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My Ouija Board Story

Posted on November 23, 2008

Here is my experience with a Ouija board.

Back in 1992 while I was in the Marines, I met a girl, Kristen who lived off base. I dated here for a while, and eventually got to know here very well. She had a young daughter and was pregnant at the time, living in a trailer house on the outskirts of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

One night I visited with her, and sitting on a box with a lot of her stuff packed up, I noted a Ouija board, the one that was put out by some game maker a ways back. It was just a simple board. I was curious about it, and I asked a few questions, and wanted to play, but she said no. She told me she was into Wicca, and also told me about an old woman spirit, that followed her around, and sometimes bothered her while she played on the board, she thought that the old woman was a witch, and sometimes would show up on the board while playing with friends, and mess with them and that is why she didn’t want to play. Apparently it had made threats to her and about harming her daughter a few times.

There were a few stories she told me about things happening to her friends, in the very trailer we were in, that kinda scared me more into it. She believed in the Ouija board, and believed very much in evil beings… to me I was very skeptical about the whole Ouija board, and spirits. She said there were good and bad spirits, and all about how she knew Wicca spells and how to confront the bad ones. I had not really put much thought into it ever, her story about it all was very interesting. She said she would not play it with just me, she was afraid something would happen. After that, I pretty much forgot about it.

A few months later, I packed all of Kristen’s stuff up, and we moved from Camp Lejuene, North Carolina to Austin, Texas, and moved in with my sister Carol and her husband. I found a job, and we were doing pretty well, living with my sister for a few months.

One night I asked her if we could play the Ouija board with my sister and her husband. She finally agreed to it, after we all talked about it, she told us how to use it, and to be careful with things we asked. In the living room on the coffee table, we started playing… I must admit I was deeply interested in the whole thing. At first nothing happened, I was very skeptical still, and was trying to disprove the whole thing. But it really seemed as if the planchette was moving on its own, not by us pushing it, as I thought it would just be us moving it. It seemed to really be moving by something unseen.

I found myself getting deeply hooked on playing it, like a drug. Then a spirit told us its name, and it spelled out my grandfathers name, that had died 4 years ago. Even my grandmother was there as well. Me and my sister asked it questions, and the board would answer correctly, we were both amazed, and started really getting into it, mostly because we thought we were talking to our grandparents who we missed.

I started getting this testy feeling inside, and started to question that the whole thing was fake, and it seemed a energy was in the room of some sort, kinda like the room was getting warmer, from the excitement, kinda like when your at Vegas playing the craps tables and winning and or losing. Kristen, was playing but rarely, she stated that she thought it was that old woman spirit or Witch on the board and not my grandparents, and that it was playing with me and Carol, and was telling us things we wanted to hear and was lying to us. I kinda got a little mad, and started threatening it, and demanding to tell me who it was, almost not believing, but scared too.

Kristen got on the board and asked it to tell us its real name, and it spelled out the name of the witch. I forgot here name….which I am glad. Keep in mind, the whole time we are playing this, My girlfriends daughter Tia was sleeping in the bedroom, with the door shut, the whole time.

As I started threatening the so called witch on the board, demanding that it prove that it was real, or prove that it was “here”, as well as saying I would kick her butt, etc.. the little girl in the bedroom started screaming and crying loudly all of a sudden. At that moment, I freaked out, it was getting really weird. My girlfriend, said that we need to stop. And we did, we all agreed that it was getting a little strange. I was so worked up, it was amazing.

We put everything up, and all went to bed. That night I had a nightmare, almost vividly real. I rarely dream, and if I do, don’t remember them well. This dream I still remember faintly. I was like I was on a purple cloud of some sort, with this old woman in a dark cloak of some kind, with her back to me, I never saw here face, and I was just standing there all night staring at here, this just kept happening over and over in my dream, not much of anything else. Nothing really scary, just strange, but I remember not sleeping well and was kinda hot, not so much like a fever, but just hot and sweaty.

