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My Ouija Board Story

Posted on November 23, 2008

Here is my experience with a Ouija board.

Back in 1992 while I was in the Marines, I met a girl, Kristen who lived off base. I dated here for a while, and eventually got to know here very well. She had a young daughter and was pregnant at the time, living in a trailer house on the outskirts of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

One night I visited with her, and sitting on a box with a lot of her stuff packed up, I noted a Ouija board, the one that was put out by some game maker a ways back. It was just a simple board. I was curious about it, and I asked a few questions, and wanted to play, but she said no. She told me she was into Wicca, and also told me about an  old woman spirit,  that followed her around, and sometimes bothered her while she played on the board, she thought that the old woman was a witch, and sometimes would show up on the board while playing with friends, and mess with them and that is why she didn’t want to play. Apparently it had made threats to her and about harming her daughter a few times.

There were a few stories she told me about things happening to her friends, in the very trailer we were in, that kinda scared me more into it.  She believed in the Ouija board, and believed very much in evil beings… to me I was very skeptical about the whole Ouija board, and spirits. She said there were good and bad spirits, and all about how she knew Wicca spells and how to confront the bad ones. I had not really put much thought into it ever, her story about it all was very interesting. She said she would not play it with just me, she was afraid something would happen. After that, I pretty much forgot about it.

A few months later, I packed all of Kristen’s stuff up, and we moved from Camp Lejuene, North Carolina to Austin, Texas, and moved in with my sister Carol and her husband. I found a job, and we were doing pretty well, living with my sister for a few months.

One night I asked her if we could play the Ouija board with my sister and her husband. She finally agreed to it, after we all talked about it, she told us how to use it, and to be careful with things we asked. In the living room on the coffee table, we started playing… I must admit I was deeply interested in the whole thing. At first nothing happened, I was very skeptical still, and was trying to disprove the whole thing. But it really seemed as if the planchette was moving on its own, not by us pushing it, as I thought it would just be us moving it. It seemed to really be moving by something unseen.

I found myself getting deeply hooked on playing it, like a drug. Then a spirit told us its name, and it spelled out my grandfathers name, that had died 4 years ago. Even my grandmother was there as well. Me and my sister asked it questions, and the board would  answer correctly, we were both amazed, and started really getting into it, mostly because we thought we were talking to our grandparents who we missed.

I started getting this testy feeling inside, and started to question that the whole thing was fake, and it seemed a energy was in the room of some sort, kinda like the room was getting warmer, from the excitement, kinda like when your at Vegas playing the craps tables and winning and or losing. Kristen, was playing but rarely, she stated that she thought it was that old woman spirit or Witch on the board and not my grandparents, and that it was playing with me and Carol, and was telling us things we wanted to hear and was lying to us. I kinda got a little mad, and started threatening it, and demanding to tell me who it was, almost not believing, but scared too.

Kristen got on the board and asked it to tell us its real name, and it spelled out the name of the witch. I forgot here name….which I am glad. Keep in mind, the whole time we are playing this, My girlfriends daughter Tia was sleeping in the bedroom, with the door shut, the whole time.

As I started threatening the so called witch on the board, demanding that it prove that it was real, or prove that it was “here”, as well as saying I would kick her butt, etc.. the little girl in the bedroom started screaming and crying loudly all of a sudden. At that moment, I freaked out, it was getting really weird. My girlfriend, said that we need to stop. And we did, we all agreed that it was getting a little strange. I was so worked up, it was amazing.

We put everything up, and all went to bed. That night I had a nightmare, almost vividly real. I rarely dream, and if I do, don’t remember them well. This dream I still remember faintly. I was like I was on a purple cloud of some sort, with this old woman in a dark cloak of some kind, with her back to me, I never saw here face, and I was just standing there all night staring at here, this just kept happening over and over in my dream, not much of anything else. Nothing really scary, just strange, but I remember not sleeping well and was kinda hot, not so much like a fever, but just hot and sweaty.

When I woke up the next morning, my girlfriend, told me that I had deep scratches on my back, as I sat up in bed, as if someone had scratched me with long finger nails, across my shoulder blades, and they were slightly bleeding. And no it wasn’t Kristen. I looked in the mirror and I was completely taken aback by the scratches. I instantly believed everything that Kristen had told me about here Ouija board stories and spirits, especially about the old evil woman, that supposedly followed her around. I became a true believer in evil spirits after that night and day.

We never played with that board again. We moved out, got our own apartment, and it  was kept in the closet in a box, and I always feared going in the closet, because I knew it was there. But we never played it again, and nothing happened after that.

Eventually, me and Kristen  broke up and went our separate ways. And I always think about that night, it was surreal. My wife now, wont let me buy a board or play with one, at all, I told her the story as well, but she is afraid of Ouija boards anyway. And I don’t argue. But the back part of my mind, always thinks and wishes about getting one again, just to do it again, more out of curiosity. And that is why when I read about a Ouija board stories, I believe.  Since then I’ve read and been very intrigued by ghost stories and paranormal stories.

I know and believe in the dangers of the Ouija board, that is for certain. But I’m also very skeptical of ghost stories. But I believe there is another side.

Written by Tom Young, Copyright 2008

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