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Newlyweds in the Wall

Posted on June 16, 2010

Well, I’m a bit nervous about posting, I guess you could say I’m really shy about what people with think about the things I say, but, well… here it goes.

First, a little background information. My house is about 12 years old. We live in the country and before we had this house built, we lived in a very old farmhouse. It was falling apart, so we had it burned down and made this house right next to it. My mom has told me about her ghostly experiences in that old farmhouse (she’s lived there since childhood, and it’s been around since the 1800′s) but that’s a whole other story.

When we were building my room, I asked my mom to put a little door in the wall next to my bed. I don’t know why on earth I wanted that, but I did. The door was actually more like a board that you’d prop in and seal with two latches. This story is centered around my unusual experience associated with that door.

For years, the only thing that happened with this door is that whenever I would leave the house and come back, it would be open, and leaning against the bed or lying on the bed. As time progressed it happened more frequently, so I got a heavy duty staple gun, stapled it until it wouldn’t budge, and put posters over it, and for some time stopped going in my room.

A month or so later, I returned to my room. One day, I was lying on my bed watching TV and I had my two cats with me, one lying next to me, and one lying on my chest. Out of the blue, the one on my chest awoke and sat up quickly, and stared at the direction of the door. She began making very unusual noises that I’ve never heard her make, and after about thirty seconds, she ran over to the door and began clawing off the posters. I went over to my moms room and told her, and she didn’t say anything memorable, so I just grabbed the cat and laid back down. She did this two more times. I’d settle her down for a moment, then she’d jump back up, start yowling, and run back to the door and start clawing. Finally I kicked her out. I laid back down once more and sat my other cat on my stomach. She didn’t really wake up when I moved her, but after about a minute, she jumped up and stared at the wall that the door is next to, and began crying in an even more frightening manner than the first one. The way she was yowling started to frighten me, so I sat up. When I did she ran over to the wall next to the door and began clawing it. At this point I was pretty upset so I removed the cat from the room, got my mom, and we pried the door open. Nothing was in there, nothing happened. We left the door open and left the room.

The next day, while I was sleeping, my mom went into my room and took the door of the floor and recovering the space in the wall. She said that after a few minutes, the room began to smell like something had died. She ran downstairs and woke me up (I slept in the living room after the cat incident the day before) and told me to come upstairs with her. We went up there and it smelled awful, like a dead animal or something. We opened the door but the smell wasn’t coming from there, it smelled strongest in the center of the room. We re-opened the door and left the room. Under ten minutes later I returned to the room, and the smell had disappeared. That’s the last time I smelled this awful smell, but my mom said that she smelled it once again the next day while watching the TVs in my room, but she said that when she thought “I’m trying to watch TV, could you please stop, the smell vanished.

A little while later I slept in my room again, on the couch because the bed is right next to that door, and I had an odd dream. I dreamt that there was a ghostly couple that stayed in the wall, and they would come out while I was away and sit on my bed to look out the window and make sure no unfamiliar person was pulling into the driveway, and that they did it so that they could scare them away by showing themselves at the window. The couple was wearing wedding attire, and even odder then that, they were still rotting corpses. (Which I’d imagine might smell a little bit… dead, no?)

The dream explained several things, yet it’s hard to believe that a simple dream could really hold the truth about those unusual occurrences.

Well. That was the second to last time I went in there, the last time was when I was showing the room to a friend, and I took a picture. There was an orb in the center of the room, but this orb was different from your typical transparent orb.

Orb in the center of the room

Orb in the center of the room

You can zoom in a bit more when you click on it, and if you zoom in on a different application, you can see that the orb sort of has.. layers? and a center. I’ve always been skeptical of orbs but this ones slightly different so I don’t know.

Well that’s all this time. This is not my first experience or my scariest, just my most recent. It actual wasn’t very frightening at all. Also, sorry for how much I write. It’s a horrible habit of mine.

Sent in by Dana, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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20 Responses to “Newlyweds in the Wall”
  1. AnNa says:

    DANA–thats a big orb.then again i guess obs can be any size.you kniow what maybe take a picture in your closet maybe you’ll find something there.never know.i think its kind of cool that you took a picture of that.thanks.and if you have anymore stories we would like to hear them.did you what did your parents and friends say when you showed them that?thanks for the story.

  2. Lisbeth says:

    I saw an orb just like that in a picture from a field trip I went to but the orb was on my shoulder.

  3. mimi says:

    If you know the history of the house, then it maybe easier for you to understand what is going on. What do you think?

  4. Christina says:


    Very interesting story. (There are actually quite a few orbs in that room; 6 very distinct ones.)

    I noticed a comment on here that asked about the house and its history; but isn’t this the house that was buit next to the burned down one? Maybe the ghosts are just from the land…………was their wedding attire modern or from years gone by?

    Just a few questions bouncing around in my head. Maybe somehow they relayed to you to put that door there for therm…………..ya never know, stranger things have happend.

    Take care,

  5. Brandon says:

    hmmmm that is pretty odd but i see 8 orbs so maby theres more that you think

  6. trolldoll says:

    eerie!! there has to be a history to this place!!

  7. Speed says:

    This cool experience kinda reminds me of the beetlejuice and coraline movies lol. But I can see all the orbs there especially the big one in the middle. What is that aluminum-looking frame next to your window? It looks weird!

  8. AnNa says:

    i looked at the picture somemore and i see 11 orbs.this is like weres waldo,but instead on waldo its how many orbs can you find.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I made a pic circling 13 orb s i found in the picture orbs

    • AnNa says:

      that is awsome.ive never seen so much in a picture before.wow.thats all i can say.

      • Bridget says:

        Orbs aren’t really ghosts. They are usually just dust on the lenses of cameras. Because if they were ghosts, I’d have about 7 in every photo

        • Jenny says:

          urgh. I always get so annoyed when people say: it’s just dust. It’s NOT dust, okay? I also had a few times dust on my lense, and that looks way different than orbs, because I also had photographed orbs ones(and I i’m sure my lense was clean ;) so. stop saying that it’s ‘just dust.’

          • Caretaker says:

            It isnt dust in the lens that causes a lot of orbs. It is the dust floating and spinning in the air. Most of the time when you really look you will see dust particles floating through the air. Well, often times the light from the flash will reflect off of these dust particles and boom an orb. Personally I dont think this explains all orbs but there is no doubt that it explains the majority of them.

  10. big barney says:

    first of all…..you need not to be shy about what others think. your story was very good. you do have alot of orbs in your picture but unfortunatly i am not a real believer in orbs. i am with other paranormal things, but orbs are just too easily discounted as dust. but good story

  11. Kim says:

    I don’t believe in orbs. I’d rather see a real ghost

  12. melissa says:

    Good story you should keep us updated.And by the way is that you in thee picture and how old are you?

  13. kanin says:

    did u know a few of those orbs can be real mostly the biggest one, but those can also be causs of ur camera. that hapens to our camera b/c it old. orbs r harmless though,but there’s something going on in ur room.

  14. ghost spotter says:

    I’ve seen this one giant blackish orb right beside my head before.. Also with a feeling of dread.

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