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Increase in Paranormal Activity After Reading These Stories

Posted on November 11, 2009

An increase in paranormal activity parallels my mere reading about same.

I’ve never really spent a lot of time investigating details about paranormal activity. However, just several months ago (when I bought a new notebook PC) I started spending more time on the internet reading stories from other users.

I’m a Christian, and I know a lot of other Christians that would disapprove of my reading material. I am trying to learn from other people’s experience. I’ve never touched a Ouija board, never studied or used witchcraft, astral projection, so on and so on. My only reading material lately has been about other people’s stories.

My story now is sort of a warning. Since I started reading I have been visited by a ghost (I guess) that was fooling around with the lights in the basement. That got my attention because it was so deliberate, and clearly the act of an intelligent being… trying to scare me. You know, lights off, lights on… clich.

The next thing that happened a few months later I had a sleep paralysis experience. I had a couple of these as a teen, but I’ve had this one recently and I am in my fifties now, and live alone. This one included two evil beings, unlike my other experiences.

Now, here is the kicker. I went out to the grocery after dark just last week. I returned home and was putting everything away, and headed to the bathroom with a couple of items. That is when I discovered the bathroom sink full of miscellaneous items that were originally on top of the medicine cabinet, a couple from inside the cabinet, and a few that were in an open shelf in the bottom of the medicine cabinet, and one that was previously sitting on the toilet tank. I always keep the bathroom sink empty.

It was very interesting to me, it was like they were picked up and neatly dropped into the sink… nothing on the floor (except my hair brush which usually sits right on the edge of the sink).

I believe that the subjects we think about are attracted to us simply because we are thinking about them. This may be considered a mild warning to anyone who is easily influenced or scared.

Written by Greg Brown, Copyright 2009

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44 Responses to “Increase in Paranormal Activity After Reading These Stories”
  1. Ian says:

    I’m also a Christian and I take your point. By demonstrating an interest in spirits and the other ‘entities’ I believe we make ourselves more vulnerable to their presence. I assume you have prayed for protection and also told the spirits that they are not wanted nor welcomed in your home. I have just started being involved in healing ministry including deliverance so it is a topic of relevance and importance to Christians. Good luck and God bless.

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Greg,,,, i am so glad you brought this up,,,, i am 51, and always had paranormal experiences….. the same thing has happened to me,, the more i read about all of this, the more strange things are happening…..its , almost like i can feel the heaviness, and thickness in the air at times… by the way, you have the same name as my hubby…first name…

    i am home alone a lot,, but even when my hubby is here things happen…. my hubby has also had a few expereinces in his life, but he tries to debunk everything,, well, so do i….. he has been hearing something fall,,, when i didnt hear it.. which is very unusual.. we both usually would hear it at the same time…. i have gone to investigate,, nothing!!!!

    I was at my moms house a couple of weeks ago,, as we stood in her small kitchen,, whe looked at me, her eyes wide, and said, did you hear that,, i said what?? she said,, it was right here in front of me,, something banged on the wall…. didnt hear it…. i was standing,, right beside her…her bathroom is on the other side of that wall, and she lives alone… i went to check,, nothing..

    my hubby and mom got very spooked by these events, although,, with me,, i hear this stuff often….

    the most recent, being, the past few weeks…..i have heard a man,, sounds like, clearing his throat, and my dog even growls,, i am here alone… and its right here, when i am on the computer in my office.. the sound is in the hall.. i have thought it was my hubby , home from work early….

    also,, if i am in here in the evening, and hubby is watching tv in the living room,,, i hear, what i think is him, about to walk into this room.. i turn around to talk to him, then get up,, he is in the living room,, i have asked him a few times,, where you just in the hall,, and there would be no way he could have been, not that quickly.. he says, no,, ive been right here…..

    i hear, what sounds like, the back door opening, and i think my hubby is taking our dog out.. i go into the kitchen, and i say,, oh,, i thought you opened the door.. he is sitting on the couch…..

    the more i read and learn, the more i think that i am carrying something with me!!! maybe i always have…. i wonder how many others are having these problems?????

    Ian,, if you could say a prayer for us,, it would be wonderful,, im sure you will see a lot of people here talking about this……i have one of my many , spiritual books, sitting here right in front of me……

    God Bless us all,,,,, ktm

  3. tabbycat says:

    i am 13 and i only just started reading these experance for about 6 mounths but i dont now why i read them i am a huge spectic even thow i have seen things in the dark and in my dreams but one day i just typed in paranormal encounters wich lead me to this site i would also like to add that i am not relges but respect relgen if that makes sence this story has opened me up to a now way of thinking thank you.

    p.s sorry about the spelling mistakes!

  4. Camila says:

    I would also like to add that before I found this site a couple of months ago, the paranormal activity in my life was, well, just about a couple of experiences. The day I saw a man out of the corner of my eye, was when I decided to start looking up stories and read other peoples experiences. I have never touched a ouija board. However, a couple of weeks went by and after doing so much reading and seeing pictures, it just got me more convinced and that’s when I had the best experience in my life yet! Where I talked to the man i had previously seen before, I was scared at the moment, but I am now fascinated and I’m thinking since we are now open minded people we have opened the doors for this paranormal activity. I would also like to say that I believe children can see things we cannot because of the situation I am living right now involving my son. It really makes you curious. I am now a true believer and I am completely fascinated by this activity.

