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I was a Prophet for the Devil

Posted on April 18, 2010

I was never going to get back with my wife, in fact when I read on the internet that God don’t like when people break oaths with him, I was so angry that I said to myself out loud that I would go back to drugs, alcohol and Satanism, I was never involved in Satanism so for me to say that was out of pure anger at having to get back with her and when she came back, I was turned over to the devil himself and he told me so.

I told her in early November I wanted her out and I gave her until January 31st and she moved out, I was deep in sin around early November and I knew I had to get out of the sin I was involved in, so that I could make fresh start, so instead of repenting to Jesus and asking him back in to my life, I started making prayers about a new wife, so I was not serving Jesus because I never repented and if you are not with Jesus, you are with the devil.

I put the Bible on my (PDA type) phone and I would move it up and down a couple times in the same order like casting lots and every time I did this the Bible verse would be perfect for what ever I prayed for ( I do not recommend this and I have since thrown out my phone and repented from this evil) but everything I did I followed the phone, the phone said talk to this woman on the internet and so I did, the phone said throw everything out that I own and so I did, I thought I was doing Gods will at the time but I never repented and asked Jesus back in to my life.

So a couple weeks after I kicked my wife out, the phone said I would have to take her back, so I thought I was doing Gods will, so I had no choice but to ask her back. and the day she came back I was lying in bed and the most evil feeling swept over my whole body and I knew there was no where I could go to escape it and was filled with fear, I went in to the bathroom and looked at my eyes and they seemed like they were deeper and hazy looking and asked my wife if they looked different and she said they did. I think that’s when the voices started, they made me believe that I was a prophet, I would walk in to the drugstore and the voice would say that person was a sinner, that person was not a sinner and that there was no greater prophet then me, the voice would also curse at God, but it said that it was training me that as long as I did not say it with my lips, I was ok (this whole time I still thought I was doing Gods will and was a prophet from God).

This being a good prophet lasted a couple days and then one night the voice said that I was raised up to be the false prophet and I was ok with that because I thought I was still doing Gods will and that my soul would be saved until I thought it through and remembered that the false prophet ends up in the lake of fire, and that’s when I hit my knee’s and repented and asked Jesus to save me, after I did that the devil said that he had me and that Jesus told him that he could only have me for a short time and that he was leaving me , but he keep saying that I would be in hell or heaven, I forgot his exact words, I went to grab the Bible and a voice said get my filthy hands off it ( it took a couple days before I could read the Bible).

The devil left when he said but I was left with demons that slowly went away, I prayed to God in Jesus name to remove them when they got really bad and he did when I asked him to, they were not as bad before I prayed to him, I think I had a lot of demons in me and that I had to go through it.

Its been like a month and half since the devil had me and I am still not 100 percent, maybe like 99.9 percent and get better each day, I am hoping when I get baptized on April 11th 2010 I will be 100%.

There is a lot of stuff I missed writing this but this is what happened to me and this is my advice of what I learned. God will be their always for you, but will you be their mind, body and soul for him. I should have repented, instead of being in sin up until the last minute.

What I do today, I go to church twice a week (which I said I would never do), I try to read the Bible every day and me and my wife do a Bible study 6 days a week.

I believe the big plan was Gods plan because I am back to church and back with my wife who I love more then I ever did and would not of made it with out her. And to those I hurt around this time I am sorry for what I had done and repent of it.

I praise and thank God that he did not turn me over to the devil and he changed my life through Jesus.

Sent in by Patrick, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “I was a Prophet for the Devil”
  1. Renee says:

    You sound a bit unstable, maybe you should see a doctor and get on psychiatric medication. I’m not insulting you, as I take it myself. You just sound unstable to me.

  2. arlyn says:

    Good thing that you come back for him and serving His glorious name.

    God bless you and your wife.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sad not 4 the rite reasons! no stars

  4. mimi says:

    Wish you the best and may our only true God Jesus lead you to the right direction.

  5. FaerchFan says:

    Well thats good that you ended up asking for forgiveness and everything :) good luck with everything i hope all goes well :D

  6. Jacqui says:

    I honestly don’t believe one word of this story.

    If it is true, you should have just prayed to your God in the first place.

    You sound like you need medication, I’m not trying to be rude but you sound like you need some professional help.

  7. opal lady says:

    I would like to say that youare very lucky not to have been messed up anymore than you were. The Devil is the great deciever and you probably should get professional help not only medication wise,but you really should go the church elders,tell them your story and arrange for a spiritual cleansing.

  8. Olga says:

    This story was crazy! It sounds unbelievable but who knows, crazy things do happend. Good luck 2 U Patrick. Have U ever discussed Ur story W/ Ur wife?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that you go to church. Whenever you feel low or weak or otherwise always chant god’s name no matter what religion you belong to. Prayer is something that helps in every way. God bless.

  10. Rae M. says:

    This just sounds sort of fake to me.
    Like, honestly, if I was your wife, I would not have taken you back. You leave me once, how do I know you’re not gonna do it again?

  11. GypsyMoon says:

    I am so sorry but it sounded more to me like you have a problem within your spiritual faith. I mean you denied a Religion you were raised in only to be a False Phrophet for the Devil only to return to your former religion because you were afraid?.
    A False Prophet would have some kind of Powers to see Future.Present and past of an individual or major event. I mean it is a bold claim. Why not say I worshiped Satan why False Prophet? meaning false power.
    Some people even those who get together and have babies are sometimes better seperated. Maybe your first intentions was noble but religion and fear of hell and sin made you afraid and kept a toxic relationship going?. I see no evidence of Satan here sorry just someone maybe confused and afraid of a religion he was forced into by culture and family. Why dont we have emo Wiccans who deny there relgion and become Satanist? Why is all these stories always through fears of the Church???

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