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Meeting With a Ghost on the Stairs

Posted on October 29, 2009

Time: almost a decade ago.. About the fourth afternoon in summer.

Location: the building by which we live in Egypt, Mahalla town, specifically the second floor, where we live on the third.

Event: My wife’s sister, whom was aged at this time twenty years on her way to visit us and when she got into the building by which she started to climb over the stairs leading to the flat where we live and when they stepped up to the second floor landing encounter someone in the same moment, making her pay attention to it, but soon she had a smile on her lips as he was a person familiar who had to talk to him many times and was the grandfather of her friend too, which lives on the fourth floor, he was distinctive with  his white beard  White elegant, well-known by the stick and the head cover is also white, which makes you feel as he is illuminated man Approached the man while getting her to almost separated by one degree So the peace to deliver him by a smile, saying: “Hi my grandfather” as used in the vision but the man quickly passed but did not turn to a familiar and non-existent and completed the landing of the stairs quickly and if he wanted to catch up with something, turn she felt him by a little embarrassment for neglecting greeted friendly, but not any interest and indifference to the past than to the unknown.

My wife’s sister came to our apartment and entered the reception room and sat down to talk share and suddenly said: “I happened during the embarrassing position of going up to you and then recounted what happened and felt sorrow because the man did not read too much attention, and during that my wife and I exchange looks of surprise which held in tongues, and finally delivered It is my wife asked: Whom did you meet? She said: my grandfather”s friend I told you my sister? My wife said: Impossible! The old man with a white beard who lives above us,she said yes, he was, and began to feel worried, she said Why does it seem surprising to you and why all these questions and I told her: You are certain that you met the man now?  she said: sure I met him on the stairs a few moments ago, then I said: Of course not the man, but she was impatient and shouted: can not be missed in a man I have known him a long time and its shape is very distinctive and has no equal in the same floor, I’m very concerned about what happened? I am bored of all of these questions.

Where there was silence for a few seconds and we were still exchanging worried glances my wife and I,then her sister said: Did I make something wrong? but she did not find clear answer only surprising that it was still on our faces, she shouted loudly and said : I’ll go if you do not answer, Finally I said to her voice shaking: the man who you met died two months ago. She called out in fear: What?! You sure joking me, and looked to us but as confirmed on our faces and looks of horror and fear in our eyes owned a panic like a delirious wondering: oh my God ,whom I met now ?! and vowed that he himself was the man, but he seems strange it seemed that he could not feel any body beside him and quickly was not commensurate with his age and decency usual

This is a real story and I certify that these events was happened as I saw the true terror at the face of that witness and I am sure that she met a ghost of this dead man.

Written by Hossam Hamdy Mahmoud in Egypt, Copyright 2009

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46 Responses to “Meeting With a Ghost on the Stairs”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    very strange indeed! ah now that’s a ghost!

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    that was a full bodied apparition!!! its unusual to see a ghost that looks in human form, but i have also… wow!!! she certainly has a gift….. i hope she sees it that way…… it is very scary when you see a human form, then you find out the person has passed over….. did anything happen after that??????? ktm

  3. ChronicMidori says:

    is it just me, or was that just one really long, impossible to understand, run-on sentence?

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hi Hossam,

    Thank you for your wonderful and interesting story. Wow, how scarey it would be to speak to someone, and it was their SPIRIT! Your sister is very brave. Also, your english is great! I’ve been to many places in this world, but, I’ve never been to Egypt. I bet it’s beautiful. You have a nice weekend :)

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    not sure if i am spelling this correctly,, but,, my father was in Kyro, Egypt….during world war 2.. he was stationed in the desert for 2 years…….i think this was a great story!!!!! do you have any more??????

    take care,,,,, ktm

  6. Hossam hamdy says:

    Thanks to every body for reading my story & for all comments.
    I would like to reply all comments ,
    The first comment of : KNOWTOMUCH, You asked if anything happened after that?
    The answer : No one saw the ghost of this dead man again after this accident but all my family, my relatives & some friends whom used to visit me told me that they feel terror & if somebodies are touching them while going up & down stairs.This feeling overed after I advised all neighbours to repaint the building again, we painted all walls from the first floor to the last one, after that the spirits had gone. so, I advise every one who lives a haunted place , try to paint the place again & tell me the result.
    Secon comment , Chronic Midori: you have the right to believe or not , but this man was very distinctive & impossible to be similar to a nother one especially in the same building
    He was the same dead man , but only gives you an impression that he does not feel any body arround him.

