Many Demon Experiences

Posted on September 20, 2011

I was born into a family of division of which church is correct mostly on my mom’s side of the family was The reorganized Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints, in 1985 the church broke up and my dad and along with several members started a new organization called The Church of Jesus Christ the Lamb Of God. The basis of the Church was suppose to be about Jesus Christ and what The Bible The inspired Version (I was told that Joseph Smith was told by God to add into it what man has taken out),the Book Of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants teaches but it seemed that most of the attention is how we are different to the Mormons and we are the only Church on earth that has the fullness of the Gospel. There is more to this but this is the basics.

On January 18, 2011 I went to a healing room center, near where I live and was prayed over for two days over generational curses and every other issue I could think of and what the Lord reveled I should pray about. I also prayed over generational blessings that went back a thousand years to come upon me and my family for now on. “Punishing the children of the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those that hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those that love me and keep my commandments”. Exodus chapter 20 verse 5-6.

I had Free masonry in my blood line and the church I was brought in was an occult but I didn’t know this until I went to the healing center. After my prayers for these cures to be lifted off of me and the door closed I felt free and the stories that you are about to read are due to Satan’s legal permission to attack me even thought I was baptized and followed and loved God I couldn’t be fully released from there grips until the spiritual door from my ancestors sins was broken and closed shut. Now when I get attacked by demonic forces its due to a door that was open to sin I committed the Lord makes me aware of what I did wrong if I don’t know what I did then I repent of it and the demons leave immediately. Finding out this knowledge at the healing room made my whole life finally make sense to why strange, disturbing and spiritual things happened to me. Thank you Jesus Christ for your amazing love and never giving up on me. I love you.

If you are interested in going to a healing room they have them all over the world you can learn more about them and find one in your area at please know that it is free of charge its a non profit organization they run off of donations only and they are never pushy or give you guilt trips to donate to them. They are really there to help you. Pray about witch healing room the Lord would want you to go to.

I was always taught about God and Jesus Christ mostly my dad who is a minister Of the Church Of Jesus Christ The Lamb Of God now called The remnant Church Of Jesus Christ. I always learned about God as well from my paternal grandma. I have always remembered having a relationship with God there has not been a time I didn’t know Him, I have always had a desire to serve Him and I would pray to Him allot as well. I would go to my dad’s church when It was his turn to have us for the weekend, Since my parents divorced when I was three I would see my dad every other weekend usually. When It was not my dad’s turn to take us to his church I would go to my mom’s church as well. I was baptized when I was 12 in my dad’s church.

From the time I can remember allot of spiritual things would happen to me that I did not know how to deal with. For one I didn’t know what it exactly was, It was hard to explain it. When I did try and in the process of me trying to explain it I would forget in mid sentence of what I was saying. So needles to say I was extremely frustrated. Understanding Demonic attacks more now I know exactly what it was. On most days I would hear different voices not audible but similar to when your reading quietly to your self. I would hear voices like that talk to me or just crowed my brain with so much confusion and manipulation of any decision I was trying to make.

I would have the same reacquiring nightmares for years of me being in my house or some other house I would go out side cause I would hear someone calling my name I would feel this seducing feeling like I had to do what ever it was telling me to do. When I went outside I felt so much fear and dread I would try to hide I would either try to run back into my house or get under something like a table I would hear something rawr ring like a dinosaur and the ground would shake when it walked. When ever the monster would get close to me I would always wake up feeling terrified as something was in the room staring at me. I would usually see dark shadows and details of scary faces and sharp teeth when I was in a dark room and would have a overwhelming feeling of being watched.

I would see things in my minds eye. Still do to this day and see things in the dark. I have always loved God and would pray to Him and try to follow Him, I didn’t understand what was happening to me I would feel seducing feelings like I needed to do things that was almost as if I had to do it. This was how I made allot of the mistake most of my life I was always getting into trouble thinking it was right because of the seducing smells I would get and feelings I would get as well.

It was the year of 2004. I moved back with my dad so that I could save some money and get back on my feet. I was at a point in my life where i was really lost spiritually. I was coming to an end of a very destructive path due to may emotional and traumatic issues growing up. I had done some really sinful things and wanted to change my ways. I started to read my bible again, it had been a long time since I read it. I sincerely asked God why am I doing things that feel right but then later turn out to be wrong? This was a constant companion in my life of having to deal with this. I asked God to please Open my eyes spiritually so I can know the truth I don’t want to be deceived give me the spirit of discernment. That night when I went to bed I would get visited by demons in my dreams, this happened every other night, some times every night, for about a year.

