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My Bad Dreams And The Demon

Posted on May 12, 2009

So I have been coming to this site for the better part of the past 7 months… and I have read many stories. And well today I am really bored so I figured I would put one of my many experiences out there for ya. This happened to me two times in my life. Once when I was seven, and the last was when I was 15.

Growing up I could always see things, and talk to the things I could see. So some, they thought I was on drugs. But I swear I have never touched the drugs… Anyway, when I was seven I started having dreams of this dark figure with red eyes, teeth, and claws. And in my dreams this thing (Later found out it was a demon) would chase me and in most of the dreams trip me and, attack me.

The first night all this happened I had red marks on my cheeks. The next I dreamed that the thing was choking me, I woke up with red marks around my neck. The next day I dreamed that it was scratching my chest and stomach. I had marks from my chest down.

My mother started noticing that I had marks and bruises all over my body. So my parents took me to a preacher, and he “prayed” over me and I went home and slept that night. But my friend (We will call him Jebbus) was there too. But he was there to watch me sleep. He was a friend of my fathers.

The first three nights I had the same dreams, and woke up with marks on my body. But he still swears to this day that I didn’t move at all. Because at first they thought I was doing it to myself. But he watched me. The next three nights it was my mother who watched me. Same thing. And then they just went away. I continued to live my life like a normal… well normal weird child.

When I was 15 I started to have the dreams again. That is when I found out that demons are real. The person that found out about the dreams I was having introduced me to my very first B.O.S. and from there I kept a journal of everything that was happening. To this day still have the journal, but have like 7 other B.O.S’s.. that’s way aside the point.

Then later on when I was 17 my friend Atlas pulled out one of those wooden Ouija boards. I left when she started, (Ouija boards are bad juju) And when she was done I came back and went to sleep at her house later on in the evening. I had a really bad dream. The demon was right there in front of me laughing at me saying, “I will get you eventually child”. Scary I know But I’m still here waiting for it to come back.

Written by Serenity, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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28 Responses to “My Bad Dreams And The Demon”
  1. deanna95 says:

    o my god that is scary i mean did the scratching and bruises hurt?

  2. Carmen says:

    CREEPY, Read the bible every night and sleep w/ a rosery. See if that helps.

  3. Jackie says:

    Just don’t touch a ouija board again, as that’s when this demon ‘could’ carry out its prediction.

    Keep safe!

  4. Sam says:

    Wow thats really scary. can a ouija board really let the demon carry out its prediction. im really fascinated with all this stuff also scared at the same time. lol please write back i want to know more if thats okaii xx

  5. Lawliet says:

    Hi,, I had the same experience as you but the difference is the demon in my dream is me.. I really don’t understand.. the pastor in my place says that maybe I have split personality and the other half was the evil inside me or shall I say the evil side of me.. But like you said the demon occurred in your dreams right? so as mine.. what’s happening to us?

  6. charlote says:

    im quite scared by this wen this happened in ur dream did they randomly appear or did it happen quite slowly xxx i dnt think tht makes sence lol xx

  7. rebecca says:

    lawliet- i have been having dreams about demons too. its so confusing. im starting to worry so much about it.

  8. justin says:

    i also have been dreaming about demons.it started when i was eight.i always dreamt of me in my room looking at the mirror then suddenly everythig turns black and all there’s left is me and the mirror.my reflection turns to a really scary looking creature

  9. Blue jay says:

    I have a question for you all:
    Is it possible for a demon to possess you, force you to get an ouja board, then devour/torture/furtherly possess you?
    Can it possess you without opening a door like an ouja board?
    Or am I safe, in my room, atleast 5 miles away from the closest ouja board?

  10. Mellisa says:

    perhaps, just perhaps, you are all or even your parents not stick enough to religion. such as very rarely go to church or never pray before sleep. sometimes although you dont pray everyday, if you think about god or say something to god is enough, because it means you are still religious. i’m not the one always talk about religion, but that’s my guessing. it could be your parents to that haven’t follow your religion or pray enough so you are all as their children are not really protected. in my case i never ever see demon or ghost. i have on encounter with a spirits or sometime i feel them around somehow, but no spirits or demon has ever bothered me. my mother is very religious and always pray for her family. although i also forget to pray before sleep a lot, i always remember god or pray something in my heart when i feel that i have something to say. anyway your story make me even more realize how lucky i am.
    tonight i’ll remember to pray and pray for people who are bothered by bad spirits or demons . i’m sorry about what happen to you all. i hope one day you will be free from them

  11. Mellisa says:

    blue jay, i dont think all of them here have the o’board, since they have it since they were little. there’s possibility someone else in their house has it

  12. Sunil Kumar says:

    All one need is to find some good hobbies, good friends and good stuff to read!!

    Whatever has a name do exist in the world. But there are clear cut borders. Neither the living nor the dead should interfere each other normally.