    The Third comment is Bonnie , Thanks to your kind words, you are welcome in Egypt anytime. Accept my best regards & Happy Halloween for you.
    The fourth comment , KNOWTOMUCH : Hello again the right spelling is Cairo , it is the capital of Egypt, you should come to see The great Pyramids , Sphinx, Temples & obelisks they are all very wonderful. I have also a nother stories which really happened & I will sen it sooner Thank you again for your comments., with my best wishes.

    Hossam Hamdy

  7. Bonnie says:

    Hi Hossam,

    I am looking forward to reading your future stories. I bet that the Great Pyrimids and the Sphinx and temples are so very beautiful. Gosh, to think who people had constructed them those so many thousands of years ago…just breath taking!

    Hossam, both you and your family have a great week :)

  8. Bonnie says:

    Hi Trolldoll,

    How are you doing? Hey, did you and your family have a nice and fun Halloween. My hubby and I went to lunch at our favorite chinese restuarant and then came home. Didn’t do awhole lot, but, it was nice just loafing around the house with the hubby and watching a little television. You take care and have a great week :)

  9. trolldoll1681 says:

    hi bonnie, we had a great saturday nite, my honey and i went to our favorite pub and i took pictures of all of our friends in costume!! it was great fun to see so many different themes!! alice in wonderland and willy wonka! i myself went as a iowa hawkeye fan!! go hawks! that was a great game and indiana almost had us for awhile!! and the food was excellent too, norma and randy sure know how to throw the best halloween party!! thanks for asking !! i can’t believe its november 1st already!! my grandpa would be 109 today!! you have a great week too!

  10. Bonnie says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you, I’m looking forward to reading Hossam’s next story. Hey, did you and your family have a nice Halloween? Have a great Sunday!

  11. Bonnie says:

    Hi David,

    That’s great. I just love watching the kids “trick or treat.” 2 1/2, that such a cute age :)

  12. Bonnie says:

    Hi Trolldoll,

    You’re very welcome. I’m glad that you and your sweetie had a nice Halloween. So, you’re a Hawks fan. My husband is a Hawks fan as well. He’s from Kentucky, and is also a BIG “Wild Cats” fan. And of course, Indiana is a big time rival!

    Happy birthday to your grandpa! My dad’s birthday was on October 21st. I’m not sure how old he would have been. He was born back in 1905. When I came into my mom and dad’s life, I was a BIG surprise to them both, due to my dad’s age at that time. I just added it up in my head…Gosh, he would have been 104!

  13. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hossam,,, my Dad did tell me that your Country is very beautiful, and very hot !!!! lol, i cant wait to hear more of your stories……

    Oh Boy !!! David,,, i bet you had your hands full,,,lol,,,,, they are so cute at that age…..

    my hubby and i watched a lot of scary showes on tv,, it was raining cats and dogs outside, so it made it even scarier!!!!

    take care all,,,, ktm

  14. trolldoll1681 says:

    bonnie, i’d say you were a happy accident!! i have a girlfriend who’s 47 and her mom is 90!! her dad has been gone awhile. my folk were 28 when they adopted me and i was 6 and a half months. my birth parents would be 81 and 82!! i gave my daughter up when she was almost 7 and now she’s 22!! i have her s.s.no. but its so hard to track down adoptees. i know where she lived but i found out she probably didn’t graduate from there, so anyone’s guess is as good as mine. i don’t have any credit cards or checking acct. or paypal so i can’t buy anything on line. and a attorney would cost a mint. i feel for anyone who is trying to find a loved one. i sometimes think i was born to late lol. but the time i did get to spend with all my grandparents was cherished indeed!! grandpa was born in 1900 and his wife, my mom’s adopted mom was born in 1891. she had a stroke when i was 3 so i didn’t get the chance to know her, rats!! i just love senior citizens because they have seen so much and we can learn so much from them. thanks for caring and i do for you!!

  15. Bonnie says:

    Hi Trolldoll,

    Thank you so much. That was so sweet of you to say that. You’re pretty special yourself, my friend! I hope that both you and your daughter will be reunited again one day real soon. I’m sure that she’s trying to find you as well. I know that it was very hard for you to give her up back then. Bless your heart. I’ll say a special prayer for both you and your daughter, and that you’ll both be reunited with each other soon.

