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I Need an Answer Please

Posted on December 6, 2010

Hello my name is Destiny I’m new to this but I just wanted everyone to know what my husband and I experienced oh and I’m very sorry if I don’t know how to explain things right cause I really cant but here it goes…

My Husbands Experience

So the other night my husband got home from work and took a little nap. Well just as I arrived from work I walked into the room and woke him up because he was making this weird moaning noise. Well when he woke up he was trying to catch his breath as if he was running and he told me what he dreamed about, he said when he got home from work exhausted he lied down and he says all of a sudden he felt this heavy pressure on his chest and he says he wanted to sit up but when ever he tried to move he couldn’t he says he felt like he was paralyzed and that he was still looking up at the ceiling and he just felt someone beside him the whole time like something was there…

My Experience

Last night my husband fell asleep but I couldn’t and I was staring at ceiling and I hear something walk in the room and all of a sudden I hear this ringing noise in my ear like a loud ringing noise and just as I was going to shove my husband to ask him what is that noise I couldn’t move I felt paralyzed I would try to grab my husbands hand I felt it right beside me and I tried to  pinch it so he could wake up to wake me up but every move I tried to make like my heart would beat faster and faster and I don’t know I was still looking up at the ceiling and I could see this dark mist looking down at me and I started praying and finally my husband woke me up as I was gasping for air he asked me if I was okay and I was mumbling his name…

Well can someone please tell me what were experiencing? We’ve never experienced anything like that before and is it normal?

Sent in by Destiny, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Sleep Paralysis

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26 Responses to “I Need an Answer Please”
  1. Tina says:

    Sounds like sleep paralysis, to me. I have experienced this many times whenever I have been exhausted or upset about something. It feels like whatever you are experiencing is real, but it is just a dream.

    • Destiny says:

      hello and thank you for your very helpful answers. i would like to kno what is it tho? like my sister told me it was a spirit or something trying to take your soul now i don’t know if she was trying to scare me but it worked lol but my question is is that really true? is it a spirit trying to take your soul?

      • Michael says:

        I have just written my own experience and was browsing this site and came across your story.
        I wish there was a way I could give some credability to what Im about to say, because there seems to be a lot of opinons on here. let me please clarify that you cannot lose your soul, a soul is nothing something you ‘have’ like an object, it is what you ‘are’.

        It is true, you may have been dreaming or imagining, but people commonly dissmiss imagination to mean something that is not real.. in truth maam, imagination is the bridge that links worlds, it is the transportation into these realms. and when you are half asleep or just about to sleep, you are most aware of the convergance of these dimensions as your focus begins to shift, thus making your waking mind more aware of things that are there.

        If you do not like the influence, you can mentally use your imagination to shield yourself symbolically and to invoke a good feeling before bed, the entity (if there is one) will not be attracted to your change in energy and find it much difficulty in pursuing the matter with you further.. I hope this helps

  2. Grace Flores says:

    yea it does seem like sleep paralysis to me too. and that happened to me several times when i was little and sick. i would fell like i was in this coffin and i coul’nt touch the sides, if i did i would die, so i just stood still in my dreams.

  3. Sean says:

    “Sleep paralysis” is a technical-sounding phrase that is used to “explain away” odd experiences without actually explaining anything at all.

    “Swamp Gas” and “weather balloons” used to be used in similar ways to “explain” ufo sightings until they had video evidence and reports from fighter pilots and radar evidence.

    “You’re just imagining things” would be just as accurate and scientific an explanation.

    Everybody has had bad dreams and know what they are like, but when two people have very unusual dreams of being paralyzed and feeling the presence of a strange being or actually perceiving a strange being for the first time in their lives, there is a clue that this is not an ordinary incident.

    It definitely seems paranormal to me. Usually when people have these experiences a prayer will end it or make the entities go away, which further makes the paranamormal aspect rather likely.

  4. Bella says:

    No its not a ghost, just sleep peralissis

  5. Chasity says:

    Ok, for all those saying sleep paralysis, dont. The chances of two people who have never had that problem before suddenly experiencing sleep paralysis doesnt make sence. Although if thats the only time it has happened it could be psycological on your part, just a reaction to hearing your husbands dream. Now if it continues to happen there is something called the old hag experience that actually a lot of people all over the world have had the old hag experience. google it. that is exactly what you are describing. Sometimes its related to stressfull times or high emotional times like other paranormal experience but generally this would be rekated to you guys not the home, so getting blessed would work. Again if it keeps happening look it up on line for other solutions.

    • FAB says:

      “Ok, for all those saying sleep paralysis, dont. The chances of two people who have never had that problem before suddenly experiencing sleep paralysis doesnt make sence.”

      Sleep paralysis is not something that is “a problem” , just because it happens once does not mean it will happen again. And although it is coincidental that they both potentially experienced sleep paralysis, it is not something you can rule out 100%. In fact there is documented evidence of sleep paralysis and its effects.

      Anyone can look up Hypnogogia on their favorite search engine and garner more info.

  6. Carlos says:

    Yah I think certain aspects of sleep paralysis are just that but being that you and your husband both experienced this I’m guessing more along the lines of an evil entity or shadow person.Usually our sense of instinct will let us know if it is a nuetral or pleasant prescence or an evil one.Just remember.Usually these will almost always go away through the power of prayer to God.These dark entities feed off of fear so dont let it know your afraid just stand up to it in your prayers and tell it to go towards the light.