  5. Karen M. says:

    I thought that too, but I think it’s just because you think of the stories so much that when strange happens you make a connection to reading the stories, but I don’t think that’s true!

    • Caretaker says:

      I agree with Karen. I dont think it makes the paranormal more likely to happen but I do think it makes you more able to recognize it when it does.

      If you think about the same thing happens with other subjects. If you read and talk about a subject you start noticing it more around you. It was always there but you didnt notice it as much before.

  6. Ian says:

    I have happily said a prayer for protection for all.
    I do think that if we open ourselves to ‘paranormal’ activity then since we are inviting it into our lives we should be aware of the consequences. It is easy to attract evil but harder to repel it.
    I may come across as some crazy Christian, but I’m as equally fascinated by the paranormal as most people. It’s just that recently I’ve been a bit more aware of the consequences of this interest and how it can affect us. We all have free will and can do whatever we like, but it is important we are aware of the implications of that interest and if we take it further.
    Take care.

  7. darren says:

    Seek and you will find. Seek Jesus and you will find him. Seek Lucifer and he will find you. I was an atheist until I witnessed paranormal activity. This activity led me towards my belief in a magnificent creator.

    Be careful what you wish for, and be guarded when forces beyond our comprehension lead you into the unknown. But also be open-minded enough to realize God works in the most mysterious of ways.

    The paranormal explosion phenomena is a sign of whats to come. Be ready.

    • rokkor says:

      i agree totally,, something is about to happen in the spirit realm, (my friends and i believe the veil is thinning,
      not to make light but im waiting for ghost hunters and shows like that to run across a real demon “i think they will run like little school girls
      i use to wonder (is it just television making money or is there an increase in paranormal ?)
      this activity has always been around at times more in your face than others,

  8. DarStarr says:

    I believe you are right. I think children are COMPLETELY in tune with spirits. I had a friend that when they moved into their house, their 3 year old son was TERRIFIED of going upstairs because he said there was a pirate under the steps. This went on for years. He had to be escorted up the stairs to his room and then was fine, and it was always because of the pirate. BTW they lived right on the water. So who knows. Once the moved, he never mentioned it again.

  9. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    Paranormal is just things that have to do with the nature of the universe, ANYTHING you think about alot is going to be attracted to you, religion really wouldnt play a part in it.

    • rokkor says:

      the definition of paranormal is ,,,,, beyond the the range of normal experience or scientific experience (many things fall into this such as what some believe to be ghosts,demons, angels, God, Satan, telepathy), many paranormal things have been explained over the many years, religion does not play a part in it but everything i mentioned does
      normal = people die / paranormal = jesus raised from the dead
      normal = women have sex then have baby / paranormal = virgin birth
      normal = demons in our minds / paranormal = jesus cast demons into swine
      normal = doctors heal / paranormal = jesus healed the sick, blind, lame
      there is a connection

  10. nats says:

    i would just like to state an i’ll try not to be rude,
    just to let you know its not just because “the more you read this material the more there is activity” or even if you watch movies or sieries bout the super natural or done witch craft or play ouija. They have always been there its now seeing that you as a christian has opened your mind to what could be out there you seem to be able to pick it up.

    my mother is a devoted christian all her life an use to have encounters as a child and is petrified of ghosts shall i say. She has never done any ouija or witchcraft never mind read about it.
    My father, was an Anglican but could see spirits he did not play any of these games or read either. Mum an Dad bought a house an they were the first people to move in it as mum is scared of spooks, after i was born i use to play with this little girl whom to my mum wasnt there just her daughters imagination this happened till i was 7yrs old
    After my father passed on at the age of 54 a few months after his death i began seeing, feeling and sometimes hearing some thing saying my name or something i could never make it out.
    and this was only in our house! i never told my mother as i knew she doesnt like to hear things like this, one day i was at my aunts new house but felt uncomftable when ever i went to my cousins room my aunt couldnt even get to that part of the house!
    a year later they moved and found out there were demons there or bad spirits, yet it never affected my cousin anyway last year mum phoned me at work crying her eyes out about this little girl following her. i got home as soon as possible and let her talk, to my suprise
    i could feel something yet not threatening

    now just to let you know i’ve never done witch craft or played ouija nothing like that i only found this page last year feb as a friend said it was interesting which it is
    but these activities hav been happening 4yrs before so dont say oh ever since i began reading this more activities have been happening
    they were always there you only started to take note now, its not always sad an depressing ora they give off like the little girl she has a calming effect she still pops in from time to time yet you dont see her anymore.
    but another reason why they are around is because they like the feel of your oura or energy most of them are harmless so in other words one doesnt have to play with witchcraft or ouija to have spirits living with you and you can block them out

    Have fun with your new roommate/s:)

  11. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Tabby and Camila,, i do believe that children and teens are very open to paranormal activity…many people have said, dont be afraid, as that can cause you big problems, and i have to agree… since you are both, kind of new to all of this,,, no matter what happens, try, not to be afraid, that gives evil more power..

