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Imaginary Friends and Strange Experiences

Posted on July 8, 2011

Hi, my name is Sam. Actually, it’s my initials, but I’d rather go by Sam. I live in Tennessee but I’ve moved more than 10 times all through-out my life. And I believe that I’ve been haunted by something all of my life, but I just don’t know what it is.

It all started out when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My family had to live with my Mom’s parents until our house was fully constructed, which would only take a few months. My mom’s parents lived in Pennsylvania. And I was the only daughter of four children. Since my two older brothers were 9 and 6 years older than me, they didn’t want to play with some little kid, let alone to play with some little girl. And my younger brother was only 2, and I didn’t want to play with some BABY! So, I “created” 2 ‘imaginary’ friends. Honestly, I don’t remember how they came to be. I just started addressing some invisible force one day. In my mind, I knew they were real. They almost kind of talked to me in my head, like a conscience. There was a girl named Nina, and a boy named John. I can barely remember what they looked like but Nina had brown hair that was always up in a pony tail. And John had brown hair and brown eyes. But my favorite of the 2 was always Nina, since I always dreamed of having a sister. But, in the end, I’d always play with John, too. My mom used to ask me so many questions about them when I was younger. I’m surprised I still remember these questions today.

“How old are they?”
“About my age,” I’d reply.
“Do you see them?”
“I get a picture of what they look like in my head,” I’d answer.
“Why can’t you see them?”
“Because they’re ghosts,”

I was 5 years old and I knew what a ghost was. Not only that, I was 5 years old and I knew that I was talking to ghosts. I knew they weren’t imaginary, but that’s the word my mom made me use for it. So I changed it when I introduced them to people, I’d call them,”My imaginary ghost friends.”

That just left my mom with one question.
“How did they die?”
“They froze and starved to death, in the snow,”
Soon after I was friends with John and Nina, another “Imaginary ghost friend” came into the picture.
“What’s it’s name?”
“Hut-go-it,” I said.
“Is it a boy or girl?”
“What does he look like?”
“He’s kind of chubby with dark yellow( I didn’t know what blonde was haha!) spiked hair,”

My dad told me this year that there is a city in Russia (or Ukraine, I always forget…) named Hutgovit. Coincidence? Or just plain weird that they sound so similar?

My grandma didn’t like me talking to invisible forces, then again, what grandma would? So we moved into a nearby condo. That’s when Nina started doing something that I couldn’t understand.

I woke up one morning; I heard the radio downstairs in the kitchen blaring. It was on AM not FM, so it was talking about news or sports or something. I wish I could remember. I ran down stairs to check and see what it was, and as soon as I reached the last step, it turned off. Instantly, something in my brain shouted,”Nina!” And that was basically the end of it for my imaginary ghost friends. I got rid of them eventually because my mom forced me to go to therapy to get rid of them. And because I started Kindergarten and I made friends.

You know what they say, Out of sight, out of mind. And since, I couldn’t physically see John, Nina, or Hutgoit, they just faded away from my mind.

After Kindergarten, we moved to Ft. Lauderdale Florida and stayed there for 3 years. Nothing weird ever happened…

Then, we moved to Minneola, Florida. Basically, 30 minutes away from Disney World (if it helps you with the picture). That’s when things got freaky. I was going into the 4th grade. I was just so jumpy and excited to just take in my new life, so I made friends with the neighbor kids fast. That’s how I found out about the boy who died. My neighbor, and friend told me the whole story. It broke my heart.

A month or so before we moved in, there was another family who lived there. A mom, a dad, 2 daughters (preteens) and a son who was my age. His name was Lincoln.

They were all going to have a fun family day at a local waterpark. After a long and exciting day of clear water, large twisting slides, and a mellow lazy river, the family was exhausted and ready to go home. The sisters and mother were in the back. While Lincoln and his father were in the front seat. Everyone was strapped in tightly, except for Lincoln. The poor 9 year old wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The car crashed as soon as they left the waterpark, leaving Lincoln dead, his father, soon to die of internal bleeding, the sisters with broken arms and legs, and his mother just scratched and bruised. After my neighbor told me that story, I never looked at our house the same.

