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Many Strange Dreams

Posted on May 1, 2009

Ok I don’t think I have a gift or anything but for reasons unknown I’ve always had dreams of “ghosts” or what not.

I remember as a kid (between the ages of 6-13) over my grandma’s house I use to dream of a girl going around the house passing this window I was sitting at and shed disappear only two reappear by the window with holes in her eyes and would jus look at me.

Then I’d have a dream where my little cousin who was 3 at the time was sitting by the side of the bed looking at me with big wide eyes but again they were black so I kicked him out the room in my dream of course and when Id turn he’d be there watching me till I threw him out the window (seems mean but looking back on it its kinda funny to me).

Also I had a dream a Indian man was sitting in the corner of the living room (I never slept in my room over my grandmas by myself, again why I don’t know) just looking at me till he and some tiger came running at me and I woke up in a sweat.

Why I always dreamed of weird stuff I really don’t know but it never really bothered me. I always thought it was my imagination.

It just seems weird but in a way its like I kind of had a feeling my sister died before she did because the night before they found her I had a dream about a car in a garage jus sitting there until someone opened the door and I woke up. Needless to say two days later they found my sister and her boyfriend in a car in some storage garage, both died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

I had a dream of getting shot in my face and back when my cousin Benny got shot within that same week, it all just seem too weird.

After that nothing big really seemed to happen except being visited by my sister in my dreams every now and then. Its like I know she is dead but she still tries to comfort me or just smiles and listen while I tell her about stuff other than that that’s it.

My mom and I moved into this house like two years ago (I’m 18 now). At first I really liked the house up until at night it would get to the point where I would wake up because it felt like something would always poke at my feet with something really sharp like a needle until I’d wake up and say stop or something like that.

Then one night last year I remember I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I’d just got out the shower and was changing for bed when I felt like someone next door was looking at me so I closed the curtain and just finished talkin’ on the phone. Later that night, I remember I woke briefly because it felt like something was tickling my feet so I pulled me feet under the cover (my bed is right in between two windows at a angle so I sleep with my feet at one corner facing the window and my head at the other corner facing the opposite window).

When I woke up the next morning my curtain was wrapped tightly around the top of the window. I just sat in bed for a minute before asking my mom did she do it. She said no, then I jus decided that maybe I did it but remember specifically closing it because I thought the neighbor was watching me. I really can’t explain it at all even now I’m sitting confused not knowing what to think.

To get to the reason I started writing this; last Friday me and my best friend went out with our boyfriends and we had a few drinks. Well I ask to go back to my aunt’s house (we have a squirrel in our house so I’ve been chilling with my cousin) even though its late like around 2 but my cousin was woke so she let me in.

As soon as I get in bed I’m out. Then I have this weird dream like me and my friends are at this show then all of a sudden this lady is talking to me. I don’t remember what she said but at first it was like a whisper. I remembered waking up to my friend (she got in later that morning) moving about gettin’ ready for practice and while she moving its like the lady was in the doorway in a silk dress staring at me and was talking louder and louder until it sounded like she was right next to my ear and all of a sudden I couldn’t move! I’m sitting there watching my best friend walk around getting ready and I couldn’t talk to her or nothing because it felt like this big “shh” noise was around me. Then just like that it was gone, just… nothing and I went straight to sleep. I didn’t really pay it any attention because I thought it was part of the hangover or something though I’ve never experienced one like that before.

I don’t know what to make of any of these past and present experiences so could someone please help me clarify this.

