My Demonic Experiences

Posted on June 12, 2009

“Demons will always be around us and be there, whether you believe in them or not. They are here to stay on Earth, and here to spook us. They are like Satan’s children, they do as he says and what he says hurts us all.”

I’m thirteen years old, and ever since I was about seven or eight years old, I have had paranormal experiences, such as dreams, sightings, sounds, etc. In my religion, (Jehovah’s Witness), I was taught that Demons attach themselves to objects, pictures, movies, anything out of the ordinary.

Just two or three weeks ago, my mother had a paranormal experience, and then later on that night, so did I. In my house, there is my Grandparents bedroom (The master bedroom), a Kitchen, a living room, and a sitting area near the front door, my room, a computer room that my Grandfather does his work in, and my Mothers room, plus the old laundry room. Our garage is no longer in the house, we had to turn the garage into a little room for my great-grandfather but he moved to a Nursing home.

Well, I was in my room when my Mom experienced what she had experienced, but from what she told me, I believed her because it’s happened to me as well. In my mothers room, she has a small end-table next to her bed that she keeps her pills on that she has to take before going to bed. Well as she reached down/ bent over, so to say, she felt a hand going up her shirt. Now, knowing my mom, I knew she was going to believe me to be the person doing this automatically, because I love to play pranks. So she turned around, and I wasn’t there. At first, so my mom says, she couldn’t move, couldn’t function her brain right because she was so spooked. But as soon as she looked and saw that I wasn’t the one who had done as such, she ran to my grandparents bed room to tell what she had just experienced.

Well, back to what I was saying in the beginning about how in my religion, we believe that Demons attach themselves to pictures, movies, items such as toys, cell phones, jewelry, etc., My mom and I both had just gotten letters from my Father in prison. Let’s just say, the letter my Mom received from my Dad, wasn’t so nice. So my Grandmother assumed that maybe it was the letter that was causing the paranormal experience. So, my mom ripped up the letter and threw it away.

Later on that night, around 1:00 AM, my mom was on the computer, then decided to come lay down, and I was feeling a bit skittish about sleeping by myself after what had happened to my mom, so I slept with my mom. Well, my mom had taken her medicine, so I decided I would stay up and watch a simple movie, not a scary one because then that would make the night and moment even worse, so I watched Good Luck, Chuck. As I watched, I grew tired, So I turned off the TV. I laid next to my mom and listened to her sleep for about 20 minutes, and then suddenly, I grew scared. I kept trying to wake up my mom because the way I felt, it was un-imaginable. A couple of times, I would glance at my moms cracked door, then finally I asked my mom to turn on the light. As soon as the light went on, I no longer felt afraid or scared, So I began to watch TV a bit longer. Again, I grew tired, So I turned off the light and the TV and looked at the cracked door again, only this time, I saw a little boy with dark looking circles under his eyes, almost like the face off of the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose, if you know what I’m talking about. I stared and couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe.

My mind told me to scream, forget waking up my mom SCREAM for crying out loud, but I just couldn’t. I was way too scared to really think about moving. Then the boy disappeared, and after he disappeared, I sat there like a stupid girl, then shook my mom a few times and woke her up. She couldn’t stay up with me because her medicine was kicking in and her medicine was strong. So I just watched TV for the last 3 hours, finally it got around 5 AM, and the TV was off. I finally broke down crying and woke up my mom and told her I needed to go and have a talk with my Nana(Grandmother), and so I did. We talked for about 10-20 minutes, even though it was incredibly hard for her to comprehend what I was saying to her at 5:00 AM, it probably seemed like non-sense to her, but she understood, and later told me she has experienced paranormal things as well.

That same day, I ended up not going to school. I felt too scared to go anywhere, but then again too frightened to stay in that house. My mom was going to baby-sit my little cousins while my older cousins go to work anyway. My mother and my mothers friend, Blythe, were on the phone as I tried to sleep. My moms friend Blythe had also said she had paranormal experiences in my house, and what caught my mothers attention is that the paranormal experiences Blythe had had, was in the same hallway and same spot I had experienced mine, (The hallway/ area near my mothers room, plus my mom had her paranormal experience actually inside her room) then realized there were pictures of my Great-great-great grandmother and great-great-great grandfather in the closet beside my mothers room. After hearing the chat my mom and Blythe had, I fell asleep, and every other hour, I would wake up terrified because of either a sound or it felt like somebody was touching me.

