Orbs and a Six Foot Monster

Posted on February 26, 2011

Hello, I’m purely posting this “story” for information and if anyone knows what is going on and can relate to any of this.

Since I’ve been a young age, I’ve seen “bubbles” in my house, which apparently people refer to these as orbs, and also little flashes of light, as in little sparks, usually collected in a large quantity. I also used to hear tapping on my closet, and it got to the point where I knew when and how many times the knocking would proceed (strange?) I heard footsteps walking up and down the stairs usually around 2 to 3 am. I always was too scared to check (I was only around 6 years old).

I used to hate bedtimes, mainly because of the strange goings on as soon as my light would be turned off. I would purposely fall to sleep on the family sofa, so I didn’t have to endure trying to go to sleep under the circumstances. I did usually go to sleep ok on the sofa, but when my father used to carry me to bed, I would go insane (ie screaming, eyes rolling to the back of my head, biting, punching, inaudible noises) and this happened regularly. Incidentally I never remembered these actions until my father told me what I had done.

When I did sleep, I usually had this recurring “nightmare”, where I was on a rollercoaster and it coming to an abrupt stop and then all I can see is a mutated face, with flesh all over and a bald head(?) And he’s there just staring at me. I still get the dreams now nearly 20 years later.

All of the spooky goings on got to me, I’d have been about 12 years old when I told my father about the incidents. It turns out my father is quite in touch with the dead, and he has seen things and talked to the dead. When I asked him about the tapping, he originally said it was the water pipes, but then later admitted it might of been paranormal.

My father and I would see several things over the years, including shapes walking by the curtain in our house, and things been moved. We would talk happily about this, and the spooky goings on would now be a natural part of my life, so now things like that don’t scare me.

Something then happened when my nephew was born when I would have been 13 or 14. He was only a couple of weeks old, and a voice was in my head telling me I wished he was dead, and hoped he’d die in the most graphic of fashion, and basically thinking sick thoughts about him. The main scary thing was, it wasn’t my voice, it was an adult male. It wasn’t ferocious sounding, but not nice all the less. At this point I was banging my head against the wall telling it to stop, and crying and crying (I did this alone)The only way I got the voice to stop, if I took my mind of it and kept my mind occupied.

The voice gradually faded as I got older, but never entirely went away (I still get it today). years passed and I was about 17, things weren’t going great at college for me, parents on verge of splitting, struggling to find a job, no money and things had been a lot better. But, something seemed different about the house all of a sudden, a lot less spacious if you get what I mean… confined. I was not at college, everyone was at work, and I was dabbling about with my acoustic guitar on my bed , when a quite hard tap hit me on the top of the head, so I looked up and saw this black figure with a hood up walk into my bathroom,(which I later discovered there is a portal in the bathroom, according to a medium I saw)The figure was around 6’7, with a hood up, was big in frame, and had the biggest, highest boots on which I recognized as what young moshers of today would wear (?) obviously, I freaked out and didn’t say anything, due to the fact people would think I’m crazy.

A few weeks past, and still something was wrong about the house. I decided to tell my father what I saw a few weeks prior… he then said to me, he’s seen the thing a few days before walking up the stairs, and he described the figure to a tee, including the boots. My father then admitted to me, he’d been doing s�ances late at night whilst everyone was in bed, and he said spirits had gotten into the house, and not good spirits. Since that, the “thing” had gotten stronger, physically throwing my mother around the room and actually talking to her one night, whilst she was laid in bed.

My father eventually cleansed the house after the attack, saying he did it by basically saying prayers and telling them to leave in an aggressive manner. Nothing happened after that, apart from that night when a old, gruff voice whispered into my mothers ear saying: “GOODBYE”.

Then, a few years past and nothing bad happened again, we still saw the orbs and figures, but nothing threatening. I was about 21, and life again was a bit depressing, I had a job which I hated, relationship was terrible and everything seemed a mess. And the Voice came back with a vengeance, it was sterner this time and arrogant. It was telling me to do things like burn houses down, and I actually ended up nearly flooding the place I worked at the time.

Its still there to this day, but not at all bad as it was. If anyone can tell me any information on any of the things I have said I will be grateful.