Sent in by ZaQuisha Watkins, Copyright 2009

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10 Responses to “Many Strange Dreams”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    your still very young and i wouldn’t worry about the dreams to much although it does sound as if you have some developing psychic abilities. i’m sorry about your sister. these things happen to good people and we never seem to see it coming in time. just follow your instincts and don’t stay where your not comfortable. stay close to this site and maybe you’ll see things you can relate to. stay safe and thanks for your story

  2. Shannon says:

    i have dreams like you do. i am 14 and i can relate to your things happening. i have the craziest dreams like a dead dog trying to attack me wen i waz 9 and felt it and possums that look like pharrets that r trying to get into the house and stuff like that. i have just been diognosed with ADD and ever since i have had no dreams like that at all. but that doesnt mean u have it i waz just saying. but yea sorry to hear bout ur sister that must of been hard. and like the lady above me i dont really belive in that stuff but i do belive in angels and demons. i dont think it is a demon i think that an angel has givin u a gift of somesort. you should tell ur mom or a girlfriend bout your dreams cause wat ur saying is could be like a life or death thing. but i am 14 wat do i know. just go wit ur instincs and and do wat you got to do. and i think this site is alot of bologna so yea you sound real and good luck in life.

  3. paula says:

    that happened to me also, and what i did was go to a good fortune teller who can see if you do have the gift or not. she will know and give you advice. i know it sounds weird but a good fortune teller will has experience and knows whats going on

  4. Mellisa says:

    i agree with pula. you should go to a profesional psychic. the psychic can tell you what what abilities you have. and what are those things you see in your dream.

    i’m not a psychic, but my opinion is you might have ability to see paranormal things in your dream . like you feel feel about something in your sleep and at the morning you find the curtain is opened. it might be a spirit doing.
    you also can communicate and see dead spirit in your dream. my friend have this ability to speak with spirit when she’s sleeping. so she dreams about the dead spirits come to her talk to her and seek advice or ask her to pray for them so they can go to heaven. maybe have similar ability with her although it’s not as strong as her ability

    she can’t see ghost & spirits with her eyes, but she feels them with her intuition. she always has a sharp intuition that she know what the ghost look like, what they wear, how they died or what they feel although see doesn’t see them with her eyes. she call it “see ghosts with my feeling”

    you might also get a premonition through your dream, like how you dream about the car and found your sisiter dead in car. maybe it’s premonition that something terrible will happen in that car and you have to check it. next time you have this weird dream better to check them out soon after you wake up from your dream ^.^”

  5. deanna95 says:

    your only 18 and you wer drinking that is not kool my frend

  6. Nikitta says:

    You are so brave. I also beleive that there is no thing that can explain your dreams.
    God is just trying to protect you from evil.

  7. ZaQuisha Watkins says:

    Sorry jus now gettin the internet back at home lol um yea I kno dats young to b drinkin but hey I did, N yea my friend thinks the same thing as far as like psychic or something but I dnt kno I havent had anymore dreams like that in a while but I have had more experiences Ill try to post in the next couple of days

  8. Naoki says:

    I wish a ghost would tickle my feet. :(

  9. dzstephens says:

    Naoki…your posting caught my attention. I have been living in an old apartment building built in the 1940s about 11 years now. I found out that there were “ghosts” living here…and they liked to tickle feet. Only thing is…I discovered that there’s no such thing as ghosts…only demons PRETENDING to be ghosts. One night many years ago I had my bare foot over the side of my bed as I was sleeping and a finger stroked my foot from the heel down to the tip of my toes. I absolutely LOVE having my feet tickled…so I kept “bating” the “ghost” until I got tickled again. Now they tickle my foot any time I want to be tickled…I just put my foot in position and away they go…sometimes they use feathers which really tickle and excite me. But now I can’t get rid of them…and they keep doing other things: vibrating my bed, playing with my hair, touching my face, etc. It’s very annoying. And it CAN be a bit scary. So be careful what you wish for, precious Naoki…

  10. jizaile says:

    i agree with you mellisa…i believe its a paranomal activities..and they must b trying to contact you through ur dreams…even i have dreams as a warning before it happens in my real life…but having unknown people in ur dreams like dat window girl and that man in ur living area is strange..i belive they are the dead people trying to talk to u..contact a professional physic who can really help u with it…

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