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My First Experience with a Demon

Posted on March 9, 2010

I’ve had two experiences in my life with demons. They did not and cannot harm me, because I believe in the good and I work with angels.

I went through a hard time in my life, when I got really sick and depressed, I was always a smiling and funny person but between 2005 – 2006 I saw no light, that’s when I got some signs, I should start working with angels.

Yeah but anyway, the first experience happened like around 1998, I think. I was living in Germany, in a small town, which had a big forest, so I decided to go for a ride with the bike and take my brothers dog with me, she was a brave and big dog and not really frightened about anything or anyone.

As we were in the middle of the forest, I saw someone coming out of like nowhere, where this guy came out of there was no path just trees and bushes, so it’s like you don’t go there walking or so, he was like 10 – 20 meters away from me, as this really funny feeling came over me. I stopped and said to myself, “oh my god, I don’t wanna pass this guy at all.” I was really scared and started to cry, I looked over to my dog, she stopped too and started growling really loudly. At that moment I realized, this was not a human person, I sat back on the bike called my dog and drove real fast.

I passed this person or whatever and he was barefooted, he was wearing normal pants and a shirt with a tie, the funny thing was his shirt was open and his tie was hanging loose, in the middle of the woods! As I passed by, I looked at him and he had this demonic smile on his face, his hair was messy and he was looking dirty and talking to himself, but he paid no attention to me, and my dog was still standing in the same place, like she was frozen, she just barked and growled mean the whole time, and Wulfin was always a friendly dog.

I started calling her, but she didn’t want to pass this man, I started crying: “Come on Wulfin, come now!” She never did that before, she was a really good dog and always followed when she was called. I did not want to pass this man again, because there was no good inside this being.

Finally my dog moved and passed this man, and we just flew like the wind, when I turned around, he was gone. This was my first experience with a demon.

Sent in by Renee, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “My First Experience with a Demon”
  1. anna says:

    not to be mean or anything but how do you know he was a demon,because he had that look when he had that smile or how do you really know.for me it sounded like just a guy being scary.I would like to hear about what happened in 2005-2006.I am sorry.

  2. Lisa says:

    That is really frightening; I probably would have passed out! I believe you, for several reasons: 1. the man was BAREFOOTED and wearing a suit –that, in itself is extremely weird! 2. He was walking through the bushes; not on the trail; 3. Many of us can sense, or feel an evil presence; we just know when something is just not right.
    Please, do tell us more of you experiences!

  3. NimNod.........The She goat, says:

    Probably just a woodland rapist.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    honestly i can’t tell you what was with the guy. maybe he had just woke up from a really drunken night and had lost his way. somebody in a suit that was ruffled and barefoot would make me steer clear.

  5. Evelina says:

    @ Anna, no you are not beeing mean, when I started writing this story, I just wrote it done, there are a lot more things to say but when I start, that would just get to long :) but anyways, I was always interested in the supernatural and I am a very sensitve person, I feel and sometimes see more things than other people do, of course I’ve seen crazy, drunken people before, this was different, I just don’t start crying for no reason, but on that day these emotions were to much for me, it was a very evil feeling, a really really bad feeling, I couldn’t stand it, so I started crying, that always happens to me if something is very overwhelming, it could be positve or negative, I just start to cry. This was my first expierence when I met a demon, 2008 I saw the next demon,(I will soon sent in the next story) I have this feeling that those two demons were very powerful demons, I could have died several times, but I’m still here, I will also write down my expierences with the death, for some reason I’m alive :) )))) and I know I am protected by angels, I do card readings and talk to angels. Before 2005 I was not ready for this and then I got signs (2005) from angels, I should start working with angels, they will heal me, but I have to open myself and start to believe in me, then they will be able to help me. Just like I mentioned, I love life, I am a very happy and funny person, but between 2005-2006 I was very depressive, cause I was married to guy, who was always drinking and running away from his problems and that had cost me alot of energy, cause I have a little girl too. I saw no light and my smile vanished, so I went to the doctor and the only thing he would do is prescribe me antidepressiva, I got mad and said: “I don’t need that, I’m strong enough, I will manage that without taking any pills.” And then I started to reviece signs, that there is something out there that will help me and be there and that I made the right decision. One day something told me I should go to a bookstore, so I was standing in front of a lot of books but there was this one book which caught my eyes, it was about angels and how to get in contact with them :) )), they told me I should never give myself up, I should go out into the nature, it would heal me, everyday I grew stronger and my smile came back to me and since then I have noticed that people like to be around me and talk to me, even strangers come up to me and they tell me their problems, their sorrows, I just have to learn to protect myself because sometimes helping people cost me a lot of energy, but this is just a bit out of my life, much more has happend to me. So I hope I answerd the most of your questions. You will also find me on ghost space :) under the name Tina Evelina

  6. Renee says:

    I believe this story. Of course there is no proof that this was a demon. But something bizarre must’ve been happening to make you cry like that and be so scared.

  7. Anthony says:

    Wow, that is a very scary situation you found yourself in. It was either a demonic entity or simply some nut in the woods stalking you!! Either way, regardless if it was a demon or some man it or he knew you were there before you know it or he was there. Very strange to see a man in a suite and with barefeet in the worlds. I would be scared regardless!!

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