When I woke up the next morning, my girlfriend, told me that I had deep scratches on my back, as I sat up in bed, as if someone had scratched me with long finger nails, across my shoulder blades, and they were slightly bleeding. And no it wasn’t Kristen. I looked in the mirror and I was completely taken aback by the scratches. I instantly believed everything that Kristen had told me about here Ouija board stories and spirits, especially about the old evil woman, that supposedly followed her around. I became a true believer in evil spirits after that night and day.

We never played with that board again. We moved out, got our own apartment, and it was kept in the closet in a box, and I always feared going in the closet, because I knew it was there. But we never played it again, and nothing happened after that.

Eventually, me and Kristen broke up and went our separate ways. And I always think about that night, it was surreal. My wife now, wont let me buy a board or play with one, at all, I told her the story as well, but she is afraid of Ouija boards anyway. And I don’t argue. But the back part of my mind, always thinks and wishes about getting one again, just to do it again, more out of curiosity. And that is why when I read about a Ouija board stories, I believe. Since then I’ve read and been very intrigued by ghost stories and paranormal stories.

I know and believe in the dangers of the Ouija board, that is for certain. But I’m also very skeptical of ghost stories. But I believe there is another side.

Written by Tom Young, Copyright 2008

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55 Responses to “My Ouija Board Story”
  1. Jackie says:

    Don’t play with the ouija board again Tom, not only are you putting yourself in danger but also the others who live with you.

    My first and only experience with the ouija board led to an attack from something I couldn’t see, only praying saved me. Might not be so lucky next time.

  2. some die of sickness,others die of a broken heart says:

    this story is amazing well this is my last time commenting on this page im too adicted to this website and i have had really horrible dreams about all your stories and i think im going to have one about your story anyways have a nice day,year,hour,life i dont know anyways take care all of you

    • papi sal says:

      Read my story about my sister on may 28th 2010
      she made her own ouija board and died the same night I believe & sometimes I sit on her ouija board and ask questions many times it was her and many times it wasnt her .
      I get in trouble or anything bad is gonna’ happen Im sure its her protecting me. so if you decide to play the ouija board be sure your VERY NICE and do not ask questions that might make it feel mad.

  3. Mandy says:

    This is a great story.i am 13,and me and my friend gus and janna were on the beach.It was all well until gus said we should play with a Ouija board.But about 3 days before i just herd about ouija boards and i didn’t know the effect of them.mine was almost ripped because it was made on paper.so gus made one out of a beer box from his mom.we made it and it worked.i don’t know who we were talking to,but we were next to the camp fire.after that i have felt as if i was being watched.but it has been a few months and things are better.i dont think i will be playing with them anymore. xD But that was a awesome story.i would have been scared.

  4. Warrior Priestess says:

    hhh…the story was pretty long and not very scary. Good, but not scary.. So, whatever happened to the baby she was pregnant with? Wierd how you failed to mention that.

  5. Freak Catcher says:

    Yeah it wasn’t that scary but it was very interesting and well written. It is wise not to get involved with the board. Well…yeah good job.

  6. Louise says:

    Yes, these things are real. There are demonic forces out there. Such as the spirits you have seen on this Quiji Board. Messing around with things like that is extremely dangerous. Demonic possession is the most dangerous force in the world. The only escape or safehaven one has from demonic possession is Salvation through Jesus. And without that things like demons or Ouiji boards are escpecially dangerous to mess around with. These are my beliefs, and I do find stories like this interesting and also very sad that some people do not have Jesus and safety from demonic possession..

  7. Grace Sanders says:

    Yeah, like Warrior Prietess said, what happened to the baby??

  8. Avaren says:

    the game can have good results and bad results. it all depends on a lot of things. at one moment you could be talking to one spirit and the next another. The only rule i have with the game is NEVER distroy the board in any way. (burn, tear up, ect.) this leaves a portal to all you have talked to to walk into your life and stay there unless a ritual has been preformed and the expel them back where they came from. So unless you know way s to reple spirits i would not recomend using it.