Sent in by Kurdt, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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4 Responses to “Orbs and a Six Foot Monster”
  1. Stan says:


    As humans, we have four basic elements -phyiscal (anything associated with our physical bodies), emotional (how we relate to others/feel about the world and ourselves), mental (our ability to think and process complex ideas), and, the one that many overlook – spiritual (the unseen force that resides within our bodies and gives us life). There are many NATURAL diseases, afflictions and illnessness that can impact our physical and mental elements – and sometimes our emotional element. There are also forces existing in our world that prey primarily on our emotional and spritual elements – sometimes refrerred to as PRETERNATURAL. Preternatural is different from SUPERNATURAL in that Supernatural is most often considered to be of Divine (God) origin, whereas preternatural is considered to be something not normally found in nature (higher than nature, but lower than Divine). Most scientists, doctors and psychologists insist that all human suffering is caused by things within the NATURAL world – disease, physical injury, neglect, etc.. The truth is that many, many illnessness that appear to manifest themselves in our physical or mental elements, are caused by PRETERNATURAL forces, specifically, demons and evil spirits. Your father has given permission to negative preternatural forces (demons and evil spirits) to influence his life and your life. ANY dabbling in the occult (that means ANYTHING – to include seances) gives demons the legal right (in a preternatural sense) to oppress you. Demons belong to and work for Satan. Satan is a fallen entity (no longer in God’s good graces). He is fallen because he rebelled against God. Humans also rebelled against God (Adam and Eve) and thru that rebellion became fallen, just like Satan. Because we are now fallen like Satan, he (Satan) now has a legal right to oppress us, to influence us, to cause us harm if he can. The ONLY thing that removes that right is for us to regain God’s good graces. You may have heard it referred to as forgiveness, redemption, or ‘being saved”. Under the old law (old testament) – the only way to be forgiven by God was to offer sacrifices to him. The more serious the offense, the more costly the sacrifice. To be forgiven for adultery, for example, you may have to sacrifice your prize bull and two of your best male calfs. Have you ever heard of a “scapegoat’? An entire community could ask for God’s blessing by symbolically placing their sins on the back of a goat – and then turning that goat loose in the desert to be slaugtered and devoured by wild beasts. Under the new agreement with God (the New Testament), Jesus Christ became the scapegoat for all of humanity. All of our sins were placed on his shoulders – then he was delivered to his enemies to be slaughtered – and through his sacrifice and death, he took away our guilt and our sin against God and carried them to the grave. This is why he is referred to as the “Sacrificial Lamb”. He then defeated the grave and death through his resurrection. Believing in Jesus and embracing his sacrifice on our behalf is the first step that humans must take in order to get back into God’s graces and remove Satan’s right to have any power or influence in your life. Surrendering our lives to God -means to have a close relationship with him by talking to him (by praying to him) and allowing him to talk to us (by reading the bible) and then by trying our best to live by all of his rules. This will protect you from the evil that exists in this world. The earth is not God’s domain! He does not live here – he lives in heaven. Satan does live here – and so do we. The only protection we have from Satan is through Jesus Christ. That’s why all successful exorcists call on the name of Jesus in order to expel demons. Have you ever heard of anyone expelling a demon in the name of Buddha? Or Allah? Or Mohammed? Those names have zero effect on a demon – because demons must also obey the laws of God – not the laws of Buddha. You have demons or evil spirits channeled and attached to you. They will not ever go away on their own. And, as long as you continue to live as a fallen human, you will continue to give them the right to interfere with your life. My advice to you is to go see a Catholic or Protestant Minister and tell them what is going on in your life. If they don’t take you seriously, do not hesitate – get up and walk out and keep looking until you find one that does. (Not all humans that call themselves ministers and priests, are real ministers and priests). the objective of a demon is to destroy your life and and as many lives through you as he can – and then get you to take your own life or have someone else do it, before you are forgiven – that way you belong to Satan forever, and absolutely nothing in heaven or hell can change that. (God COULD change it – but he won’t). Good luck my friend. I sincerely hope that you can be rescued from the evil in your life before it is too late.


    • yumi says:

      Stan – PLEASE, for the love! use paragraphs!!

      Kurdt – Before assuming its supernatural voices in your head, i would SERIOUSLY go see a doctor about it. Im not saying that your lying, and i am NOT dismissing your sightings or your fathers. But having thoughts like that, can be linked to many disorders. You may have a bigger problem than ghosts. Be more worried for your mental health, please see and explain to a doctor.
      Thankyou for sharing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Especially if you have to beat your head on the wall. I would be prepared though because I have a feeling that they are going to give you some kind of shock treatment and hold you there for awhile… Sorry to say but your stories and my contacts with the dead are very unstable and don’t match. I am sure that you are sincere in your stories as they are familiar to mine however I have a feeling you are dealing with a unstable mind and have confused some of your realities with your sickness. God Bless!!!

  2. G says:

    U may just be sphycic and have a talant that you need to contoll

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