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Marry with a Demoness

Posted on August 31, 2011

Our world is full of various secrets, but usually we don’t pay attention to those or maybe don’t informed about. This is a true story, I don’t think anyone of authors encounter such event. It is very rare adventure but I myself (I personally am an expert paranormal studier) after reading this two story understood there is a kind of demoness that come to some men and ask for marriage. Another true story about such event is existed. I will translate, rewrite and send it soon. It is not doubtable story for me because I know those tellers are trusty.

A few decade ago, there was a holy and righteous man in our area. He was able performed some paranormal function upon common People’s ability (his ability was relevant to god’s will, not based on wizardry, witchery Demonology or similar) he knew some secrets about supernatural world among demons and could interfere in such subjects definitely. One day a man came about him. He was so frightened and said: help me please. That holy man told him: calm down, tell me what is happened for you. He replied: sir, let me tell all my story then you will understand what is my problem and involvement. That virtuous man Allowed him to explain his story so he told:

I had two wives. One day I was alone in a desert, suddenly I saw a very attractive and beautiful girl. I was scared how she sudden has appeared there, in addition she had a frighten state (spiritually). Then that girl came near me and said: “don’t scare, I am a girl from demons folk and it is a few week that I have loved you and wish marry with you return to your home and prepare a room because I would like come there so we will marry then I will gift you a wealth that you have never seen even in your dream. I will give you what you wish but by two bet, first, keep away from your wives, and also don’t explain this secret to anyone. If you do any work unlike your promise I will damage you hardly and will take all your wealth too.”

I did do what she had been told me afterward we married. Till now, I have avoided of my wives and she has brought me some gold and stuff too but because of that marriage I get some infirmity as I feel I’m going to death but I can’t divorce her because I am frightening of her and worry she damage me and take all properties which has given me before. Now I’m in an emergency situation so I shelter to you, help me please! You must save me from this predicament.

When that holy man heard his story wrote two letters, gave him and said: take these two letters, place one on your properties and keep another in your hand, sit in front of your house, when she appeared give her that letter and say: this letter has been written by N”
That man said: I took the letters and did do what that holy man had been ordered. When my demonic wife came I show her second letter and said: this letter has been written by N”. When she read that letter didn’t say anything went into my house to take properties but saw that another letter is on those. She didn’t read it but understood it has been written by “N” too. She returned to me and said: if saint “N” hadn’t written these letters I would have killed you and would have removed all your properties because you infracted our promise but I have to accept Saint “N”s ordinance and can’t disobey of his command. He saved you. Then she looked me for a while and finally disappeared, after that last meet I never saw her again.

Sent in by Manss, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Marry with a Demoness”
  1. Jaybee says:

    The majority of stories here are from a personal viewpoint, with the author having specifically gone through said paranormal experience. While I did enjoy your story, to me it read like folklore, the kind of stories that are handed down. At some point you don’t know if that’s the original story – or if it’s been embellished from one story teller to another. I used to hear a lot of those growing up. I had a lot of Native American friends and when we’d get together and start telling stories, they were totally captivating.

    I’m curious, where does your story take place?

    • Manss says:

      Jaybee , I’m not an inexprience person that read a paranormal story then explain it surprising for others to admire them. No , I’m like a jeweler that diagnose gold from copper or brass . I know demons without have seen them vivid but beside I can banish them from my around simpely and even get them under my ordinance and as you know many person complain of demons and can’t do this . Basically I don’t like see such entities because I think they do take my time and get me out from an ordinary living . secondly I would like see beauties no odd demons !! I can’t tolerate them I wouldn’t like go where that other people can’t go there, therefore I don’t like deal with demons although I can do it by force . so please don’t suppose I don’t know and I am follower of storytellers .often I diagnose true story and false story because of my knowledge and ability . But it is necessary I say your opinion and viewpoint about this adventure is respectfully and I never bothering of your refusing rather I am happy that you expressed your opinion unequivocal

      Thankful Jaybee

      • Jaybee says:

        No Manss, I absolutely did not mean to infer that you have not experienced paranormal activity. I have no knowledge of whether you have or not. What I was trying to say is that the story you wrote above reads like a story that has been handed down verbally from one individual to another. It doesn’t mean that it’s not true, my point was that, through one person telling another, there might be words that get changed, embellished, etc. It could also very well have remained accurate word for word – it’s difficult to say.

        This does NOT mean that your story is folklore. This could have happened to your brother or uncle and you have more personal knowledge of its truthfulness than you expressed above. You’re absolutely correct that I was just simply expressing an opinion – and nothing more. I was not jumping to any conclusions as to the veracity.

        • Manss says:

          Yes Jaybee , it is a handed down adventure but is not very old. it happened about 40 or 50 years ago also its main teller is one , one who was so righteous and truthful and what you read here is the main version story of that occurrence and is not changed by some readers or listeners and as I said before according to my knowledge about demons , contradistinction
          between true and false stories and also recognition about its tellers truthfulness this story was happened as I explained
          you are right to express what you think about this story

  2. SeaLtiel says:

    I totally agree with Jaybee, no offense Manns, i’ve been reading your stories in this page and what I could conclude is that most of them came from Chinese folk tales, i really enjoyed most of them, but apparently i have had a hard time undestanding a few, the stories were great but by how you translate it to English seems like a result from google translator, again no offense, feedback wether it’s positive or negative is still a good feedback, I hope you also share your personal stories beside these folk tales

    • Manss says:

      Chinese story ?! The land of colors and dragons?! ….LOL .. No it is not Chinese folklore.
      About translate , I interpreted it word for word to no change anything .

      I became glad for your reply

  3. Moki says:

    I think it’s the way it’s written, like if it is a folklore. To me it tells me that when you write a story you put allot a thought in it, it’s like you want to make sure it’s readable and understood. There is a certain knowledge behind your story…

    Yet that is the way of life, there is always something you can learn about in everyday living and everything we experience :-D

    Thanks for sharing your story :-D

  4. Janna says:

    I love your stories Manns. I do agree with aboveupisters, they do sound like stories past down, but they are great. I always enjoy reading them. Keep em coming by the way.

  5. Rosie says:

    I think the story is like most of the Chinese ???? which were written by an famous Chinese man in the Qing Dynasty. There are interesting but hard for Americans to understand.

    • Manss says:

      Hi Rosie , why a paranormal occurrence can be hard to understand for American ? because of you suppose this story is Chinese ? Be sure it is not an imaginative narrative

  6. Text says:

    i think what the man encounter was a succubus.

  7. jude wicks says:

    i very much enjoyed the story thank you manns, just to throw in some humor doeswnt every man think his ex wife is a demoness and i bet alot of blokes wished there ex’s disapeared just as easily lol

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