  9. Tom says:

    Hello, nothing happened to the baby physically, she just woke up screaming all of a sudden, when I was threating the board, etc. There was no harm done to the baby. It was just very strange, she was just scared. She couldnt talk very well, at the time.
    And sorry, I wasnt trying to be scary, just telling my story. It was true, maybe not scary as you would like, but if you play with one, you wont need my story to be scared if something strange happens. Im more intrigued by it all than scared. I still want to play, but my wife says I never will in her house. So I pick my wife over a game, any day.
    Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them. I wouldnt advice playing with one, they seem to be very dangerous. But I also believe in good and evil and that any spirit here on earth, is possibly always going to be bad.
    Happy Holidays!!

  10. Lizelle says:

    Im really curious in playing the ouija but my boyfriend is too chiken i just want to ask it 1 question is all to see if its really real loved your story

    • Anonymous says:

      me too me and my friend and her step mom is going to buy one and play it dont make one it dont work

  11. Glenna Red Eagle says:

    I have never used an ouija board before. I would be too scared. My younger sister tried one years ago. She made one out of paper. My mom found out and made her get rid of it. They kept throwing it away, but it kept coming back. They finally ended up burning the ouija board. When she did she could smell flesh burning. Somethng started bothering my sister after that. One time she even got locked in the room. We couldn’t get her out. We finally had to take the door handle off to get her out.

  12. Jackie says:

    To Lizelle,

    your boyfriend is right to be too chicken…you play it and you too could become chicken after you see the possible results. Sorry to be blunt, but this is NOT a game! I had a terrible experience after my one and only time spent with this so called game.

    Caretaker, am lovin’ the cool avatar!

  13. OccarrawWek says:

    I’ve found //www.trueghosttales.com by using MSN

    Hi there

  14. Josline says:

    great experience i got to say my sister olivia who is 8 played with a Ouija board and when she told me i was furious and i asked her about it. she dint beleive me at first when i told her it was really dangerous but then i went on the web and showed her the dangers of the board. So now she is promising not to use a board again, thankfully. she said she is going to warn her frined to cause her friend has been playing it ALOT, so hopefully everything will turn out ok.

  15. mackenzie says:

    wow. I toatally get you.
    i have simular story’s.
    have you ever seen that lady behind you when your not dreaming.

  16. Carmel says:

    the sprititual world is VERY dangerous to mess with. dont mess with things that u cant see and dont know how to fight against

  17. hola:) says:

    when i try a ouija board, they never work!! is there anything speical to say to get the spirits to talk to u?

  18. Jonathan says:

    You say you are skeptic but because you had scratches on yoru back then EVERYTHING your girlfirend told you became real. Everything? really?? Lets accept that spirits visited you. You honestly have no idea which ones did. Let’s say they didn’t visit you an dyour girlfriend has a need for people to bnelive her and she scratched you? What if the little girl was pissed you unleashed something on her and scratched you?

    I have no problem with the story but why does scratches on your back equal beliveing everything?

  19. lara says:

    jonathan a baby who cant even talk right .. let alone understand an adult conversation is going to wait for tom to fall asleep and scratch his back?? and he wouldnt feel anyof that as well??? let alone if it were his girlfriend who scratch his back… and lets say she did do it.. then why is it that when tom threatened the spirit telling it to prove its exsistance right then the baby starts to scream and cry really loud… i beleive that would make anyone who is skeptical to become if not a 100 % believer or sumthin close…. yea he doesnt know exactly what spirits he had contact with but obviously a he had contact with them and if u think hes lying or have doubts then maybe u shud use a ouija board yourself

  20. Birgitte says:

    If you guys are going to play the ouija then you need to do a ritual for protection before and after and you should have to dismiss the spirit back to its own realm.

    Tom if Kristen was into wicca, she should have helped you with some protection ritual.
    And dont ever threat any unseen spirits. Youre lucky enough to only have scratches.
    Evil spirits is not to mess up with!