    That’s wonderful that you were able to get to know your grandparents, even if it was just for a little while. I never had a chance to meet mine, on neither of my parents sides. I did, though, have a chance to meet my dad’s aunt Betsy, who was his mother’s sister. She was the spliting image of my grandmother. That was pretty cool! Both my grandmother and my great-aunt Betsy were full blooded Irish. My mom’s biological mother had died when my mom was very young, and she had a step-mother who was from France, my grandmother Marie. My sister is doing a family tree project on Ancestry.com, and I found out that my grandmother Marie had both made and sold cuban cigars to bring in a little extra income for the family. On my dad’s side of the family, I have a relative who’s last name is “Kennedy”, born back in the 1700s. Hmmmmmmmmm…I wonder if they were related to the presidential Kennedy’s…LOL!

    I totally agree with you about senior citizens. They are so special. I use to work in a nursing home for several years, awhile back, and I just loved each and every one of my senior citizens. I can remember one, especially. I can’t remember his name anymore, but, I can see his face clear as day. He was from Germany, and was a victim of the holocaust! He was 104 years old!! His daughter was the nicest person.

    Well, I best get going. Morning comes real soon LOL! Trolldoll, it’s always a pleasure talking to you. You take care and have a great week my friend.

  16. trolldoll1681 says:

    the irish rock!! that grandpa i was talking about, his parents were born in ireland. he was raised in a town in iowa called melrose, which is predominately irish and i have a book on the history of the town. and yes the knowles family were one of the founders. he was my step grandpa but we didn’t see it that way!! he never had any children of his own and we 3 kids were his life!! he was a wonderful man and i miss him very much, he was supposed to see me graduate high school but i’m sure he was there in spirit!! i wouldn’t mine working in a nursing home but i’m afraid i would get to attached and then lose them. okkie dokkie bonnie on to the next post and i can’t wait because this site is awesome!! and caretaker, thanks again for making all this possible!!

  17. Karen M. says:

    That is incredible, and I believe that I wonder why he is still hanging around? If they were friends, maybe he came to see her one last time, has she been back to visit you since then??

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll, Bless your heart honey,,, oh,, i almost cried when i read your post!!! i go on and on about my problems, and then i read, your daughter is out there somewhere… i have a good feeling about it though, i really think you will meet once again….

    i do agree,, this is the best website i have ever been involved with…. Caretaker is just that,, a very good Caretaker, i just dont know how he does it,, so many people and posts…

    i was born in Wales,, Great Britain, as you guys know… my parents where in thier late 20′s…..and early 30′s… so,, mom is now 80, and dad would be 85…..

    Oh i have to tell you guys something that will warm your hearts!!!! mom has a friend in the retirment home named Becky,, they eat lunch together every day.. Becky is 94 and lives alone….. when people arent feeling well they call her, or go to her apartment, as she used to be a nurse….. she always jokes,, that she was a nurse 100 years ago,, and that she is just passing through……. she has some dementia, like many there, which makes her even sweeter…..

    Toots,, another of moms friends,,, well, i was wondering about the clocks being turned back an hour this past weekend,, and how many would forget…… well,, Toots,,,,ended up at the first lunch in the dining room, as they have 2 lunches and 2 suppers….. lol…. mom and Jeri, another friend, saw Toots coming out of the dining room as they went in, and Jeri said,, well Toots, are you gona eat???? Toots said,, i already have,,, well,, mom and jeri had to laugh,,, jeri asked toots if she had turned her clocks back,, toots said,,,, what clocks??? she tends to live in her own little world,, but is a real nut,,, i always joke around with her, and we just laugh our heads off.. they are all so sweet!!!!

    i could tell stories all day long about moms new home,, and the people i have met, in such a short time…. those people are just amazing,, and so sweet,, lots of hugs, and i love you’s!!!!!

    all of you are in my daily prayers,,, and Trolldoll,,, bless your heart!!! you keep on searching for that girl of yours….. you will find her…..and im sure she is just as sweet as you…..

    take care all,,,, ktm

  19. trolldoll1681 says:

    oh thanks so much ktm!! you know i do still feel her, so i know she’s alive out there somewhere!! a mom just knows! and someday when and if, i don’t care what she’s doing, i know she was adopted by a pentacostal family and they had other kids for her to grow up with. she had a heck of alot of grief in her short little life with me, and thats why i wanted her to have a forever family! i got one and they were great! there are some skeletons in our closet and thats why i don’t speak to my bro and sis. yeah see what i mean i would love to spend a week with your mom’s friends!! i don’t expect to live to 94 but oh what have they seen and experienced!! yes i’m sweet and i’m so darn honest sometimes i get myself into trouble.. by the way my second birthday is november 14th, the day i was adopted!! i have a picture that dad took on that day and there’s a dozen roses behind me!! i even have a reel movie of my baby shower, i need to transfer it to disc, there are alot of people who aren’t here anymore and i would love to see it!! so thanks ktm and bonnie, you too its so hard to find people in this world that are like you and this site is so much better than one of those silly chat rooms peace!!

