My Husband The Possessed Being

Posted on June 9, 2009

This is real story. I got married in May, it was an arranged marriage. Everything was fine for a week. Suddenly my husband started doubting my character. I said,”I have only loved him in my lifetime.”Then he started saying he might get AIDS. I said,”I don’t know about you but its not gong to happen to me.”

One day I did all my household work and then he came home from office. We went to the bedroom, then he started asking me what I did the whole day. I told him everything washing vessels, making a sandwich, listening to music. He said you must have not washed the vessel properly. Before I could say I did, he started beating me hard. I didn’t understand what happened to him suddenly. I asked him to stop as I was getting hurt. He asked me why? I am a human being not a non living thing.

Next morning his mother asked me to wake him up. I went to him and sweetly asked him to wake up. He slapped me hard and then the next moment he said sorry. That shocked me, why would any person would slap a person he loves. That night he came and asked me how many boyfriends I had in the past. I said I never had any boyfriends. Then he bit me on my hands, I pushed him and asked him why are you doing this? He said this is an activity.

One day we went out for a ride on his bike. I said I am hungry (mujhe bhook lagha hain in Hindi). He suddenly said ghost (bhoot) and parked his bike in the corner of the road. When I asked him he said ghost (bhoot). Then he said I am also hungry. Since the time we got married whatever he told about my weak qualities, actually it was about him. He had an inferiority complex with his doctor brother, his hair was falling etc.That day he told my horoscope is good, so I cant see ghost. (Later I came to know his horoscope is bad and the horoscope that he gave us was not his actual one. He had two horoscopes). It scared the hell out of me as all his sayings are opposite. He just loved to beat me up, he was happy doing it. And I couldn’t figure out why?

Last time we were together. I was in deep sleep he started sprinkling water on my face with a sprayer. I got angry and asked him to stop. He didn’t listen and continued doing it by saying,”This is my weapon.” I got frustrated and slapped him (I was surprised at my action, as I have never hit anybody, I feel it was divine hands, as his actions were getting worse day by day). This all happened while the lights were off. When I slapped him, he switched on the lights and held me tight on my shoulders and shouted,”how dare you hit me?” When I saw his eyes it was scary, as both his eyeballs were up. He was in rage or he is possessed I don’t know till now.

Before we got married he told me he and his friends used a Ouija board and he came across a ghost while crossing bridge, as he saw through his bikes mirror, he saw a girl like image sitting behind his bike. He has even hurt himself with a blade when he was not allowed to go to a particular college.

When after meeting my parents he went to his house, ganesh small statue (god) fell down and the hand’s that blesses got destroyed (in my house). The engagement ring I made was not fitting my fingers. God gives us signs but we don’t understand but later we realize it. I had a strange dream before even meeting him. That I am with a guy whom I loved. I saved him from the police, then he boards a flight. But then while he turns his back, I saw all the nerves are outside his head. Now when I recall his face it had striking resemblance to my husband. I realized dreams can predict and tell what’s going in our present life. I feel my husband is so full of negative thoughts that he attracts negative energies.

Sent in by Ani, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales

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28 Responses to “My Husband The Possessed Being”
  1. Debbie says:

    You should have got away from this horrible man when the beating first started.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m sorry but i’m at a loss on this story, its hard to understand but i do wish you the best

  3. tambelina says:

    It just sounds like hes an abusive husband

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    since it was a arranged marriage i’m sure there were some things you didn’t know about each other. in alot of marriages, couples have never lived together so its a learning experience and some cultures say the husband should have the say so over everything the wife does and he can do what ever he feels to his wife. most of us on this site are from the usa and we handle things differently.

  5. bracket says:

    It sounds like he’s schizophrenic.

  6. Carmen says:

    Possessed or not, you should leave him. I understand that you may have feelings for him or are just afraid of him but you need to get out of this abusive relationship. Sounds like he is accusing you of the things that he does. He seems to have a guilty conscious especially if he is saying to you that he might have AIDS. Get out of this relationship as soon as you can!!!!

  7. jeff says:

    Dear Ani,

    If you are living in the USA, it would be important to start creating a record of how you are being abused. Spirits or No Spirits, visions or no visions, it is pretty clear that you are getting hurt. Besides that, your spouse does not respect you…, or himself for that matter. Love can’t grow in this kind of environment. Here in the USA we say “cut your losses and run.” Nice way of admitting this is a lost cause, accept it as a fact, and get out as soon as possible.

    Your life, happiness and security can only come from you. If you permit someone else to assume that responsibility, you may not get what you deserve. And, you don’t deserve to be abused. Oh, AFTER you have taken care of yourself, then you might consider getting him some help. He is human too.

    jeff (I am in my fifties now and I have learned some hard lessons. I don’t mean to preach at you. I will say a prayer for you, and your happiness.)

  8. Karen M. says:

    That’s easy to say……….get out of this relationship, but in their culture a woman is obligated to stay with her husband under all circumstances, it’s not as easy as you think for her to get away, this was an arranged marriage, therefore she must accept him for all he is. I know tbhat might sound funny in the U.S.A. how any woman could accept the abuse and all but in their culture women have no choice, but to do ……………what their husbands say, if not the consequence will be that you will be beaten or sent back to your family, where it will put shame on the whole family, I don’t think he’s possessed I just think he’s a typical male raised in that region that believes women are beneath him! Wait now that I think about it he has to be possessed!

  9. brandi says:

    take him to a docter just in case he is mentaly ill

  10. Charlotte says:

    lol tambelina. Ok Ani, I Know I Am only 12, but i do watch soaps n stuff, Say one day at night, he came up to u with a knife, or something. I’d leave tbh..