Later on that night, my cousins came home, and invited some other friends over for a cook-out and cooked hamburgers. Well, I felt pretty dirty from all the sweating I did during the sleep I had all that day, and decided to go home up the street and go take a shower. As my Grandfather drove me home, we had a chat about me missing too much school, then I brought up the conclusion my mother had made earlier that day about my Great-great-great grandparents. When I told my Grandpa about the conclusion, he sat there for a minute, then nodded. I knew I had found the reason as to why the three of us had a paranormal experience near my moms room.

My great-great-great grandmother was Indian, and she had the ability to heal wounds, such as if you had an open sore, what she would do is she would spit or lick on her fingers or hand, and rub the open sore with her hand or fingers and it would heal the open sore. Then I also was told, a group of Jehovah’s witnesses tried to burn a picture of my great-great-great grandparents, and it would not burn at first, and that every time my mom or my family would go over to my great-great-great grandparents house, it was always so strange and strange feeling. So, we immediately went to the closet near my mothers room and found dozens of pictures of my great-great-great grandparents, then soon took them out. Ever since then, I haven’t felt a paranormal experience.

Written by Katelyn, Copyright 2009

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19 Responses to “My Demonic Experiences”
  1. Geet says:

    Wow !! its really scary……..but i do believe in your story coz me too have experienced the same………

  2. Carmen says:

    Creepy, but I am glad that it is over.

  3. YVETTE says:

    i do not belive your great great grand mother was the couse . INDIAN healers are not evil.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.I am an Indian and trust me i have never myself heard of such stuff(unless u are talking about the Native American Indians or Red Indians).But trust me although there are people who claim to do those stuff,they are not evil.

  4. Baby Rachel says:

    I agree with what YVETTE says!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where can I post my story??

  6. :D says:

    Yvette and Baby Rachel, Indian healers can be evil, or it was because of the anger and resentment she had towards the Jehovah’s Witnesses for trying to burn their pictures

  7. ALEX says:

    Thats intense.

  8. Angel Z. says:

    wow really scary but, I’m one of those people that don’t get scared easily since
    my incident 3 years ago I feel that I never get scared of nothing… for some reason

  9. mad says:

    hey dont understand r v the same caz it happened to me the samejust kidding god always stays with meand no demons come to me

  10. Eileen says:

    She said the experienced STOPPED when she took the grandparents pics out…maybe they are watching over her?

  11. Katelyn says:

    wow thats creepy we have the same name and im the same agee ! :o
    i feel kinna sorry for u having to go through all thatt :( !
    but now its good to heer its all stopedd

  12. newyorkshedoc says:

    Just out of curiosity, how is a dream considered to be a paranormal event???

    We all have our share of strange, odd, frightening dreams. I’m just wondering what makes your dreams…paranormal.

  13. Crystal says:

    Okay, for you being a Jehovah’s Witness you don’t suppose to be looking at demonic movies first and foremost so how in the world could you possibly know about The Exorcism of Emily Rose? Unless, you are made to go to the kingdom hall as I was when I was a child but any way they didn’t tell you to say Jehovah’s name when any of that stuff occured I mean it does work… I am glad that you are not experiencing those things now

    • andres anderson says:

      yeah im am one of jehovahs witnesses as well and the elders at my hall told me if you are baptized satan will target you more.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Good story, Ive been dealing with demonic pressences lately, been keeping me up at night being scared out of my mind… I think i have what you have. Something has attached itself to somthing in this home, I wish I could find it because this is day 3 of no sleep and it sucks!

    • anonomyssy says:

      Tiffany, nasty things feed and gain power with your fear, so master it and think LOVE when you feel fearful.

      Before I go to bed at night I say a prayer. I ask for the white light of the holy spirit to come into my house…to surround and protect everyone in my home (and a few loved ones not home), to let the light stream into every corner, crevice and crack, and to surround, encapsulate and stop any negative energy or beings)

      I have activity in my home from time to time, and I find when I remember to say this prayer daily, it really, really helps. If it’s bad I go into every room and say the Lord’s prayer out loud as well. Be firm, and sincere welcoming divine presence into your home.

      (example a few weeks ago I woke up to what sounded like a dog sniffing around my neck and head-about 5-6am, and I have a dog, but he wasn’t in my room, he was downstairs…then I clear as day heard a male voice say “Not Nice”…it left me a little jumpy, but I hadn’t been praying, was really busy and stressed…so started up again, and it’s been quiet)

  15. anonomyssy says:

    It is my understanding that, (referring to the beginning of your story) demons are NOT Satan’s children, but rather fallen angels….or angels that chose to reject God…it is also my understanding that all ‘life’ or souls have a spark of divinity within, even demons…and that all will return home in the “end”…just a thought, do not live in fear, you and love and light have dominion over these things.

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