  20. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I am just gona call you DOLL…… because you are!!! your daughter has many gifts from you, your sweet heart and beautiful soul…. Doll,, we all have skeletons in our closets,, maybe thats why we are here on this site, together!!! I, like you are also honest to a fault…. My daughter also had problems when she was young…. her father, which i divorced when she was 4, was the devil himself…. i wont go into what happened to her, but, i will say,, i totally understand where you are coming from…..

    I have beat myself up many times in my life for being so honest!! but,, i know its the right thing to do….. i just have to be careful, who i am honest with… that has been a lifetime of lessons… i have put myself in some of the most stupid situations by being to honest…. and i have paid the price, over and over.. but,, Doll,, when its in your heart, you cant help it….. We are children of God…… we know what love and sacrifice really mean….

    i am so glad that you shared your story!!! it takes me away from my own ,,, pity party,,,,, you see, im being honest!!!! lol……. i found something that i want to share with you and everyone who reads it…..

    FAITH,,,,, Thank you, Jesus, that faith is not an emotion that i need to work up inside of me. Instead, it is a gift you give to me as i commit myself to you. Help me to grow in faith. AMEN

    i have all the faith in the world that you and your daughter will be together again,, and oh!! Jesus,, will that be a wonderful day…….

    luv ya hun,,, ktm

    ps,, i would love to see your pics, and video….

    by the way,, i never thought i would see 50 years old,, and here i am,, at 51……. i cant go back, i can only move forward!! i have to remind myself of that every day……

    i think that all of us here have had many lessons in life, no matter what age we are.. and maybe thats why we are all more open to the paranormal!!!!


  21. trolldoll1681 says:

    ktm i would love to show you those pics!! mom alway made sure we had a camera and dad too!! i have hundreds!! although my sis ended up with some of the best ones. there are a few that i wish i could scan!! i’m on my space as trolldoll1681 the 1681 is the house number where i grew up outside of ankeny ia there are a few of me and mine including my daughter!! so take a peek if you want!! oh by the way i’m 48 and a half but whats in a number, i’m never gonna grow up lol!!! caretaker, are we allowed to give our real names or emails on here? if not thats fine, your the boss so i respect your decisions!!

    • Caretaker says:

      trolldoll1681 – real names are fine but posting personal contact information such as physical address, phone number or email address publicly is against policy. By the way, we also have a myspace page myspace.com/trueghosttales

  22. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay caretaker and yes i have you as a friend on my space!! i don’t get in there to often but i’ll check it out later today! thanks for the info!! i figured it might be against policy considering it may not be safe to give out such info. i had been working to get rid of a spyware called cyber security, that stuff is bad news, and my mc afee and windows defender didn’t even detect it!! just being able to relate to people who have the same interests and concerns in here is enough!! thanks for all you do!!

  23. trolldoll1681 says:

    hello bonnie and ktm, just to let you know i am a friend on my space for trueghosttales and if you can’t find me as trolldoll1681 my name is brenda bowman and yes the middle name is lee but not named after the singer!! thats another little story thanks to momma so look me up ladies i have pictures on there too!!

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i havent ever used myspace… but i will go to the page that caretaker has posted!! sounds very interesting!!! and trolldoll, i have written down your info….. ook,,now,, let me try the the website…. i hope to see you there this evening!!!! not sure what my name will be…. i will let you know!!! later,, ktm i might just stick with the same name,, not sure yet!!!!!!

  25. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Caretaker,, while i am here,, how do i get back to my personal info…. my time is coming up wrong, and i need to change it…. i live in the US, In SC…. it says i posted at 9:23pm, but it is actually, 5:23 pm…… wow,, i am way off….lol thank you!!!! ktm

  26. Bonnie says:

    Hi Trolldoll,

    I went on your myspace and saw your beautiful pictures! What a wonderful family you have and you look very nice in you picture. Your little girl is just adorable! Your cat, Ms. Squirt, is so cute. And the dogs are adorable as well. I like your house. I would love to one day live out in the country. I bet that it’s so peaceful.

    Thank you so much for inviting me to see your pictures of you and your beautiful family. You boyfriend looks like a great guy. Are the little ones your neices and nephews? Both you and your little sister look so much alike.