    Lastly, a living person is far more deadly and far more powerful than the dead. The only thing is that people do not know about their powers. You can bind anyone using hymns but you will need meticulous training of years before that!!

  13. Mergrath Wolfbeard says:

    damn strange the demon in my nightmares told me the same thing…

  14. grasshopper says:


    This is something I haven’t told many people,mainly because it frightened me so bad.
    When I was a young mother,we lived in an apartment in North Hollywood,Ca.
    I had put the children to bed one night as usual,they were just babies.Both under 3.
    I went to bed myself later,and all of a sudden i heard the most evil laughter coming from the corner of my room.I said the Lord’s Prayer over and over and over until the laughter stopped and whatever it was left the apartment.I have never again been faced with that,but every once in a while when taking photos, catch some pretty interesting orbs,not the dust orbs but the real energy orbs.

  15. ghost says:

    my school is haunted i’ m pretty sure

  16. Elephant says:

    Ghost please tell me what school you go to!

  17. E-P says:

    The demon in my nightmares talked to me last night. He told me he was “7″ and identified itself as a demon later in another nightmare. “I’m 7″… “I’m a demon”… I actually had several nightmares last night. They were extremely real and strange, because I woke up several times and went I fell asleep I would keep having different nightmares but with “7″ in them. Most of them were memories of other stuff I’ve seen and other nightmares when I was a little kid about scary entities, shadows and other demons. One of them I believe was “7″. I talked to my friend that knows about demons and that kind of stuff. She was confused because according to her the number seven is the number of god, but it could also mean that 7 is an specific demon or that it’s not one demon but 7 demons in one.

  18. j says:

    E-P watch the paranormal state TV show on A&E there is a girl on there who was possesed by a demon and it would tell her “i am 6″ or maybe it was 9..i forget but it was really scary and they actually had to do 2 shows on her because the demon never left after the exorcism and it didnt after the 2nd either. they think the demon was saying that it was 6 or 9 demons in one.

  19. Slash says:

    Talk to your friend about that demon.

  20. chadd says:

    I’m 34 yrs old and Have the exact same dreams, The reason for these dreams is because we can see beyond human reality, spirits can tell we’re listeners, dreamers, and or seers, and to a demon we’re easy targets, open to many possibilities, and believe we have no right to be in both worlds, sad to say there are alot of people who don’t believe our situation. My demon has been dorment for about 6 months now , but will return (always does) Just so we’re clear this is not a possession!!! and also i can tell you that they are physical wounds and that they burn like my skin is on fire, the claw marks only have 3 nails #’s and letters are very visible on skin (the demons torture and do not control) and is very calming to know I’m not a freak after all.

  21. Demon Dreamer says:

    You guys should check out a book that scheduled to be published in late September ,2010 called Demon Dreams by Rachel Ferraro. I found it in a pre-published advertisment accidentally through a link, but haven’t been able to find it since. The book summary sounds exactly like what you’ve all explained, in some fashion. I don’t know how much it will cost, but it will be available at Borders, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

  22. melecia says:

    ive ben having demon dreams since i was 12 and in these dreams im being tortured and actually wake up hurting. lately ive ben dreaming one specific demon he has a really muscular body and the head of a goat and hes dragging me down a hallway what does this mean?? does having these dreams mean they are possesed of you?

  23. Mitchelle says:

    Ouh my gosh! That happened to me to; im 17 now & I had weird dreams & nightmares about a guy chasing me & he would cut me i gotta cut on my leg across but I don’t know if it’s a demon or not cause I would wake up all scared & stuff I still gotta mark across my leg I got this mark at Feb,23,2011….; And when i was 6 years old I was sleeping in my dads room alone I woke up & saw a black figure with red eyes in the corner
    And when i was 14 I told my dad & when i was growing up that when he appeared when i was 16 so he still hunting me in my dreams & nightmare

  24. Shelby says:

    I thought I was the only one who had dreams about demons. The dreams I have will have this demon who calls himself Luisfer actack me or try to. Then a Angel save me. I’ve woke up with cuts and brusises on my legs and arms one time I was so weak I barely could make it out of bed.

  25. Mitchelle says:

    His name is luisfer … I don’t know mine in my dream but he wear a hoddie,black pants, shoes, he has a ugly face can’t discribe it dough; and he has sharp nails & his voice is deep thats it & he hunts me for some reason … I heard it’s a bad day to have a dream on friday 13th ; but I don’t believe it. Just have to wait what happens … Ouh yeah I don’t even know what he wants from me last time he said was “Come here I won’t hurt you!” He would say lots of stuff.

  26. coolbean says:

    hey mitchelle why dont you post some of your dreams o here? i would love to hear some ;) xx

  27. adrian rojel says:

    Tht just happend to me last night a dark shadowed figure growled and the attacked me I couldn breath or scream whn I awoke I had scratch mark across my chest and stomach

  28. adrian rojel says:

    I’ve had these dreams a couple times but never had marks now this time I do

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