  21. Brianna says:

    That is very scary. I’m 12 and I’ve always liked ghosts and spirts. I always feel as if I’m being followed, I have almost all the symptoms of having a ghost. But since Sunday, October 11. I went to Six Flags New Jersey and I was at the Fright Feast and all. I went on the Houdini ride. It was based by all the riders “chaneling” Houdini, in a room. Then we get him (or so it is based on) we go into a new room. “Houdini” shows us a magic trick, it feels like we are going upside down and the room is flipping but, Nothing is moving. But you feeling like you are, I even feel light headed. So anyway, I got back into this deep thinking about ghost, I feel more as being followed and touched. So back to Six Flags, I went into a Haunted forest thing and while in line my Aunt told me about her house being haunted and all that. So I began more into ghost. She told me about Ouija Boards and how bad they are. Sadly, I began even more into ghost! I am very much into seeing who my ghost is. I been dreaming about a ghost like Houdini, or someone I admire. I was down stairs around 11:00 P.M. and I started talking to mysel fabout it all. I always feel as if someone is in the room, Looking at all the door ways. I felt very funny, it felt like some was there. Like I Knew that someone was. I started crying for some reason and ran up into my room. The T.V. down stairs turned on and made a Chhhhh…. sound. Then shut off. It is very weird. I want to find out so much about the ghost, and I began searching about Ouija Boards. I am now very into having one, and knowing that they work, using one. But as you said bad spirts come too. And I don’t know what to do.

    • Lori B. says:

      Hi Brianna…

      I used to be a LOT like you and I understand all of your feelings and questions. Let me save you some very scary times. Those things that you are interested are very evil and not safe. Reading about different stories can be okay but if it is going to make you want to do all of those things yourself you should stop and think before you do it.
      If you do decide, for whatever reason, which I DO NOT recommend, then I would get a Bible and talk to the Lord God and Jesus first. I used to be harrassed by evil spirits but I accepted Christ into my life when I was young and new that I needed to stop doing those things because it is what God is totally against and wants us to be safe from.
      Please, please, pray and ask God first what it is all about and how to calm that curiousity down. I am STILL interested in those things today but go about it differently. I try and tell people the truth about Satan and how he likes to lie. I just listen to stories and also like to watch the different shows on tv about it. I don’t get bothered anymore because I have Jesus/God living in me and the bible states that Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world which is Satan and his demons.

      I wish the best for you and I totally understand what you are going thru. Go and talk with a local pastor or person that is in charge at a Bible church.

      Lori B.

      • Vanessa C says:

        I agree 100%.. the paranormal/spiritual world can be interesting but without accepting Jesus as your savior you are not saved and are vulnerable to satans danger. It’s sad that people are oblivious to this.

  22. jason says:

    i liked the story, i have played them alot and alot of bad stuff has happened so anyone reading this do not try a devil board trust me

    Note from CareTaker: Jason – the next time you use profanity in a comment it will be deleted. I edited it this time to remove it but in the future refrain from using profanity here.

  23. Nancy says:

    I want to play. I have never played it before but i know and have a feeling that it works, based on stories i have heard and read about…. im just in the middle of deciding.. :/ if i play will i get away with it and live a normal life like some lucky people… Or will i for some reason be to weak and get possessed or live a paranormal activity life…. who knows….

  24. hahaha says:

    long story but good……ive never tried a ouija board but i want to……to see if the stories maybe even the scary stories are true

  25. Anonymous says:

    im playing one his week man its gonna be awesome i have a spirit following me

  26. Ines says:

    I have a spirit following me around… And it’s not nice. So I would not say that Ouija boards are ‘awesome’!

  27. Anonymous says:

    My moms aunt Lanna played with a ouija board when she was pregnant and when she waz havin her baby the baby came out dead. And her second child got hit by a cement truck when he waz 7 years old.

  28. anna says:

    I dont want one never do.I think nobody should play with them.you never know you can be fine one minute and be nuts the next.the story was not bad .not scary.I read scarier ones before.If my husband wanted to play I say get out and play it somewhere else.My sister 21 wants one.I think shes nuts.