    Thank you again, Trolldoll. Also, I like your name Brenda too. That’s so pretty. You and your wonderful family have a great evening and a wonderful week.

  27. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM,

    That’s so wonderful that you’ve started back to reading your spiritual books again. You sound so very much at peace from your comments. You take care, Sweetie. I did get on myspace and found Trolldoll’s (Brenda) pictures. They are so adorable, and Trolldoll is an absolute “doll”! I especially like the picture of her and her little sister.

    You take care, KTM and have a great evening and a wonderful week.

  28. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi Bonnie,, thank you for your kind words, that really helps me!!! i will be going to myspace now to look up trolldoll,, cant wait to see the pics!!! ktm

  29. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i have tried the link that caretaker has posted, and it is telling me that the page cannot be found?? i will keep on trying,, maybe another way to do this…. ktm

  30. trolldoll1681 says:

    hi ladies!! the girl in the pic on my space isn’t my sister but a very good friend and those are her kids. thanks so much for the comments!! i have yet to put up the halloween party pics so i’ll do that today!! then i have to get copies made to hang in the pub and other places, we had such a fun time and there were alot of laughs as you’ll see!!

  31. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you caretaker,, i did get to the site on my own,, but,, i didnt know what to do once i got there,, DUH!!!!! i am not a member of myspace,, and i didnt know how to find trolldoll,, anyway,, im sure she will read this and help me along…… but what i did find was HUBPAGES, for writers!!!! so,, i dont know how that will work out, but, its worth a try….

    you know how some of these websites are,, you end up in countless loops,,, oh well, we will see!!!!!

    thank you again Caretaker,, you do take good care of us,, for sure,,,,,

    luv,, ktm

  32. trolldoll1681 says:

    actually ktm i don’t know how to help ya, i just figured if you put in my name on finding people you could look me up. maybe you do have to be a member? hope you do find your way and maybe join, trueghosttales is in there too!! :)

  33. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Caretaker,, thank you so much for the info::: i really like the Sqidoo website!!! now,, just to get started, i havent done anything like that for a few years now!!! looking forward to the challenge…….i know enough about computers to get me by, and i sold on e-bay for about 3 years,, did very well at it….. talking about a 24-7 job,, it sure was,, but,, i loved it…..

    thanks again,,,, ktm

  34. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi trolldoll, i did become a member, and i looked around quiet a bit.. i also found the paranormal website,, but,, i didnt know how to find you!!!!!! wow,, thats like going into a mega supermarket!!!! the more you look, the more there is…….its mind boggling!!!!

    im sure, when i have more time i will find you and your family,,, i know you guys are in here somewhere!!!! anyway,, i will catch up with ya soon….

    luv,,,, ktm

  35. Bonnie says:

    Hi Trolldoll,

    I just viewed the new pictures of the Halloween party at the pub. Very nice pictures and what wonderful friends you have. Hey, both you and your honey make a nice couple. I love your two little kitties. Thank you for sharing. You and your honey have a nice evening.

    Hi KTM,

    How are you? Were you able to get on MySpace and see Trolldoll’s pictures? It took me awhile last night, but, I finally found her site. When it comes to computers, I’m not the world’s greatest user…LOL! Especially since I use one at work!! Better run. We just got home from work and I gotta feed my Sweetie (hubby and I car pool to and from work each day to save on gas, which is nice, especially with the price of gas these days. They like to “gas gouge” here!!!

    You ladies have a great evening and I’ll talk to you again soon :)

  36. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Bonnie,, i havent had a chance to get back on my-space yet…but i will……and im doing better,, had good news about my MRI today!!! thats a blessing for sure….

    talk soon,,, ktm

  37. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM,

    Hey, that’s great news about the MRI results! You and your hubby have a great evening!

  38. Bonnie says:

    KTM, it’s me again. That’s wonderful that you’re feeling better. Hey, are you guys watching the World Series on t.v.?

  39. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Caretaker,, yes, the site seems better.. if you have any ideas on publishers,, could you e-mail me??? It might be time for me to get back into my writing… thank you so much…

    Bonnie,, thank you so much for thinking of me,,, last night,, my hubby and i danced to Chicago……. Thats the CD we dated to, all of the love songs.. he was so thankful to God that my results came out well…I am thnkfull as well.. Now just one more to go.. the blood test results…. in 2 weeks,, i wont let myself get so stressed out this time,, what will be,, will be….

    luv you all,,,, ktm

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