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Night Terrors and Conversations with an Invisible Person

Posted on May 24, 2011

I am 18 years old and for as long as I can remember I have had a presence that has followed me around. My mother use to tell me stories of standing outside my bedroom when I was little and listening to conversations I had with an invisible person, it use to frighten her. Then it really scared her when I started to have night terrors.

For those of you who don’t know night terrors are different from nightmares because in nightmares an individual can distinguish the difference between what is real and what is a dream, in a night terror the human mind cant.

At first she mistook my night terrors for nightmares simply because they seemed like normal horror dreams until I started talking about my family and seeing their mutilated bodies lying around me. She noticed that when I would have my episodes it was harder for her to wake me and I violently escalated to physically attacking my mom while she tried to wake me. She finally decided to put me in therapy when on several occasions I tried to walk out the front door. The therapist asked me what I would dream about and I told her the devil. He would come to me while I slept and whisper things to me.

finally I stopped dreaming all together and my mom took me out of therapy thinking I was fine but I was far from it. I started to hear voices and see shadows. At night I would wake and there was always this thing sitting at the end of the bed. It was evil but I wasn’t afraid which is weird when you have a demonic entity in your presence. I started just brushing things off ignoring it and trying to live my life. I ended up moving and I thought I had left it at my old house but I was completely wrong it had followed me and this time it chose to torment my 3 year old sister.

Now as most of you know children at a young age are highly acute to things an adult cant see and its because of their innocence. Well she would scream and cry when we would try to put her in our shared room and none of us understood why until my grandmother came to my house and told us that this thing was sitting next to my bed watching me almost protecting me which would make sense of why I wasn’t afraid, but she proved that it was evil and on a later visit tried to bless my room. As my mother and her set a bible on my nightstand opened to the lords prayer the bible was violently ripped off my nightstand and flung through my door into my hallway. I sat dumb-founded on my bed and then I could hear someone say angrily, “GET OUT!” Afraid my mother and grandmother left the room.

I have since endured its presence and often at times it feels like its not there at all. Occasionally I wake up with scratches and bruises not knowing how they got there but other than that I feel fine. I have also realized that when I have felt threatened or hurt the person I have come in contact with has had some paranormal experiences. My ex boyfriend and I had once gotten into a very heated argument that went unresolved and later that night when he had gone to bed something in his sleep had ripped him off his bed. The next day I found long scratches on his back that looked as if someone had clawed at him in his sleep.

I don’t know if anyone will believe me and I hope to find someone who knows what this thing is and I can talk to more about it I don’t feel threatened but still I would like some answers

Sent in by Anonymous, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Night Terrors and Conversations with an Invisible Person”
  1. Martica says:

    I think maybe you should get blessed this thing is evil if it acted like that to a bible it attach itself to you it either wants your soul and thats why its always watching over you the.best thing.is to be blessed and give yoyr.heart and soul to god and jesus hopefully it will leave you alone when it know it cant have you amd your protected

  2. Mellisa says:

    I believe you, since I knew a friend who had sort of a guardian follow her. Luckily it isn’t evil. she’s a girl who often visited by ghosts in her dream. they ask various help & advice from her. often they came to ask her to pray for them so they can be accepted in heaven. so this spirit must be protecting her.
    i think you should seek out help from a priest who can do exorcism.
    often an exorcism by a catholic priest does help since they are already trained & have special powers or skills, but there are requirements in order for an exorcism to be conduct. Blessing a house by you mother & grandmother isn’t strong enough. you should ask from a professional who really has skills to help you. well that’s my opinion though.

  3. pantera says:

    dont get ur house blessed cuz that will only make ur evil entity angryer, as u wittnessed. (the bible flyin off the stand and hearing a really loud “GET OUT”) for sum reason, it is protecting u.

  4. pantera says:

    but idk y its protecting u. it is evil cuz it does leave scratches and bruises and u can sense that its evil but i dont think it will harm u cuz its trying to protect u. this is truely weird

  5. Anonymous says:

    my daughter had the devil tormenting her. The devil followed her around for about 4 years. I heard him so I knew it was true. My older daughter got scratches and red marks on her back, around Christmas time. The devil was mad because we were celebrating Christmas. I was having epileptic seizures in the mobile home. my little daughter told me she saw the devil trying to go inside my body when I was having a seizure. We got a priests help. we finally moved and it stopped. The devil remains in that Mobile home park. He is still there. I remember the more I sad “I rebut you Satan.” or I would say I rebute you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ. My daughter would see the Devil become furious. he would come at us with fury. His face would get real mad when we said those things. we finally got the house blessed. The Catholic church helped us rid him.

  6. carri williams says:

    if it leaves bruises and scratch marks it is evil. somehow this entity attached itself to you. can you try a cross. you may need to get a Catholic Priest and do an exorcism. we did it at our house. it stopped some of the evil. but we had to move out of that house. The devil still resides in that house we left. but for it to follow you. You really need the Catholic Churches help. .especially if it ripped pages of the bible out. The thing is evil. You can try putting up crosses, or wearing a cross or rosary. Have the priest bless the rosary or Catholic cross or medal for you. have the church pray for you. Put up Mother Mary or Jesus candles or pictures. pray for God or Jesus help. I know from experience batting evil. The evil becomes more powerful if you battle it. The Catholic Church may be a good choice for help.

  7. tazmanian says:

    I wouldn’t consider this demon as a guardian. I think its waiting for the opportunity to posses you and maybe that’s why your not scared because it doesn’t want you to feel scared so that you wont do anything to rid yourself of it. I think you should talk to a priest and whatever you do don’t give in to it…

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