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No Ghosts in Apartment 208

Posted on August 22, 2011

As you probably already guessed, I live in an apartment. Yes, apartment number 208. I’ve never believed in ghosts. This isn’t a stupid story about some Victorian fashIned ghost woman or a lost soldier’s soul or some made up stuff like half the 12 year olds on this site make up, so don’t assume anything.

Anyway, I moved into this tiny apartment with my brother and parents about 8 years ago. I’m not sure how many years I’d lived there when this happened, but around the middle of the night (as spooky things usually happen) my room floor started softly shaking and my bed hit the side of my wall. I thought there was an earthquake until outside my window I heard ambulances. I went out to my porch and watched as my landlord was wheeled away. Her daughter cried like she was shrieking. She had a really high pitched voice. She had died instantly in the shower of an unknown cause. Her eyes were open as they rolled her past me, and I remember looking straight into them. Being so young, I was terrified and had nightmares for the longest. Whether 10 years old or 40, it’s horrifying to look into the eyes of a dead woman.

So rewinding before she died, my landlord was a perfectionist. The parking lines were so close that it’s impossible to park slanted, but apart enough to open the door. It’s kinda hard to explain. You had to walk at a certain pace or else the top floor would make a squeak – which she hated. The outside appearance of our living space had to look the same. Screen doors were not an option. No plants had a sign of wilting nor a sign of it happening anytime soon. All windows had to be open or shut at the same time as everyone else. I could go on and on. But it was cheap, and it was close to my school and my parent’s work. So we were content.

Anyway, about a year after she died, weird things started happening. My doors would slam on their own. Not shut, but slam. And – it only happened when one window was closed and the other open. Whenever trucks came by my bed would shake and hit the wall. Every time in the middle of the night I would hear that high pitched shrieking cry, and hear rolling wheels outside around the top floor (yeah I live on the top floor.) The list goes on. Again with the creepy stuff – I could go on.

No one in my family believed in ghosts, including me. But I was pretty young and curious. So I decided to figure this stuff out for myself. I decided to check it out years after. You get fed up with it after a period of time. So I did my own tests -

The slamming doors? That’s because of the wind.

Shaking doors when trucks go by? That’s because we don’t have such a firm foundatIn on the second floor.

The rolling wheels outside? Our neighbor’s grandma to take her cart of laundry to our laundry to call dibs on the first machine.

The shrieking cry? That’s our pipe lines that run through our apartment at midnight.

All the other weird things going on had the similar answers.

You see a year after she died and her daughter moved out, our new owner was less of a neat freak, in fact the exact opposite. Without all the care that was given to it before, this apartment is run down. It wasn’t a ghost or spirits or whatever.

See this to all of you who jump to paranormal conclusions. If something weird’s going on, don’t call a ghost buster or something stupid like that. Check things out. Of course they’re gonna come up with a whole bunch of stuff. That’s how they make their money. ‘That’s too crazy to be a coincidence. You’re making up excuses.’ Look who’s talking.

Sent in by Sarah Rebekah, Copyright 2011

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24 Responses to “No Ghosts in Apartment 208”
  1. BekkieLassy says:

    Oky. Hi!
    I only read the first paragraff of your story and desided to comment on what you assumed. You cant say things like that about the people who write on this site. You will never know if the 12 year olds that post their stories here just mke stuff up.
    Just because you insulted the yunger people’s stories on this site I decided that I don’t even wana read your ferther.
    I m sorry but by insulting others to attract more readers to you story is the wrong way.
    No afence…………………………Bekkie

  2. Texture says:

    Don’t discredit the “paranormal” because you like logic, Sarah. Not everything can be explained by normal circumstances. If you refuse to open your eyes to the “paranormal” then you are blind to a degree. If you didn’t want to read about the paranormal then you should not have come to this site.

  3. jacibo says:

    i am ten years old and think that what you wrote in the first paragraf of yur story is very insulting i don’t no why adults think children lie all the time because we don’t always. imagine if you were a child and you had a scary experience how would you feel. i don’t think you should write off all the kids storys as fakes because some of the adults storys may be ffake as well. sorry if i insulted you


    • Marty says:

      Jacibo, It’s strange you took it to be an adult sending this story and I took it to be a child. I’m an adult and would never discredit a child like that because I once was a child and had my own stories that I know were true.

