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My Childhood Possibly As A Psychic

Posted on May 17, 2009

This is my (Blue Jay’s) story: I was quite a quiet kid when I was younger. Not boasting about how I could do tricks, or watching so much television that my brain felt it could fall out at any given moment. I was actually quite intelligent, for a five year old.

Many stories have been told to me about how I was a very gifted child, in both normal and paranormal ways. I began knowing impossible things at quite a young age, and I still do, but more rarely. Example: We live in Europe, I say to my mom my friend living in Germany isn’t feeling all to well, and she calls his mom, and his mom says that he has been feeling bad all week long, barfing. I also can see colors (brackette said I may have snthyseains… Can’t spell it, but I don’t, no mental or physical faults) not as in the colors covering everything, but floating around the room in different shapes, most commonly lines and blobs. Close your eyes very tight, then push on them, and that’s what I see, usually. Without the pain and explosions.

I feel energy in my hands, too. When I put my hand over my computer, I can feel the energy of it tingle in my palms. I could probably suck the power out of the light or appliances in my room. I have actually tried this, but I think I’m not going about this in the right way.

I can feel pain too. In other people. Example: My sister got a huge bruise on her thigh. My mom covers my eyes, then shifts her around, and I can show her exactly where my sister’s bruise is, with my eyes covered, using the tingling in my palm.

I can also predict the weather, read people’s emotions (not their minds), and persuade people that I’m right, even if I’m not. Apparently, I’m a very persuasive person.

Though this isn’t normal, but not unheard of, I will say something else: For most people, it takes a week to pick up the concept of juggling. Then, they can move to three balls. I got the concept and could do 10 sustained throws with three balls in a day. I learned four a month after that. I started doing five this week, and can do five throws and catch most of them (quite good, for a four day old five ball juggler). I’m planning on moving onto six as soon as I’ve mastered that, too.

Many other strange things have happened, most of them me getting bad feelings about something under the bed, then going to get something, feeling way too cold, then going back to bed, still cold. I haven’t had any experiences with demons and ghosts so far, thank the Lord, and I’m not planning to anytime soon.

I was considering asking for an Ouija board for my next birthday, but decided not to, thanks to your stories… I think that may be able to save my life. Thank you for all the stories published, which gave me so much more confidence in my abilities. – Blue jay.

Sent in by “Blue Jay”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “My Childhood Possibly As A Psychic”
  1. Mellisa says:

    WOW!! you are a person tha i would like to say have Extrasensory perception (ESP)ability. this ESP come in many way such as s telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, Intuition, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, aura reading, Out-of-body experiences, etc (there are still more). people who has esp power can do many various things. not just one. it’s similar like yours. i’m not an expert but i’m sure of it somehow. like how you know what happen to you and your friend and sister. it could be either intuition or telepathy. the one that happen to you and electronic may be an ability to generate electromagnetic waves, i’m not sure, anyway. ^^ anyway, you are very gifted.

  2. Blue jay says:

    Out of the list you supplied, I think I am intuitic, (what the heck is precognition and retrognition?!) aura seer, possibly and very unlikely a telekinetic….
    Thank you, but compared to some of the people here, it’s not actually too great…
    Thanks anyway, mellisa!

  3. Mellisa says:

    pecognition here is to perceive information about places or events through paranormal means before they happen. Retrocognition is the purported paranormal transfer of information about an event or object in the past. i dont say you have those, those are just example LOL what i’m saying is esp ability comes in various length. i supply you the list so you just need to choose which abilities you have out of them all. hahahahaha…. anyway still a gift is a gift. since you can bless with more than one ability you are really gifted too, although it might not as strong as the other people here. ^^

  4. Blue jay says:

    I was once in a basketball game, I got the urge to step to one side, so I did and caught the ball…

  5. Mellisa says:

    maybe it’s intuition.. ^o^ i think intuition is different . it’s ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.
    anyway, percognition is about knowing something beforehand, like foresee what will happen in future. for example something will happen to your friend that he might get an accident, but somehow you see, either awake or in your dream, that something wrong will happen to him a few days before the accident or you see that something will happen in a place somewhere.

    Retrocognition is the reverse one. i saw a physics who has strong power in TV. one day he had a show to go to a street in which once there was a car accident to a little girl. no one, even her family knew how that girl got the car accident in front of her house or why. this man can tell that the girl just got excited about something, so she ran out and went to his father, who work across the street, to tell him about it. this ability allowed a person to see what happen to a person or place in the past or what a place was used to be in the past.

    sorry if the explanation is long i’m not good in giving out information or writing so i dont know how to make it short, but clear. ^.^’

  6. CuteSagittarius says:

    Im impreSsed, BlueJay!

  7. CuteSagittarius says:

    Mellisa,thanx for the gread info…u’ve certainly introduced me to some new things.
    Thanx again!

  8. Mellisa says:

    You’re welcome! ^__^

  9. Blue jay says:

    Thanks, Sagittarius!
    But, out of curiosity, why are you impressed?

  10. Trendstar says:

    Hey! Blue jay out of jokes u really seem gr8 and anyway frenz wats ouija? I really wanna know is it game or anythin else?

  11. Blue jay says:

    And ouja board is a ‘toy’ which is cheaply manufactured.
    Many people claim it is the cause of death to possibly hundreds of people because they accidentaly summoned a demon.
    It is a supposed way of communication with the ‘other sire’.
    Never touched one, though, no idea what they look like…

  12. TRENDSTAR says:

    Thanx blue jay and caretaker but i dont want to take risk it seem horrible!

  13. The Caretaker says:

    Trendstar I would not recommend that you use a Ouija board. I am only providing a link for more information and stories about it.

  14. TRENDSTAR says:

    Ok i was just saying my opinion i m not saying u recommended u mistook me

  15. gypsy says:

    Before using or playing around with any type of divination or scrying technique , it is wise to first learn the art of protection.

  16. Karen says:

    I’m just going to say one thing….don’t you dare go playing around with that ouija board

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