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Maddening Nightmare

Posted on June 18, 2010

Okay, I’m here to submit a story. Be it ‘paranormal’ or not, to me, it’s scary; that is when it actually happens.

First off I’d like to say that I’ve had this dream many times, it’s awful. The dream usually occurs when I’m ill. Me being ill is probably the reason for this nightmare.

I can’t fully explain the dream, so bare with me…

Well, at first it starts with something, well, kinda pleasant, I guess. It’s just my mother saying or whispering something along the lines of ‘they’re just playing around… look, just go play with them’. However, when this is said, I see nothing, just darkness.

Then, this is where it starts getting weird, and incredibly un-explainable…

I can’t fully explain it, or understand the dream… it’s as if some traumatic event has aroused and someone or something relevant to me has caused this event. For example a death, I then found out the person who has killed the person or whatever.

At this point I usually wake up, but occasionally I haven’t and this has happened…

It’s as if a man appears, possibly the man who’s committed the crime I dreamt. He stands there for a while, laughs and then an old guy comes along and gives him some sort of prize. As if, what he’s done is a good thing.

I also woke up screaming once, my mother ran in to my room and asked what was wrong. I told her ‘they were coming to get me’.

If you have any facts, opinions or just comments in general, please feel free to send them.

Sent in by Christopher Rhymer, Copyright 2010

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11 Responses to “Maddening Nightmare”
  1. john says:

    Sounds like a psychic attack to me. My wife has had many such dreams. They start out as a pleasant dream, then it shifts to something horribly unpleasant. Cemeteries or funeral homes are usually involved. The purpose of these dreams seems to be to instill FEAR into my wife. She has to fight her way out of these dreams, fight to wake up. Fear is how negative entities break people down, how they start to possess someone. I don’t know if that is what’s happening to you, but you must stand up to the fear. Good luck.

  2. amber says:

    i can understand where you are coming from with those types of dreams. i myself have had a dream like that at one time. it kept coming every other day and finally there was an end to it and things are much better. i would try to do some research about your dream or try to see if the persons that occured in your dream are familiar to anyone then go off from there. hope it will end soon :]

  3. Pat says:

    I can understand why those dreams terrify you! I would say a prayer at night before you go to sleep and ask GOD to protect you and not have that dream anymore; something is trying to get at you and I am concerned for you- please take care

  4. AnNa says:

    for me since nothing like that happened to me and no offence but its just a dream a bad dream for you.im sorry.what you could do is get a dreamcatcher.ive heared they work.and i myself had i for awhile and it worked.

  5. Suzi says:

    I hate nightmares. They are the worst. Plus when you have one you think its going to happen!!! And sometimes it is the future…….. if your gifted.

  6. duncan says:

    Nightmares happen i wouldn’t look too much into it… God if you think thats a bad nightmare I’d hate for you to have some of the ones I’ve had.

    I don’t want to patronise but it’s important not to make too much of a big deal. Everyone has them.

    Also as you get older, i find i can be in horrific situations but it’s not scary anymore, it’s like you get used to it or something and now i find i just have to do stuff to get out of it and i usually win.

    Try not eating cheese or chinese food before bed and don’t get over-tired. :)

  7. Liz says:

    All dreams, in my opinion, come from our unconscious mind. However, I do think there may be forces that can intrude on us when we are in the “unprotected” state of sleep. Here are my thoughts.

    The first thing that hit me was the fact that you had this dream when you were ill. Are you afraid of dying, or even just anxious about the illness? A dream like this is highly representative of such a fact. It is perfectly okay if you are, all of us probably are scared of death and illness to an extent. Without prying, I would seriously suggest keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings, especially about the dream and the larger things of life and death. Usually journaling is a good way of venting fears and frustrations so they don’t necessarily have to show up in a dream (and possibly a nightmare).

    My second opinion is that you may in fact need a form of protection. If you are ill, you are in a weakened state (emotionally and physically), pure and simple. Without knowing your specific circumstances or religious inclinations, it’s hard to give advice. But if you believe in prayer and that you can have holy protection, I would say prayer can only help. Search within and I believe you will know the answers. Blessings and good luck to you.

  8. trolldoll says:

    sounds as if you have a bit of stress in your life. example, i have a girlfriend who keeps dreaming about tornados coming toward her house. when she goes to find someone in another room they are there outside of that window. every window in the house and room she is in she sees them. she has alot of stress in her life.

  9. Bridget says:

    I agree. It sounds like stress. I’ve had many dreams where demons are trying to posses me. But it’s common for me to have strange dreams like yours when IM sick. Perhaps you should keep track of your dreams and see if there is a pattern.

  10. Jen says:


    My first feeling was that this is related to past life experience. I’ve had extensive experience with the paranormal/psychic phenomenon, and that’s not what this feels like. Do you feel pulled to a particular time in history, or do certain figures (cowboys, knights, soldiers, etc) have a familiarity? There’s no way to actually “prove” past life stuff, but I do know that I had a similar experience and my knowledge of Roman battle tactics are profound.

    I should note that I’m female and have never really studied military strategy or short-sword fighting technique, yet I somehow know…

    Your experience was exactly how it started for me. If you can gain control in your dream, don’t let the dark stuff freak you out and don’t wake yourself up. Find out what happens in the rest of the dream. It may give you some more information to help you find answers.

    Good luck and never panic.

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