all the way up to the roof, and with that I climbed up, up to the light, up to safety. Halfway up, I stopped to rest out of breath and looked down to the ground feet away beneath me. I saw her staring at me still with that same vacant face and she quickly climbed up after me, so fast it seemed inhuman and demonic.

She clenched the walls with her fingers and hands not needing the fire alarms to help her up. I looked away in fright and started even faster to the ceiling. When I got up there I started hitting the plastic trying to break it to get out of there. Screaming at the top of my lungs I banged on the plastic roof and lost my grip and fell down to the ground.That’s when I woke up and found myself to be in the complete dark. I gasped for air and yelled out for someone. My boyfriend had left the room to leave me to sleep and joined my family so he came in and I screamed to him to turn on the light. I panicked and grabbed a hold of the wall. He came to me and asked why was I acting so strange.

That has been the last of my experiences but none were very pleasant at all. And in all of these experiences, except for the bathroom, I was completely awake and could look around the room normally but unable to move my body and I would hallucinate. I found out what I was going through was called sleep paralysis by a friend who told me he read about it in a blog. I told him I had no idea what that was, as I had never even heard about it, but when he explained all my symptoms I knew I had been a victim of it. I soon researched about it and also heard about it on the radio. It was a complete relief to know that I wasn’t getting possessed and that it was over. But there’s times where I have had other experiences, being completely different paranormal experiences that make me wonder, Did the Ouija board affect me on any of this?

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18 Responses to “Paralysis Experiences – Demons, Devils And Truths”
  1. willz says:

    It’s amazing what your brain can conjour up during sleep paralysis. It’s the brief period between being asleep and being awake that can make these vivid halucinations occur. Also a sense of fear and dread usually come along with this. It seems real but it’s your mind playing tricks on you. Sounds become amplified like the voices and the tractor then the brain can create visual images to go with them. No matter how bizzarre.

    • china says:

      i hav had these dreams since childhood. and since then they hav scared me everytime and worsen with my age. i used to see dark figures, one time i had a bad experience it sounded as if a demon was screaming in my ear and my room got cold and i was awoke but couldnt move. the next day i told her and she said it was a cat. and a few years later i fell asleep next to my boyfriend and and fell asleep feeling numb and wen i woke a demon was shaking me and screaming i was so terrified and cudnt move. then i wriggled out of it and asked my bf if he felt me move and he said i was twitching and mumbling. its been three years now since ive had those dreams. i dnt kno why they stopped. sometimes i wud stay up for a while and then doze of and read my bible before i went to bed. and wen the nitemare came i wud whisper jesus and pop out of it.

  2. Tawonna says:

    I can honestly say that that board may have help to open a door that needs to be closed. I read tarot cards myself I have only been into it for about 6 months and it helps me tounderstand a lot about myself and the things that are going on in my apartment.
    However, I am still trying to figure out who is this little white girl in a red dress whit tights and black shoes that has graon up with me in my dreams. She is always in my dream and she is always trying to get me to open door that she says she cannot open. I havenever opened them. I figure she is not handycapped she can open it herself. Finally when I was about 24 my ex-husband and I said that we were going to start going back tochurch. That night she came out my dream. i was aseep and when I woke up to turn over she was standing next to my bed and she said hey girl whats up and vanished. I jumped so hard it woke up my husband.

  3. Antoinette says:

    I had a hard time believing this story. For someone being 15 you sure dream about sex a lot. But i hope everything is well, and good luck.

  4. HOLY GHOST GIRL says:

    i think you should go back to church or just start a reading you bible some thing is playing with your mind and you will need jesus to help you live a nomal life some times the devil will try to put thoughts in your head or distract you please read your bible start with ”john ” or ”matthew” then ”revalations”

  5. Carly says:

    no matter what…if you mess with a ouiji board..somethin strange is prolly gonna happen. and that seems so freakin scary to me. i would be so scared if that was happening to me. And i pray to god that i don ever have to go through somethinl like that…and im glad it finally stopped. If it happens again be sure to post it and let us know about it…and that was a great story.

    [email protected]!y

  6. sop says:

    i understand wat your going through,cos it also happens to me but not as frequently as it does for you. mine was jus as scary as yours but thats another story.and the only advice i can give you is that you should pray to god through jesus to help you ,trust me they will help. also it cant harm in any way.

  7. wild honey says:

    actually,the sleep para is a clever trick that demons and dark entities use to scare the crap out of you,here is something that works everytime,when it happens,call the name “archangel michael” over and over it will leave you alone straight away,beleive me i know from previous you cant usually speak,it doesnt matter ,just say it in your mind.they all fear archangel michael.
    it doesnt hurt to say “our father” the lords prayer before going to bed,whether or not you are religeous.
    i can do an absent clearing for you if it is still bothering you,i dont charge anything, cheers

  8. Jamie says:

    i go through the same things. it scares me to death sometimes. i’ll go to sleep sometimes and have stuff like that happen to me. other times i’ll be completely awake and not be able to meve. can anyone help me?