    there are a lot of good things that we can experience with the paranormal….but,, we have to keep our wits about us…

    i still get frightened at times, but, try to be strong… i have dealt with a lot of evil, and still do…if you go back and read some of my posts and comments, you will understand… i really feel that evil has done about all it can to me…

    in my case,, i know that God surrounds me,, i am safe…. he has proven this to me, countless times…. just be careful,, dont ever, ever, try to conjour up a spirit!!! evil can show itself as positive… if you are really in tune to all of this, you should be able to feel the difference,, but many people cant.. so,, be very careful…..

    many times, if a spirit,, good or bad, is lurking, you will be able to feel a thickness, or density, in the air… you may smell a burning smell,, you may feel hot or cold spots, or see orbs.. you may even get very light headed!!! and of course,, you may see something, hear something, feel something.. as if someone is standing right behind you….

    i live with all of this on a daily basis,, i am used to it… most of the time, i am not afraid… its best to be at peace with these entities…. evil, does not like peace,, they may go away, or, they may make life difficult.. so you are taking a chance.. but,, if these things are already happening, you dont have much choice….

    i dont know your beliefs,, stay strong!!! dont ever give in….. hopefully, you guys will have some wonderful experiences.. i do!!! i must say!!! so,, it is worth the daily battle for me, to be able to connect with the good on the other side……

    God bless ,and be with us all, in this journey,,, ktm

  12. DarStarr says:

    I agree with Karen and CT too! I think these stories and experiences teach us what is out there and what is possible! It opens our minds as well as our eyes!

  13. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have to say,, i am also a Christian,, i didnt invite anything evil in… i mean, that would be crazy….. who would want to intentially have evil in thier lives???? Evil exists,, and it is very powerful…. God also exists, and is very powerful…. Being a true Christian,,, evil lurks around even more.. the devil wants us,, the more spiritual we are , the harder the devil tries to get in…. and if a door or portal gets open without our knowing, it can happen very easily….

    Any Christian knows that!!!! why do you think that we praise our lord often,???, to keep the good in, and tha bad out……

    some things happen to us that we cannot control.. sometimes, just being around an evil person is enough…. being humans,, evil can have a very pretty face….. sometimes, its to late when we realize that the face is not so pretty….

    I mean really,,,,, why do we go to church,, why do we read the bible,, why do we pray???? if we didnt have a fear of evil,, it would not be a worry…..

    there may be some people here that have never experienced, pure evil… and may feel immuned to it… you are never immuned to it..!!!!!!!.. i am not trying to judge,, i am just trying to say,, be aware,,, if evil comes calling,, you should be prepared…….

    it just bothers me when others say they are such Christians, that they cant be touched by evil… we are not God..God is God.. so,, be careful about putting yourself, up on a pedestal,, that pedestal can come crashing down…..

    just my opinion,, i went back and reread the posts, and found that i didnt agree with some of the comments left…..i have seen preachers, that thought they where mightier than God…. we need to be humbled by God…..


  14. DarStarr says:

    Wow!!! How perfectly put!!!! We DO need to be humbled by God!
    Love ya!

  15. Gregory Brown says:

    I appreciate all the people who took time to reply. Your support makes me feel like there is a community that I am part of…, when you are 53, live alone, etc. you learn to appreciate things that you may have taken for granted in years gone by.

    I come from a family of ministers. I found my faith at the age of 5 or 6, as my grandfather was preaching. I loved him like he was my father. I’ve also spent a lot of years listening to numerous other preachers, teachers and speakers. When I learn something, I put it to the test. I cross reference Old and New Testament teachings a lot. I believe one should agree with the other, and I try to learn to appreciate the differences.

    Please note, I’m aware of several things that people imagine, things once they have been suggested repeatedly. For example, I read the entire book titled “Ghosts” authored by Hans Holozer. By the time I nearly finished I started hearing footsteps on the roof, in broad daylight. Talk about the power of suggestion.

    My last story ended with the following paraphrased quote: I believe that the “intelligent” subjects we think about are attracted to us simply because we are thinking about them. This may be considered a mild warning to anyone who is easily influenced or scared.

    As a Christian I recognize the fact that the New Testament tells me to think on “good”: things, like whatsoever is good, Holy, Just, beautiful, of good report, and so on and so on…, these things make us strong, and God does not give us a spirit of fear. I’ve been told to not give Satan a “foothold.” I’ve also been told that if I resist the devil, he will flee. Long story short, God is in control, and I welcome Him (God).

    Christians and others, I’ve got a weak spot. The Bible tells us to “try” the spirits so we may know the “good” from the “evil.” I just have the feeling that the paranormal activity is increasing, and we must avoid being deceived. I don’t think this is going to be easy. Seems like paranormal activity is increasing. Can anyone tell me exactly what these “soid black beings” are? They first entered my life back in 1974-75. I was nineteen. I never discussed this with anyone.

    A scriptural reference would be nice.

