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My Dog Skittles

Posted on May 29, 2010

Dear Readers, I would like to, first of all, thank you for reading my story.

When I was 7 years old, my grandmothers’ sister had a dog that gave birth to a litter of Yorkies. She promised one for me and my grandmother and I and we decided to name her Skittles. Every week when she grew a little bigger aunt Peggy (that’s what I called my grandmas’ sister) would send us pictures of her. Finally we took a trip up and got her. The first time I saw her, she was just this tiny little puppy with big eyes and perky ears and I remember once when I was holding her she fell asleep in my arms so I wrapped her in my little jacket and held her in my arms for hours.

A few years later, we moved to a house with a bigger yard and I remember watching her and our other dog Barney (who has also passed, God rest his soul) run thru our front door to our back door and around the big yard, playing and just being happy.

After Barney passed in 2007, Skittles was getting older and not as playful but still full of life. I tried taking care of her as much as I could, petting her and calling her my baby girl.

Last year, we got another dog. A beautiful long hair Chihuahua named Teddy Bear. He got Skittles pregnant and we worried about her because of her old age. Anyway, on April 21st, 2010, I knew she went into labor and I stayed up with her all night (also because my grandmother was very sick and we were supposed to take her to the hospital early the next morning so I just stayed up so I could watch her too.) She gave birth to 1 beautiful puppy but we had to leave so I couldn’t be there for the rest. I stayed with my grandmother while she was in the hospital and my dad and his wife went home and they texted me later to tell me the other pups didn’t make it and Skittles seemed frail.

Days later when we got out of the hospital, I petted Skittles and realized she hadn’t ate or drank in days and there was still blood coming out of her. Since it was so late, we couldn’t go to the vet that night so we got up the next morning and I picked Skittles up and realized she was unable to walk. So we put her and the pup in the car and started looking for a vet that would let us make payments on the bill if they could do something to cure her. My father called and said if we could meet him in town he would take her to a vet he found. So we drove to meet him and when we did, he took one look at her in the back seat and told us she had already passed. We had her for 11 years. I stood in the parking lot we were in and fell apart crying and shaking.

The night before that happened, I petted her and told her that she was a pretty girl and a great little mommy and she licked my finger, almost as though she was saying goodbye. And just the next morning, I awoke to find the puppy she had, had also passed. Now, weeks later, we (my grandmother and I) have started hearing unexplained sounds. When Skittles would lay in her bed, she would lick herself excessively, and we both heard the very distinct sound of her doing that. And then sometimes, she would shake her head really fast and we also heard the sound of that the very next night.

After that, I took my dog Teddy Bear and was playing with him and sort of baby talking him and I asked if he missed Skittles and asked if she has been around and the second the words came out of my mouth I and my dog heard the sound of paws on the kitchen floor! Please comment on this story and tell me what you honestly think, please and thanks again for reading this. I appreciate it.

Sent in by kmarie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com?

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26 Responses to “My Dog Skittles”
  1. AnNa says:

    KMARIE-i will never get another dog,or puppy again.we had so many i cant even count and they ened up diying or getting hit by cars.i hate getting attacted to animals.for you im sorry you and your family had to go through that.and it is posibble that skittles is still with you.skittles knows how you felt toward her.dont think that she doesnt.thanks for the story.oh why did the little one die?is it because skittles was sick so the pup died of thats.

    • kmarie says:

      Anna, thank you for commenting. Yes it is a very painful thing to lose an animal or person that you.ve grown so close to over the years. I just don’t understand why God lets people feel such pain. But yes, the puppy died because Skittles was sick and something was wrong with him as well. We just didn’t know it at the time that the puppy was living.

  2. trolldoll says:

    oh i’m so sorry! i’m afraid you shouldn’t have let the pregnacy progress. my b-day is april 21. hopefully skittles and her pup are at peace and playfully running around you! you had her for so long and i’m sure you have pictures. put them out and just remember how you grew up with her and your grandma and all the happy times!!

    • kmarie says:

      Trolldoll, yes I have alot of pictures. I have one we took a few years ago of her wearing a little santa clause hat and she’s sitting in front of our Christmas tree lol.

  3. Rylee says:

    SO SAD!
    Animals DO have spirits, and sometimes they stick around.
    I had a parakeet and she passed, but now I keep finding her white feathers everywhere, even AFTER 3 years of vacuuming!

    • kmarie says:

      Rylee, I am so sorry about your parakeet passing! But it sounds like she is still around you from time to time : )

  4. Annica says:

    My dog got lost. :( You`re so lucky to have a dog like her!