That night, we had the worst infestation of mosquitos you’ve ever seen. They were everywhere. And not just small little black ones. There were ones bigger than my head just chilling on the wall outside of my bedroom! But I remember thinking that the little ones were the worst because they used to go inside your ears at night and buzz loudly and bite. It was the worst experience ever. And it was every single night we lived there. But, it didn’t end there.

Sometime in December, I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked around my room, feeling cold. The hallway light was on and I could see all the way down the hall to the staircase, just from my bed. It was quiet. Quiet enough to hear that annoying sound of silence ping in your ears. I blinked.

Then I saw the most frightening thing ever imagined. A very tall black figure with spine chilling red eyes. It walked up the stairs, strolled down the hall, and stopped at my room. I stared at it. It stared back. I felt numb and I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t scream even though every inch of my brain was telling me to holler until I pass out. The shadow figure’s stare was cut short after I managed to hold my cross necklace that I always wear on my neck. (My Dad’s parents gave it to me as a 9th birthday present, since then I never took it off).

The figure’s glowing eyes turned away, as did the figure. It walked into my younger brother’s room. That’s when I decided to tell my mom. I scurried out of bed and ran as fast as I could to the master bedroom. I opened the door. A burst of frosty air hit me. It was pitch black, and I could hear my mother’s heavy breathing and my dad’s snoring. Instantly, I woke her up and explained what happened. She didn’t believe me.

Even after that incident, we’ve had weird stuff happen in that neighborhood. People smoking pot at a playground. None of my friends would talk to me. My mother falsely accused of calling a neighbor kid a bad word. My neighbor across the street literally stalked us. There were sink holes up the street. And finally, there were snakes, rats, and a sink hole right next door to us. Fortunately, my dad got a job offer for Tennessee, we moved immediately.

I was going into the 5th grade. We bought a bunk bed for my room, and instead of a bottom bunk, there was a little office. (Freaking coolest present ever! Thanks mom!)

I slept in the corner of the room. Every night I’d hear the same tapping noise. It went from a little tap like a ta.ta.ta.ta. noise to a THUD THUD THUD THUD. I’d get scared and tell my mom, and she wouldn’t believe me!

One night, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went into my mom’s room and challenged her to sleep in my bed so she’d hear the tapping noise. She agreed and slept there for the night.

She didn’t hear a thing.

That leads me to this year. I haven’t seen this shadow creature. I haven’t thought about John, Nina, or Hutgoit. So then, what’s bothering me? The most freaking realistic nightmares ever. I’m so sure that two aren’t even nightmares, that’s how real it was. It started with my camera charger.

I had it sitting next to my bedside table. The hallway light is on so I can see. I hear a hollow wood sound. It sounded like my charger being brushed against my wicker bedside table.

I opened my eyes. And it was! It was being dragged off of the wicker table and lifted into the air! It started swinging in a circle. Y’know, like a plane propeller. It started making a whistling noise. Very loud, but steady, and slightly getting louder. I reached over to turn on the light, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the charger drop to the floor. The light was on. And the charger was dropped. I slept in my mom’s room that night.

About a month later, I had the same kind of dream. I was in my bed. Sleeping. I woke up. I saw black spider webs flutter above me. They kept falling down, so I pushed them away with my hand. But, it just created more. Pretty soon those black graceful spider webs became narrow black claws trying to scratch at me. And I screamed and I turned on my light. The black claws and spider webs were gone. I realized that I must’ve freaked my mom out. So I walked into her room and apologized for screaming. She gave me this puzzled look on her face. “I didn’t hear you scream?”

And these last nightmares are almost worse. I’ve had the same dream of Atomic bombs killing me, and me actually dying and feeling death at least 4 or 5 times in the passed 6 months. The other nightmare just started in June. It was about airplanes crashing. And when I say crashing, I mean full out exploding with glass and flames and blood and screams. I’ve had this dream 4 times, too.

Finally, I’ve had dreams where it’s the future, the next day actually. And the most recent one was last night, I had a dream about what I was going to wear, how my conversations were going to go, who was there, and what would happen. Everything came out true.

I don’t know what any of this means. I’m not sure if it’s paranormal, or if I’m just going crazy, or if people just think I’m making this up. I can promise you I didn’t make any of this up. This is all real. I just need to see other people’s opinions on this. It was just be comforting to know that this could be just paranormal.

Sent in by Sam, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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