  16. Bonnie says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your nice story. I have to confess, I almost stopped coming to this website after reading your story. It makes alot of sense, but, I just love coming here to read the wonderful stories and experiences of the other readers. Plus, I made some really nice web friends on here. There are some very wonderful people who come to this site to write about their experiences and to leave comments. The ones who don’t leave such nice comments or who are insulting to someone’s experience, I find, do not come on this site too often. Plus, I’m sure that David, the Caretaker (who takes very good care of his readers) keeps those people off this website if they get too insulting. There’s nothing wrong with someone disagreeing with someone else’s experience that they might have had, but, there is no excuse for insulting someone. So, I’m glad that those viewers do not come here too often.

    As for what you had written, after thinking about it, I guess that reading about other peoples paranormal experiences could bring out the awareness of one’s own paranormal activity if they focus on it alot. There are some people, on this site, and who have experienced some very frightening experiences. I couldn’t even imagine having to live with alot of these paranormal experiences from day to day. These people have also helped others out, and have given them guidance and support with their own experiences. I’ve learned alot from my new friends here on this site. I would have to say that alot of my paranormal experiences have been through wonderful dreams of my mom who had passed on several years ago. She, I believe, was very much sensitive to ESP. I think that I might be a little sensitive to it as well, but, not as much as my mom was.

    I have always been a Christian and will always be one. Christianty has always been a big and important part of my life. Having dreams of my mom, dad and brother (who, too, have also passed on), I feel is a gift that keeps me in touch with them. Of course, they will always be in my heart.

    So, after writing this comment to your story, I guess I’m not as frightened as I thought I would be. Thank you again for your wonderful submission story. I look forward reading some more of your submissions. Welcome to the website. You have a wonderful weekend.

    Bonnie :)

  17. Bonnie says:

    Hi Greg,

    Hey, we’re on the same wave length, and I’m sure that alot of others on this site will agree with you as well, that the power of God is STRONG, and having the Good Lord in our lives and believing in his word protects us from whatever lurks out there.

    As for the dark solid figures that you have been experiencing, I’m not sure. I think that it may be something that is testing your faith, and you, being raised in a Christian environment and having a strong faith, fights it off. As scarey as it sounds, I, too, have experienced something similar. Not too often though. It scares me, and I immidieately say the Lord’s prayer (like my mom had always taught me to do when I was scared or when I was worried about something). I would experience this sometimes, throughout my life, if I would be going through some type of difficult time. And, it would only last for a second. I think that sometimes, for me, it could just be in my mind, but, then again I could be wrong. Like for instance, one time my husband and I had our first home in South Carolina. We were both in the Navy together at that time (I had worked for the Chaplain in the Navy as a Religious Program Specialist. Since then, I’ve gotten out of the military, but, my husband retired). Our next door neighbor was also in the military and was one of the sailors in my squadron. His wife’s brother was staying with both him and his wife, and her brother was causing some problems. They asked him to leave (of course, my husband and I didn’t know this at the time and were told a different story by this guy). He had done some odd jobs for us such as cutting the grass, and we welcomed him into our home (really bad decision on our part, but we were both very young back then) to try and help him get a new start because he just seemed to always be down on his luck . To make a long story short, this guy was a convicted felon, wanted in another state, for stealing a car and I think also armed robbery. Anyway, he caused problems with us as well, and we put him out, too. He started drinking heavily that day, after we put him out, and he kicked our front door in (luckily we were not home at the time). He stole my jewerly (alot of it was irreplacable due to being from my mom’s and sisters) and had gotten the keys to my husband’s car, We also found out later, that he was looking for a gun to apparently shoot me, because I was the one who actually put him out first. While my husband and I were at work, this guy was in our home looking around and and seeing what he could get out of us, when he was suppose to be out looking for a job and getting a new chance on life. Before we (I) kicked him out, I woke up one night and saw these scary looking dark entities with pale looking faces (the first feeling that I had was death) staring at me from the ceiling. I let out this terrible scream and scared my husband almost to death !! Another time was when we were stationed overseas in Japan, and my husband’s brother was also stationed over there with us. My brother-in-law was not married at the time and had met this asian woman on the internet of all things, who we found out later on had belonged to the Japanese mofia and was trying to get a hold of vital imilitary information, which she did not accomplish, at least not from us. But, before we found out about her, my husband and brother-in-law went back to the states for a conference and I was left alone with her. At the time, she was my good friend. But, I found out later on that she was going to take me to Tokyo and have me killed , why, I don’t know. (I found out from her two friends who had worked with her at a previous job that she use to work at, and who had come to the Base, invited by her, to the air show. Well, her two friends knew somethig that I didn’t know. They may of been planning to be a part of it, I’m not sure. All I know is that when we met them at the train station, they gave me this strang look, and told me that they liked me and not to be like her (I thought that was strange and maybe even a little rude coming from her two friends). Later on that evening, one of her friends had called my home number and she was there, of course (she seemed to always keep me around her as often as she could). They told me not to say anything or to act suspisious, but, for me to NOT go to Tokyo with this woman, because I would not being coming back. That’s all they said. And, they said that I should get away from her very quickly and to tell my husband and brother-in-law to do the same. So I told her the next day that I was not feeling well and had to call off the Tokyo visit. But during this period of time when she was apparently planning this (at least I think she was) I had this terrible dream and saw a pale, dark hair woman with the look of death on her face starring at me in my dream and who had floated up above me. So, what I’m trying to say is that for me, these apparent entities, or really bad dreams, came to me as a warning sign that I (and my husband back in South Carolina) was in danger.