In my dreams….. I knew I was sleeping but couldn’t wake up. I would be lying in my bed and wouldn’t be able to move or talk. I could see the room exactly the same, but it seemed “static like,” that’s the only thing that was different, along with demons in the room. Some times three or four at a time.

One time there was one was sitting on me with its back turned against me and I could see his spine poking out, he looked extremely malnourished. His body was really small, his skin was a shallow grey color, he looked about 3 feet tall, a lot like that creature off of Lord of the Rings, the one who showed Frodo around. “Smigel” I believe is his name, they had his body and wore a cloth like diaper around their groin area.(at least the demons I’ve seen look like this….I’ve read and heard from others that described them looking different, which makes sense since their many kinds of demons.)

During this time another demon would be biting at my hand and another at my feet and pulling my body like they were trying to pull me off the bed. They stunk horribly like smoke and some other weird smells! the closest to describe it was like rotting flesh and something burning , A smell so unclean that I’ve never smelled before until them. they were bald, their ears were pointed, they had oval big eyes like a mixture of black and a red color their eyes took up the entire upper part of their face .There teeth were razor sharp looking with blood stains on them, when they smiled it looked like a joker smile that covered the entire lower part of the face, they had long hands and fingers with long black claws.

Then there was one over my face laughing at me. I remember finally being able to speak and saying, in the name of Jesus Christ leave, and I would say it over and over again for hours! They would just continue to laugh at me, the only thing one of them said to me was WHERE IS YOUR GOD AT? All the while, I still couldn’t move! Unfortunately, they would always be touching my private areas, and jumping on me! Especially on my chest. During the attacks I could barely breathe, I’m surprised I didn’t pass out due to lack of oxygen, these attacks happened like this over and over again for months.

One time when they were in my room I remember getting up but I realized that it was my soul not my body that was up and I started to walk towards my closed door to leave the room, their was this really tall man who was really fat, he had a short shirt on and his stomach was hanging out of it, he had pants on and his face looked like a normal persons he was holding a old fashion looking lightened lantern. He shook his head several times and I could hear him say telepathically that I cant leave! then I went right back to my body, then woke up it was 3:00am !

If I wasn’t being attacked by them, I would have a dream of my worst fears in extreme ways! Some of them included me falling, hitting the bottom even, several times, or I’m usually running away from someone chasing me, but couldn’t see who it was. I felt the same fear and presence of the Demons there even if I couldn’t see them in it. Sometimes the dreams even had me be in tornado’s and drown in the ocean while having it be pitch black in all of them but at the same time I still could see and know where I was at (totally afraid of the dark) the dreams were so vivid and so real. When I would wake up in the middle of the dream I could still feel it as though I was still in the dream even though I was awake…..And being awake, I would still feel what ever was around me or touching me that was in my dream! Even after minutes had gone by being awake.

I would wake up and the clock would always say 3:00 am. even when I was attacked by the Demons and woke up it was always 3:00am, after waking up I was always extremely thirsty….. I always had to drink two full glasses of water.

Going back in time…..In 2002 a couple years before all the attacks got really bad in my dreams in 2004, I actually saw a demon while being awake for the first time,( meaning the other times I saw demons it was just in my dreams, this was the first time seeing one in its truest form while being awake. But on this certain occasion I was friends with this guy. I had met him through mutual friends. He seemed very nice. He used to be a minister, who was struggling with his faith. (he said that he gave into Satan he said it was too hard to fight temptation any longer, but he missed the Lord desperately so I thought I could help him, not knowing being around him opened up dark spiritual doors. Any time we would ever see each other we would just talk about God and spiritual things. Which is something I have always liked to talk about, it’s my passion. One time while hanging out with him we decided to take a drive, it was really nice out. While driving,I started to fell this seducing alluring feeling ,the guy looked over at me and asked me if I found him attractive….I said yes…he then suddenly had this mischievous look in his eyes and his mouth started to curl up then I saw a demon come out of him. I couldn’t see the guy anymore just the demon, the demon looked exactly the same as I described of the demons in my dreams. It leaned forward out of him and stabbed me in the heart with a dagger, then the demon leaned back and entered back inside the guy. I didn’t feel the stab!
I was really scared I felt peace at the same time knowing that I was being protected. I asked the guy to take me home, thankfully he did…needless to say I stopped talking to him after that.

Continuing on the to main story……

Then the attacks stopped for a while in my dreams. For about a year it stopped. I would have them only once in a while.

Then I started to get attacked while I was awake. I would feel someone laying on top of me and it would be hard to breathe, that happened a lot, almost everyday. I remember it happened one time when I was 17 but I soon forgot about it, the incident was taken from my memory, that is a later story to tell all in its self.