      Stange right:

  4. Marty says:

    All I will say to the 12 year olds who wright there stories on this sight is, If you know you are right then you don’t have to prove yourself. Don’t let anyone upset you for the truth. Remember the truth will set you free.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The use of stupid at the beginning of the article turned me off to the rest of the story.

  6. Jaybee says:

    Sarah, I have absolutely no doubt that some of the stories on here are, indeed, totally false and made up. I am also quite happy that nothing paranormal was happening in your building and that you have, apparently, never had an experience with something you were totally unable to explain. I hope you go through life and never have a paranormal experience. That would be my wish for you.

    However, if you have spent any time here, you’ll know that a great many authors have noted that they “checked out the entire house,” that they tried very hard to rationalize and to find logical explanations for what they were seeing and hearing, and found none. I don’t believe the majority ever simply hear something and immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s paranormal. In the vast majority of stories, they are slowly led there, as they try to reason and explain and bit by bit their conclusions bear no fruit until they are left with the unlikely.

    As the bard himself noted, dear Sarah, “There are more things in heaven and earth . . . Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  7. BekkieLassy says:

    Well i decided to read your story 2 days later.
    I sould say that I am very offende by your accusations to the paranormal.
    You forgot about one point you gave. You sayed it all started after the lady died. So where was the wind the lady with her washing and the pipe noises when she lived.
    I agree with Texture. If you don’t believe in the paranormal don’t come here and insult everyboddy.
    Sorry to say but YOU DON’T belong here.
    Insult people who don’t know what they are talking about LIKE YOU an not the people on this site like ME who actually see ghosts and interact with them>>>>> WE actually hear them, we feal them, we smell them and we see them. Some of uss can actualy touch them. Why did you come here and read these stories. Why did you waist your time to tell your story. Why are you trying so hard to prove that ghosts don’t exist I know why. Coz deep down inside you feal that there was something. Deep down you know they do exist. Deep down you wane believe.
    Don’t fight it just eccept it.

    • Caretaker says:

      I absolutely believe that ghosts and other entities exist BUT I also believe that in most cases of supposed paranormal activity there is a reasonable explanation such as pipes, or wind.

      • BekkieLassy says:

        I agree completly.
        But I don’t think that is nice to critisize someone else just because they think its not true. Some times there is a logicle explanation for what happened but the person was to scared to inspect things. But its not up to me or some one else to be so crule about it. Then they sould comment on that story they think is fake and discuss the happening with respect.

        • Jaybee says:

          To be totally fair though, it may be that Sarah was trying to push the point that one should, indeed, always investigate and never immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s paranormal. She may have read enough stories on here to convince her that, children especially, might be doing exactly that.

          She phrased her comments quite inartfully and condescending, but she had a valid point. If we are willing to concede that, she should also concede that for a great many readers this is a place to come to, to ask questions, to seek counsel, to tell their stories, etc. Many of the stories I’ve read start out, “This happened when I was 10 . . .” Most times the author is now an adult and still has not figured out how or why an event occurred. Obviously the author has had more than enough time to ponder and to seek or arrive at an alternative explanation. The fact that the author is still left puzzling years later can speak to the veracity of their story. It could be that Sarah is not mature enough to have come to these realizations.

          I enjoy reading these stories, growing up on a haunted farm, you think that you’re the only one going through this. After all, no one really talked about things like this back “in the day.” I think it’s good to be able to have a discussion site, and yes, that holds even if someone does slip in a work of fiction on occasion. :-)

          • BekkieLassy says:

            I appreciate you commenting on mine.
            I do agree with you in some way. More people think they experience the parasnormal these days without thinking that something logic could have made it happen. Im also glad that we can talk about the paranorml without eney boddy trying to throw you in the looney bin lol.

