Is There Anyone Else Who Can Do Telemetry?

Posted on January 25, 2010

I discovered by accident that I could pick up an object of individual and hold it for a few seconds and do a reading. I am not like the psychics you hear about on TV or the internet. I have to touch an object several times probably a letter or maybe befriend the person visit their house. Then later maybe weeks later I will dream about anything that might happen to that person. Mostly life and death situations. I am actually Catholic, and pray a lot to God.

As a child in the 1970′s, I visited my friend Tammy’s house a lot. We lived in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. During that time Tammy told me that she was attacked by two neighborhood boys. The next night I fell asleep and dreamed that they would also attack me. The next day I ran across the street to find my little brother, but the boys jumped me from behind some bushes and trees. Luckily, I had been forewarned by my dream and I was prepared and fought them off.

In 1984, when my brother Sean was killed in an auto accident, I encountered a residential haunting. I heard all sorts of paranormal activity but could not see anything. Finally when we burned some of the stuff Sean had died in the haunting stopped. Strange enough I was the only member of the family who ever heard anything.

In 1986 when my aunt Sylvia mailed my mother a letter. I quickly read the letter, set it down on my mother’s dresser and the next day I dreamed Sylvia was having a funeral. My mother called Tennessee and quickly found out that Sylvia had died several weeks ago. No one in the family had called my mother.

In 1988 my husband’s brother-in-law Robert was found hanging from a tree. Robert was only twenty two years old. Right before Robert died he drove to my house and frantically said there is something I have to tell Doug. Robert died that weekend and we did not find his body for over two weeks. He had been found hanging from a tree. Robert had been mixed up with using cocaine. Robert’s family told me he committed suicide. The County Coroner did an autopsy and ruled his death a suicide. Later I moved into my parent’s house and Robert kept coming to me in my dreams saying, “There’s something I have to tell Doug.”� He would float around my parent’s house coming up to me and saying there’s something I have to tell Doug over and over. I told Doug and his ex wife Laura but they just hushed me and tried to forget what had happened.

In 2001 I awoke from a dream and saw in the dream my Aunt Linda’s funeral. I called her husband John and he listened and promised not tell her. But, sadly, six months later she died of a heart attack.

Another time my husbands best friend Mike’s dad died. Mike’s dad was an older man in his 80′s. Mike’s dad happened to be an electrical engineer. Mike gave me some of his dad’s engineer equipment. I put the equipment in my bedroom because the stuff was expensive. The next week I began dreaming about Mike’s dad. His dad came to me as a spirit in a dream. Mike’s dad told me that it was ok, I took his oscilloscope. I noticed every time I would practice with the electronic equipment the next day Mike’s dad would talk to me in the spirit world. I stopped using his equipment and put it away to get him to quit talking to me.

I noticed one significant thing about the telemetry ability. I have to either sleep at the resident’s house where an paranormal event may occur. Or I would have to take an item or article that the deceased or nearly deceased has touched, and take it home place it on my night stand and go to sleep. I then go home go to sleep and dream and the spirit comes and talks to me.

I haven’t had any telemetry occurrences lately. But, luckily no one has died. I’m grateful for that. It’s too bad the police do not believe in these abilities. I’m sure some of us that have these gifts of telemetry could help them, solve some unsolved cases, or possibly recent homicides.

I know the town I live in, Rockford, Illinois has had 13 unsolved murders in 2008 and 11 in 2009. Too bad they don’t want to listen to any psychics.

Written by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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4 Responses to “Is There Anyone Else Who Can Do Telemetry?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. thats really amazing that you can do that. You really have some guts! If it were me, i would be proven as crazy! How is it like? Do people avoid you because of your… I think you have an interesting life! that really is something to talk about! I gave your story a 4/5 mainly cause I wanted to hear more about your experience. Thanks for takeing the time to read my note. I wish you luck in anything you do, and hope these “spirits” you see in your dreams dont hurt you.

  2. blondie says:

    im sure ive read this story on here before?

  3. Camille says:

    Dear Carri,

    I have had similar experiences with items, or in my case, the persons who presented the items.
    I have a consignment based shop that specializes in antique and vintage/retro items.

    Case #1
    A young woman I had never seen before came in one afternoon with some items that she presented to me, with the question of did I wish to purchase them. As she pulled them from her handbag and placed them on the counter I explained to her that I was not purchasing items, that the shop was mainly a consignment shop, she spread the items out. They were mainly small items made from silver, a compact, a small frame, a couple of other things, I never touched the items, but, noticed that they were giving off a vibe that they were stolen. I looked at her and reaffirmed my statement that I had a consignment shop and that I was not in the market for purchasing her items. She put them back into her handbag and left.

    Shortly after that her photo was on the front page of our newspaper as she had been arrested for breaking into and stealing from several homes.

    Case #2

    One afternoon a woman came into the shop, I noticed she had gotten out of a pick-up truck that was pretty loaded in the back. Well, thought I, maybe she is a dealer looking for items for her shop. She looked around my store for a little bit, and then started speaking to me about how she had some items that looked like things that I would like to have in my store. When she had come near me and started speaking to me I had gotten a vibe from her that she was not reall the owner of the items that she was describing and wanting to sell to me. As with the other person I explained that I had a consignment shop, but, I added that at the present I did not have any space available and had a waiting list for people who wanted to place items when I did. She continued for a little while to try to get me to go out to the truck and look at her items. I declined.
    She left in a little bit of a huff, after asking me if I knew any other shop that might be interested in buying her items. I assured her I did not.

    Time passed.

    Later on in the year a regular customer and consinger came in with a friend, they were looking around and chatting, After a little bit I went over to make polite conversation, After the introductions the customer’s friend commented that she had once had some items similar to some of the items I had in stock. Later in the conversation she confided that she had gotten a divorce and had been looking for a place to rent, she answered an ad for a place that was a house in which the woman had wanted a room mate. She had gone and met the woman, found out all of the particulars, and decided that she would move in there for a little while and get herself together. She had taken a load of items to the home and placed most of them, as they were breakable, on the diningroom table and in the dining room. The next day she went back to find that all of her things were gone, The “room mate” told her that she had no idea what had happened to her items. I asked her to describe the woman. It was amazing but she described the woman to a tee that had been to my shop trying to sell what I had suspected was a truck load of stolen goods.

    These are just two of my experiences with picking up vibes, Most of mine have come from people who mean more harm than good. I have gotten vibes off of items that I have seen or touched, I know what it means when someone says that “it spoke to me” I mean that literally.

    I have also had messages from the otherside regarding those who have passed or are passing. I have often known that someone was going to pass. Lot’s of times it has been people that I don’t really know, barely know, or have not seen in years. I don’t really know the meaning of this “gift” unless it is just to let me know that I am on my right life’s path, even though at times it seems that I could not possibly be.

    Check out some of Sylvia Browne’s books, she had a lot of insight.

    Thanks for your story.

  4. anna says:

    At first I didnt believe it,but after reading more I acually believe that you can do that.its sad that alot of people died.I dont think I would want that abilityI wouldnt want to know who is going to die or if something is going to happen to them.thats sad that there are lots of unsolved murders where you live.I always say I would love to help out .but like I said I wouldnt want what you have.sorry about what happened with all those people.

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