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My Experiences With the Supernatural

Posted on June 28, 2011

Hi, my name is Rachel, and these are just a few experiences Ive had and what I still do experience now. I know some people wont agree with or believe my experiences, but why would I lie about this? I really wish I had never had these experiences.

My first two experiences with ghosts started 5 years ago when I was 11 years old and, living at my old house. I went to bed at around 9pm that night, and naturally my parents and sister (who is 3 years older than me) were still wide awake. Well, I was drifting off to sleep when I felt this odd sensation that I should open my eyes. When I opened them, I looked across the room to my desk and saw this black thing rising upon my desk, which looked kind of like a shapeless black cloth, so I immediately ran to my door, turned the light on and swung around to look. There on my desk was this small black cloak which I had never seen before, so naturally I took it out to my mother and told her what happened. Of course she never believed me, but thats natural, although she didnt know what it was from either. This of course, was the first in many strange occurrences in my life.

The second event that happened in my life, actually turned out to be a few nights after the first one. I was, yet again asleep in my bed when I woke up. I turned around and looked outside through the curtain (which was one of those curtains where you could kind of see through) and saw this tall figure which was a man. He was wearing a black cloak and a really weird black top hat. I thought it was very strange to see this man, although at the time he didnt seem to be threatening, so I let it slide and just went back to sleep. To this day, I still wonder about these events.

See now, Ive always believed in ghosts, and I always will, unfortunately. To this day, I still have the bed from my old house. I feel very attached to this bed, but I dont know why its very weird. Every two or three nights, my bed shakes by itself, and it always has done this. When I say shake, I mean SHAKE. Sometimes it goes back and forth, and sometimes one end goes up slightly then the other end and it repeats. Can anyone tell me why it does this, because I know its something paranormal, Im just not sure what?

Throughout the 5 past years I have seen a few ghosts, and heard them too. A few months ago (about 3 or so) I encountered this ghostly car. It was very strange, not very frightening though. I was taking my dog for a walk, per usual when I was walking past this car and it turned on. I couldnt see inside (as it was tinted) so Im not sure if there was a something inside it or not. Anyway, when I went across the road, it did a U-turn to go onto my side of the road. I kept walking, ignoring it when my dog started growling at it, so I told her to stop. Every few metres, this car would stop in front of me then start driving when I walked past. After it did this 4 times, I started freaking out that someone was trying to stalk me. Mind you, this was on a long street, and there were no side roads except for the ones in front of me. I turned around to look at the car (my dog was still growling at it) and I saw it still following me, so I turned back and kept walking down the street. I saw lights flash on, and heard it driving, so I turned back and it was gone. Vanished, disappeared.

Still today, I wonder, why me? I know that I do attract ghosts. Unfortunately. In fact, I also have a few powers. Nothing extreme, just unknown knowledge, as in something in me just knows certain facts. To prove this theory, theres this experience. My dad sold his unit at the end of last year (as we have moved elsewhere). He only told my stepmother how much he sold it for, and no one else. I was talking to him 3 weeks ago about it, and I brought up the price of it and he asked me how I know. I have no idea; there was just this thought in my head that told me so. Another thing I have is this, sort of alter-ego voice thing in my mind. It tells me what to do and when.

Last week I was under the house when I heard this really weird sucking noise, as though something was eating. No one else was under there and the dog was upstairs. This voice inside my head said run, just get out of here, and dont look back. I did this when the second I ran out of the door my dog went under and started barking ferociously at nothing. My dog is the happiest dog you would ever see, and when around people she doesnt trust, shes very scared. So much for a helpful watchdog. Another power I have is that I can tell a few things of what can happen in the future. Not all the time, but usually only occurs when something bad is going to happen, though its not always the case. I predicted my best friends grandfathers death. That day, i was at school when Id just gotten into class for last period. My friend had been away that day, and at 2:20pm, I had this thought. The thought was her grandfathers dead. My friend came onto MSN that night and I asked her what happened. She said, my grandfather died, when I asked what time, she had replied with 2:15pm.

I also predicted my own car crash. This happened 2 Fridays ago (actually happened to be Friday the 13th). My mum had to come home to pick me up and drop me off somewhere (the place is irrelevant). She was late that day and I had a thought of wouldnt it be strange if we were in a car crash tonight? A few moments later my mum came home and we left 10 minutes later. Wed gone one minute away from home when this car came into our lane with no indication, so mum had to brake, she hit the cars backdoor and then we slammed into a fence. Minor injuries thankfully, although my sister (who was to attend this art museum opening thing with my mum) broke her nose.

Another power I have is a strong sense of fight-or-flight. Whenever I need to be cautious, if something bad is about to happen or if I sense something evil or spooky around, I hear my heart beat hard in my head. I know this sounds very weird, but I always listen to it, and if I hear it, I know somethings around. One last thing is that Im very good with first impressions and I can tell what someone really feels inside, even when they dont show it on the outside, plus I kind of believe I have a slight compulsion. I can persuade people to be on my side if I desire, and Im extremely good at getting out of trouble. I dont use it all the time, but sometimes its handy to get out of trouble with schoolwork. Either it is compulsion, or Im extremely good at weaving and fabricating reality with lies and stimulating peoples ideas of their perception.

Lastly, I would like to say thanks for reading about some of my experiences. I have had more, although if I was to write them all, Id be going on for a long time. Id also like to tell you, I have a ghost at my dads house, and I have had two ghost cats in the past (both my passed away cats, who I love so much) and I still have them both, but I dont feel them that often. One of my cats passed away 2 years ago, and the other passed away at the beginning of this month (so Im still extremely sad about that). At night time, sometimes, I hear the little pitter patter of paws on the floor, and just as I did a few minutes ago, I feel a body jump on the bed and sit on top of me just as Harmony (the recently deceased) used to do every night.

Sent in by Rachel, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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4 Responses to “My Experiences With the Supernatural”
  1. LMC says:

    thank you Rachel for sharing your experiences,

    You have come to the right place welcome… there are others here that are gifted like you… I am one of them it’s a gift from God (that’s what I believe) what ever you believe it’s still a gift you have.

    Keep in touch and surf around and you will see how many others are gifted :-D again welcome.

    your new friend,

  2. Tais says:

    Rachel, I wanted to know if you are able to guess my birthdate. I know you might thinks this is a stupid question, but just give it a shot for me please.

    • LMC says:

      That’s not a stupid question… Can I try? Have no idea if I can do this August 12, 1965 please let me know how I did… even if I’m wrong thank you :-D

  3. Kim says:

    I liked your story, I’m not the only one out there that knows sometimes when things are going to happen, I had dream one night that my neighbor died and everyone was looking for him, and they called us to see if we knew where he was, (this was a dream) we came home and my neighbor gave me a kiss on the neck and told me he had confidence in me, Then I wroke up. We did go home the next day and everyone was looking for him and my husband found him, he had passed away in his sleep. I,ve had other things happen to

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