  11. fros says:

    dear Ani,

    i am sorry for the things happened with u, i myself being an indian woman can understand the consequences of breaking such relationship but still i suggest u to get ride of him ASAP, since its just a month u got married to him n he started hurting u, u cant ruin ur whole life this way……can u?

    i am a student of psychology n after reading ur story, i was wondering wheather is is schezpphenic because the synptoms mentioned in ur story are of scezophenics………

    i am sure u must be a well qualified gal who cud take care of her self even without anyone’s support

    godbless u

  12. Mellisa says:

    my best advice only go to psychic to check on him if he’s REALLY possessed. you are never sure if he’s really possessed or does weird things on his own will. the after that you might know what to do because you know what you face with. your real husband or an entity

  13. Jackie says:

    You poor girl, get rid of this man, forget all of these thoughts that he may be possessed. This man is not a true ‘man’ if he hits his loved one, he’s just a bully. There may be many excuses he comes up with for hurting you, but would God wish this? No? he wouldn’t. This man is vile and you must get away from him. If you need help in this, ask us and maybe one of us can tell you what number to ring etc.

    Good luck and God bless you sweetie xxxx

  14. Kajal says:

    I am from the same culture and I understand how hard for you to take decision to leave your partner but I would like to suggest you that just leave his house and tell your family abpout him and just see if you can help him by taking him to a doctor else there is no meaning staying with such person and putting your life into a risk

    God bless you..

  15. rebecca says:

    i agree. you should leave him. especially before you bring children into this so called marriage. i hope everything works out for you. let us know what happens.

  16. Bobby says:

    Possessed or not? get away from this guy as soon as u can, because god forbid something happens to u? they will deem him insane..and he wont serve actual prison time for his abuse like he needs to…GET AWAY FROM HIM fast…

  17. Baby Rachel says:

    “POSSESSION IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE” ….The real issue here is that this husband of yours is definately a Control-Freak! He’s a wife-beater, and he blames YOU for his own weaknesses! This guy is truly a Tirant. He’s not even Human. He’s a diabolical-Evil-Monster! He’s the Devil in ‘Human-Skin!’ Get away from this THING as fast as you can girl! He’s not a man! He cares NOTHING about YOUR feelings. He takes joy in watching you suffer! He is NOT gonna change. He likes the way he is! He cares nothing about what YOU want. He cares only about his own wants or desires. He’s a Selfish-Egotistical Cruel ‘Beast’! And I assure you Madam, that he is an Abomination to ALL man-kind! You best run for your life…or he will kill you!

  18. CK says:

    I think you should get a priest or someone holy….QUICK
    If it does not help..
    He maybe possessed but if the holy someone(i dun know)
    does not help…
    he might gone crazy…..
    Hope you will find a solution to it…
    Bless you

  19. Ouija says:

    Your husband is not possessed. Hundreds of women are beat up by their husbands. You should get a divorce and make sure he can’t find you. Some ex-husbands get very angry and attempt to take your life.

  20. GirlRacer says:

    Believe me when
    I say this, its easier said than done.

    I know, because my ex used to physically (and sexually) abuse me on a daily basis.

    The feelings you have towards them are melancholy at best. You hate him, you love him, you’re afraid of him, you idolise him, you want to get away, but you don’t want to leave, you want to so desperately tell somebody the truth, you find yourself telling your closest loved ones lies to protect him, you feel disgusting and unattractive yet you feel loved when he’s apologising begging you to stay and he won’t do it again, you start to believe that you are all those derogatory comments he says about you, and you look in the mirror one day and forget who you are.

    The moment it stopped for me was he smashed my deceased brothers motorcycle trophy. I lost the plot pretty badly, and I ended up putting him in hospital for six weeks. I visited him as he was pressing charges and told him in front of doctors, his family, policemen, and my friend that I’d be back to finish the job if he didn’t tell the truth about his 2 year barrage of abuse. My friend was with me for a reason, she’s a journo for the city paper. There was his face on the front page urging all women to beware, and they printed the story. He dropped charges, and stayed away.

    I’m sharing this as I feel I can help you, there is help, and support. And one day you may help someone.

    Please be strong. We are here for you.

    Caretaker, may I post links of some helpful domestic abuse help websites? And could you please please pass this message to her.

    Love, and hugs.
    Steph x

  21. trolldoll says:

    girlracer, while i am impressed with your courage and you used your mind to absolutely bring the man down, you also used violence to get it done. giving him a piece of his own medicine he needed but if you had killed him would it have been worth it?

    • GirlRacer says:

      Hey trolldoll (brilliant name i used to love them!)

      Valid and very good question. Have never really thought of it until now.

      The cold light of day, the answer is no. I was pushed to a point where I just completely flipped.

      When I said what I did, I wanted to strike real fear into him, the kind I felt everyday, and it worked. I’m ashamed I allowed myself to take it constantly.

      I would never kill anyone. Least of all him, you’re right. Not worth it at all.

  22. Sanjee says:

    This union that you speak of is most disturbing. Since it was an arranged marriage..can you appeal to your family? I don’t know if you live in the US but would you be able to get away from this man without you or your family suffering any dire consequences? If you can, then I would suggest you pack up your things…wait til he goes to work and then leave.

  23. preeti says:

    i like this storyThis union that you speak of is most disturbing. Since it was an arranged marriage..can you appeal to your family? I don�t know if you live in the US but would you be able to get away from this man without you or your family suffering any dire consequences? If you can, then I would suggest you pack up your things�wait til he goes to work and then leave.

  24. Anonymous says:


    You should ask his mother about his behavior he did this thing regular basis or not. Do some pooja and exorcism for positive energy. God bless u

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