Old Haunted House In Pocatello Idaho

Posted on March 21, 2009

All of this happened when I was 6 – 8.� When my parents bought this house that was built in the early 1800′s.� It was a two-story. They were told it wasn’t haunted.� However, it was.� It was haunted by three and possibly four spirits.� One of them was an old cowboy. Two of them my parents and I believe were lovers.� The girl’s name was Elle May, we’re still unsure about the boy’s name.� The possible fourth one, we’re not sure if it was the girl’s lover, or a second lover of hers, or if it was somebody else entirely.

The first time anybody saw anything was my step-father.� He was going to bed when he thought he heard somebody running through the living room.� So he grabbed his flashlight and half-expected to have to attack somebody.� He then saw somebody run up the stairs.� He followed them and he thought he saw somebody run into the bathroom, but when he went over there, he couldn’t find him.� He still swears up and down that it was a white guy in a tuxedo and that the guy looked like he was in a hurry.

I had a room on the second floor that was connected to the kitchen, it was probably meant to be a large pantry, but we decided to use it as my room and when I was up there from 9 – 2 AM I would hear voices that were muffled as if they were downstairs sounding like they were having fun at a bar. I would even hear the fairly inappropriate comments they gave to the barmaids!� The first night that I heard that, I just blew it off thinking that my step-dad was downstairs watching some show.� But the next day when I asked him he said that he hadn’t watched anything like that. He and my mother both had went up there when I normally heard the voices, they never heard them but I always did.

A couple days later my mother was doing dishes and this guy in a tuxedo with a bouquet in his hand proposed to her.� This happened every time she did dishes.� I saw him.� My step-father never did though.� Also, there was this beautiful lady, (who later after I had “talked” to her I found out her name was Elle May) that would dance in the kitchen occasionally.

Very soon I got sick of all of the stuff that happened upstairs, so I decided to trade rooms with my sibling.� So that I was downstairs.� Only to find that the bar sounds were louder.� But then I would only hear them whenever my step-dad and mom were not in the room.� I was getting really annoyed at it all.� Eventually I got so sick of it at two am that I ran into the living room and quite clearly yelled at them saying that they had to quit being so damn loud.� After that, it was very muffled, as if they were talking in whispers.

Several times Elle May would walk into my downstairs bedroom and sing a lullaby to me.� Also she would talk to me as if I was her best-friend about how she was getting married to this guy, she never said his name.� But my mother and I have decided that the guy that was always proposing to her, was the person that Elle May was supposed to marry.

In our basement there were two tunnels leading down somewhere, we never knew where because my parents never had the time to go follow them.� My mom claims that in her store (it was downstairs in what we called “the front room”) she kept on having this ghost in her 20′s or early 30′s complaining about how she was killed in her favorite dress.� Why?� My mother never found out.� There was also a certain part in the floor that if you walked across, you could feel this certain 2 foot by 2 1/2 foot space that was extra wobbly.� One day I was following it and I felt a large hinge on one side of it.� So there must have been like a trapdoor or something.

Also, there was two days where we would swear we heard a shoot-out going on.� However, every time it only lasted for about 15 minutes, then it would go away and I wouldn’t hear the bar sounds for a week.� I have a feeling that on that certain day, there was a shoot-out there and it killed Elle May and her fianc�, hence why they were still wandering around and acting like they weren’t married quite yet.

So yeah, we lived in that house for about a year and a half and last thing we heard from my step-brother and sister was that it was still haunted.� Nobody has gathered the guts to go investigate the tunnels yet though.

Written by Lialleilla M. Sutula, Copyright 2009

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25 Responses to “Old Haunted House In Pocatello Idaho”
  1. Jackie says:

    Alright, you only need to experience a demon attack now and then you’ve pretty much covered the whole spectrum of hauntings!

    What tunnels where you referring to by the way?

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh yeah, just re-read it and saw where you mention the tunnels.

  3. Name >:D says:

    Maybe those 2 tunnels have the answer to these hauntings you have been having at you’re house good luck!

  4. Lialleilla M. Sutula says:

    Lol, well… I’m not exactly planning on experiencing THAT! Probably will sometime though. Ghosts have a knack of following me around.

  5. Jackie says:

    No, don’t go into the tunnels 0: …demons have a tendency to lurk in tunnels, lol

  6. Name >:D says:

    well if you do go, go with someone!!=D with a friend or something so if something does happen both of you will be scared but not alone…=)

  7. Jackie says:

    I found on demonnaptime.com that the best time to go into tunnels is at demon nap time, between 6.45am – 6.50am (USA time)…so if you’re real quick!!! Good luck!!

    Let us know, yeah?