  9. omar santiago says:

    im going thru the same thing your going thru ,but without the seing of the demonds,well i do or did when i was young, but thats another story.first i need to know what’s is happening to me ,and why?well i never spoke to nobody about it till today,and the only reason i said something is because it happend too me again for the second time last night,the first time i did’nt pay attention to it because i thought it was a dream,but it’s made clearly that it was’nt a dream at all that i was wide girlfriend and me went to sleep around 2:00 in the morning after we finish watching ncsi.i was tire but at the same time i could’nt fall asleep,i was just laying right next to my girlfriend.all i remember next is this horrible chill all over my body that its hard to explain ,and it was kinda holding me down against my will a was scared because i coul’nt speak move or do anything , the only thing i could i do was open my eyes, but i was so scared that i did’nt want to see what was there,i had a feeling that whatever was there was’nt human or there to protect me,i tried moving but it had control of my body, my body whole body was really cold,i could’nt explain it because we had two thick blankets over us.i was telling myself omar please move or do something but it was clear that it was’nt going to let me eyes started to water ,and me being scared telling myself to move or to get up, but no matter what it was stronger than me,i was held down for quite some time i dont remember how long all i remember is that there was nothing i can do.i wanted to get up and scream swing my arms or leg and try to get loose or something but i could’nt.i could’nt speak or talk. all my mind could think of is(im screwed) he didn’t want to let me move and i dont know why,all it needed to do to complete everything that he was doing was to whisper in my ear,i think i would of probably died of an heartattack.i thank god he didnt,i even forgot to recent the spirit in the name of god.i learned that at church.this was the second time that it happend,the first time it happend i live at a different address,so whatever it is its following where ever i go{spooky]what should i do?i dont want it to happend again.dont like the expirience.if somebody went thru the samething i went thru you can write at [email protected] you for listening.

    • Randi says:

      Yea it happened 2 me so much ididnt want to sleep bymyself anymore but it followed that was over ten years ago it would hold me down and icouldn’t move it was evil i told it to leave me alone one night and when it came i never could breath just move my eyes its more too i just hate 2 talk about it

  10. Anonymous says:

    By the way, the part where you said gargoyles were staring at you, I don’t believe that gargoyles are evil. Gargoyles were used to guard the churches during the olden times. Just thought you might want to know.

  11. God LIves says:

    My Dear,

    You are under demonic attack by the forces of darkness. Satan wants you to live in fear. Go and get your self a bible straigh away and start reading it. When Christ died on the cross he defeated ans disarmed the powers of darkness. The demonic spirit that you are dealing with is Incubus ans Sucubus . Jesus is your only Saviour. If you really want to escape and be free of this torment than you need to go to a Born a again church and receive Jesus as your Saviour. Christ will live in you and when the powers of darkness try to attack they will see and recognise the Lord our God. The word of God is a sword. Next time this happens to you, remind the spirit that Jesus died on the cross for your salvation, proclaim the blood of Christ over your body, home and life in Jesus Name.
    May God Bless you and make his face shine upon you. You will be free from this torment!!!

  12. *spirit girl* says:

    Hahahahahahahaaha jeez sleep peralyses demons are so retarded they cant hold a humen long enough to posses them these days it cracs me up.(sorry i dont mean to offend you i know what youve been through so dont blow up -k-)Its just out of so many demons ive disposed of this one was the most pathetic he couldent even touch you cous of your high level spiritual power ha ha idiot. GOOD ON YA KID you defeated a low level sleep demon not many can do that some have even died because of that heh.
    congrats and lots of love angel

  13. Anonymous says:

    i’ve been through the same experience. i was only seven years old. i woke up and i was facing the wall. i was on a wooden board and i saw an evil demon with an ax so i tried to move and NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED I COULDNT MOVE AT ALL. IT GOT CLOSER AND CLOSER ABOUT READY TO KILL ME THEN I SNAPPED OUT OF IT. HAPPENED ON 9/16/03

  14. Will says:

    Sleep paralysis is not necessarily bad.

    I used to be scared of it, but now I welcome it. If you can keep your cool and just “go with the flow” when that humming/buzzing noise happens, pretty soon you’ll be conscious in your own dreams. This is the best way to enter a lucid dream.

    Once you’re aware that you’re dreaming you can control everything. You can fly, you can turn a scary monster into a harmless puppy. Whatever.

    It is common when entering the dream state to have little hallucinations like hearing people in your house talking or hearing your front door open. These are paranoid little annoyances that our imagination conjures up. Notice how you heard that buzzing sound and associated it with a tractor. Other people people will see different things, based on their cultural upbringing and surroundings.

    Luckily I never saw scary stuff under sleep paralysis. I viewed it in a more scientific way. It was still very frightening, but my main thought was just: “Why can’t I move my muscles?!”

    Now don’t get me wrong: I believe that ouija boards are very dangerous and I would never go near one. But please understand that sleep paralysis does not have to be connected with dark forces and it can in fact be a very wonderful thing.

  15. Key says:

    I think sleep paralysis is infact scientific but you also have to realize that some things can’t be explained I experience it as well and am certain that some of the things I saw and heard were more than a hallucination as a matter of fact my own came about from having a person who played with a quija board live in the same house as me

  16. Anonymous says:

    if u did study up on it then u know your brain releases a hormone that causes ur body to go into a sort of paralysis so that while u r sleeping u cnt hurt yourself. thats y in some cases people sleep walk because there brain isnt releasin enuf of that hormone. and as for the nightmares like that. the sounds being amplified could do it. the thought of what a ouijie board stands for can cause u to think that way. stress. i mean u look into poltergeist some people hypothesize that stress in teenagers causes things like small houehold items moving because of stress. i mean your dreams might be the same way. and as for a bible i dont know if that will help. and i know how ya feel ive had quite a few dreams like that. sometimes i jus wanna confront it ill try my hardest to get up and face it but its like tryin to a lift a sumo wrestler off u it dont work.

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