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Ouija Spirit – The Dew Breaker

Posted on July 13, 2009

This story takes place in a music studio that I share with a friend of mine. The studio itself resides in the lower portion of an old shop, in a historic district. Most of the buildings have been there since the early eighteen hundreds. We have always experienced odd happenings in the studio. Soft footfalls in the shop above us after closing hours etc.

The first experience I had was early in my days at the studio. To enter the studio you have to come down a set of stairs. The stairs themselves are quite dark, so we put a motion sensor light at the base of the stairs to cut on when you open the top door. Late one night after a jam we heard someone coming down the steps and the light kicked on. However there was no one there. This naturally creeped me out. After that hearing odd things became business as usual. It has always creeped me out but I have learned to deal with it.

My interest in the paranormal activities really peaked one day while I was in the studio alone. It was about six in the evening and the shops had just closed. I was just sitting down to play the drums when a feeling came over me of sheer horror. There was an overwhelming sense that I should not have been there, like something was going to pull the breath from my body at any moment. I fled immediately without even locking up. After that day I knew there was something there that was not pleasant.

After the scare I rallied a few family members to go with me to the studio. We toted with us that night a Ouija board. I can not describe the nerves it took for me to actually place my hands on the pointer.

After a few questions we got down to the nitty gritty. When we asked is there an evil presence here it said very blatantly “yes”. Then without even being asked it said “she comes with the dew”. We then asked if this was the evil spirit and it said “she wont let us leave”. That was all it took, I was done with the board. We hung out for a while until another band mate showed up for rehearsal. I didn’t want to be there but, oh well. After the jam we listened to the playback. In the middle of the first song there was major interference on the room mic. We listened to only that track, and every hair on my body stood at attention. In a very drawn out voice, almost as if it where playing backwards it said “pray satan”, “doom”.

Dan was not with us during the Ouija session. He was the late arrival for rehearsal. When we described the events he was very intrigued. On his own time he did some research. He came across an old legend of people called dew breakers. Dew breakers are individuals who start fires in the early morning. Hence breaking the dew upon the ground. Thanks Google!

On the outside of the building that the studio is under there is a confederate flag painted. The legend is that a woman who lived there painted it on the side in honor of her husband who was at war. She was long accused of dabbling in witch craft. Her husband was killed and on her death bed she revealed that the building was cursed. If the flag was removed or defaced there would be a fire. The flag was painted over twice. Both time resulting in a burned building. One happened in my life, when the dolor general store, no more than three buildings down from the studio burnt to the ground. The flag was repainted and remains.

The similarities with the dewbreaker and the old story boggle my mind. There has to be something there. And I now refuse to go to the studio without an escort of some sort. The happenings in this story are true, whether you decide to believe them are up to you. But I have seen and heard many things. I have watched my cousin turn white as a sheet, swearing he saw a woman in the rear storage room. I have heard unknown voices whispering in the vocal booth. watched the lights get bright to the point of me believing they would explode, only to dim again. All these things are common in the studio.

For the time being I can live with the happenings. But you can bet your life that I wont be there when a fresh dew blankets the ground.

Written by Scott Reed, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “Ouija Spirit – The Dew Breaker”
  1. stay away from it,its bad luck says:

    i also play drums.goodluck with that

  2. Karen M. says:

    That’s the worst mistake that people make is that when they suspect an evil prensence they consult a ouija board! That makes it worse. You could have the studio blessed.

  3. CMF says:

    You could prolly get some great EVP’s out of that, what DAW are you guys using?

  4. CMF says:

    I would be interested in hearing what you guys recorded.

  5. BlessedSpirit says:

    dont use a ouija board! that in itself is evil and it is a terrible sin to break the barrier between man and spirit.i would be scared to hell if i even see a ouija board in my hands.

  6. NIGHT CAT says:


  7. CMF says:

    Uhh I wouldnt use a medium either, but if you WANT to dabble in things like that then who am I to stop you? lol

  8. Cara says:

    What about burning some sage in the building and blessing it? I’ve even heard it recommended to burn sage WHILE using an Ouija Board or talking board, to keep the “evil” entities from “coming thru”. When i felt there was a weird presence in our home, i went thru every room and calmly stated that this was our home now, and that who/what ever was here needed to leave now. Things have been WAY better ever since.

  9. BlessedSpirit says:

    ouija boards. i don’t trust them. if you want to use them go ahead, but make the right decision, or it could be your ultimate downfall.

  10. Taylor says:

    When you use an Ouija Board, you’re giving evil spirits a free ticket to a portal that enters our world. Basically, Don’t use them anymore

  11. BlessedSpirit says:

    i dont. nicely said taylor.

  12. Magykbuzz says:

    oujia board is just mere a tool, you could use anything else to interact with spirit world.

    • truebinx says:

      paranormal society’s aka ‘the experts’ won’t even touch ouija boards and for good reason, it is much safer to use an evp and emf to determine if there is a spirit

  13. cerrvin says:

    how do you end a ouiji board?

  14. sharayah says:

    i would go now.and not wait for the dew. lol,good luck and take care :)

  15. truebinx says:

    I will add my two cents since it only confirms what everyone else says never ever use a ouja board, they are dangerous, instead use and evp or consult a medium but the fact that the spirit mentioned satan is a classic sign of demonic possession and until you find a priest or a man of God you are in very grave danger, my suggestion would be to find a paranormal society immediately and let them deal with it because they have the experience and know how.

  16. StephiePooH says:

    Very Scary Scott. I must say that I would not go back in that place period. You are brave to do so. Please share anymore encounters you have had. Thankyou for sharing your story and Have A Blessed Day! Steph

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