I would tell my dad about what was happening to me, he would always say,” just pray about it”. (that was his famous line including “you just have to have faith”) Praying is what I always did…….and FAITH is the only way I got through it! (cause I had no answers to why it was happening) Then I finally met someone who had spiritual gifts of visions . He told me about my attacks even before I ever even said anything…..and he knew nothing about me. We became good friends and I got along with his wife and kids. Shortly after they got baptized at my church, the attacks got worse, ten times fold worse. ( I didn’t know why the attacks got worse until recently when I went to the healing center and found out my church was an occult.)

There’s so much…. it would take a book to write it all.

I moved in with the family because they understood my attacks, but my family didn’t. We all slept in the front room because it was hard being alone, sounds weird but at that time I needed a lot of help and they were being attacked too. The kids could see the demons, they were able to see demon’s before I ever met them they had allot of the same spiritual gifts as their dad.

Then demons would enter into me and also the family I was staying with, I’ve had to cast out demons from the two kids several times, the whole family and I would have to cast out demons from them, sometimes this would last for a couple of weeks and then we would get breaks, but during the attacks we hardly had sleep trying to fight them off……I cant even begin to tell you how scary, mentally and physically exhausting this was…picture your self the most tired you ever been plus being attacked but a demon or demons……that’s what was happening to us. I was able to cast them out my self at times, but it was hard. and the demons always came back right away or soon after. It never got as bad as some possessions I’ve read about. I would say mine were more attached to me most of the time.

These attacks broke my family apart. When I would finally get them to understand me, I would feel a demons presence and I knew at times the Demons motives and emotions,( I could hear them saying things to someone next to me “whispering in their ear” in tempting them to do something and I would see the persons responding, them not knowing that it was a demon) and what ever I was saying to that person, like trying to convince them of a demons presence….. If the person was starting to understand and believe me, its like it was erased from their mind, instantly…..and they were like what are you talking about?(I could also at times, hear what that person was thinking in their mind too, I mostly was given this type of telepathic reading when the other person was under attack by a demon, but they weren’t aware of it. It was so beyond frustrating. (this happened all the time) I wouldn’t want to go anywhere because I would feel the demons who were attached to other people jump on me meaning they knew I was aware of them so they followed me and I would feel them literally jump on me at times and it took days to get rid of the Demon or Demons depending on how many followed me (attached to me) sometimes and I would have to fight them off and you do this mentally,( while trying to get rid of them, they are very suffocating!!!! It’s like your chest is extremely heavy, making it hard to breathe… you can feel them trying to enter into your body and control your thoughts it takes all of your energy….. sometimes it takes fighting for hours or even days at a time, at least for me it did), cause I cant just push them off it doesn’t work… I’ve tried trust me, sounds crazy but it is true. It takes a lot more than that….a lot of mental strength, your soul (your salvation) has to be worth it to you to keep up the fight against them, but above all, FAITH and help and mercy from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had a vision that several ministers in my Church were turning evil and being manipulated by demons… I for saw the men leaving soon and breaking up the church….the minister’s that I saw that were going to leave lived far away and where coming to visit the very next Sunday. I was afraid to go cause I didn’t want to see evil in them cause I loved them, I had great respect for them, I grew up listening to them my whole life we were extremely close, they were like my family. As I was leaving for Church I felt something jump on my back, It was hanging on me with its claws, their were two sets of claws on the top of my back and two more on the lower part of my back…. the demon stayed on my back for three days, day and night……when I got to church I saw the men’s eyes turn black when a demon entered into them, then their eyes went back to normal when the demon left this went on all service…the lights kept flickering and turning off at times….their was so much dread and evil in the room….I was so frightened that the vision I saw about the men was coming to past….I went home crying so bad I was so over whelmed from the attacks and the men turning to the dark side and my family not understanding and the demon on my back that wouldn’t get off me its claws were extremely painful….I was laying on the couch sobbing uncontrollably I felt so hopeless demons kept saying over and over in my head….Satan come and get me…take me….using my own voice…. I had no control over it(they actually did this all the time not just at this particular moment) I started to feel my chest hurt, I felt like I was having a heart attack and a metal break down, I started to twitch all over extremely violently, it got worse every time a demon touched me I felt like I was having a epileptic seizure, I’ve never experienced seizures before in my life until this moment…. after going through this for what seemed hours….I finally got up and called my dad told him I wanted to die I couldn’t take the attacks anymore I’m so sick of it…the demons wont get off of me and out of my head! I warned him about the men and what I saw when I was a Church, he didn’t believe me, he was getting upset at what I was saying about the men and told me it wasn’t true and if that was going to happen with the men God would of showed him first before me since he’s a minister and I’m not plus I’m a woman I can’t be a minister according to him and his religion.