  7. Porsha D says:

    There’s actually a sleep paralysis link on here that can help u further understand what it is and what it “MEANS”!!!!!..I don’t think sleep paralysis has anything 2 do with the supernatural……I could be wrong but what i perceived of it is that our brains release a a fluid to paralyze our bodies while we sleep and sometimes we become concious a bit faster than our bodies that may give us this outer body experience or make us feel as if we have pressure weighing our bodies down and we cant move but we know we’re awake!!!!!…I found all of that info (more detailed of course) on this site…..I’m doing research on the paranormal so it helped me with the sleep paralysis portion!!!!!…When I was little I grew up in the South, so all the older people told me that it was a witch ridin your back…..You could imagine me then terrified out of my mind to go to sleep!!!!……LOL :) :) :) Hoped this helped some!!!!!

  8. Miles Prower says:

    Who knows what the presence is? Did it “feel” like a good presence or a bad presence?

    Some kind of protective prayer or meditation is always a good thing! You can visualize surrounding yourself with the protective energy of God….

  9. FAB says:

    Medical Dictionary

    sleep paralysis definition
    Function: n
    : a complete temporary paralysis occurring in connection with sleep and especially upon waking
    Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary, © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    The above definition has happened to me once. It happened as I woke. I Had no pressure, but I did feel panic at first. Realized what was happening and attempted to flail about till I suddenly started to actually flail about. LOL it would have been a sight to behold I am sure sure. from just laying there to spazing out like a crazy person.

    I have read often times people experience hallucinations with sleep paralysis sometimes. And if someone has absolutely no idea about such conditions as sleep paralysis, it could come off very paranormal. Thankfully I understood what was happening (or not as it were lol) and just waited it out. Cant imagine it lasted more than a few seconds for me. Felt like hours though.

    Frankly I would not rush to any conclusion of paranormal, but at the same time it cant really hurt to say a prayer and get the house / apt blessed or smudged.


    • Caretaker says:

      I already povided a link to the sleep paralysis page above. Here is info on Sage and smudging – //www.trueghosttales.com/how-to-smudge-with-sage.php

    • Tina says:

      Yes, I 100 % agree with you. I have had Sleep Paralysis many times, and often accompanied by hallucinations. Once I even hallucinated that I got up, went to the bathroom, used it, and walked all over my apartment…only to find myself still within the dream. Thank God, I didn’t wet the bed!! It can all feel very real, but it isn’t! To tell someone that it is anything else, is just frightening to that person. It’s just a dream that feels VERY REAL!

  10. Destiny says:

    Thanks everybody for your supportive and helpful answers.

  11. Pete says:

    The chances of two people in the same house in the same bed experiencing sleep paralysis one after the other I would have thought was quite remote, they could have
    been paranormal experiences??, I guess we’ll never know for sure

  12. sharayah says:

    hi i some times have sleep paralysis,where i will wake up and i can’t move nothing but my finger or my toes or my eye.and yes i feel like taking in more air.but i NEVER seen anything or felt anything around me when these things were going on!iNEVER heard any foot steps around me.when this happind to me sometimes i was alone and some times i was around people and every time the only reason i felt scared was because of the paralysis.so i say to you be careful i don’t care if they say “oh sometimes people see things with SP it nothing” as a woman that has had it more then 5times i have never felt like something was in my house with me.so please keep a eye out for you and your husband,and keep an open mined that it may not just be sleep paralysis going on :| may God be with you take :)

  13. Kate says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve read a lot of Sylvia Browne books in the last few years. Sleep paralysis is not necessarily a paranormal experience, nor is it due to a ‘presence’ or ghost. Believe it or not, when we sleep, our souls/spirits often leave our body. Apparently this happens to ALL of us whether we’re aware of it or not – and it happens frequently. Most of the time, our soul comes and goes smoothly so we don’t physically feel the departure. However, sometimes, we wake up just as our soul is returning, thus creating a ‘heavy’ or paralyzing sensation. I know many people who’ve experienced it, including me! It’s eery, but normal and nothing to fear.

  14. Cindy says:

    It’s not sleep paralysis!!!!, You have spirits in your home!!!! Try not to sleep straight at night, try sleeping on your side and make sure that you and your husband’s skin are touching each other. As long as a part of your body is touching his then the spirit can’t come on to you. Hope this helps. If this happens again, just pray <3

    • Destiny says:

      thanks i really do believe there are spirits here too. And not just me but my husband too, my daughter haylie does tell me that there a monster always hiding in the restroom. We asked the person who owns our home if anything happen here and she hesitated to give us an answer but then she said no but i dont know weird things are always happening now. We come home with our bedroom light on, and the restroom. But anyway thanks for your answer.

  15. christine says:

    Our souls leaving our bodies frequently?? I dont know about that. I do know that someTHING visits me. I feel it moving on my bed also. It brings about a real fear. The fear isnt just because I cant move, but its the scary (evil) feeling that something is in the room with me. I have never seen anything though.
    I have brought this up to my phyciatrist, and left feeling like a fool. Explaining this to people who dont believe in spirits, ghosts, etc., is a waste of time!! That is until it happens to them.
    The only thing that comforts me is that I am not the only person with these experiences.

  16. meliss says:

    my son is eleven and i heard him awake. he was scared and crying. he was paralised and felt an evil presence. he was hesitant to tell me what happened out of fear of my disbelivein and not wanting to relive the experience. my boy friend at the time told me he had those out of body experiences often when he was that age. same experiences tho. a weird buzzing whooshing sound before becoming comletely paralysed. and an unknown presence. most people who have this same experince have said they just out grow it and they become less frequent. but i want to find a way to send the evil away for good.

  17. Katelyn says:

    I have had this happen to me before. It is very creepy yes, but for me it normally only happens when I am exhausted or troubled. Sometimes it happens when I get these feelings something is happening. It happened last week and I had a feeling something was about to happen and my cat got hit by a car. Go with your instinct!!!

  18. Blake Lively says:

    Get paranormal help! Find a paranormal investigator near you as soon as possible…

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