    That’s my description of it. I’m sure that others on this site would be able to give you a better explanation of these things. I just hope that you’re not being bothered anymore. Anyway, thank you for listening to my story (if you stay on this site, you’ll find out that I’m a bit long winded…LOL!). Greg, you continue to keep your strong faith in the Good Lord, as I’m sure you will. There are alot of nice people here on this site who have (and are) experiencing something similiar and will, I’m sure, be able to help you understand what you’re experiencing. Have a nice evening.


  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Greg,, are you talking about the tall man with the black top hat and tuxedo??? or the black shadows?? there was recently a great story on the man with the black hat…. not sure who wrote it… and to everyones amazment,, many of us have seen this figure.. and he is a solid mass… as far as i remember, none of us really had an answer!!!!

    when i came to this site, i was just interested in the paranormal, as its always been in my life…i have been blessed by making so many new friends,,, i never imagined that would happen……i have illnesess that keep me at home a lot, and i dont see my friends very often any more.. i have also become lonely,, now,, i feel so much better…..

    my husband has seen a true change in me, and he is so excited that i have found a place of peace…. somewhere i can actually talk about what i am going through.. its s true blessing….

    we welcome you with open arms, and hope you continue to tell your stories,, as it does lift your spirits when you can talk to others that understand…i have always enjoyed helping others, and have actually been praying about it,, how can i help others, when i cant even help myself.. i was led here!!!!!

    you are a true blessing,,,,, ktm

  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Bonnie,, what a story… you know,, the more i think about it,, the more it all makes sense…i have been thinking about stress and the paranormal, and reading the posts here and the paranormal.. when i first came to this site, i was under a lot of stress… the paranormal did seem to get worse.. now, i feel very calm,, considering my circumstances, you would think that this is the time for stress.. but,, things are still happening, but, nothing like they where.. now, it seems to be small things…

    i really, trully think that all of the prayers and support that i have had here has helped me so much!!!! i really feel at ease…. my body is weak and tired,, but,, my mind seems clear.. and calm..

    you have had some terrible things happen to you!!! wow….. by the way,, i live in SC…..i always, just love your stories, and i am glad you made it through, to be here with us…

    God bless you honey,,,,, ktm

  20. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM,

    Thank you so much. You’re a wonderful, kind and special lady. You have touched alot of hearts and have helped alot of people on this website. I know that you’ve helped me a great deal. Thank you so much, Sweetie.

    Gosh, I bet that we passed each other on the highway and in the stores and such back when my husband and I were living in South Carolina back in the late 80s. We had our first house built in Ladson, not too far from Charleston. We just loved it! I wish that we could have kept it, but, it’s just not the same if you’re not able to live in your house after renting it to someone for a long period of time. We were there for Hurricane Hugo. After we left, we tried to keep up with the mortgage payments and live somewhere else, due to my husband still being in the military. But, it was too hard financially. We had used my VA loan when we had the house built. Due to Hurricane Hugo coming through and devastating the area (I can still remember the National Guard driving around athe rea afterwards) I had qualified to sell the house back to the government as a HUD house. Gosh, I can still remember paying $67,000 for a three bedroom, two full baths, garage and back patios. Sure can’t find that here in the Keys…LOL! When I told my sisters what we had paid for our house that we have now, they thought that we were living in California LOL!

    KTM, I’m glad that you’re here, sharing with all of us, as well. You’re one of God’s special Angels. Take care, KTM and both you and your hubby have a wonderful Sunday.

    BIG Hugs,


  21. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Bonnie,, i also remember hurricane hugo,,,, i live near Greenville, SC.. and the weather was very bad… i went to Myrtle beach the next summer, and wow,, the devestation!!!! Charlston is beautiful!!!! i used to go to the beach, at least once a year.. but havent been in about 6 or 7 years now… in fact, we went there for our honey moon,,lol… on Feb.14,2001, and it was 85 degrees….

    i have also been to daytona beach, in florida….. that was back in 1996, on thanksgiving day,, it was also, about 80 degrees…. we had left SC that morning, it was 20 degrees here…..we peeled off our layers of clothing as we drove…. long 12 hour drive,, i know the keys, is a lot further…..

    Bon Bon,, you are also one of Gods special angels,, i really enjoy your posts…
    luv and hugs,,,, ktm

  22. Camila says:

    TO nats,
    I did not try to imply in any way that just because you read things, or watch series like you say, then the paranormal will start. What I tried to say was that since you are now aware of what truly goes on with other people, your mind is now open to those things, and next time something goes bump in the night you wont dismiss it as being the cat or whatever, you know???

  23. Gregory says:


    In 1976 I was 19 years old, had many years of growing up in a family of Christian ministers. I was exposed to all the “paranormal” things that Hollywood had to offer, beside some very real accounts one may find in the Bible.