I asked him to pray with me, he said he would and told me to drive to the church, I drove to the church cause the men and my dad where still their having a priesthood meeting, I almost crashed cause I was crying so hard, while driving their a few cars were coming towards me and then disappeared…. I cant tell in human words how scary this all was and how overwhelmed I was, I really shouldn’t of been driving in the mental state I was in, but if I wanted my dad to pray for me I had to go the church where he was at he told me he would come over later after the meeting to pray for me but I couldn’t wait…. feeling physically and mentally weak, I walked into the Church my dad was waiting their with the men and there was a chair in the middle of the church…I ask my dad what was going on he said all the men including him are going to administer to me, they all put their hands on my head anointed oil on my forehead and prayed individually…during the prayer I felt demons trying to enter into me several times that were attached to the men… I felt ones leave from me that were attached to me, go into the men, (I was able to read some of their thoughts, they were saying I’m crazy and I need medication, they also were saying that I let this evil in my life, I’m just doing this for attention) when the prayers were done I opened my eyes and saw one of the minister sitting on the ground he looked at me scared, like he been knocked down or something (later on my dad told me that the minister that was on the ground told my dad that he never felt demonic power like that before….mind you….. he’s been a traveling minister for over 50 years) after they prayed the men went into another room like it was no big deal…..Soon after I started to feel demons touch me again.

When the attacks were extremely bad….. it made things hopeless for me, at times, to the point where I didn’t want to live any more….I have always been a healthy normal person, (and no I am not crazy, I don’t have a mental illness, and never have!!) who has lived a normal life….until “what I thought was normal, instantly changed and threw my life and everything I knew upside down.” Very traumatizing!!! Because of the things I have experienced, it would make anyone want to give up. Even to this day people don’t believe me. And if they do they say things like “oh well demons cant do this and they cant do that, well I’m here to tell you THEY CAN and they’ll do anything to mess with your head and what you see. They are all around us, dwelling on the earth. Their main purpose is to manipulate, trick and destroy us. Remember, when Satan was kicked out of heaven one 3rd of the angels went with him, they were cast to the earth to walk to and throw, so trust me he has helpers.

I would see people’s faces change too. I would see there eyes turn black, a lot like the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose. I can relate so much to that movie! but some of it was different for me than what it shows on there. That movie is a good visual as to what some of the attacks from demons are like, and what its like when they are on top of you and try to enter into you. That’s a true story. Before my attacks I had never seen the movie before! But when I did, I was in shock as to how similar her experiences were to mine……. like……the pressure of them on top of you, trying to enter in, peoples faces changing, how your senses are magnified like noises, hearing and seeing, feeling coldness all around you and horrible smells when they are around the smell of something burning, attacks happening mostly at 3:00 AM while your sleeping, keep in mind the attacks can happened at any time.

Trust me, I’m not trying to copy her story nor would I want to.

They attack you in ways that makes you think your crazy, with illusions. One time I was driving down the street and I was looking at the skate park to my immediate right, I remember that vividly, and then all of a sudden the scenery changes and I’m on the wrong side of the street in the far left lane with a car inches from hitting me head on. There was a drive way to my immediate left I turned into and barely made it.

There were several times I would see a car coming right at me in my lane and it would disappear. another time my friend and I was going to a food bank when I parked on the side street and went to open the door something told me to wait and look in the side view mirror… I didn’t see anything so I thought the coast was clear so I started to open the door then all of a sudden this school bus came out of no where I didn’t even hear it coming, I was amazed that it was their cause I just looked in the side view mirror, the bus was driving extremely fast and it was literally only about 2 to 3 inches from the side of my car… I felt a evil presence from the driver when the bus drove by. They just don’t mess with you with cars, they can move objects around too, and can hide them, they would mess with my stereo, TV, the lights all the time . most of all they like to make you angry and fight with everyone. Allot of times how they do this is when your talking to someone you would hear something totally opposite of what the person was saying this happened thousands of times. or vise a versa. Satan and demons are very powerful, but keep in mind their not stronger then God they cant do anything that He is not aware of, or is out of His complete control.

Two times I was literally picked up from my feet (I felt like a feather cause I was lifted with incredible ease) my body was in mid air, my head was heading start down to the floor, each time this happened it was in different locations and different situations but the same motion and force. one of the locations I was roller skating I was having a good day (meaning it was one of the days I was not directly attacked but I still would see demons in peoples eyes where ever I went….. I would call this having a break….cause I would still feel at peace even though I could see them etc..) I was lifted up from my skates and my head was heading straight down on the skate floor, then all of a sudden I felt someone pick me up and put me back on my feet, I looked very briefly to see if anyone saw this, but t

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