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      I’m So Tired Of Anti Ghost Skeptics, Be There Ghosts Or No Ghosts, (Ghosts, No Ghosts, Whatever!) Can You Really Claim, That We All Don’t Slither Out Of Our Jello Bodies, When We All Cease To Remain, Inside Of Our Jello Bodies?! And How Do You Know It Was Really The Pipes, Even? Did You Even Go Bother, To Check Out Those Pipes, Even? And Yes, There Probably Is Alot Of Supposed Fake Ghost Stuff, On The Internet. Fake Stuff, Like On You Tube, Probably! Is Any Of That Stuff On You Tube, Real? And If Some Of The Supposed Ghost Stuff On You Tube Is Real, Why Do Some Of The Idiots, Post The Fake Stuff? It Just Kind Of Ruins The Supposed Real Ghost Stuff, You Know? Boo! from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas

  8. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Sarah Rebekah

    I’m curious ……….. why did you seek this site out ………. a site about the supernatural worlds …. spend loads of time and effort writing a story about your creaky, run-down apartment ……… then declare that the belief in the supernatural is all stupid??

    Just curious …………. what was the point? So what if you live in a rundown apartment because the new landlord doesn’t want to spend time and money on it … thats got nothing to do with ghosts.

    Religions thrive on the supernatural. That’s an awful lot of people who don’t think this subject is stupid or for people with the “mental age of a 12 year old”. You might want to have a re-think!

    PS sorry all you 12 year olds out there – didn’t mean that to come across as condescending … just quoting the OP’s theories!!

    • BekkieLassy says:

      My thoughts exactly.
      Why go through all of this and waisting time for nothing.
      But I’ll leave this to you all coz I just get more upset the more I open this story to reed more posts.
      To all the other yougher kids that write their stories on here. Please continue. Dont feal offended by one non believer.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow I’m a adult and I have to say u sound like a pettish spoiled teenager that is used to forcing ure opinions on others. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want, you shouldn’t be so quick to disparage them or say it isn’t so just because u reasoned out what was happening round ure apartment. And maybe u need to be logical to cope, not everyone is brave enough to admit when something supernatural happens to them. To the kids onsite, don’t stop writing just because of one jackass ;) happy hauntings!

  10. Rosie says:

    If you are as strong as the way you said, then you should not be scared at the first place when you see you landlord’s eyes.

    Simlpy because there are so many things you don’t believe, it doesn’t mean your opinion is right . people like to read ghost stories here, you need to post your story somewhere else.

  11. B.Staib says:

    HA!!!! I am a 12 years old and I have seen soom ghost in my yuong child-hood so I respect what you belive in and so you should respect what us paranormal guys on this website belive in.
    Some of BBF’s think I’m wired to belive in this staff but they respect what I belive in.

  12. kristi says:

    Kids never lie n your 1st few lines upset me n as I can see I am mot d only one. Don’t deny GHOST thy gets offended n thy might try to teach u a lesson…. (honestly I want thm to) plz dun mind but I believe in god m demon both. I dun worship demon but I do believe tht thy exist. :) )

  13. GirlRacer says:

    Those who are throwing insults back in retaliation (for instance “jackass”) are no better than the person who started throwing the insults.

    Everybody has an opinion/belief. Whilst you may not agree with the opinion/belief, be mindful of showing respect for it. After all, you yourself would want the same acknowledgement.

    Sarah. I’m sorry you feel that most 12 year olds around here do that. However, it’s wrong to generalise one particular portion and tar them all with the same brush. Yes, there will be 12 year olds that do make up things. But I’m 34 and people my own age are capable of the same thing.

    Whilst I respect your opinion, I do not agree with you. I also am a great advocate of “speak up, speak the truth, but be mindful of how you speak it”. Your truth may not necessarily be somebody else’s. If everybody in this world deployed a little tact, there would be a lot more understanding and maybe a little less crime.

  14. chan says:


    My name is Chan and I am 24 years old. I’m a United States Marine and is rare to catch me getting scared etc. With all that said, my point is that just because you can apply logic to your scenario and it’s actually the case then good for you. I’ve seen people die, been in a war etc. I don’t get scared easily but I do believe these people with their stories because I’ve had too many stories like these while growing up. And no, using logic will not tell me the reason behind my experiences. Just like you, I am a person of logic. In my experiences, I have learned that logic can’t solve everything.

  15. Mookie says:

    Well that was indeed mature. ¬__¬
    And to be perfectly honest while reading that most people probably did not automatically think “Oh it’s a ghost” but instead realised that the door thing would obviously be a draft and that the structure of the house was probably rubbish hence the shaking when vehicles went past.
    You shouldn’t just assume that you know what people are thinking.

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