  5. kmarie says:

    Annica, I am very very sorry about your dog getting lost! I can’t imagine what I would feel if that happened to my chihuahua teddybear, especially after losing Barney, Skittles, and Keeper (that’s the name we had picked out for her puppy). I wish you lots of luck with finding your dog safe and sound. Thank you very much for reading my story. = )

  6. Kathleen says:

    this has actually happened to me, we had some cats pass away that used to sleep at the end of my bed. after they passed i kept feeling a cat jump up onto my bed but when i looked at the end of my bed there was no cat there.

    • kmarie says:

      Kathleen thank you for commenting and i fully believe that animals that are around us alot and loyal when they are living, are actually just about the same when they pass away. I mean with loyalty.

  7. big barney says:

    this is nothing more than a sobb story….sorry but thats all.. i think you are looking for sympathy more than trying to tell a ghost story!

    • kmarie says:

      No big barney, it’s not a sob story. I included all these details because I felt they were necessary. I felt very strongly about Skittles and I wanted people to sense that. Not to be mean, but I certainly do not appreciate your insulting and insensitive comment about a story that means so much to me.

    • Pat says:

      Big Barney, this is a ghost story! Skittles is obviously back and letting her family know she is fine….it is SOOO painful to lose a pet!

  8. Christina says:


    Don’t mind Big Barney :p, he likes the attention he gets from his off the wall comments……back to YOU, now. Yep, I think there is an after life for our pets/like humans and we all leave some kind of energy when we go on to whatever is out there…..if anything!

    Take care, and don’t give up on pets. It’s better to have loved than not loved at all, right? Pets are wonderful and they bring out the best in us.


  9. Carlos says:

    This story really did have me crying though.Skittles seemed like quite a dog.

  10. mia says:

    KMarie, you can surely bet that your dog Skittles is still around… With all the love you gave , Skittles just couldn’t leave just like that. My dog Max (female) passed she was 18, she was abused as a puppy so we took her and what a wonderful dog, she came to me in a white dog and played and jumped around and kissed me and then the white dog was gone…. I new it was Max telling me she is fine, we did not have any white dogs around our neighbor hood like that one, …Pink nose and pink paws, just so beautiful and pure not where I live anyways, we also had a Black Lab named Zephyr who was Max playmate that passed 6 years later and we still hear him in our hall way, so doesn’t our new dogs now… They never forget the love and come back to let you know!!! Yes their are spirit animals…….

  11. cookie says:

    hi kmarie,

    sorry bout ur dog, i remember when my dog died i missed her so much…..=( i think ur dog is still around in spirit and she jus has her normal life….i remember when my dog died sometimes i would hear her bark….don’t know if my mind was playin tricks on me but i knew her voice well.i have read other stories here where ppl have experiences like this, they still feel when their pets jump on the bed, etc

    @ christina i so argee with u…..animals are jus the best friend any person can have…..i do believe they have an after life jus like us =)…….it’s hard to loose ur pet when they brought so much meaning to ur life.

  12. Kirstie says:

    Thank you cookie. Just a couple nights ago, I was laying on my bed, where she used to sleep with me when she was alive, and I was watching tv and all of the sudden, I just felt the same exact feeling I felt whenever she would jump on the bed!

  13. yumi says:

    I must write down my animals stories, as over time ive seen alot of animals react to invisible things also. I will say though non-topic related, you should always get your animals nuetered, take them to the vet and get their bits chopped off as soon as they are old enough! If this had been done your dog will most likely have lived longer i am sorry to say. :(
    I am sorry for your losses also.

  14. anna says:

    creepy!! and so cool!! ;) ! i have lots of cats and sometimes i feel like i can hear them too!! isnt that just the coolest feeling!??! :)

  15. Lynn says:

    This story touched my heart. I totally believe that our pets are still with us after they go over the rainbow bridge. I dread the day my chihuahua Cheeto passes. He is my best friend and I can even read his mind when hes in need of something. We literally go everywhere together. They are the most purest, innocent souls and give true unconditional love. Pets know how much you love them and know they are still needed to come visit and offer us some comfort when most needed. We all know they give us the most comfort when on the earth plane. How lucky you were to have those special years with your fur baby. My heart goes out to you. Lotsa love

  16. Lynn says:

    The rainbow bridge is a comforting poem to read:)

  17. alankrita singh says:

    kmarie i m sorry for what happened i have also lost my dog so i know how painful it is to be away from your pet i myself have heardthe sounds of my pet lhasa apso in my room my bathroom as when it was alive it used to enter my bathroom and softly bark as if asking ,”man what are you doing sitting over that chair kind of thing” well thats a very comforting feeling when i hear it shake its head and it died after completing eleven years i still cry in absence of others i wish i could get bimbo back..

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