    Then the solid black figure I nearly collided with in the middle of the night was the very first kind of evil spirit I encountered…, it was only an inch taller than me. I was accustomed to sneaking around in the dark without making a sound…, because I was always late coming home from a date. I may have surprised this “visitor” and it came to check me out. Everyone else in the house was already sleeping.

    My mother could hear a pin drop ON A CARPETED FLOOR, well maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Anyway, I had to be very very quiet.

    After staring at this thing for nearly 10 seconds, this thing practically flew out of the house. I still don’t know exactly what they are. I’m just a little uneasy because back then I had never even heard of this kind of creature. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I’m sure what attracts them.

    Now so many people have been seeing these things it makes me a little nervous. These things seem to spend a lot of time watching us sleep, and now they are starting to appear in broad daylight.

    I’ve read several accounts of the very tall thin man wearing a tall blackhat. The thing I saw had very short black hair with maybe a bit of curl. This tall guy with the tall hat seems to keep showing up on long desolate streches of highway…, not very talkative either. I’d keep to the other side of the road. He just sounds like he’s looking for trouble.

    All the other “shadow people” (males) seem to frequently wear those hats that were considered “sharp” in the 50s and 60s. I haven’t seen them. I find it curious they imitate humans.

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    The (black man) as i refer to him, tall, dressed in black with the top hat, ,,, Shadow people or things, i also see very often… i had no clue that so many people had experienced this sort of thing untill i came here… i was amazed….

    i understand how you feel,, it also makes me nervous, knowing that so many have the same stories…..when i first came here, i could not believe what i was reading…. all of the posts of so many things that i have lived!!! wow…..

    i mean,, just the other night, i was out in the garage where my car was parked, as i walked around the car, i saw a glimpse of something, squatted down,, reminded me of a gargoul.. i know i didnt spell that right……..and then it was gone,, it lasted a few seconds.. i am so used to this, i didnt even tell my hubby about it..lol…….the garage door was closed,, no way anything was in there, and the big light was on.. but, hey,, thats how my life is,, daily….. im just glad it didnt jump at me!!!

    have a great weekend,,, ktm

    • Rokkor says:

      Be very careful of tall dark shadow man (someone mentioned trench
      Coat), my sister constantly saw this image

    • rokkor says:

      sorry for 2nd response so quick, but the black man or shadowy figure you saw, was it a definite top hat ? or something comparible, my family sometimes i feel are magnets to paranormal, (but my mother/ aunt / grandmother) were into some kind of witchcraft so i believe they opened a door (when my sister turned 16 my mother told her it was time for her to recieve “the gift” she refused) my sister is also the one who saw that figure, she said thankyou she always wondered if anyone else saw that, and what was that i thought i read the black man or shadow was an appearance satan comes in but cant find who wrote it,,, have you heard or looked into this ?, thankyou again you have been a blessing, this site has been a blessing

  25. Holy Hunter says:

    if you ever see a man in a trench coat stay away. I have heard accounts of this being the devil and heard stories of this. i have no experianced anything paranormal in anytime of my life……….except when I was a kid. atleast I think what happend was real and not dream to this day.

    • rokkor says:

      holy hunter i have a story for you ,, first let me explain i wondered about some of my childhood paranormal memories,, pushed some out of memory but in the long run i cant deny them….. my father died when i was around 7 years old that first year i would wake up at night and see him on the upstairs back porch door leading to my mothers room,,,, just bad dreams right ?,, i never told anyone !,, when i turned 30 i was talking to my mother and asked why she never dated after his death her reply was (that wouldnt be right he used to visit her at night knocking on the “upstairs back porch door to her bedroom”,, strange huh?, some of our childhood memories of paranormal are real some arent,,, but God knew us when we were children and not christians yet (predestined) arent we

  26. Lotus S. Dust says:

    hello, my father has been a pastor for 50 yrs & by being a “P.K” i have dealt with the enemy my whole life. so for all of you who read my comments please understand that though some of my comment are dramatic, leaving my other comments not so, doesnt mean i dont care any more or less about our friends here giving their testimony’s. my comments long or short, dramatic or bleak, are straight from my heart & are very powerful.

    Greg, God bless you & if you are a believer than i suggest getting a few of your homies who are also believers to get together & lay hands on you to pray, just like JESUS teaches us through THE WORD. thanx XOXO!

  27. Lotus S. Dust says:

    i agree that talking about & sharing these experiences also open up a “door” if you ill for these spirits to manifest because by doing so we are giving them attn. & thats what they want!

  28. FaerchFan says:

    Heyy! I agree with you! Even though my house was haunted long before I started reading these, it’s still kind of creepy how ghosts and poltergeists can come along when you’re scared. I like to go on this site, watch horror films, and listen to my dad’s stories about when he was younger and lived on an old Indian plantation. I think it’s interesting. I somewhat scare easily, but I don’t try to stir spirits up…ok I tried once at my friends house. We tried, but before we did anything at all (all we did was light candles and sit on her bed in a circle) I started breathing heavily and the candle flickered, so we stopped. Thanks for the warning, I will keep my paranormal curiosity to a minimum. Sorry it’s so long.