  29. AHHHHHHH says:

    That was really scary i don’t belive in ghosts but now im unsure!

  30. Anonymous says:

    well meh &&nd mi friends was thinkinq about playinq this game. but in=m a lilttle scared to because i heard of tha thinqs that culd happen &&nd i dnt want it those thinqs tu happen tu meh. &&nd after readinq ths story im more scared. but i was thinkinq if i dnt ask it krazy thinqs then nuthinq bad wnt happen but yhu never kno. &&nd now in thinkinq thuis over &&nd im havinq second thouqhts about doinq it. but i dnt j=kno what im qoinq to do.

  31. marinewife says:

    I have been reading a lot about ouija boards and I really want to try one but I don’t want to do it alone while my husband, who is also a Marine, is away and especially since I have a two month old baby, I’m scared something might happen to him. I found your story very interesting though and it scared me lol I would freak out if I woke up with scratches all over me.
    P.S. Thanks for your service Devil Dog

  32. Duh says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have threatened the entity. threatening to “kick it’s butt” is provoking it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    hi my brother and sister dont believe in it so my brother said he was gonna burn right after he made one and they dont think some thing will happewn i do cause my friend was playing with one and she got a scratch mark her sister came in and was like wat happened and shes likre wat do u mean and looked in the mirror and had scratch marks

  34. Anonymous says:

    Man…I want to play a ouija board so bad!it seems interesting but I just don’t want nothing to come after me…I’ve done a handmade ouija board but I didn’t work like I wanted to…well i guess I can try a real ouija board one day..:

  35. Leroy says:

    wow…that was a cool story dude…i am very very interested in the baord but now since i heard ur story its kinda creepy!!!..lol…just saying

  36. emma says:

    me and my two other friends made one last night. nothing freaky happened to us but it did move by itself. But i really want to buy one!! i just really need to ask some serious questions about my life.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      if you do not to be rude but how do you know it will tell you the truth?it can lie to you.just be careful.

    • phil says:

      ya they arent very reliable with ibnformation about the future i tinker with em alot(just between you and me i think people take this stuff too far ya like i said i had stuff happen but the spirits like to either leave and come back or pretend to be who they arent. dont do depened on this for answers

  37. phil says:

    when it comes to ouija boards i am a skeptic. i used a ouija board for some time with freinds and by myself. many of the people that used it with me were intrueged and scared and would not use them again. i was intrueged and began using it myself. u have to believe to get answers and responses from the board when used alone but i was able to answer a question of a freinds freinds favorite color over the phone and it began to spell out green as they were talking. i said green and the guy over the phone said “no f’in way” and hung up. ive had the door slam on me while using it and my bar table lift for 1-2 seconds and drop back down slightly. this surprisingly didnt scare me but intrueged me because noone was in the house. the door slam was the most beleivable because i ran upstairs while in the garage and nothing could have caused it to SLAM shut. i am still skeptical but would love to get responses from others about things like this.
    p.s. i have used it so much that it has repeatedly by myself and with others that the board told me that an angel actually had to come and ward or stave off these “ghosts” or “demons”. i was inviting the demons to come out and stay if they agreed to stay in the room i used it and i have not had anything happen since then but while using it many other things have happened.

  38. Awesome428 says:

    I burn these boards for a living. People pay me to destroy the boards after weird stuff happens to them. I’ve had some nasty experiences destroying them.

  39. kurt b. says:

    I am Kurt i realy want to try one of these but it didn’t work the first time and i have the real board from like walmart or somewhere i got it at a garage sale and i really wana find one of my followers to guide me and help me in life.

  40. AnNa bites back says:

    let the people try the board and see what happens but when it goes the wrong way as it usually does they want help from god from the priest from us to ask oh what should i do well i just hope they relize before they deside to play with it.some people are REALLY lucky and some are not.

  41. lupeee says:

    greattt storyy i really liked it…its really intrestinggg,:]
    im really into the paranormal stories tooo.i read them
    alott….i would love to play the ouija board but im scared lol

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