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My house and Strange Happenings

Posted on October 5, 2010

I never know how to start telling my story, but here goes…

My name is Natasha, I’m 15 years old and I know that seems very young to talk about paranormal experiences. When I was a child I was never afraid of the dark or had a comfort toy like a teddy bear, I have always been very mature for my age, I think it’s mostly because I spent nearly all of my time with my Nana.

In 2004 me and my Mum moved into an old house, the first thing that struck us odd was that the previous owner had obviously spent a lot on restoring it to its former glory and decorating the inside to just leave, when we asked why they left so suddenly the estate agent said that they never gave a reason. Nevertheless me and Mum began to decorate the house and after 6 months with the help from all of the family it was finished. My first experience in the house was when I saw a short, brown-haired little girl walking past my room, she moved slowly but looked straight ahead, I didn’t move or say anything. It sounds stupid now, I mean if you see a girl in your house you don’t sit there you go and see who they were but for some reason I was not frightened I found myself strangely comfortable and I warm feeling came over me. A week later and nothing else had happened I had invited my best friend Ella to stay the night, we were sitting in my room and suddenly a black smoke in the shape of a figure appeared in front of the door it stood there for a minute staring at us, neither of us could move from fear then it just disappeared.

In the next couple of day I began to hear children’s laughter, a boy’s and a girls, my Mum had heard this too and I had began to see the little girl more often. A year went by and I that time the little girl and boy would be the spirits I saw and heard, there would be strange noises but nothing that really bothered me, the man only appeared on occasions when Ouija boards were mentioned or when me and my friends had tried to do a sťance but still he never said anything.

Soon after our failed sťance my Nana gave me an old crucifix that belonged to her mother, then her but it hadn’t been passed down to my Mum due to the fact it had been lost for so long. I never wore the necklace because it was so old and I was frightened to break it. In my room I had an hook I hung it on there and thought nothing more of it, that weekend I stayed at my nanas house, but when I arrived back home I noticed that my necklace had gone off it’s hook I asked my Mum if she had moved and she didn’t even know that it was in my room. The first time this happened we found it in the garden, this happened many time before and still goes on today each time I find it in a different place.

Recently the man has gotten more vicious things we don’t even use will go missing and turn up in stupid places, things have started to be thrown. A few weeks ago my friends had come over and I was talking to her about doing a Ouija board and suddenly a glass ornament flew across the room and hit the wall and missed my head by inches, my friends stayed the night. In the morning we were sitting on my bed again talking about it the Ouija board and if we could get one on the net when suddenly the picture I have hanging over my bed smashed sending glass everywhere luckily my friend wasn’t injured and I only had small cuts on my back. It could have been much worse. A few days later I asked my Mum if I would be allowed to do an Ouija board she said no, I found out that when she was my age she had done an Ouija board and it spelt out death then that exact night her friends had died.

Things still suddenly fly across the room and go missing.

I wondered if you could answer my questions:

Why does my necklace goes missing and not only that why is it always the one with a cross?
Why does the spirit seem so angry?
Is a Ouija board the right thing to do?
Does it want me to do an Ouija board?

I know it’s a lot of questions but I need help, I mean I’ve been injured because of this I need to know what to do!

If you can help please do

Sent in by Tasha, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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23 Responses to “My house and Strange Happenings”
  1. Believer says:

    Hi! Tasha

    I don’t think that you and your friend should be playing with a Quiji board, you don’t know who could make contact with you, they might say that they are this person but actually they are a bad spirit or even a demon.Maybe the ghost is throwing things around because it doesn’t want to play with the Quji board. When my aunt was young she played Glassie-glassie and after that weird things would happen to her.

    Kind regards

  2. Loe says:

    1. Probably the spirits being playful.
    2. Perhaps the man and children died because it had something to do that was brought out of the ouija board.
    3. It’s wrong of course. You can try it still if you’re curious, but you and your friend will be held responsible if bad things begin to happen even more. No one is stopping you at all. You were just given warnings.
    4. Of course not, it seems to despise the ouija board. The fact that it’s willing to get pissed when you mention the ouija board is proof enough.

  3. NJFirefighter says:

    Please, DO NOT use a Ouija Board. They are bad news and open doorways for other things to come in. If you believe in God and study the Bible at all, you know that speaking to the deadis against the Bible. That is exactly what you are doing with a Ouija Board. What you are experiencing, I believe is a poltergeist. You have the typical “symptoms” of one, mainly object manipulation. At your age, this activity could be caused by you. Not in a bad way, so please listen. Girls entering puberty and going through changes have been known to bring about poltergeist activity. It has to do with the emotions and stress they go through during this difficult and awkward stage in their lives. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you depressed? Those two things could definately cause this type of activity. If you have neither of these things, then I would consider having a blessing done in your house. This should help rid of the activity, plus it couldn’t hurt.

  4. Rosie says:

    There are definately some spirits in your house, I think it is easier for you to let the children’s spirits cross over and see the light. Just tell them they don’t belong here and they need to see the lights where they can be with their loved ones.

    I don’t know how to handle the angry spirit. First of all, I don’t even know if it is a human spirit or it is demonic. You got to be very careful with that one.

  5. Kimbot says:

    Obviously, the house was haunted before you moved in and that’s why the previous owners left in such a hurry. I would definitey NOT reccomend using an ouja board. It’s dangerous. If anything, using an ouja board will make things worse. I would reccomend finding someone to do a cleansing/ blessing of your home.