  29. ChristianTexture says:

    I’m also a Christian. Unfortunately, I like reading and hearing of these spooky and scary stories. I know that they are real and everything. I had a sudden thought, when I was reading a previous story, that ‘what if some of these things happen to me after reading these?’ Then, I read your warning. Thank you for your warning, I will definately keep it in mind!

  30. Gregory Brown says:

    Increase in Paranormal Activity After Reading These Stories II
    Feb. 9th, 2010

    Now all you skeptics a little attention please. Ive been on this site, and one or two of another possible 7 web sites. I think I reported an increase in paranormal activity in my house that Ive never experienced before, and rightly so, some skeptics were not so quick to believe my claim., sooooo, here is an update.

    I was overwhelmed with how my Christians responded to my first story. I don’t believe I am in any immediate danger. I work with some pretty fantastic people, believe it or not more than a few are Christian as well. I am not working on any of these sites to be scared. I want to be aware of first-hand accounts of the supernatural and paranormal. God sees the heart. I’m not here to judge or condemn. I’m here to learn what is really happening.

    Please recall, God said that in the Last Days, it would be like it was in the days of Noah. If you don’t know what that is about, you should probably find out for your well being. LOOK IT UP.

    The last time I wrote I believed there was something in the basement screwing around with the lights turning them off(or covering them up) which caused me to go back and get a fresh light bulb, only when I opened the basement door the light was already on again. So I walked downstairs pushed the reset button on the furnace and everything seemed fine.

    WELLLLLLLL, last night I experienced the same thing. Basement lights were off, I walked down into the dark anyway, to assure myself I am not powerless. Territorial behavior registers clear signals between intruders and inhabitant(s). THIS IS WHERE I LIVE! NO FREE-LOADERS ALLOWED! I needed a flashlight to see clearly something on the furnace. So I headed back up stairs.

    A minute later they were back off. I decided to walk down into the dark basement, and turned the lights back on. Reset the furnace, and everything is OK, almost.

    I sat in my bedroom with the news on while I was preparing to do some work on my account at this site. I had a movie on, which I wanted to change, I replaced the disc and sat down. AND I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO SOUND TRITE, but the TV turned off as soon as I sat down, then waited a long moment, then turned on again, and repeated this sequence 4 times. I got a little peeved and turned it OFF myself. It stayed off much to my surprise.

    This is a very expensive TV, and the first time Ive ever seen it act this way. It acted like someone was in the room with me and was just screwing around with me, a lot more than usual.

    I didnt say anything out loud (JUST YELLING) in the basement, or in my bedroom, because I believe that kind of conversation will only exacerbate the activity. However, I dont think I can eliminate something supernatural happening at the moment, but I’ll pray before I go to sleep.

    Im more interested in getting this story written. I’m just having a little trouble writing about this because it sounds so TRITE, except now it is happening to me.

    All together it looks like a little more activity than usual. Im more annoyed than scared. However, this will not stop me from continuing my efforts to work on a special story. Ill stop writing when the TV starts levitating, or my bedroom turns into an ice box, or something bursts into flames. (I really hope that last one never happens!)

    On a serious note. Someone wrote in and is asking is there really that much more activity than I was aware of? I could only say yes. But I’ve expected as much. It was God that said in the last days, it would be like it was in Noah’s day, there was a lot of supernatural activity…, and global destruction ensued.


  31. Becca says:


    First off, I just want to say that you have my sympathies on this one. Somebody (or something, or several of the above) is trying to get your attention in one of the most obnoxious ways possible. Whether it’s simple mischief on their part, or something more serious, they are disturbing your calm, and you have a right to, at the very least, enforce “house rules” on them, or take action up to and including the equivalent of frog-marching your pesky unwanted guests out the front door.

    Disclaimer: I am not Christian, but I do honor the beliefs of those who follow that path. I was reared in large part by my paternal grandmother, who was a “granny wife”. This tradition uses regional folklore (Southern /Appalachian American, in this case), herb-lore, prayer, and the Bible to assist others. She herself was Christian, and quietly devout, and saw no conflict in what she taught me with Christian practice. I would not want you to do anything that goes against your spiritual beliefs, but I hope that you can find something in what she taught me that will help you.

    Rue (Ruta graveolens) is an herb that is associated with protection, and can be planted around the house for that purpose; its trefoil leaves are associated with the Trinity. Mistletoe (all varieties) hung over the door is associated with both protection and peace. An ornament of blue glass (like Christmas tree balls) hung in the window is said to protect the house; variants of this include writing out a prayer for protection and putting the paper inside, or adding pins, or pieces of rose bush — the thornier, the better. White rose canes are said to be most effective, as white roses are also associated with protection. A blue glass bottle in the windowsill should have the same effect, and can be dressed in the same manner.