  8. Lialleilla says:

    Well Jackie, unfortunately my siblings decided to sell the place… I recently found out. So, I guess I’ll never find out what was in those tunnels… =(

  9. Alpha says:

    nice experience
    The house must hold a lot of history and must have been frequently used for the ghosts to be able to channel and use it so efficiently. It’s rare to have a case where a person will be able to speak so freely to a ghost. Fortunately, i’ve had that blessing too and it’s kinda creepy but after a while you get used to it.

    Take care (and definitely investigate the tunnels or have them completely sealed)

  10. Kathy says:

    that maybe spooky but well Elle was sweet, wasn’t she? And the bar ghosts were curt enough to lower their voices…

  11. trolldoll1681 says:

    i don’t think there were demons in that house, just alot of history replaying itself. that house must have been a hot spot for the locals! try to look up the history it sounds as if there were quite a number of spirits in that house as for the tunnels it could have been a under ground railroad at one time. thank you this has been a very neat experience to read please do add more if you think of any. and you have the right attitude about those how to deal with playful ghosts

  12. K-L-Y says:

    Have you guys ever thought, that when you die, you wander around like a lost soul, but if something happens (i don’t know what) but as a spirit, you live re-live your haunting death. like how in this story, where the girl keeps on talking to her, and the man keeps on proposing. i bet she was doing the dishes or she was in the same position when he proposed to her. the lovers sound nice and not harmful..the cowboy? didn’t really mention him. but maybe he was the one who killed them? or maybe he was just one of the dudes that were shooting. who knows. but then again “WOW!” great story. :]

  13. Jen says:

    I’m currently living not that far from Pocatello, Id. I’ve been a student of the occult for just over 20 years now, and investigating paranormal activity for the last three years. I haven’t ever heard this story (or one similar to it) about a house in Pocatello, but if the house exists I’d LOVE to go explore those tunnels.

  14. Lialleilla M. Sutula says:

    Well Jen, the house was having some issues. Right before we moved out they were re-doing the street in front of it and my mother WATCHED one of the walls buckle. So, if it didn’t get torn down and if it didn’t fall apart… It’s still there with the tunnels.

  15. CuteSagittarius says:

    Sounds like the place holds a helluva history. U should try to dig it up, would be interesting, I bet!

  16. Bob says:

    what street was the house on

  17. L. M. S. says:

    The street that the house was on is called West Center street. Most people just called it Center Street though.

  18. Bob says:

    Was the house by the market

  19. Josh says:

    I live in pocatello where is this house whats the full address i know where center is but whats the full and even if it did get torn down i bet they kept the tunnles and the spirts if there were any would nopt leave just because the house went down.

  20. Sara says:

    I just moved to Pocatello myself and have already had some strange experiences. In fact, I was hoping maybe someone on here could help me figure some of them out. Does anyone know any information about the little house on Kraft Rd… and I dont mean the old warehouse. I was driving past the house one day heading towards the warehouse and didn’t see anything, however, on the way back past it, i glanced over and saw a man in the window (mind you there is no way a person was inside). This man pointed at me and then vanished. Well, I was telling the story to my mom and she started flipping out. Apparently, the guy was a distant uncle of mine, but she couldn’t remember his first name although his last name was Craft. Any info would be great as I’m trying to put the pieces together… All I can find online is stuff about the warehouse, not the house itself. Please send me any info. Thanks

  21. Terri says:

    I enjoyed this story very much! As a native Pocatelloan?, I have heard several different
    stories about these tunnels and would so much appreciate it if you could either provide me with an address or perhaps closer directions to the location of where the land this house was or is on.
    Thank You,
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. Dan says:

    I am a native of Pocatello. There absolutely were at one time tunnels honeycombing that section of town known as “Old Town.” I doubt there are any left at this point, though, due to road construction, etc. The stories I have heard indicate that these tunnels were used by Chinese railroad workers around the late 1800′s – 1900′s, and were where they congregated, since they were not welcomed in most white establishments. There are stories of underground brothels and opium dens, etc, and, in fact, until about the mid 1990′s, there was a section of E. Center street that had blue glass bricks set into the sidewalk serving as a skylight for some of these underground rooms. Unfortunately, when the sidewalk was rebuilt, the rooms were filled in and lost to history. This I know to be true, because at the time I was living in an apartment in a building there. It’s anybody’s guess as to how many people may have met an untimely end in those tunnels in their heyday.

  23. William Husrt says:

    I was wondering about those tunnels? is there anything that you can tell me about their history, entrences, what they were used for etc. im doing a reasearch paper on them and have been finding it hard to access any kind of information about them at all.

  24. David Marquez says:

    Honestly that sounds very interesting, and i would like to visit it, and see if i could help solve the story of these spirits. Where is this place located in Pocatello, ID. I live there.

  25. BekkieLassy says:

    I would love to know whats down there. Maby you’ll find all the answers you were looking for and just maby the ghosts will be free after that.
    Well its realy sad that the house is sold now.
    Thanks for your storie. I loved it….

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