  6. sharayah says:

    im sorry this is going on in your life.do not use the ouije board it can bring even more unclean things around.deal with the one you have now!do a blessing in your house u will need your family tell your mom.bless every room in Gods name and bless your cross too say the lords prayers every night.try to use some sage use the smoke in every room at the same time blessing your house tellins it to get out if this doesn’t work time for your family to get outside help good luck and may God be with you.

  7. doris says:

    to me u should not play the oujia board i mean my mom has told me lots of bad stuff that has happened to people who has played it sodont play…and of course the ghost does not want u to play it!!

  8. Monica says:

    Wish you good luck with what ever happends.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Firstly you are obviously afraid and fear feeds negative energies. The obvious thing is it gets quite agressive when you mention ouija boards and if you have read other comments, ouija boards are not a good idea. They’re a bit like yelling an invitation into a crowded room, you don’t always have control over who replies. However, I actually think its trying to protect you and get your attention rather than be ‘ out to get you’.

    It does NOT want you using a ouija board, hence its strong reaction. Subsequently, it keeps moving the necklace with a cross………….but you always find it again, just somewhere else. As they have the power to make things like jewellery dissapear and NEVER come back, yet it allows you to find it again.

    It wants you to dwell on the necklace and think about it every time it goes missing.

    My suspicion is if you stopped mentioning ouija boards, threatening to purchase one or use one and maybe thought about your faith and spirituality a bit more the presence may be a bit calmer.

    Its a bit like a game of charades with a presence, where you are invisible and can’t talk and can move a few things – how do you communicate? If it meant for things to happen to you – they already would have. Its obviously very frustrated with your repeated mentions of the potential use of a ouija board and so its reactrion grows in intensity! You aren’t paying attention so it gets more demonstrative! You aren’t listening! It gets worse! If there is any negativity around – rejecting the use of a ouija board is sage advice and accepting a faith or spiritual perspective is added protection.

    I think you should listen, its good advice from us here and I also suspect the presence!

  10. G. Ramanathan, Advocate says:

    Bhagavat Gita of Hindu religion is the only answer. Do your duty without fear, and do not worry about the Result you will get. Even if you fail to get any result, you cannot escape doing that duty. If it is your duty to reside in that house, reside without any fear. Otherwise, you can vacate. While residing there, do only that what is your duty. No Ghost can stop you from your duty. During leisure, read or play, to refresh your mind. Refreshing mind is also a duty to do the next work honestly. Please note, only when you refuse to do your duty, Ghost or Demon can try to control you. Wish you all the best.

  11. AnNa bites back says:

    since the agent never said why and i think he/she lied and didnt want to scared you or your mom i think you should do some back round check on the house.if thats the only way to find out what really happened.dont use the ouija board because you never know whats really going to happene and how bad its going to be.if you want to find out talk to the spirt or tape your coverstaions and see what you come up with.thanks for the story and let us know what happens.

  12. Anonymous says:

    because they want to be over on the other side but have no way cause they missed there chance to cross over. second the srprit seems so angry cuz of all the redecorateing and he was disturbed also no and no

  13. Destiny says:

    First of all DO NOT use the Ouiji board. It only makes matters worse havent u seen the movie: Paranormal Activity? Anyways, if u believe in god and trust that he can make those spirits disappear than u shouldnt have a problem. Just pray every time u see something scary….pray for it to vanish. The ghost does not want u using the board so do not do it!! Best wishes!! I hope u choose a good solution.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think so its true which every one says,all the best

  15. karan says:

    please dont worry i think its true all the best

  16. keke says:

    it sounds to me like the male spirit is angry about something- the fact that your necklace with the cross goes missing makes me wonder as to the nature of the spirit… maybe you should try cleansing the house with a smudge stick and prayers…. DO NOT USE A OUIJA BOARD!!!!! all that will do is open a doorway to evil….. however, if you still decide to use it, first surround yourself with white light and ask a prayer of protection from evil…

  17. catlincat says:

    1. ghost or spirits usaually hide things

    2.spirits that are angry are angry because something has disturbed them

    3.a ouija board is not the right thing too do

    4.a spirit or ghost wouldent realy like peaple useing a ouija board

  18. kelly says:

    Smudge your house with WHITE SAGE, ask that the spirits there go to the white light , loved ones are wanting and waiting to help them, ask for protection for the highest good for all people/ spirits involved. DO NOT PLAY WITH QUIJA BOARDS, even if its a curiosity…they are not toys and are asking for more trouble than good. I agree with KEKE…SURROUND YOURSELF IN WHITE LIGHT & ASK FOR PROTECTION FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD AND PRAY. But still would not PLAY WITH A BOARD…THEIR TROUBLE. HOPE EVERY THING GOES SMOOTHLY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. In Love and Light, Kelly

  19. Jessica says:

    My sister used an Ouija board and my parents found out they got mad. I am 26 now and that was 20 years ago. I live in the same house now, and I can tell you is that even though things don’t go flying around I see things go missing and they wind up in other peoples room and well that create fights. I doubt that my sister brought any bad spirits here. We do live behind a graveyard and I can tell you in all the house I have been in the neighborhood in the 20 years that I lived here they are all haunted. Even my elementary school has spirits.

  20. Sean says:

    No by no means should u do a quija board. It will only make matters worse. I’m not sure why ur necklaxe goes missing. The only thing I can think of is the entity must have some sort of a connection to it or one just like it. The entity is probably angry because of wat happned to it. Also it knows u can sense it in some way. Whether its seeing it sometimes or watever. The point is it probably wants something. Probably send a message of some kind to someone. So it probably wants u to help it. That could be another reason y it is so angry. I think u should consult a spiritual advisor of some kind. They will be able to help u answer all ur questions better than anyone else. They will also be abled to protect u if the entity gets more violent. Good luck, my prayers r wit u

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