    Slamming a door repeatedly, as hard as you can, especially while demanding that these presences leave you alone, is a method that I’ve used to rid a place of unwanted visitors. It works especially well if it’s a door near the area where the most activity is taking place. Another method is to burn dried sage, cedar, and sweetgrass or lavender; light it on a fireproof plate and carry it through the house. Be sure to get closets, crawlspaces, and the attic as well. A “smudge stick” does the same job, and you don’t have to worry about balancing a plate. Salt and water (preferably from a natural source like a stream) are associated with purification; sprinkle the saltwater throughout the house while saying a prayer for protection and asking that the house be cleansed of unwanted influences. A white candle can also be used; if you can find an antique-style candleholder that has a handle and a drip well (a depression that goes all around the base), fill that with salt water. Black iron would be the best, but anything will do in a pinch.

    There’s also a prayer that Mamaw taught me; I found out much later that it is an adaptation from a much older Irish prayer, called alternately St. Patrick’s Lorcan, St. Patrick’s Breastplate, or The Deer’s Cry. (Lots of Scots-Irish settlement in the area from which I hail.)

    To myself and my home this day I bind
    All the Powers of God and Christ combined:
    The sun with its brightness,
    The moon with its whiteness.
    The lightning with its rapid flash,
    Warming fire and humble ash.
    The wind with its swiftness and sweep,
    The sea and its salty deep.
    The rocks with their sternness,
    The earth with its firmness.
    God’s might to comfort me,
    God’s wisdom to guide me.
    Christ behind and before me,
    Christ behind and above me,
    Christ with me and in me,
    Christ around me and about me.
    My faith in the Lord these strengths do send me;
    Against the power of darkness defend me.

    Lastly, if you feel in any way that this is something that you can’t handle by yourself, don’t hesitate to call on your pastor or other trusted clergy for help. I know that if you haven’t had experience with dealing with spirits before, it can be a truly disturbing thing to suddenly have them around. I hope that you’ll update, and let everyone know how things are going.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I just have to say i believe in spirits. i can hear footsteps, when everyone is sleeping! then one night i was sleepin then i felt someone blow in my face i jumped up looked around and where it blew my face was freezing. then last week we started seein shadows.

  33. Olivia says:

    I have never had a ghost expeience but I would like to have one. I’ve been reading these stories for a while && nothing. Should I want one? Or is it just bad?

    Also im not religious don’t preach to me about God thnk you.

    • rokkor says:

      olivia it is not a good idea, but completely understandable to want a “ghost” experience but remember (if you are a christian), the dead sleep, the dead cant speak to us, who does this leave “a spiritual realm of angels and demons”, i personally have never seen an angel that i know of but have seen 2 demons and alot of demonic activity, YOU DONT WANT TO FACE THAT, bad idea,,,, but i believe and many pastors i have spoken to believe there is a thin veil between us and the spirit world,,, keep your eyes open you probably have seen or heard things but overlooked them not realizing what you saw or heard was paranormal,, (for instance my children told me they wanted those experiences ghosts like you but they were constantly busy, headphones blaring music, tv on, friends hanging out, i told them be quiet study and pray,,, listen and observe,, guess what they both had experiences, see in our busy lives we tend to not notice when the veil thins out,

  34. Josh says:

    this is very likely; i began reading these stories a few days ago, and earlier today i saw a guy in my parents’ room, went in, and there was noone! i also have seen several shadows over the past dew days

  35. JordanJanelleJoy says:

    OMG! I have totally been feeling and hearing things since coming to this sight. I posted my own story in August titled “Strange Things after My Father’s death”, and since maybe late August early September weird things have been happening.

    The most vivid was last Wednesday, I was lying down watching a program, and my five year old daughter was laying next to me, and I swear to you, I heard a voice in a breathy kind of wheezy whisper say my name. I sat up instantly, and I looked around my bedroom and nothing was there. Maybe ten minutes later my daughter looked up at me and asked “mommy, who was that calling your name?”. She heard it too! That is what freaks me out the most.

    This past Saturday my husband and I were watching the football documentary hard knocks when a black shadow kind of passed over our bedroom lamp stands, it was as if something flew over it. There was a shadow and everything!

  36. Rokkor says:

    Thank you, thank you very much,, I was
    Beginning to think I was the only Christian
    To understand (that Jesus/God /Holy spirit )
    Are paranormal yet so many reject this (as
    If raising from the dead is normal), the bible
    Is full of paranormal, just be careful I’ve lived
    In 2 “haunted houses” and faced 2 demons
    There are many things we cannot explain and
    A thin line between what we should and shouldn’t
    Know,,, God bless you

  37. Rokkor says:

    Your warning is correct , when people search
    The paranormal ( it opens a door ), oddly though
    We are not of this world and Satan attacks us
    Daily, Christian beliefs are based in the paranormal
    (virgin birth, that’s not normal ), as Christians we need
    To have an understanding of these things or
    New age, occult religions will lie to the world
    Because of what I went through I have been able
    To stay safe ( Jesus has been my lord and saviour
    35 years when I was a child ouija boards were
    Presents and very strange things happened
    Regularly, I lived in Washington dc then moved
    To Ohio and was saved, did paranormal stop ?
    NO, but changed from dark to light) I believe
    Those who realized paranormal is real can accept
    More of the spiritual from God, or rather it’s just
    Easier for them to recieve

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